wedding tabletop

This gorgeous wedding dress was dip dyed to give it the perfect shade! See more of this sweetly colorful shoot on the blog today!

Photography by @jvrphotographyliz | Event Design by @cloud9_weddings | Floral Design by @tulipano_decor | Wedding Dress designed by @houseofmoiraibridal | Wedding Dress dyed by @egypsywear | Custom Backdrops by @ewallsstudio | Wedding Cake by @rasharmeily | Tabletop by @mylistae | Furniture Rentals from @harlequindubai | Stationery Design by @thefozzybook | Bridal Makeup by @thelouisemonique | Ribbon from @seidenband


Hello everyone!

Do you feel Spring? In Poland it’s still quite cold, maybe Spring is a bit shy and needs some invitation… so today I want to show you beautiful Kanzashi Dice Flowers by Mountain Musings. Maegan makes really lovely hair accessories with dice. She combines the beauty and softness of Kanzashi Flowers and the awesomeness of dice. Her works are really beautiful and unique, I haven’t seen anything like that anywhere else.

Be sure to check her store out!

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  • The gods Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet smiling upon said marriages
  • Dark predictions
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  • TIM
  • Being split 50/50 on whether we’d want to live in the real life perpetual beurocratic rubbish machine or the fictional perpetual beurocratic rubbish machine
  • Inability to distinguish American politics from Hartlife in general convo
  • But look at this nerdy wedding!
  • Tabletops

I proposed to my fiancee using Rampage back in January. I’d been wanting this game ever since I saw it demoed at Origins last year, so she bought me a copy for my birthday. We had a friend over for gaming, and I suggested we break this game out for the first time. I hid the ring in the building nearest her starting point, and nearly blew the surprise when her first flick took her past it. Luckily, our friend saw me hide the ring, and he avoided that building.

When she finally went back to that building and knocked it over, she revealed the ring on the floor under the roof. Her first words were “what is that?” Her second was “Yes” We’re now planning a wedding for pi day next year, 3.14.15, and will have boardgames in the wedding somehow. Oh, and the friend who was playing with us on that day will be officiating the wedding.