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1am drabble: The Well Dressed Man

Written as per @it-is-bugs instructions.

“You can’t be serious.”

Matthew Lawson stood in Melbourne’s finest men’s shop and stared at himself in dismay.

“This is a morning coat, Matthew. It’s proper for the occasion.”

“I don’t care what time of day it is, Lucien, it’s ridiculous. Who do you think you are, King George the Third?”

“I think it looks…classy.”

“What’s wrong with my uniform? I’m the Chief Superintendent!”

“You’re what?”

“Don’t give me that, Blake.”

He glared at Blake, wearing a matching suit of gray trousers and tails, a top hat balanced in the crook of his arm.

“I look like an idiot and you look like a bloody butler. And police uniforms are standard at weddings.”

Lucien put a hand on Matthew’s shoulder.

“Matthew, it’s just the two of us up there. We should match. Besides I can’t have you in uniform, you’ll look better than me.”

Matthew puffed out his chest.

“Damn right. But really I think this is a bit much.”

“I know Matthew but I want to look my best for Jean.”

“Jean wants you to look like you haven’t bought a suit since the 19th century?”

“What? No! I told you the morning suit is traditional.”

Lucien gestured in Matthew’s direction.

“And since when are you such a fashion expert? You own three shirts and they’re all green.”

“I still know a damn lot more than you.”

The sound of a man awkwardly clearing his throat made them both turn around.

“Are you pleased with the suits?”

Lucien opened his mouth to answer and Matthew cut him off.

“Do you think we could try something a little more…modern? Something dark.”


“Just humor me, will you? We can always put back on the other.”

Matthew looked down at his sleeve in disdain. Lucien rolled his eyes dramatically and let out a huff.

“If you say so.”

A few minutes later both men were standing in the mirror eyeing themselves approvingly. Lucien stood back to take a look at Matthew in his trim black suit and matching tie. A white handkerchief stuck rakishly out of the breast pocket. Matthew grinned at him.

“Well Matthew I think you may be onto something.”

“See? You clean up nice. And I don’t think you’ll hear Jean complaining.”

Lucien turned back towards the mirror and ran his hand down the lapels.

“No, she won’t. What do you say, then?”

Matthew turned back towards the mirror.

“I say we take them. And Lucien…”


“You know I wouldn’t do this for anyone but you, right?”

Lucien put his arm around Mathew’s shoulder.

“I know Matthew, I know.”


Wedding Kit

Off to a wedding and I’m in the standard wedding gear apart from a couple of small changes - Instead of oxfords, I’m wearing derbies (or bluchers) but they’re not blobby and I gave them a nice polish earlier so they’re an acceptable substitute. Instead of a glenplaid tie, I’ve gone with a silver grenadine instead and again, I think this is an effective substitute. The whole get up is subtle, tasteful and doesn’t draw attention away from the wedding couple which is what being a wedding guest is all about.

Suit - Boglioli

Shirt - @kamakura_shirts

Tie - @drakes-diary

Socks - @bergandberg

Shoes - @carminashoemaker



Yuri is wearing white suit. Meaning of white in Japanese culture: it represents purity and cleanliness in traditional Japanese society, and is seen as a blessed color. Because of the sacred nature of the color, white is the color of weddings and other joyful life events, and appears on the Japanese flag. (Shall I remind you, that women’s wedding dress is white? What’s more, I’ve read somewhere, that in Japan the groom also may wear white suit).

Victor is in black suit: black is a powerful and foreboding color in Japanese culture. Black has also traditionally been a color of formality, and has increasingly come to represent elegance, with the growing popularity of Western conceptions of black tie events. (Men wear black wedding suits).

Yuri bouquet reminds me of typical wedding bouquet. (See the photo above in reference). 
Victor is holding blue rose (I guess). Blue represents purity and cleanliness in traditional Japanese culture, largely because of the vast stretches of blue water that surrounds the Japanese islands. As such, blue also represents calmness and stability. It’s also the color of December (Victor’s birthday is December 25th).