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Elvis and Priscilla timeline

1959; September 13th, Currie Grant introduces 14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu to Elvis Presley, who’s serving in the army in Germany.

1960; March 1st, Elvis gets discharged from army and returns back to the States. Priscilla escorts him to Frankfurt Airport and waves him goodbye.

1962; Elvis and Priscilla see eachother for the first time in two years as Elvis invites Priscilla to Los Angeles in summer. The couple also spends Christmas holidays together at Graceland.

1963; Priscilla moves to Graceland for good.

1966; Christmas, Elvis proposes Priscilla at her dressing room in Graceland.

1967; May 1st, The couple gets married at Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. Their wedding included a 6-tier wedding cake, 8 minute seremony and a press conference. After the wedding they fly to Palm Spring to spend their honeymoon. Just a couple weeks later Priscilla finds out she’s pregnant.

1968; February 1st, Exactly nine months after the wedding their only daughter Lisa Marie Presley is born at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis.

1971; December, Priscilla tells Elvis she’s leaving him, Elvis announces the news to his friends saying “She says she doesn’t love me anymore”.

1972; Elvis and Priscilla get separated on February 23rd. On July they file for legal separation.

1973; January 8th, The couple filed for a divorce on Elvis’ 38th birthday.

1973; October 9th, Elvis’ and Priscilla’s divorce in finalized and the couple leaves the Santa Monica courthouse hand in hand. They share a kiss before going to their separate ways.

1977; August 16th, Elvis suffers a heart attack and collapses at Graceland. He’s found dead in his bathroom. Priscilla flies to Graceland immediately. The 18-year-old relationship ended dramatically, leaving Priscilla alone with 9-year old Lisa Marie and a broken heart.