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AU where Thominho meets for the first time at Nalby’s wedding. It wasn’t supposed to be this long and it kinda took me forever. And I don’t know why but the colour tuned weird when I saved them but couldn’t really bother because it already took me days to finish this. Wouldn’t it be really cute to see them flirting at Nalby’s perfect wedding

Settle Down With Me

Dylan is invited to his friend/costar Ki Hong Lee’s wedding and he is taking you with him. You are deciding on which shoes to wear when Dylan comes in with a black tie in his hands.

“Can you help me put this on?” He says while waving the tie at you. You help him with it and decide on the shoes before you guys head out to leave for the wedding. When you get there the place is packed full of people. You take your seats and wait until it’s time for the ceremony to begin. Dylan has a big smile on his face during the whole thing and after the couple says their I Do’s everyone heads to the reception.

Ki Hong Lee eventually heads over to you guys and Dylan gives him a big hug.

“Congrats, man! You can’t hang out with us bachelors anymore.” Dylan yells at him over the loud music.

“That’s alright, I doubt you’ll be a bachelor for long.” He winks at Dylan and you can feel yourself blush. The two of you have been dating for a while but never even mentioned marriage before. You glance at Dylan and he looks bright red. He changes the subject onto something else and avoids the comment completely. You walk away from them and sit at a table feeling a bit confused at Dylan’s reaction just then. You weren’t expecting him to jump at the idea of getting married but he could have at least acted like it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

You try avoiding Dylan for the rest of the night to take away awkwardness but you get pulled into a group picture by the wedding photographer and after you’re done, you head to get a drink but Dylan follows you.

“The wedding was really nice.” You say.

He points toward an area with less people and the two of you go stand there. After which he says, “I know, I feel like I haven’t seen you all night. Are you having a good time?”

“Yeah, a very nice time. You?”

“Same. I’m so happy for them…” Dylan takes a deep breath before saying, “I wouldn’t mind this.”

“Mind what?” You say in confusion.

“This.” He waves his hand in the air. “Having a big wedding with family and stuff.”

You’re not sure if he means he wouldn’t mind getting married to you or just married in general, but you respond with, “I wouldn’t either. Eloping is always an option though.”

Dylan laughs and nods in agreement before taking another sip of his drink. “Very true. But then you don’t have any good wedding memories of your uncle getting drunk and throwing up on the aisle or your maid of honor and best man hooking up in the bathroom.”

Your eyes get large as you try to process what Dylan just said. “What type of weddings have you been to?!”

“Eventful ones,” he says before giving you a playful wink. You know it would be smart to change the subject and move on from what happened earlier, but you can’t help but ask why he seems so repulsed at the idea of marrying you.

“If you want a wedding so badly then why didn’t you say anything when Ki Hong mentioned us getting married?” You blurt out like word vomit.

Dylan responds without hesitation as if he’d been going over what he would say to you in his head. “It just caught me off guard. Sometimes I still feel like I’m still 18 and just barely an adult. When I think of us getting so serious and marrying each other I get excited but also worried. We’re so young, you know? It even shocks me that I have married friends now. I’m not ready to be responsible like that.”

“I’m not either.” Planning a wedding was the last thing you needed to stress about right now.

Dylan gives you a genuine smile and then licks his lips. He grabs both of your hands and gets close to your face almost as if he’s going to kiss you. He gets ready to do just that but then stops and says, “But one day I will be. And I hope when I’m ready to settle down with someone you’ll be that girl.”

You press your lips against Dylan’s and in this moment you can’t think of anything else but, “I can’t wait to marry this guy.”


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“Kay and Joe O’Regan have finished dozens of races around the world: from Boston to Athens to Berlin to the northern tip of Norway in the midnight sun.

But they’ve only finished two marathons while holding hands. At the 1986 London Marathon they laced fingers as a race photographer took their photo under the finish clock. They were both 50 years old, and it was their first marathon.

At 80 years old, Kay completed her 113th marathon while Joe finished his 29th. They promised each other it would be their last, a final 26.2 jaunt to celebrate their 57th wedding anniversary.” (via Runner’s World)