wedding rice

i just want you to feel free. i want you to always have the wind to your back. i want it to be easy for you to relax. let your mind fade to black. you’re sitting stoned on the bare mattress on your floor. listening to new music discovered weekly. finding songs you love so much you listen to them throughout the day on repeat. adventuring through fields of gold. sunsets chased with just you and the seagulls. tides rise to remind you what we really are inside. just like the ocean. built up by salt and water. you deserve love. the real deal you were always promised. wedding bells and rice. smiling big from under that wedding altar.

About weddings
  • America: Since Americans throw rice at weddings, do Chinese throw hamburgers?
  • China: Ayahh!! We better throw money!!
  • France: Honhonhon, if we play this game, so French throw scones at weddings and British throw cheeses!
  • England: YOU TIT! ….I wonder what is worst?
  • Denmark: Haha, my people will throw furnitures and Sweden’s one will throw Legos!
  • Sweden:
  • Finland: Oh then I want to do it with Norway, like that I have... What do I have?
  • Sweden: Me!
  • Finland: Don't say that in front everyone!
  • Norway: I have the presents~
  • Iceland: And with who am I going to do this?
  • Norway: I can, only if you call me, ONIchan~
  • Iceland: forget it!
  • Canada: Then mexicans would be pouring maple syrup and Canadians would be throwing tacos.
  • America: who are you?
  • Canada: Never mind.
  • Japan: Oh no, that mean Japanese will throw wurst and German…
  • Germany: Ninja stars!!
  • Japan: Actually I was thinking at ramen or mackerel.
  • Italy: Vee~ this make no sense, PASTAA!
  • Spain: Romano! What about you throw Paella and I throw tomato!
  • Romano: You bastard! Don’t try to ruin the wedding dresses from my Giorgio Armani!
  • Russia: Speaking of wedding, is someone want to become one with me, da?
  • Belarus: Marry me brother!
  • Russia: NOOO GO HOME!
  • Prussia: KESESESE! I’M AWESOME! Right Austria?
  • Austria: You won't gonna have my approbation for this!
  • Prussia: You just jealous of my awesomeness!
  • Austria: At least I'm married!
  • Hungary: Burn!
  • Switzerland: Who cares?
  • Liechtenstein: Big brother, please!
  • America: People, please this is a serious question!
  • England: Since when?
  • France: Hey remember when we almost get married, honhon~
  • England: I wish I didn't! But you forced me only for the money you wanker!
  • Russia: Eh! And you didn't asked me, kolkolkolkol!
  • Canada: Russia, you are sitting on me ag-
  • America: OH MY GOD! China do they or do they not throw hamburger?!
  • China: WE DO NOT!

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Shuffle your music + put your favourite lyrics.

1. Street Fighting Man - The Rolling Stones
Well, what can a poor boy do?
Except to sing for a rock ‘n’ roll band.
'Cause in sleepy London town.
There’s just no place for a street fighting man.

2. All I Could Do Was Cry - Etta James
Yeah and now the wedding’s over.
Rice, rice has been thrown over their heads.
For them life has just begun,
But mine is at an end.

3. Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie
So where were the spiders, while the fly tried to break our balls?
With just the beer light to guide us.
So we bitched about his fans and should we crush his sweet hands?

4. Neon River - Keane
She said the neon on the river will light my way.
And everything that we’ve been dreaming of making real one day

5. Memory Motel - The Rolling Stones
We spent a lonely night at the Memory Motel.
It’s on the ocean, I guess you know it well.
It took a starry night to steal my breath away.

6. See It So Clear - Tom Chaplin
But all these solid certainties,
They had sadness underneath.
And all these happy memories,
They have spaces in between.

7. We Had It All - The Rolling Stones
I know that we can never lives these times again.
So I’ll let these dreams take me back to where we’ve been.
Then I stay there with you just as long as I can.

8. Mannish Boy - Muddy Waters
Everything gonna be alright this mornin’
Now, when I was a young boy
At the age of five,
My mother said I was gonna be,
The greatest man alive.
But now I’m a man,
I’m age twenty-one.
I want you to believe me, honey,
We having lots of fun.

9.Goodnight Irene - Lead Belly
Some times I take a great notion,
To jump in the river and drown.
Irene goodnight, Irene goodnight.
Goodnight Irene, Goodnight Irene.
I’ll see you in my dreams.

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where yeah, he promised that “of course i won’t cry, love. i’m a man.” but he’s standing there sniffling at the alter. where you make him laugh as he stands in front of everyone, and he hears titters of amusement behind his back while he clutches your hands and kisses you cheek gently. where his kisses taste of sweet champagne, and his tux gets progressively less-buttoned with every round of shots he orders for the boys. where he can’t stop twirling your fingers in his, and he presses the cool curve of his nose to the underside of your jaw, murmuring a simple, “mrs. styles” and where at the end of it all, he’s tipsy and giggling, spewing out random wedding facts such as “you really shouldn’t throw rice at weddings love, pigeons can’t digest it”

Honestly, I haven’t any clue why y’all put up with my blog and my snarky ‘Life In Chikago posts’ but I appreciate it more than any of you know. To celebrate reaching 300 followers, I want to do another giveaway.

Sets of furniture: sloppy set, princess set, ice set, pave set, regal set, rococo set

DLCs: afternoon tea set, berliner, cat tower, pisces lamp, hibiscus, libra scale, gemini closet, pumpkin pie, kimbap plate, virgo harp, aries rocking chair, fedora chair, capricorn ornament, aurora screen, aquarius urn, sagitatrius arrow, scorpio lamp, taurus bathtub, new year’s noodles, veggie basket, rice cake, wedding cake, birthday cake, twelve-grape plate, fruit basket, turkey

  • MUST be following me
  • Must be able to pick up items (my inventory is full in both towns and it would take forever to clean it out)
  • Asks must be open so I can contact winners. (If your ask is not open, I’ll have to choose another winner so please make sure I can contact you)
  • Likes and reblogs count as one entry each
  • No giveaway blogs 
  • Must share friend code! (i’ll delete afterwards)

NOTE: if you are against duping, you wont want to enter. To achieve multiples of these items, duping was involved.

1st Place:

  • 10 million bells.
  • 20 lucky clovers, 20 saplings, 20 cedar saplings.
  • 2 sets of furniture (you pick)
  • 20 bush starts (you can pick which kind and color)
  • 10 DLCs from the above list (you pick)
  • Throwing Beans.
  • 20 hybrids (your choice of color and type. Can mix and match)

2nd Place:

  • 5 million bells.
  • 10 lucky clovers, 10 saplings, 10 cedar saplings.
  • 2 sets of furniture. (you pick)
  • 10 bust starts (you can pick which kind or color)
  • 8 DLCs from the above list (you pick)
  • Throwing Beans.
  • 10 hybrids (your choice of color and type. Can mix and match)

3rd Place:

  • 5 million bells.
  • 5 lucky clovers, 5 saplings, 5 cedar saplings.
  • 2 sets of furniture. (you pick)
  • 5 bush starts you can pick the type and color
  • 6 DLCs from the above list (you pick)
  • Throwing Beans.
  • 5 hybrids (your choice of color and type. Can mix and match)

Giveaway ends May 12th. 


A rooftop wedding where Sam straps on his wings and steals Steve away, carrying him over the threshold while complaining about how heavy he is. Y/Y??