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18 Fascinating facts about WW1

1. Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s car licence plate was the same as Armistace Day

In a strange set of circumstances the licence plate that Ferdinand was assassinated in (an event which triggered the war) read the same as the date that the fighting ceased – it was A 111 118.

2. The youngest British soldier to serve was just twelve years old

Sidney Lewis was just 12 when he lied about his age and signed up even though he was seven years junior the minimum age to fight overseas at the time.


3. An explosion on the battlefield could be heard from London and Dublin

Miners tunnelled 100ft beneath German front lines at Messines Ridge in Belguim to detonate 900,000lbs of explosives.  This achievement ultimately decided the conflict.

4. World War 1 sparked the invention of Plastic Surgery

Surgeon Harold Gillies pioneered early techniques of facial reconstruction after being horrified by the amount of facial shrapnel injuries to surviving soldiers.


5. More than 100,000 homing pigeons were used during the conflict

The most famous of which was called Cher Ami who delivered a message to save 200 U.S. troops cut off behind enemy lines.  She was shot twice losing an eye and a leg for her troubles.  Doctors fought to save her life and she was awarded the Croix De Guerre for bravery as well as a new wooden leg.


6. Soldiers first started using metal helmets in 1915

British soldiers protected their heads from shellfire with cloth caps in the early years of the war before the Brodie helmet was introduced.

7. Trench slang introduced new words to the English language

Slang words like bumf and blotto were first used in the trenches and a ‘Trench Butterflies’ were known as bits of toilet paper floating along the battlefield.

8. Britons were banned from throwing rice at weddings

Due to the amount of merchant ships that were sunk by German U-Boats, food was solely to be used for eating.

9. A urinated handkerchief was used against gas attacks

The gas mask wasn’t commonplace until 1918.  The Germans first used poisonous gas in January 1915 so soldiers improvised for the first three years with a handkerchief or old sock soaked in their own urine.

10. World War 1 saw the most advances in military technology out of any conflict

The four years of war drastically changed the platform that future wars were fought upon including technology, tactics, code-breakers and subterfuge.  In 1914 horses charging enemy positions armed with swords weren’t much use against machine guns but by 1918 tanks were used, mobile machine guns and grenade-launchers supported by aerial power and indirect shellfire.  WW1 was also the first war that artists used camouflage to protect positions, dazzle and act as decoys.


11. Heroin was used as a cough medicine

That was until it was noted to be a highly addictive drug.

12. Dogs carried messengers in capsules around their neck

As well as laying telegraph wires in No man’s land, Terriers were used to kill rats in the trenches.

13. The greatest single loss of life in British Military History was at the Battle of The Somme

60,000 British troops lost their lives in one day of the battle.  The Somme cost Britain more lives than the total amount of losses that the US Army suffered during their participation.

14. WW1 wasn’t just fought on the Western Front

The Western Front included 25,000 miles of trenches but Germany and Austro-Hungary were engaged with the Russians in the East and Lawrence of Arabia made his name by pioneering early terrorist and sabotage activities with bands of Arabs against the Turks.

15. The Great War saw the demise of four empires

The Ottoman, German, Austro-Hungary and Russian empires all collapsed following the conflict.

16. The conflict nearly crippled the British Economy

In one day’s fighting in 1918 the British used £4million worth of bullets.

17. World War 1 helped the emancipation of women

Many women took over male positions of labour to help the war effort.  In 1918 British women over the age of 30 were given the right to vote for the first time.


18. Henry Ford engineered the largest migration shift of the 20th Century

The migration of African American factory workers from the South to the North of U.S.A. resulted in the biggest population shift for a hundred years.


"My, My, My, My, My" by Tara Hardy

Take that thing that happened. To you.
Open it like a concealed rose. Hold it up
to the nose of someone else. Let them
tell you that you still smell sweet. So

sweet. Let that person who loves you pluck
petals out of the gully of your wound. Let
her shave them into points and sail them
back into your heart like paper airplanes. For

that fist at the center of your pulse is of what
you have always been made, despite
your fingers being tipped in thorn. Use them
now to shred the sheets. Shred the night.

No one needs to sleep under that much
cover or on that much polite. Slit the sky.
Let the Gods fall out. The ones who could’ve
let that thing happen in the first place.

Catch them in your pockets. Catch them
in your chest. Put the God back
in your chest, God after God after God. Until
you know yourself. Again. Repeat.

Take that rose, the one your flesh wounds
around. Open it and open it and open it.
Toss bits of your scar into the air
like goddamned wedding rice. Or bird seed.

Let some of them sprout. Into so much green
green new day it makes your shins hurt
with how much you want to run. Forward.
And meet the world without all those

red whorls, those old scars, those stuck stitches
in your side. And we, we will marvel at your
silhouette. My, we’ll say. My, my, my, my, my!
Doesn’t she run like an un-flowering?

anonymous asked:

Stupid question but you said on the burping birds ask that birds exploding from rice was a myth, does that mean throwing rice at weddings Is okay?

It’s not a stupid question at all. This myth is so pervasive that congressional bills have been attempted in its defense. 

To put it simply though, the myth has absolutely no scientific backing.

Steven Sibley. The same Sibley whose name is attached to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and bird guides in all the book stores across the nation had this to say about the myth in 1988 when a columnist reported the myth as fact.

There is absolutely no truth to the belief that rice (even instant) can kill birds. This rumor received publicity because of a bill introduced into the Connecticut legislature in 1985 by Mae Schmidle.

This wild story resulted in frightening thousands of brides into putting birdseed in little tulle and chiffon bags so the guests wouldn’t throw rice and “kill the birds.”

Rice is no threat to birds. It must be boiled before it will expand. Furthermore, all the food that birds swallow is ground up by powerful muscles and grit in their gizzards. Many birds love rice, as any frustrated rice farmer will tell you.

I hope you will print this information in your column and put an end to this myth. In the meantime, keep throwing rice, folks. Tradition will be served and the birds will eat well and be healthy.

Steven C. Sibley,
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology,
Ithaca, N.Y. 


To boil it down (pun very much intended) rice cannot expand in a stomach and in most birds, said rice gets crushed immediately on entering the stomach. Could it hypothetically expand, it would not do so to dangerous levels and even if it did, the birds would likely regurgitate it long before it became life threatening. It is simply a myth perpetuated by needless panic and unneeded advice from wedding families.

once my sims had a wedding. and this old man showed up, because they were at the park. and people go to the park. it’s a thing that happens. but this old man, this poor poor sweet old man, he threw rice, as congratulations at the end. he was so happy, he was cheering and throwing rice. the wedding finished. he was still throwing rice. days later, i went back to the park. there he was, stuck in his infinite hell of joyful rice throwing. doomed to repeat the same rice throwing actions over and over for all his life. i tried the resetsim cheat, put the poor guy out of his misery. it didn’t work. this poor, innocent old man, stuck forever in a never ending gesture of congratulations for the happy couple.

The beautiful Pointilleux cousins Celeste and Cosmique.

While Cosmique Pointilleux is pleased to announce her engagement to Iefan Rice, a Beater on the Welsh national Quidditch team, Celeste remains the heir of the Pointilleux family and will likely soon take over managing the family’s business investments (largely in potions) from her mother.

The Pointilleux family is distantly related to the Malfoy family of Britain–Abraxas Malfoy’s aunt, Paetina Malfoy, married into the Pointilleux family, making Celeste and Cosmique Draco Malfoy’s third cousins. As the Pointilleux-Rice wedding is expected to be the greatest event in the European pureblood circuit this year, it is almost certain that the Malfoys will attend the wedding in October.

(Patrick Demarchelier)

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where yeah, he promised that “of course i won’t cry, love. i’m a man.” but he’s standing there sniffling at the alter. where you make him laugh as he stands in front of everyone, and he hears titters of amusement behind his back while he clutches your hands and kisses you cheek gently. where his kisses taste of sweet champagne, and his tux gets progressively less-buttoned with every round of shots he orders for the boys. where he can’t stop twirling your fingers in his, and he presses the cool curve of his nose to the underside of your jaw, murmuring a simple, “mrs. styles” and where at the end of it all, he’s tipsy and giggling, spewing out random wedding facts such as “you really shouldn’t throw rice at weddings love, pigeons can’t digest it”


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