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Anna Popplewell is Married?!?!?

Okay guys so i just read that anna popplewell is married to someone named Sam Caird and then i was like WTF and did some serious research.
There are no photos but i found some tweets that confirmed that they married.
And indeed, it was a private wedding on May 14th 2016 and i am still shocked.
I wish the best luck for the couple and yeaah …… Anna Popplewell is freaking married … gosh how they grow up, i am so happy for her 😭.

Where’s the staircase parallel of Robert being all “I can wait (forever and ever for you to say I love you again)” paired with today’s Robert “we love each other I can’t wait another second I’ve been researching wedding chapels all day so we can get married as soon as possible…”

In which I am re-reading ‘The Wedding’ for “research”.

“Last time – next time? - I had been married in a white linen suit with alligator pumps. Frank had worn a grey Harris tweed. I had caught myself thinking wildly of Uncle Lamb, who had witnessed the wedding.

‘Pity to waste the surroundings with this modern stuff,’ he had said, casually patting Frank’s tweed sleeve. ‘It’s a genuine Eighteenth-Century Scottish chapel, you know. You ought to have got yourselves up appropriately, kilts and dirks and long gowns and such.’ Looking up at the formidable sight of my intended bridegroom, I had a sudden unhinged vision of Uncle Lamb, nodding approvingly. ‘Much better,’ he said in my imagination. ‘Just the thing.’”

Uncle Lamb, even if it is just Claire’s imaginary one, approves of Jamie. Fact, and heart-eyes. END GAME.

Imagine you and Loki are planning your wedding, and discussing your vows.  You’re each writing your own, but he - for some unknown reason - seems all too interested in adhering to every Midgardian custom - especially when it comes to them.

You finally pin him down, literally and figuratively, stretching your short length out atop his much longer one on your bed, until he flips you both over suddenly and you find yourself trapped beneath him, where he reveals with a sly grin that he has done a bit of research on the subject, and that he has a particular affinity for the “old” style vows, specifically the ones that includes the wife’s vow to obey her husband …


Steven is explaining to Connie how Garnet is a fusion all the time, and Connie remarks of how it seems like Ruby and Sapphire are basically married. Steven tells this to Garnet. Garnet smiles and agrees that their relationship is basically like that, except Gems don’t really have “marriages” as it’s understood on Earth. 

So Steven decides to hold a wedding for Ruby and Sapphire, who both go along with the idea mostly to humor Steven, but also think it’s pretty sweet. Steven pulls in Connie, who has been to an aunt and uncle’s wedding or something, to plan everything. 

Amythest is Ruby’s maid of honor, and insists on throwing a bachelorette party once she knows what it is. Pearl, meanwhile, is Sapphire’s. She doesn’t completely understand the ceremony, nor why Ruby and Sapphire seem to be going along with it. However, Sapphire, knowing her well, puts her in charge of decorations. Pearl proceeds to throw herself into researching different wedding ceremonies and the proper protocol for it.

Steven conducts the ceremony. He assigns Connie to be the flowergirl, while Lion is the ringbearer. Greg is assigned to be the father of the bride, but since they’re both the bride, he takes up Ruby, runs back, and than takes up Sapphire. 

Both Ruby and Sapphire are fairly calm about the whole thing, as they’ve been fused for so long, a lifelong commitment is already fairly established. However, Connie says that both of them have to give vows, which makes Ruby nervous. Sapphire was always better with words than her, and how was she supposed to express exactly how much Sapphire meant to her? When it comes time to speak, she gets flustered, trying to explain, about how words can’t properly describe it, but Sapphire smiles, kisses her on the forehead, and says she’s always known how Ruby feels, within Garnet.

When Steven says to kiss the bride, they do, and proceed to fuse back once again. She thanks Steven for putting this on, as well as Greg and Connie, and even Lion for helping out. She thanks Amythest and Pearl especially, who have been with her all of these years, and how much the two of them mean to her.


Iris wearing the same outfit during Snowstorm wedding, STAR LABS researching, and when she says goodbye to Barry. So this is the present timeline. Which means she does get back with Eddie. Ugh.

Is that why Barry is so sad at the wedding? Or is it because he knows he’s leaving everyone soon and will never get to marry Iris? Hm.

We do know that the Westallen scene on Jitter’s rooftop, Iris is wearing a different outfit.

This episode is going to be CRAZY!