wedding reception'

One of my favourite little things about Farah and Amanda being healthy and stable girlfriends (as opposed to the absolute trainwreck that is Dirk Gently and Todd some days) is the fact that they’d end up sharing clothes a lot of the time, so we’d see Amanda vandalising phone boxes while wearing Farah’s crisp brown leather jacket and Farah spending lazy weekends in Amanda’s leggings and old band shirts.


Romantic & Elegant Enchanted Wedding Inspiration
You’ve got style, and sometimes you just need to turn up the dial on the glamor and glitz to show it! There are many ways and a variety of options that can help you create a luxurious and sophisticated wedding. It is important to give thought to how your decoration elements can all work together to create a harmonious design.

Imagine Tony making a speech at your wedding reception. For once, he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight for long - he just wanted to tell everyone how happy he is for you, his daughter, and his new son-in-law, Steve. He mentions how he didn’t even have to have “the talk” with Steve about treating you right - he is Captain America, after all. The only thing he’s not thrilled about is you changing your last name from Stark to Rogers.