wedding preperation

Wedding Preperations


Luffyko sighed sitting on the kitchen table filling out wedding invitations. She had decided to make them all by hand since on Lucci’s teacher’s pay and her part time job it wasn’t a lot to go on especially to pay for a wedding. Lucci was making dinner actually as she wrote the invitations. She didn’t plan on inviting a lot of people , but somehow the stack was still growing with invitations.

“Lucci!” she whined for him. “Do I know too many people? Cause I don’t want to invite so many people but my gosh the stack isn’t ending” There was still so much to do before the wedding, but with her going to her college classes and Lucci teaching, it didn’t give them much time to prepare. The wedding small gifts to thank people for coming weren’t even started. Ace and Sabo both had offered to help her out along with her friends, but she didn’t want to bother them with it. It was a lot of work but she would do it herself. Though she did take advantage of it to cuddle and make Lucci comfort her lots when she was too tired. “I have to make this wedding fabulous! But I am too tired now” she whined more resting her face against the table giving up at the moment.

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"Gosha we have cake tasting today and tomorrow we're going to check the fit on our tuxedos at the tailor. Has that stomach flu settled at all?" Yuri sat down next to his fiance on the couch, rubbing his back in smooth circles. Georgi had been a bit ill. Getting nauseous easily and feeling bloated. Yuri had told him to stay home and rest while he went out to make sure things were going as planned for all of their wedding preperations.

“Not a bit.” Georgi answered, he seemed pale and unhappy with his state, and his hands rub at his eyes. “Honestly, cake testing may have to be up to you entirely, my mouth tastes like mint and chicken noodle constantly. ”

Sighing, georgi has suspected he had picked up at the rink some sort of five year old’s cold that just didn’t like him. His head leans against Yuri’s with a sigh. “We only have a few months left, I wish this would just go away…”

The Garra Rufa Experience

As the wedding is approaching I thought that I better start treating and indulging my body, give it that little extra bit of tlc that it needs. One of the things which I have wanted to indulge in for a while now is a Fish Pedicure after all my feet have been neglected over the winter months and if I want to be wearing the sandals that I have bought for the wedding then my feet really need a bit of loving.
So out with one of my Bridesmaids shopping for shoes today we decided to indulge ourselves and experience these little fish for ourselves.


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Now fish spa pedicures are a new trend within the UK and has seen lots of fish spas opening up acrosss the country. The actual process involves plunging your feet into a tank of Garra Rufa fish who then nibble on the dead areas of skin that are on your feet this then promotes your healthy skin to grow and leaves them feeling soft and smooth, although probably not the best pedicure option if you are a fish phobe.
As I plunged my feet into the tank a feeling of uncertaintly and the unknown came over me, an urge to retreat but I was there and had paid for it so I was going to give it a go. The sensation of all of these fish latching on in a feeding frenzy is one that you cannot fully describe, it doesn't hurt but it will certainly have you flinching and maybe even giggling as you plunge your feet into the water and the fish begin to feed. 
As the session went on I found the experience became quiet calming and therapeutic although I think that Rachael may disagree with me there and by the end I found myself feeling more relaxed.
After a fifteen minute session when my feet had been dried off they did feel smoother than they started, it wasnt a miracle cure for smooth feet and I know to achieve the sexy feet that I desire for my wedding I know that I will require several more sessions between now and the wedding, but for £10 for a 15minute session I think that it is worth the money and I now have some new fishy friends.