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Beneath the Milky Twilight

“Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer was the inspiration for this piece, and put me in mind of Endor. I decided that if I’m doing a Disney canon Endor wedding, I’m setting it in the Epic Love ‘verse (my TFA fix-it). I’m not necessarily wedded (ha) to the idea that this is when the wedding happened, and will probably write other weddings happening at other times and places, but…I couldn’t resist.

Almost nobody had bet on a wedding.

Wedge and Tycho had come the closest; they’d bet on an engagement, although even they didn’t think it would be announced for a while. There had to be some reason Solo and the Princess kept sneaking off together with serious faces, then returning all smiles and hugs and meaningful looks.

The other Rogues were betting on explanations of a much cruder sort: would someone catch Han and Leia en flagrante in the woods somewhere? Would they appear at one of the many post-Endor battle briefings late, bearing telltale love bites on their necks or leaves in their hair? But none of them had bet on an actual wedding. On Endor. In two days.

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