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Hannigram prompt: flowers

Will slowly rubbed the temples on the side of his forehead. He swayed back and forth on his feet, praying for a quick exit from this torture.

“I think if we have a combination of the juliets with the garden roses near the altar…”

“Hannibal.” Will murmured

“But not too many, of course.” Hannibal either didn’t hear Will or chose not to acknowledge him.

“What would you like to have down near the chairs, some specie of Ranunculus?”

“Hannibal.” Will tried to inject louder, but no one was listening to him. He really wanted to leave this conversation. He had already suffered enough.

Ranunculus? Don’t be absurd.” Hannibal responded with a faint laugh and wave.

Will was standing in the middle of Hannibal and their wedding planner. He stood there listening to Hannibal and the planner quip and laugh back and forth about flowers for about an hour.

He didn’t know why he was asked to consult on the flowers. He really could care less which flowers they decided to buy. As long as they looked nice and didn’t cost too much, which was a hassle with Hannibal’s expensive taste, he was fine.

“Will? Which ones do you prefer?” Hannibal held out the placard with the floor plan of their ceremony sketched on top of it with pictures of flowers attached to it.

Will sighed. He pointed at a blue flower pinned to the top of the page. “What about that one?”

Hannibal and the planner looked at each other. Will thought they were going to burst out in laughter at his “inane” decision, but Hannibal slowly nodded as if he were very impressed.

“I think the addition of blue corn flowers near the altar and a few sprinkled throughout the reception hall would add a nice touch.” He said partly to the planner as he smiled at Will.

Will half smiled back, completely taken aback that he had actually contributed to a discussion about some damn flowers.

“A nice rustic touch, perhaps?” The wedding planner added.

“A nice touch of my husband.” Hannibal winked at Will before walking with the planner toward the reception hall.

Will grinned back at Hannibal. “Can I leave now?” He nearly shouted after them.

“Of course not! We need your expertise for the table flower arrangements!” Hannibal playfully shouted back as they walked into the reception hall.

Will rolled his eyes, but he was smiling.

Ugh, I must truly be in love with Hannibal to put up with another hour of flower talk. He thought to himself as he ran to catch up with Hannibal and their wedding planner.

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