wedding planning

wedding planning

I need to get back into writing.

 For @that-vicious-vixen who just had her special day (congrats Alley!!)


“I’m going to murder the florist.”

Ren arches a brow. “Okay. But is there a reason as to why–”

“I told that frivolous airhead that I specifically wanted Arkanisian flowers and do you know what she did? Proceeded to gather the most ostentatious flowers she could find—none are them are even from the Arkanis System. It’s an outrage!”

“I’m surprised flowers even grow there,” Ren mutters.

Hux slashes a hand through the holoscreen, closing it, sipping his wine in irritation. “Anyway, she’s fired. I don’t know where our planner gets these people from–all these bright flowers will clash with the Order’s aesthetic.”

Ren snorts. “And what do you know about that?”

“I am a designer at heart.”

“A weapon designer.”

“I was involved with a lot of Starkiller’s interior. I helped design the structure and style of officer’s quarters and our banners and–this isn’t the point.”

“What is the point?”

Hux scowls. “I’m doing the floral order myself.”

“Hux, no–get the planner to do it. They know what they’re doing.”

“But they don’t know what I want.”

“Fucking hell–then tell them!” Ren snaps. He can’t believe they’re getting this worked up over fucking flowers. “And why don’t I get a say in this?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, would you like flowers from your homeworld, too? Which one was that again? Let me see if I can commit high treason to get you some pretty New Republican flowers.”

Ren glowers and bites his tongue to keep from throwing an insult back. After a few seconds, he asks, “Why do flowers matter anyway? I’m sure they’ll be hundreds of other tasteless decorations for the guests to fawn over.”

Hux isn’t listening; he’s staring at the screens surrounding him. He sets his wine on the desk and swaps it for his datapad up from his desk, turns it on. The pale blue light of the screen further adding brightness to the room. Ren can see the ever-present circles under Hux’s eyes. They’re darker than usual.

“Maybe you should take a break.”

“Hush. I’m researching.”

“What are you researching?”

“Floristries that’ll do our wedding.”

Ren groans and walks through the holoscreens, waving them all away and grabbing Hux by his waist, pulling him close. Hux takes no notice, eyes glued to his screen, “Babe, you can’t plan this entire thing yourself.”

“Why not? I run the entire military just fine.”

Right, tell me another, Ren thinks. “Exactly. You don’t need this on top of all your other work.” He grips Hux’s waist tighter. “Besides, you have me…”

Hux finally looks up. “What was that?” His voice is notably lighter, teasing almost.

“I’m not going to repeat myself, Hux.”

“No, no. Say it again. I want to savour hearing Kylo Ren swearing his loyalties to me.”

“Let’s not be too drastic,” says Ren, hands fitting against Hux’s hips now, possessive. “But just remember it’s our wedding. I know I haven’t been on the ship much. But I’m not leading any missions until after the wedding.”

“After the honeymoon,” Hux corrects, a sly smile tugging at his lips.

“Of course. After our honeymoon.”

Hux sighs and glances down at his datapad, returns to the homescreen. His background is of them; a selfie after their engagement gala. Ren had never seen Hux so drunk or in such a good mood.

“I’ll message our planner tomorrow morning,” Ren says, taking the datapad from Hux and setting it next to his wine glass. “But I have some plans of my own…”


Ren dips his head, lips touching Hux’s ear, growling, “They involve us rearranging the bedroom…” 

Fun Wedding Ideas

- Plan to dress exactly alike and announce “Well, one of us has to go change” at the altar.

- Wedding piñatas instead of a bouquet/garter toss. Stand by the piñata so when someone breaks it you can get the best candy.

- Have a dog bring the rings down the aisle. Share the first dance at the reception with dog. Have the whole wedding party made up of dogs. Dogs everywhere. Yes.

- Rather than throwing rice, have guests throw down instead.

- One partner wears the front half of a horse costume, and the other wears the bottom half. After the ceremony, join together as one horse and gallop down the aisle. Tell no one about the horse costume beforehand.

- “Something old, something new, something borrow, something blue” is so old hat. Make your wedding more modern by wearing “something gay, something rare, snomething (snake something) and a bear.”
Sweet peach blooms and the most charming #engagementring are what today’s stunning #engagement shoot is all about!

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You and Sherlock have known each other for a long time now, and have been more or less in a relationship despite never officially saying it. It definitely surprised you when he asked you to marry him. 

You and Sherlock were spending the day doing some wedding planning. It wasn’t easy considering you felt as if you were dragging a child from place to place around London. Sherlock was easily bored halfway through the day. 

“I don’t understand why we have to do all this,” he groaned as he took a bite of yet another cake. 

“Do what? Plan our wedding?” You ask, arching an eyebrow. 

“No, taste all this food at once. I mean, what is the point?” Sherlock seemed genuinely confused by this. You would think that he’d have some idea of what it takes to plan a wedding after helping Mary and John out, but apparently it never got stored in long-term memory. 

“Do you want our guests to have food at the reception or do want everyone to starve?” 

“Well, they could always eat before they came,” Sherlock suggested, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world; as if even you, with your simplistic mind, could understand. 

“Sometimes,” you begin to tell him, “I question why I said yes.” 

“Because of the simple fact that you know you can’t live without me-”

“How do you kno-” 

“I feel the same way about you. Isn’t it obvious Y/N? But really, what is the point in tasting so many ca-” Sherlock stopped talking as you put a fork full of (your favourite cake) in his mouth. “That’s the one,” he said after swallowing. 

You just sigh and shake your head, suppressing a bit of laughter. You’ll never understand the man, but you’ll always love him. 


Fairytale Lighting! 25 Romantic Wedding Chandelier Ideas
Lighting is an essential element of wedding décor, and Chandeliers can transform any raw space into a magical setting! Whether it’s rustic or classic elegance, chandeliers are one of the most effective ways to elevate your decor.


Our wedding flowers.

I love flowers and wanted to pick ones that were beautifully scented as well as lovely to look at. I asked for David Austin roses, peonies, freesias and jasmine, as well as eucalyptus and olive leaves for the greenery, to represent our Greek connection. Most of the flowers were Ivory, but the peonies were a pale blush pink, to compliment my dress. I asked for my posy to be tied with Ivory ribbon, which was secured with tiny pearl-headed pins.

I wanted a non-traditional buttonhole for The Lovely Husband as he is an original and very unique man, and deserved something special to reflect that. I asked for a freesia with jasmine along with olive leaves and think it looked really lovely.


For an engaged little lady like me whose wedding is 11 months away (LESS THAN A YEAR NOW!), I’m surprisingly pretty chill as one of my cousins (who is also one of my bridesmaids) told me. I feel like I have to be constantly running around doing wedding preparations which is probably why I feel so restless, but when I think about it a little more, there really isn’t much to be done at the moment. It must come with the territory of wanting to have a simple, informal celebration. This wedding is going to be nowhere near “traditional”, at least in my head, anyway.

So a couple of days ago, to make myself feel like I’m accomplishing something by checking things off the wedding planning list, I decided to create something that I always envisioned to have at my wedding even before I got engaged—the ring box!

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