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Go With It

You show Namjoon your dominant side.

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pairing: Namjoon x Reader
genre: smut, sub!Namjoon
wordcount: 6.1k

warnings: breathplay, sub!Namjoon, dom!y/n, edging, just general filth :-)

You had lost count of how many times people described you as the ‘sweet girl next door.’ 

People associated you with sweetness, with lightness, with shades of buttery pink. To friends, family, and acquaintances, you were the soft-spoken girl who couldn’t hurt a fly. 

Little did they know.

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ENTER : emma-jane keegan & courtney starr .

one will offer you tattoos, one will offer you drugs.

SUMMARY OF EMMA : owns a tattoo parlor by the beach together with the single father who raised her. her style is feminine, colorful and eye-catching. she is a passionate pin-up and quite obsessed with her own appearance. she also has a thing for the ocean and strongly believes she was a mermaid in a former life. twenty-seven years old. simply adores to go to the club, drinking red bull, and watching old “classic hollywood” movies. dream for the future is switching to a wedding planner career and moving somewhere tropical. is a thirsty but closeted bisexual.

SUMMARY OF COURTNEY : is in a popular dj-duo together with her older brother, where she is the singer and the crowd pleaser. was in jail for two years for possession of cocaine. has her ex’s name tattooed. she is loud, charismatic, and you either hate her or love her, there is no in-between. she has big dreams but lets her brother pay for everything. she speaks five languages to make up for the fact she dropped out of high school and is neither educated nor cultural. hates to lose and/or look stupid. snarky lesbian.