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i just saw that zayn has a rodger tattoo!!!! who's rodger and who's running that twitter i mean to get that name tattooed on his body it means it's so fucking important but what is it what is this band why're they so shady i hate them

Not to be all conspiratorial, but this is looking pretty stunty. LOL

Initially, I did wonder why he was in a wheelchair as opposed to being on crutches. But I thought, all the better to avoid Gigi and the Met gala probably. However, it’s definitely easier to photograph the tats if the leg is relatively stationary. And why not even a soft cast or a brace? Those things might have obstructed the view or distracted the fandom, maybe?? Not to mention, he looks a little awk, probs because he’s trying not to let his other leg block the view of the tatted leg.

Is he confirming Rodger Malik as his alter-ego? Notice it’s next to The Hulk, alter-ego of Bruce Banner. Do we need to watch that twitter account? What is happening??

I also appreciate that he’s using an official narrative stunt to be shady. Those of us that pay attention know that Zayn has a long history of doing his best to swerve on fakelationship stuntin’. The frequently changing hair (making old saved up stunt photos useless), the addition of tatts (same logic), the mysterious MIA moments (like Jay’s wedding, which per the placecards was supposed to be a Zerrie stunt opportunity like it was for Elounor and Sophiam). He tries so hard, God love him.

The more I think about this latest incident, the more I think he’s rebelling again. I guess in time we’ll get some kind of confirmation as to whether or not that was staged as @rodgermalik promo…and a means to shift focus from Zigi stuntin’. Stay tuned.