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This is all perfect.

Her dress - the chandlers + lights hanging from the trees - the dance floor - the bridal party 

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francutler commented under Harry's pic on instagram "can't wait to see you at the wedding 👰" She's a famous party planner, so I'm 👀👀👀 because Louis is at the UK too so, I wonder what they're up to


*Disclaimer: This statement is made in jest and in no way is it confirmed nor rumored that such event will take place in events forthcoming. Thank you. 

She is a party/wedding planner who throws the most elegant balls and celebrations. She makes & decorates the desserts for them too. High class but in an inviting way.


“It’s our mutual friend’s wedding and they keep shoving us into each other because we’re the only ones at the ceremony who are single” requested by anon

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You smiled as you watched the wedding reception bloom.
You weren’t a wedding planner or a party planner on and professional level, but it was a hobby and you did a pretty good job of it when you put your mind to it. Especially when your close friend came to you crying when her planner walked out on her.
With help of a small team or rather a bridezilla and her wedding party you managed to somehow pull it off, and after the hectic morning, ceremony and start of the reception, it was time to relax.

“Y/N!” Your newly married friend yelled out as she drug a male across the dancefloor towards you. “We’ve been looking everywhere for you!”
Your face paled as her hand led the man you recognised as Gotham’s most eligible bachelor, Bruce Wayne.

“This is Y/N Bruce, i told you all about her, she’s the one … um… you know.” She struggled as her mind stumbled from her alcohol induced stupor.
“The single one?” You helped her knowing her little game.
“Thats the one!” she giggled “anyway you should tell Bruce about your new job!”
“And perhaps you should go find Jeff!” you smiled as you removed her hand from Bruces and turned her to her new husband as he was dancing with her mother.
“Jeffery!” She giggled and ran over to him.

“How she does not trip on that dress confuses me.” He chuckled as he watched her.
“She makes it look easy.” you commented with a grin
“You would know otherwise?” he asked slightly teasingly
“Oh i’ve heard all about it.” You grinned
“I’m Bruce, Bruce Wayne.” He smiled at you
“Yeah, i know.” You smiled “I’m Y/N, Y/L/N”
“Well Y/N, would you care to dance?”
“I’ld love to.” he smiled as you accepted his offer and he led you to the dance floor.

“Why have i only been getting glimpses of you this entire night, but i keep hearing all about you?” He inquired as you two started slow dancing
“How much have you heard?” You asked with a funny look
“Enough to know your favourite food is macaroni.” he chuckled
“Oh no, Jen’s favourite story of course.” you groaned
“And now mine.” he winked at you “Congratulations on your new job at Wayne Enterprises.”
“Oh thanks, my new boss chose well i think.” You said smugly
“He did, but i have it on good authority that he thinks that perhaps you might need to transfer.” He said and your face fell.
“Mr. Wayne… i don’t understand.”
He spun you around and smiled
“Miss. Y/L/N would it  look unprofessional if your boss asked his brand new employee to dinner?”
“You think firing me would want me to go out with you?” you asked astounded
“No, of course not. However after hearing from Jen about how you helped plan the festivities, i think you would be a better fit organising our galas.” He smiled and you relaxed. “We’ll have to discuss it over dinner though perhaps?”
“Don’t you have a girlfriend who would object to this Mr.Wayne?” You grinned
“No, i’m afraid you aren’t the only single person in this room Miss. Y/N.” he winked and led you off the floor. “Now i’ve been thoroughly reassured that you know the best place that does macaroni.”

You groaned in response as you passed the blissfully intoxicated couple, who were busy smushing their wedding cake into each others faces, hoping somebody was taking a photo.

Kayuwoods is an independent stand-alone company solely owned by a married couple, Mohamad Azemi bin Johar & Siti Nurhazwani bt Mohd Zabri since 2014 and its based in Pahang, Malaysia. They bring along with a vision to express their passion in creativity into reality. Their creativity is more inclined to simplicity and do-it-yourself motives with a touch of nature and modern at the same time. Kayuwoods come out with the tagline “Dedicated to inspiring you to shine bright”. 

Calum Preference

Calum Preference

Finding Out:

For the past two weeks, Calum had been enraged.  You two had gotten the news that he probably would never be able to father children, and at first he was sad, but then he got angry, and he’s been that way ever since. 

When he finds your latest pregnancy test, he’s outraged.  “(Y/N), why are you torturing me like this?  No more tests, okay?  I’M DONE.  I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!”  He’s screaming and then he drops onto the edge of the bed in tears and buries his face in his hands. 

You grab the test off the floor and bring it over to him, prying his hand away from his face and placing the test in it. 

“(Y/N), what the hell are you doing?”  He speaks quietly now, defeated. 

“Cal, I think you’re really gonna want to look at this one.  Please, do it.  For me?”  He looks at it, and registers the pink plus. 

“I thought…that that wasn’t…are you sure?” 

“I confirmed with the doctor this morning.  So please quit being angry.  I need a good cuddle.” 

“Of course, my sweet, beautiful, darling wife.  Nothing would make me happier.” He says as he pulls you close to him.

Morning Sickness:

You’ve had a rough couple of days at work, and as a result, your morning sickness has been worse than ever. 

As your alarm clock goes off, you groan, already feeling nausea hitting you. 

You make to reach over Calum and shut off the alarm, but he’s beaten you to it, and is also on the phone.  With your boss.  “(Y/N)’s pretty sick this morning.  She won’t be making it in today.”  He hangs up and turns to you. 

“What was that, Cal?  I have to go work!” 

“Not today.  I read that stress makes morning sickness worse, so we’re just going to go back to bed today.  Then, when we wake up, we can eat breakfast and take a bath, but absolutely no work today, got it?” 

You’re so touched that your eyes water a bit, “Got it, Calum.  Thank you so much.”

Sleepless Nights:

Calum is currently doing promo in the Netherlands, and you’re at home in London, unable to sleep without him next to you, on top of your discomfort which grows with your growing baby. 

The hours tick by, and it’s 3:00 AM before you can take it no longer and decide to call him.  He answers on the third ring and says frantically, “(Y/N), sweetheart, is everything alright?  You’re not hurt are you?” 

You feel tears in your eyes as you answer him, “I just…I just miss you, is all.  I can’t sleep and my back hurts, and you know I’ve always been a stomach sleeper!” 

You whimper into the phone and can almost feel Calum’s sinking spirits. 

“I’ll be home tomorrow, okay, sweetheart?  I miss you so much.  I know what’ll help you sleep better, I left it in the closet for you.”  You go in and see his worn out batman sweater from when you were teenagers sitting folded on a shelf inside the door.  “Now cuddle up with that and I’ll sing you to sleep, soon enough it’ll really be me.”


You wake up at the ungodly hour of 3 AM to find that you have an insane craving for bacon.  And chocolate. 

You have no idea how to solve this problem until you get to the kitchen and find both a bag of chocolate chips and a pound of bacon in the fridge and a brilliant idea hits you. 

As you’re standing there frying bacon and melting the chocolate, Calum comes in bleary eyed.  “What’re you doing, sweetheart?”  He asks. 

You answer rather flippantly, saying: “Chocolate covered bacon.” 

He runs a hand over his face and mutters with a smile, “Pregnancy…I didn’t think I signed up for this, did I?”

Knowing the Gender:

You had decided that you didn’t want to find out the gender, however, Calum begged and begged. 

Finally, you give in. 

“Fine, Cal.  YOU can find out, but so help me God, if you tell me…” 

He simply chuckles and says, “Fine.  Let’s go!” 

You arrive and have a good appointment, finally the technician asks if you would like to find out and Calum jumps up, saying “I do, I do!” 

The tech whispers something in his ear and his whole face lights up.  “A MINI ME-OH CRAP.  Babe, I’m sorry.  Will you pretty, pretty please forgive me?  I’m so sorry, I just got so excited.  Please don’t be mad.” 

“Fine, Calum.  But really?  How do you expect to keep secrets like Santa and the Tooth Fairy?” You laugh and kiss his cheek.

Tweet to the Fans:

@Calum5SOS: “@(Y/T/N) and I are expecting a healthy baby boy this summer!  So excited!!”  Wasn’t very descriptive. Nevertheless, the fans were super excited for you as well.

Setting up the Nursery:

Calum asked the boys to come over and help set up the nursery so that you could get some rest.  As each one walks in the door, you give them a kiss on the cheek and a “thank you” for helping Calum with the nursery. 

Everyone’s here and Calum walks with you to the bedroom, where he kisses your forehead and says, “Don’t worry, my love.  When you wake up, there’ll be nothing left to do.” 

You sigh and snuggle in, arms wrapped around your growing baby bump, and fall asleep. 

You wake up nearly 3 hours later to a loud thump and a bunch of shouting before hearing Calum yell, “(Y/N)’s asleep, shut it will ya?!” 

You walk into the nursery and see it beautifully set up, painted a soft green, and the boys, sprawled out on the floor, trying to assemble the crib. 

You clear your throat and Calum springs up and walks you to a rocking chair they set up and says, “You sit here,” he takes a step back, hand on his chin, “You look perfect, love.”


Calum strokes your bare tummy from where he’s sitting next to the bathtub.  He had finished getting ready for bed and you were still in the bathtub, enjoying the first time in months where your back hasn’t hurt. 

“So, a little boy, huh, angel?” 

You giggle and nod and say, “I was thinking about names the other day…what about naming him Benjamin.” 

You see Calum bite his lip and look down, and instantly you know that he doesn’t like it.  “I don’t know, it just seems so common.” 

You take offense, you didn’t want him to stick out.  “But…that’s the point, I don’t want our little guy to get picked on!” You argue. 

Calum looks at you and sighs, seeing your point.  “Okay, fine, Benjamin.  I’m picking the middle name…Skylar.  That way, we both get what we want.” 

“It’s perfect, Cal.  One last thing though, can you help me up?” You look at him sheepishly.

He chuckles and nods and says, “Of course, my love.”


You’re on a nice long walk in the park, getting a sweet date in before you’re too large and uncomfortable to do more than order take out and watch movies. 

While taking a short break on a bench under a shady tree, you feel a flutter under the spot where Calum’s stroking your stomach, his other arm wrapped lazily around your shoulders. 

“Did you feel that, (Y/N)?” 

“Yeah, I did, Cal.  He’s saying hi!”  Calum offers a rather girlish giggle and leans down to kiss the top of your baby belly.  “How about we walk back home, and we show little Benjamin just how much we love him, hmm?”  You grin.

Pregnancy has made you rather…horny, to put it bluntly, and Calum has adjusted quite well, to say the least.  He quickly agrees and you hurry home to ‘celebrate’.



One of the most typical pains of pregnancy, and you are no different.  Your back hurts constantly, and right now, you’re simply moaning in agony as nothing and no one can help you. 

Calum emerges from the bathroom, wiping his hands on his pants, and says, “(Y/N), how does a bath sound?  I know it hurts, let me make it better.” 

He tugs off your clothing and guides you to the bathtub, settling in and sliding in behind you to rub circles on your back in a fantastic attempt to make it better.

Baby Shower:

Calum threw you a surprise party, and what a surprise it was. 

Luke’s wife had called you and asked if you wanted to go out to breakfast with her. 

When she said she wanted to come in and say hi to Calum, you didn’t think twice, however as soon as you walk in, you’re met with a shout of “Surprise!” and Calum’s arms around your waist. 

“I wanted this to be special because he’s our first.  I don’t understand how you can be a wedding planner though, parties are stressful!”  You giggle and enjoy your party, thanking him profusely.

Birthing Class:

“So what exactly are we doing, babe?” 

“You’re learning how to help me, and I’m learning how to tell you to do it nicely.” 

He chuckles and returns his hands to your back, where the instructor tells him how to apply pressure so impending contractions won’t hurt as badly. 

“Am I doing this right, sweetheart?” 

“Absolutely fantastic, love.”  You smirk.

During a lull in the action, hear him mutter, “You’re enjoying this way too much.” 

You grin full out and say, “What was that, Cal?” 

He knows he’s been caught and he quickly answers with a smirk, “Nothing, dear.  Happy to help!”


You’re in the mall, picking up a few birthday gifts for your mom and sister. 

Calum decided to accompany you, mostly because he didn’t want you to be on your own at this point in the pregnancy. 

You’re looking at a bag for your mother, Calum off in some other part of the store, when you feel someone come up behind you.  You turn around and see a girl, about 16 or 17, glaring at you. 

“Can I help you with something?” you say, politely as can be. 

“Yeah, go die.  You took Calum from us, and now you’re knocked up, you ugly whore.”  She moves closer and you instantly see Calum appear behind her and place a firm hand on her shoulder. 

“You don’t talk to my wife like that.  And you most certainly don’t come that close to her while she’s carrying our child.  You need to leave.” 

The girl scares away easily, and you’re relieved to be done with the entire episode. 

You grab the bag you were previously contemplating and go to pay for it, leaving as soon as possible with Calum fuming, but nonetheless in tow. 

You make it out to the parking lot and to the car before he finally speaks.  “I don’t think I’ve ever been so angry in my life, angel.  If she would’ve put a hand on you, I would’ve lost it.” 

You grin, despite the seriousness of his tone.  “You’re my hero, Cal.  And to be perfectly honest, it was quite attractive.” 

He offers you a small smile and starts the car, determined to get you home without further interruptions or unpleasantries.

Maternity Clothes:

Calum’s mother and sister take you out for a day of “wardrobe supplementing.” 

Due to London’s high fashion appearance, it is easy to find adorable maternity boutiques that you all go absolutely crazy for. 

You waltz in after an entire day and kiss his mum and sister goodbye before going to lay everything out and combine them to make outfits. 

When Calum comes home from work, he sees everything you’ve bought and wraps his arms around you, saying “I love everything.  You’ll look stunning in all of it.” 

You kiss him and say, “I can still wear your t shirts, right?”  He pulls away and chuckles, nodding his head.

You’re Insecure:

You’re supposed to have the pregnancy glow, right? 

Wrong.  That glow has created blotchy, uneven red patches on your cheeks, and you can’t possibly imagine how anyone would think that’s even mildly attractive. 

You’re inspecting your cheeks in the mirror one night after brushing your teeth and let out a groan. 

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” Calum calls from your bedroom. 

“I’m sick of looking like I’ve had a bad allergic reaction.”  You let out another groan and slap the countertop. 

Calum comes in and wraps his arms around your waist.  “What do you mean?  I see a beautiful woman, whom I’ve married, who is now carrying my child.  There is nothing wrong with your face or the way you look.” 

You look at him skeptically and he turns you back to the mirror. 

He begins to whisper sexy sentences into your ear and you watch your cheeks go from blotchy to bright red in seconds. 

You turn around and grin at him, “Point taken, Hood.  I get it.”


“I’m on my way home from the grocery store now, can you turn on the stove?"  Calum agrees and you hang up the phone, eager to get home and cook dinner with your husband. 

You’re making Pasta Alfredo from scratch as a sort of "date night”, and you’ve been looking forward to it all week. 

You grab the loaf of French bread from the car and the few other bags you’ve purchased and walk in to find Calum already standing over the stove, apron on. 

You set the bags down and kiss him lightly before pulling out ingredients one by one.  You get to the end of them and Calum clears his throat. 

“Calum, is there something missing here?” You ask, scanning the ingredients spread over the counter. 

“We’re missing the cheese, sweetheart." 

"Are you kidding me?  Literally, I could not remember the single most important ingredient?"  You tilt your head down and address your growing son, "This is your fault you know.  Now you’re just going to have to wait to eat dinner like the rest of us." 

Calum laughs and says, "Good practice for when he’s actually born.”

The Future:

You come home from work to find Calum humming along to the radio in the kitchen.  You find him doing the dishes, for which you’re eternally grateful, and you walk up behind him and press your forehead to the spot where his shoulder blades meet. 

He jumps and drops the plate he’s scrubbing into the soapy water with a dulled thud.  “You’re home!” 

You giggle and nod against his back, “Did I scare you?” 

“No, I was just thinking.” 

“About what, hmm?” 

“About Ben.  What he’ll look like. He’s going to be the most handsome boy around, just like his daddy.” He smirks. “He’s going to have thick dark brown hair and really pretty brown eyes and he’s going to just be perfect.  And he’s going to be a caring person, with all of our manners and everything good about us all in one person because that’s what happens when you have a kid…” 

You cut off his rambling with a kiss and say, “He sounds lovely, sweetheart.  And I couldn’t have asked for him to have a better father.”

The Godparents:

You two decide that you’d like to name Ashton and his wife as godparents. 

You’ve wanted to do it very traditionally, so there’s a ceremony and a certificate presented to them both. 

You throw a bit of a party afterwards, where the four of you are the center of attention. 

You know that Ashton’s wife had been a little down because they were having a hard time having a child, so naturally she’s ecstatic. 

After everybody’s left and they have you two alone, they say thank you over and over again with tears in their eyes.

Telling the Family (Flashback):

“(Y/N), please??"  Calum’s been begging for the past twenty minutes to do a twitcam, and even though the fans knew you were pregnant, it was still a new announcement that you didn’t exactly want to advertise. 

However, simply to shut him up, you oblige, crawling up on the bed and snuggling under his arm. 

Calum opens the laptop and joyfully greets the many fans, "Hey guys!  I’m here with my gorgeous wife and soon-to-be Baby Hood!  Say hi!" 

You wave at the camera, and all of a sudden, your phone rings. 

Your mother is on the other end of the line, shouting into the phone.  ”(Y/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N)!  Why didn’t you tell us!  We come back from a trip to the mountains to find out over the internet that you’re pregnant!?“ 

You sigh and signal to Calum that it’s your mother.  "Mom, first of all, I’m married, my last name is Hood now.  Second of all, exactly.  You were in the mountains!  We were going to call you tomorrow."  You roll your eyes and listen to her backtrack while you make yourself a cup of tea.


"Why can’t we go to our regular hospital, the one that’s closest to our house?"  Calum’s logic is infallible, but supposedly, it’ll be safer for you to have the baby at a hospital 25 minutes from your home rather than at the hospital 5 minutes away. 

"Because, Calum.  Do you know how many fans will be camped out at the exit, and the paparazzi?" 

Calum sighs and comes back bitingly, "But I refuse to let my wife deliver our child in the back seat of our car without anything to stop the pain!  I’ve gone along with you thus far, but I WILL NOT compromise with you on this issue." 

You’ve sat quietly beside Calum, gripping his hand the whole time, but now you feel you should add your input.  "I’m really not comfortable with having to drive such a long way to a hospital.  I’d really feel less nervous about the whole process if I knew it was only a five minute drive to the hospital, especially if something starts to go wrong." 

You put on your best puppy dog face and wrap your arms around your stomach.  His manager sighs and says, "Fine.  We’ll heighten security and make sure the hospital knows the restrictions on press and unapproved visitors." 

You smile and kiss him on the cheek before leaving with a significantly less stressed Calum in tow.

Labor and Delivery:

Calum desperately wanted to go to a football game with the boys, as sort of a last hurrah before Benjamin is born, so of course, seeing as you’re three weeks out from your due date, you tell him to go and have fun. 

You’re only going to take a nap, and by the time you wake up, he’ll be home. 

It seems like fate is on your side until you wake up in a wet spot on your sheets.  “Crap, dang it, son of a git!” you shriek a string of curse words, more frustrated that one thing couldn’t have gone your way rather than the fact that you are in labor. 

You pick up the phone and call Calum, who immediately answers.  “I’m on my way home sweetheart, what can I do for you?” 

“Just keep the car running, Cal.  Benjamin obviously got the compulsive need to be early from you.” 

You heard him swear on the other end of the line, something he rarely did, and then say “I’m literally 10 minutes away, do you think you can keep it together until I’m home?” 

You do, and 11 hours after arriving at the hospital, you give birth, relatively painlessly due to a fantastic epidural, you are cuddled up with Calum and baby Benjamin Skylar in the tiny hospital bed. 

Calum smooth’s the hair away from your forehead and presses a kiss there before taking your son from you and snuggling the both of you close to him, lulling the two of you to sleep with a quiet version of “Beside You”, made raspy by the happy tears that have been falling freely from his eyes since his birth.

Skin on Skin (His POV):

(Y/N) is cooking dinner, something she says is normal, that she wants to do, even though it’s been 4 days since she’s had a baby. 

Our baby. 

Our Benjamin. 

Speaking of, I go and grab him from his bassinet in our room and a soft blanket as well, shedding my shirt and his onesie in the process. 

I lay down on the couch and position him on my chest.  He coos and curls his pale fists against my chest, the difference in color stark and obvious. 

His big brown eyes, the same color as mine, stare up at me and I begin to talk quietly to him, telling him stories of when his mother and I were dating, getting all the way up to the story of our wedding day before I hear (Y/N) behind me, sniffling a bit. 

I tilt my head back and realize that a few small tears are leaking out of her eyes. I sit lift Ben and sit up, extending an arm to her as she says, “I didn’t know you remembered all that, much less wanted to tell our son all of it.” 

I glance down at Benjamin, snuggled firmly against my chest, and turn back to her, “Of course. I want to tell him everything, because he deserves to know how utterly perfect his mum is.”