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The problem with that ‘the Best Man used to be an armed swordsman’ factoid isn’t that now the best man in our wedding has to have a sword (this is the opposite of a problem) but now I kinda want my bridesmaids to also be armed, but should they also have swords…? Can I start a new tradition of the bridesmaids in a wedding to be a battalion of archers

as a last text post before i disappear for another week i just need to say that i had a mini-toddler like breakdown today (including fake sobs to express my inner anguish) because i’ll never be able to afford my dream wedding venue, which is ironically categorized as “affordable.”


Things I wish I knew before I got engaged

1.     Engagement periods can take over your life

At first the engagement period is the most exciting time, and it should be! (celebrate it), but pretty soon depending on how soon you decide you want your wedding this beautiful period of time can just become one big wedding conversation- with literally everybody (and anybody). It’s really important to carve time out for yourself and for you and your partner to have wedding free time.

2.     Fight to keep your wedding your own

Everyone thinks they’re a wedding planner when you get engaged. There’s plenty of people who are trying to do a nice thing and help you out with suggestions but its very easy to quickly get overwhelmed. Especially when weddings can bring out the “I know everything” mentality. Be select in who you allow to have an influence in your wedding and make sure you don’t allow yourself to get swallowed in their ideas of what your wedding should be rather than your ideas for your wedding.

3.     Communication is key

The part that makes wedding planning the most difficult is communication. Because depending on your partner’s and your family dynamics there’s often a bunch of people who have very differing opinions and expectations.  Chronic people pleases need to find a way to have hard conversations about their expectations for their wedding and family member’s roles in the lead up- the earlier the better, there’s nothing worse then ending up with a wedding that you don’t feel is your own at all.

4.     Research will make your budget happy

This one’s a balance. Some people will blow their budgets out with a longer time, because the idea they started with for their wedding was before they saw all the amazing glamorous weddings out there. And to a degree a shorter engagement period can help with that. But also research will save you a tonne of money. Finding the best vendor for your price point and style will take time. There’s no shame in going on some vendor stalking from some friends (if they’re happy to share) or hunting down the corners of the internet so you can find that great  photographer no one has ever found before. And sometimes this can take a tonne of time. if you time poor perhaps event organisers are going to be your saving grace.

5.     DIY -  be ready for some pinterest fails

Lets be real, the internet is full of some beautiful do it yourself wedding décor. And while that’s great there’s a level of these that are really making these things professional. What says it may only take 20 minutes may eventually take 3 hours, because well maybe you’re not as much the arty type as you would like to believe.  DIY can be time consuming and painful and can sometimes completely fail, be prepared for your idea to go sideways a few times, and make sure that you do a few practice ones.  After practice ones assemble and army, make a day of it and hang out with the girls to get it done. And dear lord absolutely do NOT leave it last minute – there is absolutely nothing that will make you more stressed then fiddling with craft and a hot glue gun while you cry at 11pm one week before your wedding. Be prepared and do it beforehand!

DIY Project: Painted Vases | Rustic Wedding Chic

Step Six:  After the bottles have drained and dried we clean the excess paint from the edge and let them dry completely (it took me a couple of days).

Materials: Recycled glass  bottles, Paint, Plastic syringe, Vase liner & Flowers

Step One: Gather a variety of vases. Choosing a variety of sizes and shapes will make the vases look more eclectic and interesting. Decide on a color pallet that you want to go with. This color pallet is has a sunset  tone theme going on.

Step Two: Mix colors to get the desired tone. I used watercolors, but you can also use wall paint, if you prefer. Dilute the paint with a little water to flow into the bottle better (but not too much or not cover well), and absorb with a large plastic syringe (you can buy at any pharmacy).

Step Three: Pour all the paint in the bottle with the aid of syringe. Larger bottles need between 80 and 100 ml. paint to cover comfortably.

Step Four: Rotate the bottles in a circular motion so that the paint covers every area.

Step Five: Once covered with the paint, let the bottles sit upside down for several hours so any excess paint can be drained. You can rest the bottles  in a sink or on absorbent paper.

Step Six:  After the bottles have drained and dried we clean the excess paint from the edge and let them dry completely (it took me a couple of days).

Step Seven: Because we used a water based paint we don’t want to fill the vases with water for the flowers. Add a plastic vase liner to the vases before adding the flowers.


my wedding budget is to spend $200 on my handmade dress and like $300 on jewelry (!) because all of the awesome handmade sterling stuff is expensive $$$ but it’s my excuse right? (supporting women artists & having jewelry to love & adorn myself with) i just need to start shopping/ordering something custom now rather than later… :D I also bought my boots second hand for $60. And that’s all I need! The boots & jewelry I can wear after the date as well. I hate to buy something to be used only once like that.

I feel like this is very reasonable since my sister in law is spending $500 just for her dress alterations. Right!?

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6 Tips For Planning A Bachelorette Party That Doesn’t Bankrupt The Bridesmaids

Bachelorette weekend getaways: the phrase can instill fear & financial terror in the hearts of bridesmaids. These sometimes-lavish weekend getaways can mean expensive flights, swanky hotel suites with marble jacuzzi tubs, pricey dinners out and the inevitable cost of buying “going out” outfits for multiple nights on the town. Having come back from a weekend away at a bachelorette party in Newport, Rhode Island, I can say with confidence that budget-friendly bachelorette weekends do exist and they don’t have to feel like a drag or that you’ve somehow deprived the bride of the weekend of her dReAmSz. Here are six tips to implement, whether you are the bride or the bridesmaids doing the heavy lifting of planning the perfect weekend for a group of girls to enjoy!

1. Select a location you can drive to. You should consider going someplace that you can rOaD tRip to! If one or all of you has access to a car, this is a huge financial burden taken off of your wallet, and simultaneously provides ample time for everyone to bond in the car, swap stories, munch on ungodly amounts of Trader Joe’s snacks and get pumped for the weekend ahead without having to stress about the pangs of airport travel.

2. Consider a hotel with reasonable rates. The hotel we stayed at was modest, comfortable, and reasonably-priced, and was perfect for what we needed it for, i.e. pre-gaming and sleeping. We didn’t delude ourselves into thinking that we could live like sultans for two days in some palatial complex with glittering fountains, marble floors and five-star restaurants inside. Yikes. Who needs all that, anyway? Now that I’ve got a couple of bachelorette weekends under my belt, I know from experience that if bridesmaids are taking a hit with paying for an expensive room they’ll be much grumpier when it comes time to splurge on drinks out or paying for dinners for the bride.

3. Plan activities that are low cost and more “active.” The key to keeping the price of any bachelorette weekend down is to plan out activities that take up a good chunk of time and are active and cheap. For example, one morning we all went out on a 2.5 hour walk along the ocean cliff walk, took pictures and strolled around the surrounding town. After a night of drinking the evening before the fresh air and light exercise was a welcome change. We also planned an afternoon of wine tasting which is an inexpensive way to savor nice weather while only spending a few dollars on a tasting flight. Although we had eaten lunch by the time we arrived at the winery, we could have easily rolled this activity out into a pack-your-own picnic and enjoyed it on a blanket on the lawn of the vineyard.

4. Skip the club scene. Club scenes are to be avoided if you can manage it. Why pay ridiculous cover charges and inflated prices for cocktails to be stomped on by a bunch of misplaced platform heels and hit with sticky, swinging purses? You can easily plan to take it easy one night and head to a (slightly) quieter bar to enjoy live music and one another’s company while still get your #drink on.

5. Stock up on alcohol for the room. Although this is most definitely already a consideration for any bachelorette weekend festivities, buying things like champagne, juice, seltzer and hard liquid for the hotel room is one of the easiest ways for the group to save money. Having a champagne toast in the room along with a shot or two before grabbing a cab means that your bar tab will be significantly lighter. Everyone will already have a little buzz going and you won’t need to drop $12 on vodka seltzers when you’ve already been sipping on ones you made back at the hotel room for $2.

6. Hop on the BYOB train for one dinner out. Weekend long getaways mean that every meal you consume will be out at a restaurant which will most often be slightly more expensive than the ones you usually visit because c’mon, you’re high on the 72 hour celebration train. One night we chose a BYOB restaurant where we could bring our own liquor and it made the bill much easier to swallow at the end of the evening.

I get that no one wants to be the frugal little troll in the corner of the bachelorette weekend party but being realistic about what everyone is comfortable with spending isn’t unreasonable. You should be able to let loose and have a great time without arriving back home on Sunday night to the crippling realization you’ve spent close to a months rent in three short days. Bachelorette weekends offer quality girl time and can be done on the cheap without sacrificing a bit of the fun!