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There's a new DM article: "Harry tells pals to watch wedding at KP". Did their wedding budget just get cut? ….. Here's a quote: "The 'viewing party' comes after the Royal couple strictly limited wedding invites". I thought their wedding venue held up to 800 people? ….. And, SERIOUSLY, he sent them Evites: "Supporters of Sentebale charity, founded by the Prince, received email invites". *laughing*

“To Americans, that’s a big deal…”

“Mingling with an exclusive crowd…”

“[f]eeling special–even if you are not actually at the main event.”

“An Oscar-style viewing party.”

Guys, every day I tell myself this can’t possibly get any tackier…and then it does. She’s inviting the donors to a “viewing party” so they can watch her get married. WTF?

But, at times like this, we should all remember…PC had nothing to do with this, nothing at all.

Out of Context Starters

  • “90% of your wedding budget is on chocolate.”
  • “Keep in mind that this is in the middle of July.”
  • “I’m at Carl’s Jr and all I see is other restaurants staring at us.”
  • “I went to school that Friday and tripped on grass.”
  • “I need to find the teacher person with the hair and thing who teaches.”
  • “Next time I get annoyed with a coworker I’m going to say he can go suck on my six dicks.”
  • “Go choke on my sextudick.”
  • “It’s too late for this.”
  • “It’s too early for this.”
  • “You have to draw a poorly drawn dick on one though.”
  • “We’re talking about lettuce porn.”
  • “I should be a porn director. I’ll specialize in veggie porn and sometimes do collabs with fruit porn people.”
  • “Should I get pizza today? I think I should.”
  • “No sinning today.”
  • “It was just a pillow fight, officer. What do you mean you’re not supposed to stuff a pillow with knives?”
  • “That meme is gonna haunt me forever.”
  • “We should probably both sleep.”
  • “That sounds like ‘I want to die’ kind of talk.”
  • “Are you a boat?”
  • “Can I sword you to death?”
  • “How come there’s no goddamn apples?”
  • “Don’t worry; I’ve got this.”
  • “You’re the only one with a penis.”
  • “Eat the corn!”
  • “We went from knife-fighting bears to having an assault rifle.”
  • “That doesn’t make sense, human meat should be juicy.”
  • “I will exit the plane if you keep eating pistachios.”

Diabolik Lovers: Sakamaki Weddings

Here’s another one of these crappy little they aren’t really little they’re like five pages long things. These aren’t really serious, by the way, and are not a realistic representation of how the boys would actually act.


Ayato didn’t really like the idea of marriage at first, but once you pestered him about it, he grew on the idea. He, being himself, wanted a massive wedding. Despite that, he didn’t want to actual do any proper planning, so Reiji was left to do all the preparations.

He wasn’t really interested in your dress, but made sure it showed a lot of cleavage. Ayato didn’t want to have the wedding at the mansion so decided to have it at a nearby castle. Though he was very confident when ordering Reiji to make the wedding perfect for him, he began to grow a little nervous when the day actually came. Luckily, Laito (his best man because no other male can stand him) calmed him down. His father was not invited but came anyway, to which he responded by throwing a wine glass at him. He recited his wedding vows, which he wrote himself, in an overly proud manner, declaring that you officially belonged to him. *insert the entire Sakamistake clan face palming*

All in all, despite the rowdiness throughout, it was a beautiful wedding. You and Ayato moved out of the family mansion and into a mansion of your own to spend your lives together.

“You now belong to Yours Truly. As I said, I will be your first everything”


I think Kanato would have been fairly enthusiastic about a wedding, but wanted it to go exactly the way he wished or he’d throw a tantrum.

This meant that instead of ordering that food be made on the big day, he made sure that Reiji (who again ended up doing all the boring stuff) got a massive cake. He definitely wanted to choose the dress. After literal hours of shopping around, he settled on a black Victorian style gown, much to the distress of every one except for him. Kanato didn’t really care about the venue and who was invited but he made sure his father was not invited under any circumstances.

On the day, Kanato was pretty calm. I don’t think he really wanted any of his brothers to be his best man, so he had to make do with Reiji, the only one who was willing. He still had Teddy, who was dressed up in a tuxedo, in his arms though. Karl Heinz/Papamaki didn’t end up attending, for which everyone was grateful for. Somehow, the wedding ceremony would go smoothly. He said his wedding vows in a scarily monotone way, causing most of the guests to be slightly concerned, but no ruckus was caused.

You stayed at the mansion after you were wed because Kanato didn’t want to have to move all of his dolls.

“Ha… you can’t escape me now. Don’t look at anyone else except me, okay?


When you asked him about marriage, he seemed very hesitant, since it meant he was bound to you and only you. Once you promised him more freedom with your risqué activities, he agreed. Though he dislikes shopping and stuff like that, he insisted on organising the wedding instead of leaving it to Reiji.

He wanted a dress which showed a lot of skin, to which you reluctantly agreed. Laito only invited people who were close to him and you, which basically meant his brothers and maybe the Mukami’s. The wedding was pretty normal, just a bit expensive if anything. For the venue, he settled on a particularly nice wedding hall that caught his eye. To add a devilishly romantic feeling, he had most of the decorations black embellished with red roses. Obviously, he chose Ayato to be his best man.

On the wedding day, he didn’t wear his signature fedora, to everyone’s surprise. He read out his vows slightly emotionally, since they were quite heart felt and personal to him. Papamaki turned up and was chased out by the groom himself with a broken wine glass. Once you were officially married, he gave you a French kiss in front of everyone which caused Subaru to break a wall for some reason

You moved out together into a large apartment in the city, away from his brothers and dark childhood.

“Now that we are wed, fufu… I shall drag you into a hedonist’s hell with me~”


Shuu was actually the one to propose, though he did it very lazily and off handedly like it was nothing. He didn’t do anything for the wedding and expected Reiji to do it all. Reiji straight up refused but, after realising that Shuu is basically the heir to the throne in the vampire kingdom, made the preparations. It was mainly just to make himself look good though.

It was planned to be an average budget wedding. You and Reiji chose the dress and the guests, only asking Shuu for his confirmation for incredibly important decisions. Papamaki was invited, along with hundreds of other vampire aristocrats, mainly to look good as the vampire royal family. The only thing which Shuu really did was choose the venue, which happened to be a concert hall. Subaru was chosen to be his best man, as he was most likely the brother the groom was closest to.

The wedding day was decent until the Mukamis turned up for no apparent reason. Their arrival caused some conflict between to two families, but that wasn’t the main problem. Alcohol was handed out as the wedding went on, since a Reiji thought it was appropriate for some reason. By the time that the vows were about to be spoken, Kou, Laito, Ayato and Yuma were completely drunk and sitting in the corner of the hall, giggling like little girls. As a result, many of the visitors began to leave in slight disgust. Despite the complete chaos, Shuu delivered his vows perfectly. Straight after, he began to play a violin piece he dedicated to you to the remaining guests, which was literally Reiji, you and the drunk four. Everyone had left, Reiji was screaming at the drunkards in the corner and said drunkards were giving each other piggy back rides. Yet, you listened to his music and was glad that you had decided to marry him.

After the train wreck which was that wedding, you moved out of the mansion into a small cottage in the countryside. Reiji encouraged your decision.

“You have given yourself to me, make no mistake about it. Be cautious, however, for this means you are truly in my grasp for eternity”


Subaru honestly did his best when proposing. He took you outside one night to the gardens, got down on one knee and proposed like a gentleman. Of course, you said yes. He began working on the preparations immediately, with Reiji’s help.

He decided that he wanted a white colour scheme. The venue, the mansion, was to be decorated in white roses and you were to wear a white dress. Though he had a couple of bursts of anger along the way, he decided on the guests: his brothers, the Mukami brothers and his mother. His father was not invited. He had gone so far as to send him a letter explicitly asking him to stay away.

On the day, despite his tough exterior, he was incredibly anxious. His best man, Shuu, didn’t do much to help him, but he calmed down at the thought of his mother being there. When it came to the vows, he ended up with a tear rolling down his cheek when he saw you and his mother. After you were officially husband and wife, he embraced you while heartedly and begged for you never to leave him.

However, Karl Heinz came in at the last moment. Much to Christa’s (his mother) horror, Subaru punched him across the face and told him to get the hell out. Subaru’s mom burst into tears and ran out in hysterics. Meanwhile, the rest of the guests were either laughing (the triplets and Mukami’s) or watching in silence (Reiji and Shuu). Furious, Subaru grabbed you and walked out of the mansion.

Needless to say, you both moved out. You moved to a town on the coast, away from his brothers.

“Stay with me… don’t let me destroy you…”


As a gentlemen, Reiji formally asked for your hand in marriage. Also as a gentleman, he made all of the preparations by himself, only asking your opinion for the dress in which he picked out for you. Everything, and literally everything, was perfect. He chose Subaru to be his best man, since he was probably the best option out of his siblings.

He invited many vampire aristocrats, including his father, for the sake of social status. The wedding went totally as planned, with no hiccups at all. His vows were strangely emotive but poetic enough to suit Reiji. Karl Heinz did come up to you right after you were officially a married couple to give his ‘blessings’.

The only interruption throughout the whole ceremony was the fact that the triplets were (again) getting drunk, to which Reiji responded by locking them in their rooms to sober up.

You both stayed in the mansion, since it was clear that the Sakamaki family would crumble if it weren’t for Reiji. However, both of you were happier now that the knot was tied.

“Now that you are my wife, I expect you to behave like a lady or else I shall have to punish you”

Headcanons: The Companions and Marriage

For Cait, marriage is something she never considered. In her youth, she knew of some slaves who got married, with the permission of her owners, but she always said she’d rather die than willingly sell herself to someone else. In her mind, that’s what marriage is - a contract, that begs to be broken. Assuming she ever fell in love or cared that deeply about someone, she’d resist the idea of marriage. “Don’t call me your fuckin’ wife,” she’d say. “Say you love me, say I’m your partner, say whatever. But I’m not your wife. I don’t belong to anybody but myself.”

Being a Mr. Handy, Codsworth would never think of getting married himself. “Oh, no, no,” he’d bluster. “That’s quite inappropriate. A human and any kind of machine - synths not withstanding, I suppose - shouldn’t be doing anything of that sort. And machines have no business - or interest, I should say! In anything like that.” If he had to choose, he’d rather marry other people. As in, be the officiant. Being the one to legally wed two people would make him very happy, and bring a metaphorical tear to his eyes.

Curie shared Codsworth’s opinion, for the most part, up until her switch into an organic body. After that, she explored relationships with other people, figuring out what sex felt like and if she felt attracted to other humans. “I do not think I will get married for a long time,” she’d say, tapping her chin. “There are still so many people to meet! Sexual intercourse is such a varied thing, and being married to someone makes experimentation a tad more difficult. I am not even sure yet of my own heart’s desires when it comes to romance. One day, perhaps, I will marry. Perhaps not. I feel no rush to find out either way.”

Paladin Danse blushes profusely whenever anyone asks him about his thoughts on it. “Marriage is an important union between two individuals,” he’d say, fidgeting. “Children grow up healthiest when they have two parents in their lives. And, yes, it can be a welcome expression of romantic attachment.” His eyes flicker away. “I… suppose I am not against such an idea. Being a soldier, I doubt it will happen for some time. A husband ought to be with his loved one, not out in the field. Still, I… I would not refuse, if a proposal came from the right person.”

Deacon would laugh. “Nah, I don’t think so. I don’t think there’s very many people in the wasteland with a fetish for compulsive liars with a plastic surgery addiction.” The humor hides a painful truth. Deacon has too many trust issues for an honest, healthy relationship, and he’s too unique to find someone who’d understand him enough to make him feel safe. A long time ago, he was married, but that didn’t exactly work out. Now, Deacon knows he’s too old for a long, happy marriage, for a house full of kids, for pets and game nights and family farms. He stopped looking for a happy ending a long time ago.

I guess the closest thing to marriage for Dogmeat would be finding a canine mate somewhere out in the wasteland. Dogmeat’s a good pup. Maybe, when he’s done with his adventuring and decides to retire, he can meet up with some old flame from his youth and have a litter or two of puppies.

Hancock’s never been the marrying type. He’s too much of a free spirit to align himself with a single person. He likes sensation. He likes drugs, he likes sex, he likes going out and meeting people and enjoying everything the world has to offer. “Look,” he’d rasp, sucking from a smoking joint and breathing smoke into the air. “I love you, or I don’t. Hoppin’ over a broom or exchanging cheap rings doesn’t make that any truer or not. I’ll love somebody the best I can ‘til I ain’t in love with them anymore. Getting ‘married’ just makes it harder if somebody ain’t feelin’ it anymore. Don’t try to hold shit together with rings and promises. Be together because you love each other. That’s all that should matter.”

Nick Valentine likes to think of himself as a romantic at heart. “I wanted to get married, once,” he says, staring out the window wistfully. “Guess I still could, if I really wanted to. Though I gotta wonder who’d accept a battered old man like me.” The trouble with Nick is that he’s not really sure who he is. He’s been grappling with his identity for decades - and you can’t really promise yourself to someone until you know what exactly you’re promising. Nick likes the idea of settling down someday. Having someone to bring him coffee as he pours over case files, someone to dance with to old songs. He’s just not ready to accept himself as he is.

If expensive Pre-War weddings were still around, MacCready would be staunchly against them. As it is, he doesn’t mind the idea of shacking up with someone and saying you’re husband and wife. He remembers some of the older kids, back in Little Lamplight, playing house and pretending to be couples. Then, of course, he remembers Lucy, but that’s a part of his life he prefers to drink away. Mac isn’t a romantic man. He’d like to get married, but whoever he’d end up marrying would have to be comfortable with a real low-budget wedding, and a man who’s really bad at reading sappy, romantic vows.

Piper doesn’t mind the idea of getting married. But in her mind, it’s something that happens… way off in the future. She might be a grown woman, but she still feels young. Getting married is something older people do. Even if people her age are married, you’re only really married when you’re living on a farm with four kids. Or, at least, that’s what Piper thinks. And that’s not something she’s interested in, at least not in the immediate future. She’d much rather play around and see what’s good, and she’s in no rush to have kids or settle down in one place. Piper has wanderlust - she needs to see the world before she can set down roots in it.

As you might expect, Preston has no problems with the idea of getting married. In fact, it’s something he always sort of expected he’d do. Join the Minutemen, help out for a few years, meet someone along the way and shack up with them after leaving the militia. Three kids and a farm, that’s what he wanted. And two brahmin. And a garden, out back, for flowers instead of food. Of course, his life hasn’t quite worked out that way, but he’s still got plenty of time. He’s not on the lookout for a spouse, or really dating anyone, but he’s happy to wait until the right person comes along. He just hopes it doesn’t take too long.

Strong… doesn’t really understand marriage. Super Mutants are made via infection of a virus, not through any kind of reproduction. They don’t have parents or families or couples. Just clans of “brothers.” Even if anyone wanted to marry him, he wouldn’t understand the different between being married and following someone around. Considering that Strong was once a different person before his infection with the FEV virus, and that he’s not completely mentally sound, it’s probably best no one try to make any moves on him. That’s borderline taking advantage.

Coursers do not have relationships. Therefore, X6-88 does not have relationships. Marriage suits no valid purpose. Synths and Coursers do not fall in love or get married. That is not a thing. Even if, even if he had some kind of great revelation, where he grew as a person, left the Institute, what have you - it would still take a long, long time before he considered marriage as an option, let alone something he’d be interested in. It would take a long time, and a lot of personal growth before he broke out of the Institute’s brainwashing.

You Are Cordially Invited [6/?]

Cover & Disclaimer

Chapter Summary:  For the most part, her parents have been supportive of hers and Sasuke’s relationship. It’s only occasionally that their worries cause them to overstep – or at least, cause her mother to overstep. But Sakura knows her parents, and she suspects that the longer they have to get used to the idea, and the more time they spend with Sasuke, the more accepting they will be.

Chapter Beta: None. As usual, I’ll edit it myself and with help from ProWriting Aid tomorrow, and then I’ll send it off to my beta. 

Author’s Note: Sorry if scene transitions are a little choppy. I’m still trying to get better at having time pass in a chapter, as opposed to writing long, drawn out explanations of an entire day’s worth of events…I really can’t afford this turning into another IOG, where it’s been 30-odd chapters and it’s still only the second day…

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Howdy Season, it's Rayfe again with another prompt. “You can see people’s souls, right? How tired does mine look?” Alya & Wayzz, post reveal. Alya is dealing with the stress of her fiancé, university, journalism internship, superheroics, and her friends coming to her for health. Being the motherly one in the group is hard.

“You can see people’s souls, right?” Alya turned her head to glance at Wayzz on his perch on the back of the couch. “How tired does mine look?”

The turtle kwami frowned. “You do look a bit worn,” he replied carefully.

“Then I’m hiding how exhausted I actually am,” she sighed, letting her head lull back against the couch. “If I could just get through the rest of the day without anyone needing something–” Her phone buzzed, cutting off her words. Alya groaned and glanced at the screen. “Chloe and Nathaniel are arguing again.”

“They’re both adults. Let them handle it,” Wayzz suggested sagely.

She pushed herself up and stretched. “I need to do some work.”

“You only got home from class moments ago.”

Alya nodded. “And now I need to work on that piece for my internship.”

“You’re spreading yourself too thin, young one. You need to refocus.”

“Easy for you to say, Sensai Shell. I’m dealing with a full class load, an internship that is much more demanding than I realized, freaking monsters of the week, and trying to plan a wedding on no budget. I don’t have time to refocus.”

Wayzz furrowed his small brows. “Trixx should be helping you more, guiding you to the best state.” He glanced around. “Where is she?”

“Taking a nap on my pillow,” Alya sighed, looking back towards the bedroom. “I’m jealous.”

The apartment door pushed open and Adrien and Nino stumbled in, Nino holding a bloody rag to the side of his head. Adrien held up a hand as Alya jumped up. “He’s okay…mostly. His bike got clipped by a car and he did a little flying.”

“I told you I should’ve come, Master,” Wayzz tutted, floating around Nino’s head as Alya pulled the rag away to inspect the damage.

“So you could be a smear on the pavement? I’m fine,” Nino grumbled.

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My Decision (6)

Pairing: Lawyer!Bucky x Artist!Reader, Lawyer!Bucky x Model!Dot

Warnings: aaannggst, sad Bucky, sad reader, bitchy Dot

Words count: 1,358

Sumarry: Bucky barnes is the  hottest lawyer who dates the infamous supermodel Dolores Grey, thir relationship is what people called #relationshipgoals. Bucky loves Dot with all of his heart and they’re going to marry soon, Rebecca (Bucky’s sister) never likes the idea of Bucky and Dot. one day she asks Bucky to pick up a painting from the art student at University of California, that’s the first time Bucky meet you. Will the meeting with you change anything between Bucky and Dot, or not?

Part1 Part2 part3 part4 part5


           Pushing his apartment door, Bucky dropped himself onto the bed. Running his hands through his hair, he groans loudly and cursed a lot. The kiss felt so right but it’s wrong, why he kissed you? Does he loves you? Does he loves Dot? And then he remember about Dot, he keeps distancing himself from his fiancé because he hangs out with you a lot, he knew he needs to make it up to her.

           The knock on his door brings Bucky back from his thoughts, opening the door Bucky was greeted by Dot, “I was about going to call you!” Bucky hugs her in a tight embrace, pushing Bucky away dot asked, “I saw you coming out of her house” dot stated, “Whose house?” Bucky asked, “Don’t play dumb Bucky, of course that slut you’ve been hanging around with for the past months! How was it? You two fucked already? Did she pleasure you amazingly?” she asked angrily, “For fuck sake! First of all, she is not a slut and there’s nothing going on between us!” Bucky screams. There’s some unsure feeling he had when he said you and him were nothing, yes he did felt something but he just can’t figure it out, “Do you even love me?” Dot asked, “Of course I love you!” he said, “You barely touch me, Buck” Dot said, and Bucky grabs her neck and kissed her, let’s say that night they’re fucking like an animal.

           Waking up in the morning Bucky looked beside him was Dot naked form, and last night it was overwhelming. Bucky knows he didn’t make love with Dot last night, it was them just fucking around, there’s no love but just lust. He didn’t even feel anything and this is wrong, he knew it. He can’t just end things with Dot but he also hurts your feelings and he definitely hated the way he reacted and pushed you away after he just kissed you and he regrets saying Goodbye, and he didn’t know what to do now. Getting out from the bed, Bucky went to the bedroom and cook the breakfast. After placing the plate on the table, Bucky felt Dot hands wrapped around his waist, “What are we having?” she asked, “Bacon, scramble eggs, and sandwich” Bucky smiles and kissed her lips and now he compared Dot’s to your lips, Bucky quickly turn around and shake his head from the thoughts, he just can’t get you out of his mind.

           At first they’re eating peacefully until Dot shows her phone and showed Bucky a necklace, a super duper expensive necklace, “what do you think?” she asked, “it was a nice necklace” Bucky said, “I want one” she said simply, “Dot, we have weddings to go. Your dream wedding has a lot budget and I’ve been saving my money to get you your dream house” Bucky said, “But I want this Bucky” she said, and this is the side of Dot that people hate but Bucky never realize he was actually being used by her, “I’ll buy you one someday” Bucky smiles, “But I have a gala to attend tomorrow! I need this!” , “Baby, please understand” Bucky pleaded, “No! you’re the one who needs to understand me! You can keep buying things to your mom and now you’re refusing to buy me just a necklace? Are you even love me? Or do you have spent your money buying things for that (y/n) girl? I think we’ve made an agreement that you will not seeing her again!” she screams at Bucky hoping her tricks will win by bringing her up, Dot knows Bucky will felt guilty and gave her anything she wants, and that’s always goes as planned, “Okay, I’ll buy you one” Bucky surrender, “Thankyou, Bucky. I love you, I have photoshoot to go so, see you around” she pecked his lips and went out from his apartment, “Unbelievable” Bucky muttered under his breath.

           Since those days (y/n) only focus on her drawings for Ronald McNeil exhibit, the theme was about the journey of love, which every artist who participated must present the drawings about their love life. It was sickening for (y/n) but she pushes the feeling cause working with Ronald McNeil is one of her dream. Little did you know, everytime you open the store Bucky always right on the opposite of the building enjoying his morning coffee while seeing your painting, or smiling politely to people who bought your drawing. Even he didn’t had time to watch you every morning, he will make sure to drive passing your store just for seeing your face. As creepy as it seems and considering himself as a stalker, he couldn’t get enough of you, and today he sits at the same position on the café in front of your store, “Bucky, what’s wrong with you two?” Steve asks, “nothing, just some misunderstanding” Bucky sipped his coffee and still keeping his eyes on you. He notices your body moves a bit slowly than usual, your face paler, and those bags under your eyes were noticeable. He felt the urge to run towards you, lays you to your bed and feed you with bunch of tacos and pizza because you love it so much.

           “Talk to her Buck, you’re such a mess” Steve stated which brings back Bucky from his thoughts, “I can’t, I promised Dot I won’t see her again” Bucky answers, “But why? You two are just friends, right?” Steve asks curiously, ‘Yes friends who kissed’ that’s what Bucky thoughts, “or more?” Steve asks again, “dammit Steve would you shut up?!” Bucky hit the table, which cause everyone looking at him. You notice a movement from the café in front of you and you saw Bucky glaring at Steve, you miss him so much and it’s been hard weeks for you, but seeing him right there not really far from you making you wanted to run away, so you did. You put the ‘close’ sign and run upstairs to your bedroom. Bucky turn around and found you’re gone and you close your store, “I shouldn’t have brought you here” Bucky sighs to Steve and push the café door and leave.

           By the night he came back to his apartment and was greeted by Dot, wearing a long silk dress with the necklace that she insist Bucky to bought, “what are you doing here Dot?” Bucky sighs, “Why? I can’t visit my fiancé? I’m actually confused, why you never ask me to move in?” Dot asked, “We’re getting married Dot, will living in the same roof soon” Bucky dropped himself on his bed, “what’s wrong, did I upset you?” she asked straddling Bucky’s lap, Dot dressed hike up exposing her black lace panties, Dot starts unbuttoning Bucky’s shirt but he remains silent, he just lays there not even paying attention to Dot. She kissed his neck, his jaw and asks again, “You seems tired, lemme take care of you. I don’t want you be taken care of by her” Bucky’s eyes snapped open and pushed Dot from his lap, “What the fuck?” Dot asked, “Would you stop bringing her into everything?!” Bucky clenched his fist and giving Dot the death stare, “I’m tired listening to your drama, okay! I wanted to be alone right now, and than you here, seducing me, and bringing her in every conversation we had! What the hell is wrong with you? She never even hurt you!” , “I told you Bucky, I don’t like seeing you hanging out with girls!” she screams, “You know why I hanging out with her a lot? Because she understand me! She listens to me, I listen to her, but with you? I’ve always been forced to listen to you, but you never even once listen to me! Everything is always about you Dot, everything is about you and I am sick of it!” Bucky screams in the way he never thought he could, “So what now? You wanna end this? Listen you James Barnes, if you end this than the business our dad has must ended too, so goodluck with that” and she left his apartment.

Sooo college start again tomorrow and I have finished writing this story, can’t wait to share with you guys! four chapters to go! Hope y’all enjoy reading it as much as i am enjoy writing it! send me feedbacks!xx

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Something Borrowed 7/? (Witney) - Miss Bianca & jazz

Summary: This was going to be Courtney’s first visit to her childhood home in five years, and she’d made a lot of plans. Obviously, none of them had included falling into a whirlwind, summer love affair with her father’s 28-year-old fiancée, three months before the planned wedding. But sometimes, things just happened.

Miss Bianca’s A/N: So this is, um… a Chapter. Sorry it’s been a minute since we updated, but we hope this makes up for it – we’re real proud. As always, you can find us on our tumblrs @willamdelrio and @artificial-jazz , and we love feedback and talking to you guys.  

jazz’s A/N: I apologize in advance for all the feelings you’re about to feel. Prepare your bodies. Just trust us <3

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

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selenedarkbloom  asked:

Prompt: At the day Jughead and Betty are going to get married stuff start to go wrong, like problems with the flowers, band... Betty has a little panic attack and F.P is the one to put her back on tracks. Jughead also starts to freak out and Alice comforts him.

Oh my goodness, I love this prompt. I love the idea of the other parents comforting them! Sorry it took me a little while to write, I had to take a break in the middle to go to dance class. I hope you enjoy it darling!

“No, no, you can’t do this to me, Josie. The wedding is next week, how am I going to find another band that quickly?” Betty was practically begging. She vaguely heard Josie give a string of apologies on the other end of the phone, but she wasn’t really listening. “Okay, okay, I’ll figure something out.” Betty hung up the phone as her breathing began to pick up.

She had walked out of the florist to answer the phone, but she couldn’t go back and face them yet. She had spent all morning trying to negotiate a deal with this florist after her last one had horribly screwed up, thinking the wedding was this week and not next week. Betty would have been willing to forgive the mistake, except they had then told her that they were too booked up to be able to fill her order by next week. So now here Betty was, without a florist and without a band. It seemed like everything was falling apart.

Betty leaned back against the wall and slowly slipped down to a crouching position as she felt her eyes fill with tears. All she wanted to do was marry the boy of her dreams, but this wedding was proving to be a lot more drama then she wanted. She wondered if Jughead would be willing to run away with her and get married in secret.

“Hey” Betty looked up in surprise to see that it was FP who had come out to check on her. He saw her tears and immediately grew concerned. He crouched next to Betty and put a reassuring hand on her arm. “Is this about the florist? Because we will get flowers at your wedding even if I have to go into a field and pick them myself.” Despite how lousy she was feeling, Betty couldn’t help but smile. She took a shaky breath and wiped away her tears.

“It’s not just the flowers. That was Josie on the phone. Her manager is making them stay on tour for another two weeks, so they can’t play for our wedding.” Saying the words out loud made Betty’s panic come back. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to focus on her breathing, but try as she might, she couldn’t push thoughts of the wedding from her mind.

“Hey, hey, Betty relax.” FP’s hand found her arm again and squeezed lightly. “Betty, look at me” Betty obeyed, opening her eyes to look at the father of the man she was going to marry. FP hadn’t always been the best father for Jughead, but he had really stepped up recently and he had been a lot of help in planning for the wedding. He was one of the few people who could put Alice Cooper in her place. “That’s better, now Josie and the Pussycats aren’t the only musicians in town. We’ll find someone else.”

“It just all seems like too much. The florist and now the band…I know I should be excited that I’m getting married in a week, but I’m just too stressed. I just want everything to be perfect.”

“Yeah, Jughead said that was one of your things. Look, Betty, do you really care about what flowers you have or who is singing in the background? What’s the most important thing about this wedding?”

“Jughead obviously, that’s why I need it to be perfect, for Jughead. He deserves the world.”

“You’ve got that right, but he already has the world in you. Betty, he couldn’t give a damn about any of these details. He would marry you in a paper bag at Pop’s. Jughead just wants to marry you, that’s the most important thing.”

“You’re right” Betty took a deep breath, grateful that FP had put her in her place and set her priorities straight. Betty stood up and FP followed her lead. She gave him a nod and a smile.

“So you go in there and convince that florist to do your wedding. I have a buddy who is in a band that I can go talk to.”

“Thank you FP” Betty gave him a hug and kissed his cheek. She walked back into the shop to find her mom and Jughead looking at her anxiously. Jughead immediately moved towards her and kissed her on the cheek before putting his arm around her.

“Everything okay?” His eyes roamed across her face. She knew he didn’t miss the tear tracks.

“It is now” She wrapped both of her arms around his waist and held on tightly. “Josie had to cancel. Her manager is making them extend the tour. It sucks and she’s really upset about it, but there is nothing she can do.”

“Oh, how awful,” Alice said as she came over to join them.

“FP said he has a buddy who is in a band that he’ll ask. Hopefully, they are willing to do it so last minute.” Betty sighed and leaned against Jughead. He was her rock, simply being near him made everything a bit better.

“Hopefully it’s not his band,” Jughead said with a grimace

“Your dad is in a band?”

“Well back in the day he was.”

“Oh, god. With Fred Andrews, I remember them, they were awful.” Alice said with a laugh

“Well, we will let him down easy if that’s the case. Although bad music might be better than no music at all.” Betty said with a sigh

“We have some good news at least. These guys promised up that they can have flowers done by the time of your wedding.” Jughead said

“Juggie, that’s wonderful.” Betty hugged him tighter.

“We won’t get to pick out the specific flowers, but I trust their judgment and it’s better than no flowers.” Alice put in. Betty wondered when her wedding had turned into taking what they could get, but she quickly pushed those thoughts from her mind. She remembered what FP had said. The flowers and music and everything else didn’t matter. All that matter was she was marrying the love of her life. Betty leaned up and kissed Jughead on the cheek.

“What was that for?” He asked, mirroring her bright smile.

“Because I get to marry you in a week and that’s all that really matters.” Betty said happily. Jughead’s smile widened and he leaned down to give her a soft kiss.

“Eh-hem” Alice cleared her throat. The two broke apart with amused smiles. “I hate to ruin the moment, but Betty, you have to get to your final dress fitting with Veronica, and Mr. Jones, we are meeting Archie to finalize seating arrangements now that we finally have gotten all of the RSVPs.” Alice said in a businesslike tone. Her mom had been a rockstar in the wedding preparation. She and Veronica had taken on the task with an almost scary amount of enthusiasm and dedication. Betty didn’t know what she would have done without them.

“Right, seating arrangements.” Jughead gave a sigh and shot Betty a look that said he would rather be doing almost anything else. She patted his chest and leaned up to kiss him again.

“You’re the best. Both of you. I love you” She said and with one more little peck, she was out the door.

“Alice?” Jughead asked as they walked back to the Cooper’s house. It still felt weird to call her by her first name, but she had insisted when they had gotten engaged.


“Do you think Betty is happy?” Jughead spit the words out before he lost the nerve. Alice stopped walking and turned and faced him. She squinted her eyes and regarded him seriously.

“Where is this coming from.”

“I just…she deserves a real fairytale wedding, but with our limited budget and now all of these things going wrong, I’m just worried she won’t be happy.” Jughead shrugged self-consciously. He had never put any thought into what his wedding might look like, he hadn’t even thought he was the marrying type until he met Betty. He didn’t care how he married Betty as long as he got to make her his wife. But Betty, she had been dreaming of this moment since she was little. Jughead could remember little Betty drawing wedding dresses and making herself flower crowns and pretending to walk down the aisle. Betty defied the girl next door stereotype in many ways, but this was not one of them. She wanted a perfect, dreamlike wedding and Jughead was trying his hardest to give it to her, he was just worried that he was falling short.

“You’re worried that she won’t be happy with the wedding?” Alice shook her head in disbelief “Jughead, maybe you can’t see it because to you she is always beautiful and glowing, but Betty has been absolutely radiant since you proposed. This is the happiest that she has ever been, and it is all to do with her love for you.”

“Yes, but what about the girl who filled journals with what she wanted her perfect wedding to be like. I’m letting that girl down.” Jughead found that all of his insecurities and doubts were suddenly pouring out. And to Alice Cooper of all people, but to his surprise, she was oddly easy to talk to.

“That girl had no idea what it felt like to be in love and when you are in love, that overshadows anything else. I promise you, Betty isn’t thinking of the wedding she wanted as a child, she is just thinking about how much she wants to marry you.” Alice smiled kindly and took Jughead’s hand. “Trust me, I wouldn’t let my daughter have a wedding that wasn’t exactly what she wanted.” She squeezed his hand and he squeezed back.

“Thank you” Jughead had always been amazed of Alice’s quick acceptance of him. She didn’t like most of Betty’s friends, but Jughead, she had been totally okay with. It had taken Jughead a little while to realize that it wasn’t him she was accepting, but the way he made Betty feel. All of Alice’s actions were always driven out of love for her family. Alice didn’t Jughead based on his clothes or how he acted, she judged him off of how he treated Betty and how he affected her happiness. She had accepted him because she saw that he made Betty happy. This was no different. Alice recognized that the details of the wedding didn’t matter, making Betty happy was the only thing that did. And according to Alice, simply marrying him made her happy. Jughead felt the same way, he just hadn’t realized that Betty shared those feelings until Alice told him.

“Anytime, now let’s go make sure that the Blossoms are seated as far away from the Coopers as possible.” Alice dropped his hand and resumed walking. Smiling to himself, Jughead followed her. He now knew that there could be a fistfight between the two families and it still wouldn’t ruin the wedding. All that mattered was that he got to marry the love of his life.

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Batfam reactions to 32
  • BRUCE: I asked Selena to marry me.
  • JASON: Okay.
  • BRUCE: She said yes.
  • ************
  • TIM: The part with "speak now or forever hold your peace," we're skipping that, right?
  • ************
  • BRUCE: Just tell me you won't give her that "How to get Bruce to act civilized for ten minutes" pamphlet that you and the boys think I don't know about.
  • ALFRED: She helped me write it, Master Bruce.
  • ************
  • TIM: No, I mean we don't want to give anyone a CUE to bust in and kill the whole house with knockout gas.
  • ************
  • DICK: There's an old circus tradition that the groom's oldest son gets to escort both the bride's best friends.
  • BRUCE: Stop making up customs, Dick!
  • DICK: I'm just saying if we DON'T invite Harley and Ivy, the'll show up anyway, PROBABLY with knockout gas.
  • ************
  • TIM: I guess I could invent a wedding-themed knockout gas antitoxin, maybe in the chandelier...
  • ************
  • BARBARA: So is this like for real or are you trying to lure every villain ever out of hiding?
  • ************
  • ************
  • CASS: (signs)
  • BRUCE: Well obviously I DIDN'T wake up naked in the river without my keys or valuables, Cassandra.
  • ************
  • DAMIAN: I am not calling you mom.
  • SELENA: Good.
Things I wish I knew before I got engaged

1.     Engagement periods can take over your life

At first the engagement period is the most exciting time, and it should be! (celebrate it), but pretty soon depending on how soon you decide you want your wedding this beautiful period of time can just become one big wedding conversation- with literally everybody (and anybody). It’s really important to carve time out for yourself and for you and your partner to have wedding free time.

2.     Fight to keep your wedding your own

Everyone thinks they’re a wedding planner when you get engaged. There’s plenty of people who are trying to do a nice thing and help you out with suggestions but its very easy to quickly get overwhelmed. Especially when weddings can bring out the “I know everything” mentality. Be select in who you allow to have an influence in your wedding and make sure you don’t allow yourself to get swallowed in their ideas of what your wedding should be rather than your ideas for your wedding.

3.     Communication is key

The part that makes wedding planning the most difficult is communication. Because depending on your partner’s and your family dynamics there’s often a bunch of people who have very differing opinions and expectations.  Chronic people pleases need to find a way to have hard conversations about their expectations for their wedding and family member’s roles in the lead up- the earlier the better, there’s nothing worse then ending up with a wedding that you don’t feel is your own at all.

4.     Research will make your budget happy

This one’s a balance. Some people will blow their budgets out with a longer time, because the idea they started with for their wedding was before they saw all the amazing glamorous weddings out there. And to a degree a shorter engagement period can help with that. But also research will save you a tonne of money. Finding the best vendor for your price point and style will take time. There’s no shame in going on some vendor stalking from some friends (if they’re happy to share) or hunting down the corners of the internet so you can find that great  photographer no one has ever found before. And sometimes this can take a tonne of time. if you time poor perhaps event organisers are going to be your saving grace.

5.     DIY -  be ready for some pinterest fails

Lets be real, the internet is full of some beautiful do it yourself wedding décor. And while that’s great there’s a level of these that are really making these things professional. What says it may only take 20 minutes may eventually take 3 hours, because well maybe you’re not as much the arty type as you would like to believe.  DIY can be time consuming and painful and can sometimes completely fail, be prepared for your idea to go sideways a few times, and make sure that you do a few practice ones.  After practice ones assemble and army, make a day of it and hang out with the girls to get it done. And dear lord absolutely do NOT leave it last minute – there is absolutely nothing that will make you more stressed then fiddling with craft and a hot glue gun while you cry at 11pm one week before your wedding. Be prepared and do it beforehand!