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I have to say I am in love with this Art Deco brooch circa 1920′s. Its sleek lines and intricately carved apple green Jadeite takes me back to one of my favorite era’s of furniture, jewelry and design.

Sophisticated, glamorous, sexy; art deco.


 Art deco gemstone Jadeite brooch set in silver. Buy here:

cayra  asked:

Wonderful blog you have going, I'm admiring all the examples of solapunk art and fashionyou're collecting. I've a question though. Most of the fashion examples I've seen are for ladies, do you know any attempts at or resources for male-presenting people who want to try solarpunk style fashion? I personally am a huge fan of so-called classic fashion, but sadly waistcoats etc are rather strongly associated with steampunk, too. Accessories and details come to mind plenty, but the base clothes...??

So apparently I have a lot of thoughts about this and needed a week+ to answer and in the midst of doing so ended up with a folder of menswear inspo with 60 items in it to try to put in this ask bu t that doesn’t really seem feasible now does it? I’m thinking I might just need to do a Theme Thursday of menswear inspiration next week and fill up my queue for that day. 

But I’ll try to give you some tips now.

Okay so first off, it’s totally okay to incorporate things that are more Steampunk. Steampunk doesn’t own the rights to waistcoats. Solarpunk branched from Steampunk and Cyberpunk, and we’re still trying to feel out our look; the Art Nouveau era over laps with the Victorian Era; and Steampunk and Solarpunk are anachronistic af anyway, so we’re all going to intermingle a bit. Besides, there’s more than one way to do a waistcoat, which I’ll get to in a bit.

“So-called classic fashion” to me says something like this:

Western, a bit stiff, definitely pressed and clean.

An idea I had was to take one of the pieces and swap it out with something colorful and loose, maybe even flowy.

Warning: I’m going to include non-Western outfits and outfits inspired by cultures of Western colonized nations in here, so as always please be respectful and be sure to do some research before you try to wear anything from a culture that isn’t yours.

You could swap the jacket for something more like an Indian sherwani

Indian menswear tends to have very clean, modern lines with beautiful colors, patterns, and textures. 

A banyan coat would also be a really good swap out.

Here’s a coat from the 1920s that’s slightly inspired by a banyan:

 I guess what I’m really getting at here is “put a silk robe over a waistcoat.”

Let’s try swapping out something else. Harem/fisherman pants are definitely a Solarpunk staple.


That’s hot. Try it. 

Also, I know this is very contrary to what you want to do, but skirts.


Hakama pants are kind of in between those two spectrums. 

(sou sou)

Note his kickin vest!

How about swapping the top for something sheer?

( J.W. Anderson)

(Versace) - I really love the pattern on this one.

Another good thing to do is just make sure whatever you’re wearing is really colorful.

(Funfere Koroye)

(Patryk Cielecki Wojciech Zarychta)

(Ruald Rheeder)

Yes, florals. Florals for everyone

Never overlook the women’s fashion, you could find a lot of inspiration in there.



Kind of back to the beginning, here’s a lovely Art Nouveau inspired wedding where the gentlemen wore pretty good period attire. Especially love the groom’s vest. 

Finally, the Solarpunk community has made a few really great male-presenting OCs

-Arlan by franthedragontrainer

-Sunflare by biohazardcomicbook - this is incredibly sexy, you did such a good job.

I hope this helps! 

PS I went on quite a spree on my Pinterest board tryna find you some inspiration, so go check that out too.