wedding meal

So I’m still going to be writing a one shot of this but I just wanted to write some quick headcanons about the house with the red door (probably my favorite ending lol)

  • after the Battle for the Dawn Dany and Jon decide they have no interest in ruling the Seven Kingdoms anymore and decide to go away somewhere and live in peace. They leave Tyrion in charge to organize free and fair elections and leave for the Free Cities in search of Dany’s house with the red door
  • for the first year they travel aimlessly, more exploring than anything else. They go to all of the Free Cities (Lys and Braavos are their favorites). They’re married in a small ceremony in Lys and spend the night on the beach together
  • nine months later they welcome their first daughter. Dany is seized with a new desire to go home; she wants to settle down and raise her children in a place that will always be home to them
  • it takes another two years (and another child, this one a son) before they finally find it. Dany has almost given up hope; they’ve contacted so many informants who claim to have found the house, only for it to be wrong. But she knows the house when she sees it, even when she sees the door covered in faded red paint from years of sun exposure and the stump of a tree that once held lemons
  • she goes inside first; even though everything is different, even though there are different servants and different carpets on the floor and different tapestries on the walls, it feels like home. It feels like she never left
  • her old bedroom isn’t even a bedroom anymore; someone’s turned it into a sitting room. But she’d know it anywhere. The walls are the same colors and in the baseboards she finds the letters D and T carved in shaky script, from a night before she left
  • her children grow up in Braavos; they know the canals, they know which vendors give the best prices on fish, and they know how to sail by starlight. When her eldest is five Jon gets a boat and sometimes he and the children will spend days out on the water fishing
  • there are two other children, both girls. They all have Dany’s blonde hair (which Jon always thinks is completely unfair) but their son and youngest daughter have darker blond hair so he has to content himself with that
  • there’s a wide open meadow behind the house for the dragons and the children love to play outside; even though the dragons are humongous they’re always gentle to the young Targaryens. They let them climb on their backs and slide down their flanks and every so often they take them on short rides in the starlight (even though they’re not technically their riders)
  • Dany learns the patterns and constellations of the stars and the stories behind them and tells them to her children when they can’t sleep. The sky above their heads is filled with stars
  • if she thinks hard enough about it, she can pretend that she never left
  • some nights she sits outside with Jon on the front step, where the door closed in her face forever, watching their children play in the street. The door is open slightly behind them, letting in the cool night air
  • the children always known there’s something different about their family; ravens are always coming from Westeros and sometimes strangers come that lead to hours of closed door meetings but it’s not until they’re adults that they learn that they could have been royalty in the Seven Kingdoms
  • at first they wish they’d gotten a chance to wear crowns and grow up in a castle but then they don’t mind so much because their childhoods were filled with love and magic, with starlight and no one looking at them twice
  • all the children get married in the house (except for their second daughter, who doesn’t get married). Their eldest and youngest children give birth in the house too, in the same bed that their mother gave birth to them 
  • the children leave for faraway destinations-one chooses to settle back in Westeros, another in Lys, another dreams of colonizing Valyria, and still another is drawn to the Summer Islands. But they always come back to the house for important occasions, for weddings and children, taking meals around the same big wooden table they did when they were young
  • it always smells like flowers because Dany always keeps fresh bouquets on all of the end tables
  • they die in that house, attaining spectacular ages and witness to the births of grandchildren and great-grandchildren alike. They pass away minutes apart, with their family around them and a new lemon tree growing strong and proud outside the window

All three dragons are alive and well, the children are the same ones I’ve used in previous posts-Rhaenyra, Daeron, Elaena, and Visenya. 

I don’t think this is how the story will end but it’s a really sweet idea 

A Strange Bond-Ragnar Lothbrok x Reader One Shot

(A/N: This was requested by @aidenwinchester67, I was so happy to get this, I hope it’s what you wanted! If anyone else wants to request something feel free to.)

Summary: ‘Okay. I saw your ubbe thing and I loved it. Angst is my favorite. So. I was wondering if you could write a Ragnar/reader fic where the reader is promised to one of his children (namely Bjorn since he is the oldest) but she’s in love with Ragnar? There aren’t enough ragnar reader fiction.’

Characters: Ragnar Lothbrok x Reader, Bjorn Lothbrok x Reader (acquaintances)

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name

Warnings: Only if you count cheating as one


“We are risking this Lothbrok.” I giggled.

“I am king here, you do not need to worry.” He smirked back before capturing me in a kiss yet again.

We were stood by the edge of the forest having escaped the watchful eyes of our peers. This was wrong. We weren’t meant to be together, we were hiding all of this. I was betrothed to his son, Bjorn, we were supposed to unite our kingdoms. However soon as I set eyes on king Ragnar I knew that it could not happen.

I had heard many stories about him and his great triumphs. All knew the name of Lothbrok, how he built himself from a young, boy farmer to a ruler. He had achieved great things, was smart, had wit, wisdom….the list was endless. How be was not married by now was a mystery to me.

Yes there was a bit of an age gap between us, hence why I was supposed to be marrying Bjorn. I did feel bad on his part, Bjorn had agreed to this without any arguments whereas I…well let’s just say I wasn’t afraid to speak my mind to my parents.

“Ragnar,” I caught his attention as I pulled away,“what are we going to do?”

He leaned against the large tree behind him, tightening his embrace around me. We were holding each other whilst laying on the ground. His hand rain through my hair, my braids long gone now.

“I already promised your father that you would marry my son. It may look bad if I take my son’s bride away from him, like I cannot keep my promises; what kind of king would I be?”

I sighed.“Why couldn’t it be you?”

We sneaked back into Kattegat not long after that. No one had noticed our absence. It was always hard to part from each other. We would see each other at meals, wedding planning and general passing by. It wasn’t enough for me. It was like I was addicted; not to his power, not to his name, not to his money, just Ragnar.

“You are quiet again, (Y/N).” Bjorn commented as we sat together in the Great Hall.

“Sorry. Just thinking.”

“Thinking about my father?” he said it so casually.

I stuttered, shocked that he had a feeling I was betraying him.“I-I….what are you talking about, Bjorn?”

“You do not need to lie to me. I know that you two have grown close.”

There was no point in lying anymore.“I’m sorry, Bjorn. It was not my intention to fall in love with your father.”

He smiled at me.“I am not angry with you for I too am in love with someone else.”

I sighed in relief.“That is good. What is she like?”

I could see him start to blush slightly, making me giggle.

“She is a beautiful, strong shieldmaiden. Her name is Thorunn, and I don’t think I have ever felt this way before.”

“It must be love. I hope she makes you happy.”

“And I hope my father makes you happy. Though it shall be a bit strange.”

I laughed.“I guess it will. Do not worry, you don’t have to call me mother.”


Night had fallen, Ragnar and I were together once again. We were hiding in a cabin just outside of Kattegat, naked under the furs as we held each other. I wrapped myself around him tightly as did he with me. Both of us were silent, still trying to catch our breath from the previous activity.

“I spoke with Bjorn.” I suddenly said.

Ragnar kissed my temple.“About what?”

“About us.”

He sat up slightly.“What? You told him?!”

“Shh, relax,” I kissed his lips,“he already knew. Your son is smart.”

Ragnar hovered over me.“And? What did he day?”

My hand stroked his cheek tenderly.“He is happy for us. It seemed that he was having his own love affair.”

Ragnar’s worried face burst into a smile. He showered me with kisses, tickling me with his beard. He held onto me so tight I thought I would stop breathing. As he pulled away, he turned serious.

“This means I can marry you. No longer will I have to hide my love for you. Everyone will know it, they’ll strive to have a marriage such as ours. We will be married as soon as possible. You will be my queen, rule by my side, give birth to our children who we shall love dearly. The gods will smile down on us too, and when we grow old and die we shall enter the Valhalla happy.”

Tears were forming in my eyes. He was too much. I pulled his face down on mine harshly, kissing him deeply.

“I love you Ragnar Lothbrok. If you are to live up to your words then you have provided me with the most worthiest life anyone could have asked for.”

Dance with Devils Eversweet Tokuten CD.

Finally I did this! It took me forever. I`m not in my best mod right now, so there can be mistakes. I really tried my best (that`s why I post it today)

Please, enjoy c:

Dance with Devils Eversweet Tokuten Drama CD.

”I won’t give my Bride to anyone!”

Track 1.

Lindo : You’re looking very happy. Were you looking forward to it so much? *you nod* Is that so… It’s good that you looked up the Bridal Fair information. Hm? W-what? Did you forgot that it was yesterday? Well, the things that happened long ago are usually being forgotten. *speaks silently* I had to hide the fact that I was the one to look up the information… But I was lucky! Today I will see her in the wedding dress! *speaks to you* Anyway, let’s get there in time. The station is right there, right? Oh, wait! I feel an evil aura!

Urie : Well-well! Isn’t it our butterfly! And…annoying big brother ( A.N. : I’m really sorry, but I don’t really know how to translate Urie’s insult) is here too.

Lindo : Devils… What are you doing here?

Shiki : So scary~ You’re looking very angry~

Mage : Hah! The four of us “just fooling around in your world” There is only thing we can do here.

Lindo : I knew it! You’re planning something! I won’t let you do anything!

Rem : Can you move? I can’t play along with you this time. Because our Shiko Academy’s Robot Club is participating at the contest! To go there is our duty. So can you move?

Lindo : Whew! So it’s an ordinary Student Council’s duty~ You could have said it earlier! Now I became a bad student! Besides, I didn’t know that our school has that club.

Mage : You don’t know just because you’re a transfer student.

Urie : Well, personally, instead of that club, I want to spend time with Butterfly~ What do you think, Butterfly, we’re finally met after all. Don’t you want to have a fun time?

Rem : Stop it, Urie!

Lindo: That’s right! Do you think I’ll let you do it?

Urie : Oh, I was stopped by the two of you.

Shiki : Fufu~ Urie, you can’t do anything against these two~

Urie : Shut up.

Mage : Anyways, where are you two going?

Lindo : I-it’s…

Roen : To the Registry office over there, right?

Everyone: What?!

Rem : Where did you come from? Spying as always

Roen : Hmhm, I’m grateful for the compliment.

Mage : Apart from that, what means you two are going to the registry office?!

Roen : There is where the Bridal Fair taking place. Which means you can have a wedding ceremony repetition. Are you two participating together because you don’t have a partner for each other?

Lindo : Y-yeah, that w-Will be such a waste not to go j-just because of t-that! That’s all!

Urie : Why are you so nervous about it? It’s a dangerous Big brother we are having here. Well, if it’s true, you can participate with anyone, right?

Lindo : What?

Shiki : You two are participating because you don’t have a partner, right? It’s okay to participate with her, right?

Lindo : N-no, it’s..

Urie : Butterfly, let me escort you! I want to have good time with you~

Mage : Stop! I don’t want you to go to theBridal-I-don’t-know-what with Urie! Oi, you know too that The Great me is better!

Shiki : I won’t be so sure about that~ Hey, I will dress you in the most beautiful dress! I will color your perfect white dress into red~ Ah, of course with paints!

Lindo : Don’t you dare do that! Oi, Kaginuki, take them out already! Ha? Kaginuki?

Rem : Perfect white wedding dress! Her, gently smiling… Ahh, this smile is like winter’s white snow! Like the spring’s breath! If I could take her hand….

Mage : My God, is he okay?

Urie : Haaa… Of course he’s not. Oooi, the childhood friend of mine!

Rem : Ha? Oh, I’m sorry. I was just lost in thoughts. Our today’s duty is cancelled. We’re going to participate in the Bridal Fair.

Lindo : Whaaat? What’s with the Robot Club contest?

Rem : I’m sure they will do their best even if we don’t come.

Urie : Yeah, that’s right. We must just believe in their win!

Lindo : Stop this nonsense!

Roen : Well-well, it seems that you all got interested in it. Yeah, it seemed that we could participate one by one… What do you think about joining together?

Lindo : W-what did you say?

Rem : It’s a good decision of yours. I’m in.

Lindo : Don’t decide it on your own! I can’t allow you to do it!

Mage : Yes! If the things are settled, let us have some fun at that Bridal-I-don’t-know-what!

Lindo : Heeey!

Shiki : The road to happiness, huh? There will be so many thing to destroy!

Urie : We have to find a perfect dress for the Butterfly! Leave it to me! I’ll find you a perfect one piece!

Roen : Let’s go then. Ah? You don’t have to worry about anything. Then, let’s go. I’ll escort you there. Hmhmhm *takes your hand*

Lindo : Hey’ wait! Don’t take her with you! Damn you, Devils!

Track 2.

Shiki : Wooow~ So this is how the registry office looks like~ The light here is so bright that it can burn me~

Mage : Burn as much as you want! But for real, everything is sparkling here.

Urie : Of course it is! This is the place that brings women wishes to life! Of course it will be sparkling.

Roen : According to this pamphlet, the fist goes the dress, then exchange of vows, and even the wedding meal. The only rule is that the one partner for one activity. Others can just look nearby.

Rem : I see. The only one can participate with heron a round.

Lindo : As I said, I have no intentions on giving her to you! Don’t worry, even if the Devils came with us, I’ll protect you! Firstly, we have to choose the wedding dress. So, let’s go to the changing room.

Urie : Stop! *grans Lindo’s hand*

Lindo : W-what do you want? You can just watch her dress after she will change.

Urie : Aside from that, why are you trying to sneak into the changing room with her?

Rem : What? You fell down in my eyes. Using this opportunity to sneak on her!

Shiki : Even if the just goes there with her, this counts as sneaking~

Lindo : I have no intentions like that! Besides, we even bathed together when we were little… Not that, I won’t sneak on her! I’ll just wait for her in the room. Here, let’s go! *takes your hand and runs away*

Mage : Hey! Damn! He ran away!

*you’re changing*

Lindo : How is it? Did you finish? Hmm, is that so. Hey, is it really hard to change the dress? No, I’m sorry to hurry you. Don’t hurry. The more I wait, the more exciting it will be. There is nothing to be ashamed of! You’re always showing off your new clothes to me. And it’s not just it. When you showed me your yukata at the summer festival, your new swimming suit at the beach. I saw a lot of different you. But even so, the wedding dress is special. I can see it, even thought it’s a Bridal Fair, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still special outfit. When I think about it, I start feeling nervous. Ha, are you finished? Will you show it to me?

*the curtain is open*

Lindo : Woooooooooow…. Haaaa… No, you’re not looking strange! It fits you so perfectly! You’re really look very beautiful! I always thought of you being a child, but girls do grow fast. Don’t move, please. It’ll defect your dress. I’ll help you. And, you didn’t wear your gloves properly. Give me your hands. *took your hand* When did your small hand grew? And your childish face became more mature. I’m so happy to see you in the wedding dress. I thought I would just enjoy the moment, but when I saw you, I couldn’t hide my feelings. I didn’t have intention on telling you it today. Hey, from now on, I want to see another you by your side. I want to always protect your smile. So, so, give me your lif-

Roen : Khm, Khm! I’m sorry to interrupt you. Have you finished changing?

Lindo : R-Roen? You came from nowhere again!

*others came too*

Mage : Geez, how long does the changing take? O-ooooooh!

Shiki : The perfect white dress fits you perfectly! How should I mess it? I’m so happy~

Urie : Hey, you mustn’t mess with the dress. The main point in stripping it afterwards~

Lindo : You got both of them wrong! Don’t enter without permission! The rule is to participate one by one! You must wait outside!

Roen : We can freely move around the building, so there is no problem.

Lindo : Grh…

Roen : Besides, it’s time for the wedding ceremony to begin. We have to go to the Chapel. *took your hand* Well, I’ll take the Bride with me. I’ll escort you.

Lindo : H-hey! You took her again! Do you think I’ll let you go? *runs after*

Urie : Geez, they went without us again. Let’s catch them up.

Shiki : Hey, Rem is dozing.

Mage : Just leave him! Let’s go!

Track 3.

Roen : This is where you will exchange your vows, in this Chapel. When the bell will ring, you have to walk down the aisle with your father. Today your father will be your Big Brother.

: I will be the Father?! N-no, it’s true I won’t let anyone else do it, but… I feel hurt.

*the bell rings*

Roen : It’s the signal. Please, start now.

Lindo : Why are you ordering me around? Well, okay. Then here, take my hand. Good, let’s go there slowly. Don’t slip on your way.

*you start walking*

Lindo : Hm? Wait a second, if I’m the father, then who is your partner…? Ha? W-what?

Rem : I’ll be her partner, Kaginuki Rem.

Lindo : Wait! I won’t give her to you!

Rem : Father, please, let me marry your daughter!

Lindo : Who the hell is “Father”?! I’ll never give her to you!

Rem : Please, I’m begging you!

Urie : To see the groom asking for a father’s bless during the wedding is such a rare occasion.

Mage : What more important, shouldn’t we stop them?

Shiki : Nah, it’s fun to see them arguing.

Urie : Well, all we can do is to silently watch them. It’s good for Rem to be troubled sometimes.

Rem : Father, I promise to make your daughter happy.

Lindo : I said don’t call me “Father”! And do you really think that I’ll believe in Devil’s words?!

Rem : I see… I’ll make you believe. You were protecting her for a long time, you watched her growing up. You wish for her happiness, you were living for her smile…

Lindo : Ah, right…

Rem : That’s why you think that someday she will leave your side and live her life. All you can do is to say goodbye with a smile on your face… If it leads to her happiness…

Lindo : To her…happiness?

Rem : I feel that way too. Father, I’ll make your daughter happy.

Lindo : *sobs* I see… I can trust you with her… *angrily* Who the hell you want to fool?!

Rem : So it’s no use.

Roen : Hm… At this rate the ceremony won’t proceed. Here, Father, come here! *drags Lindo away*

: I’m not her Father! Hey! Don’t pull me! Aaaargh!

*Lindo is gone*

Rem : Ha.. He is a troublesome Father. Finally we stand here together. Then, let’s proceed with the ceremony. Even when the vail is covering your face, you’re still beautiful. I’ll take off your vail. Stay still. *pushes up your vail* I’ll say that again, but you’re beautiful. Your white dress is like the mirror of your heart. It’s a miracle that I can lead this day with you. Under the sky, filled with sparkling stars, we met each other and exchanged feelings. I don’t care, even if it’s destiny’s mischief. I’ll make a vow here today. I’ll love you forever and ever. Please, take my hand and live by my side. Now, the vow’s kiss.

Mage : You’re going as far as k-kiss?!

Shiki : Aside from that, isn’t Rem acting strange?

Mage : Isn’t he acting as usual? But now I’m more irritated with him.

: No, he is completely loosing his mind.

Mage : Ha?

Rem : I’ll kiss your gentle lips with all my feelings…. *Continues mumbling nonsense*

Urie : As I thought, he is torturing Butterfly’s mind. He may look emotionless, but there is a mess inside his head. *Rem is still mumbling*

Mage : For real? He didn’t seem like he is having problems.

Shiki : Fufu, so there is a mess inside his head, huh~ Sounds fun~

Roen : Haaa… I’m getting tired of listening Arlond’s heir ramblings. I can’t watch it anymore! *threw something at Rem* The time is up. So, the ceremony ends here, let’s move to another activity!

Rem : Hgn… Roen! Do you intend to interrupt me and her?

Urie : No, you are the one that should chill. You seemed like you were going to sing at any moment.

Shiki : I wanted to see your true self, that you are hiding from everyone.

Roen : Rude, as always!

Mage : Speaking of which, I can’t see her. She was here just second ago, where did she go?

Track 4.

Mage : Oh, so that’s where you were. I was surprised when I didn’t see you in the room. What happened? Why are you sitting? You’re completely exhausted! Ahh, this dress looks heavy. And doesn’t the shoes match you? You looked troubled while you were walking. Here, show me your legs. Yeah, you hurt your feet. If it was painful, you should have said. Well, I see. You’re the one to be patient at a times like this. Okay, wait a second. *teleported and returned* Here, I took medicine and some shoes. Choose one pair to wear. There has to be something that will fit you. After you treat your feet, try to wear the shoes. Stocking?! If you’re taking it off, I will turn away! I have no intentions to look under your dress! *turned away* Is it over? Did you end with treatment? Okay, then you should choose your shoes. Which one you should take? I like these one, but it has to be white, right? Them what about these one? I’ll wear them on you. W-why are you blushing? It’s hard to wear it on you like this! Just let me do it, okay? *helps you* Try to walk in them. Is it good? As to expected from Great me! I chose them right away! But, how should I put it? It’s like you’re not your usual self. I can’t relax. N-no, it’s not strange! You look c-cute. Don’t at laugh me when I’m complementing you! But, well, em, it fits you. Listen, you’re looking very beautiful, so let’s go somewhere else. I’ll show you to the others. And, look at me more. Hey, it’s okay, right?

*door slams open*

Rem : Of course it’s not!

Mage : Nghn??!

Shiki : Just when I thought I didn’t see you, you already were in the changing room together. You’re blushing so hard, Mage, it makes me feel sick. I wonder, what you two were doing?

Mage : N-nothing! She hurt her legs and I helped her!

Roen : Oh? I’m so sorry about your shoes! Next goes the meal, but are you sure you can go there?

Rem : Okay, then let’s go together.

Mage : Damn, I just wanted to take her out… Oh? Isn’t there few of us? Where is Big Brother and Urie?

Roen : Our Big Brother was a pain, so he is traveling somewhere far away from here.

Shiki : Fufu, bad thing~ But it’s only a plus for us~

Rem : Then the Urie is missing… I guess he will find us. He is just lost for now.

Mage : Ha? He is?!

Rem : He should find his way to us, So let’s go.

Shiki : I heard how to get there. So, let’s go. Fufu~    

Track 5.

Shiki : Here, sit down. This is your place and I’m going to sit by your side. Fufu~ Finally we are alone. I told the others another way, so they won’t interrupt us~ But even thought I think they find out my lie really fast and will come here, I wanted to have you all to myself. These places are for bride and groom. Only for now you’re my bride. It’s a good feeling~

*the waiter brought you food*

Shiki : Aah, the food is served. It’s a special meal, that’s why they serve them at the right order? They seem so busy, I guess they even don’t have time to eat by themselves. Then, let’s eat. Hey, which one you want to eat first? I’ll feed you. Nooo~ You might mess your dress. I want to be the one to mess it, so I’ll feed you. Let’s start with this meat. Here, open your mouth. Aah~ You won’t eat? Or maybe you want to be fed against your wish? Oh, I see. This piece of meat is too big. I need to make a mess of it~ *takes knife* Fufu~ I think that the feeling of stabbing this meat with this knife will send shivers down my spine~ *Shiki, no* Eh? What? Now you want to eat? Hm, well, okay. Here, say “Aah”. You make such a happy face. I can’t understand the taste of the human meal. But I can be satisfied with just looking at you. I wonder, why? I want to always watch your smiling face. I used to like your crying face, terrified face, despaired face. Now I think I can have the same feelings as you. *leans closer* Hey, look at me. Let me taste that meat through your lips. I think I can taste it if I eat it from you. Don’t run away, look at me. I’m begging you, only my dear bride…

Mage : As if I let you do it! *throws cake at Shiki’s face*

Roen : Good job. I guess I missed this one (about Shiki’s misleading)

Rem : I never thought you would lead the wrong way. Shiki, do you understand that you fooled me?

Shiki : Fufu~ I’m completely understand it now~ Throwing cake at me~ Aah~ What a pleasant surprise!

Mage : Gross! Don’t be so happy about it!

Shiki : How can I not be? I got thrilled after a long time again! Wedding ceremony, wedding cake and our happiness has been interrupted! Aaah~ It became interesting!

Mage : Guys, he’s not okay!

Shiki : Hey-hey, Rem, Mage, Roen, you should feel it too! When someone bless you! *throws cake at Mage*

Mage : Don’t throw cakes!

Rem : That’s right! Do you want to mess with food?!

Roen : Just what the hell you want to do?!

Shiki : Fufufu~ You all should be covered in cream! *throws cake again*

Mage : I’m on it! *throws back*

Rem : Don’t join him!

Shiki : I’m having the best time ever~ So good~ *throws at Roen*

Roen : Aaaaaaaah! That’s why I don’t want to do anything with this fallen angel!    

Track 6.

Urie : Ha, I’m totally lost. It’s because of the never-ending halls! I wonder where the others…

*you entered the room*

Urie : Oh? Butterfly? You came here to greet me? Eh? Your face is pale, what happened? O, I see. Sounds like Shiki. It’s okay to leave them be. In the end Rem will calm them down with his magic. What more important is that you came just in time. It seems that you messed your dress, so don’t you want to change it? Here, look at it. It’s the changing room. Very helpful, so let’s change your dress. This white one is fit you perfectly, but I want to change it for my color~ Haha~ Don’t be so stiff. I’ll find a color that suits you the most. Well, it was very boring to sit here, so I… No, instead of trying all of them, I found some that might suit you! Pink, purple, orange, emerald - I chose them while thinking about the color that would suit you the most, but I couldn’t pick only one. That’s because you showed me a lot of your sides. Your gentle smile is red as rose, your blushing face is pastel pink, smiling face is opal green, your kindness is bright sky blue~ I didn’t see colors in other people, but I can see so many of them in you. You’re really wonderful Butterfly. Then, what color suits your wings? Hmmm~ Hey, what about it? This gentle design, good material~ Hah~ I want to see you in this dress~ So, will you choose it? Really? Thank you! Let’s go changing! Hah~ It really suits you very much! I thought that this kind of dress would suit you! Here, look at the mirror. You can see a very beautiful Butterfly there~ Only my beloved Bride~ is that so? I think this neckline is very sexy~ I can see even your shoulders~ Or are you embarrassed? Hey, but your neck is burning~ It really is. I can tell when I touch you. Being embarrassed like this, you are a really bad Bride~ I guess we can have a fun time here until the others will come. I’ll take a really good care of you. Here, come to me, take my hand…

*the door slams open*

Lindo : Begone from here forevermore!

Urie : Agh?!

Lindo : Ha…ha… You, Devil, what did you want to do with my sister?!

Urie : Ooh, B-b-big Brother… I can see your fangs and claws… Calm down, calm down~

Lindo : How can I calm down?! Huh? Are you alright? I’m sorry that I’m late. Roen sent me somewhere far away. I tried so hard to come here.

Urie : But you did come here…

Lindo : Of course I did! My place is only beside her!

Urie : Hee? My place is beside her, too! I have to intentions on giving this place to you!

Lindo : What did you say?

*others came too*

Rem : I felt the magic, now I see where it came from.

Lindo : Kaginuki?! You came too?!

Rem : Yeah, and I understand the situation. I have the same position as you two. I won’t give her to you!

Shiki : It’s not fair! I want to have her by my side too! I will take care of her and I don’t mind any difficulties.

Mage : I hate the way you say this! And among all of you, only The Great Me have the right to be by her side. I’m the most cool and strong!

Urie : I think it has nothing to do with the power…

Rem : Neverthelesss, She is mine! I won’t let you even touch her!

Urie : She is my Butterfly! No, my sparkling Star! Even if my enemy is you, Rem, I won’t let you have her!

Lindo : I don’t see anyone except her!

Shiki : If I will fall, I want to do it with her!

Mage : I’m the one that will take her!

Rem : I see… This is the truth. We all want to have her. Okay, then, Let’s settle it!

Track 7.

*knocking on the door*

Roen : Have you finished dressing? Then, I’ll come in. You did a good job today. This event took a lot of time. Ah, let’s leave those guys be. They will calm down eventually. What’s more important, how was the Bridal Fair? Well, I can guess. In the end, those guys were your partners. Yet, I see that it was fun. It written on your face. Don’t be embarrassed about it. It’s good if you had fun. And I, as well, had a fun time. I was watching you the whole time. Today you were really stunning. I was enchanted. When I saw you in the dress I knew : you are that person’s daughter. You are a perfect lady in the perfect white dress. Before I knew it, I wanted to steal you away. Milady, I thought that I would only protect you from the corner today. But I can’t fight the burning feeling in my chest. If you will allow, take make hand and go with me? For you, Milady, I’m, Roen, will give my everything to make you happy. So, take my hand…

*guys running towards your room*

Roen : That’s what I wanted to tell, but…I guess I can’t.

*door slams open*

Rem : Roen! Let her go!

Mage : I’ll kill that dog! Don’t try to steal her!

Roen : Well-well, you’re so loud. You’re making her feel uncomfortable.

Lindo : You’re not the one to tell us so! I’ll have a revenge on you for casting me away!

Urie : Butterfly! So you were here! It’s a pity you already changed your dress, but let’s go and have some tea after this? The night is still young~

Shiki : Going away with her~ You’re so unfair! Shall I go with you?

Urie : No, it’s not good. Moreover, don’t you dare come.

Shiki: Aah~ This cold attitude of yours! It makes me want to go more!

Lindo : Stop it, Devils! I’ll kill you right here!

: Try it, then. But if you will try to hurt someone, you will fell down in your sister’s eyes.

Lindo : *critical hit* Right in the eye…

Roen : As to be expected. Please, take my hand. I’ll take you out of here in safety. Let’s make a promise to each other.

Mage : No! If you want to choose, then choose me! I’ll give you everything.

Shiki : You can’t choose him. You have to choose me, because you are the place I will return to!

Urie : You’re going to choose me, right? My beloved Butterfly~ I want you to be only mine.

Rem : You should come with me. I’ll give my everything and make you happy.

Lindo : I’m the only one that can protect you from everything, so go with me! Hm? Why are you going backwards?

Roen : This is…because she is scared of us cornering her.

*you run away*

Mage : S-she ran away!

Urie : The Bride is running away. It looks like the Dorama.

Shiki : Fufu~ I like catching up games~ Until where should I chase you?

Lindo : There is no time for that! Hey! Please, wait! Where are you going?!

Rem : I can’t let you run away! No, I can’t let you go! For you to take my hand..!

*they all starts running after you*

Roen : Geez, they are really troublesome. I should catch up with them and protect ,y Milady. It doesn’t matter who will you choose, the charming days are waiting for you~ Hahaha~

This is the end c:

I hope you enjoyed this sweet Drama. Thank you for reading it ^^

It means a lot.

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At the Sarumi wedding, Izuseri (the mom couple) and Mikorei (the dad couple) dote on them! Mamasaki is also so proud of her kids.

I imagine lots of doting at the Sarumi wedding, like the rest of the cast has suffered through enough of these idiots and their drama it’s about time they finally hooked up for good. Yata’s mom getting to hang with her son’s new extended family would be cute too, like imagine after the wedding when everyone’s having the big wedding meal Yata’s mom is seated with Munakata and Mikoto on one side of her and Kusanagi and Awashima on the other. Yata and Fushimi are sitting across the table from her and she gets to watch as everyone dotes on the new couple, like first of course Fushimi’s refusing to eat his vegetables despite Yata’s prodding and Awashima just gives him this severe ‘Fushimi-kun’ and he ducks his head and sulkily eats the vegetables. Later Yata’s mom spots Kusanagi talking to Yata alone, like he’s got a hand on Yata’s shoulder and is giving him the ‘you’re a married man now’ talk (also possibly the only one I could see Yata feeling even close to comfortable enough to divulge his worries about the honeymoon to). Kusanagi mixes Yata a special drink from the open bar in honor of the marriage and possibly gets to be the one starting a toast to the new couple where he talks about how much Yata’s grown in the time since Kusanagi first met him, how he never thought these two crazy kids would ever settle down and get together. Munakata of course is not willing to be defeated in this situation and proceeds to stand up and make this whole long overly affectionate speech about Fushimi while Fushimi just sits there dying of embarrassment but also a little red because he can’t handle being praised so much. Meanwhile Awashima is politely applauding her Captain’s excellent way with words and Mikoto gets tired of Munakata’s speech halfway in and falls asleep (complete with entirely coincidental and not at all on purpose loud snore that finally gets Munakata to shut up).

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Be my hannigram dealer please! Give me all your favorite hannigram headcanons

Pre-first date during the innocence of season one

  • Will flirts with Hannibal first (okay he might be sick and hallucinating, but Hannibal is fine and those suits do shit to hide how built he is and Will just wants a hug for god’s sake, fuck he’s so goddamn lonely)
  • And by ‘flirt’ I mean Will asks Hannibal out to dinner
  • And by ‘ask’ I mean Will is in some sort of Hannibal induced daze and blurts the words out interrupting one of Hannibal’s weird little monologues he goes into during one of their sessions
  • He totally blushes
  • Like, he couldn’t be more red
  • Hannibal wants to eat him from how cute he is 
  • And by ‘eat’ I mean everything that word might insinuate
  • Hannibal says ‘yes’ (he crosses his legs, regal and subtle, because he really likes when Will takes control and that’s what he’s wanted all along in his sad cannibal life, a strong man to make pretty murder with and hold him at night)
  • Once Will is in his car, the panic sets in hot like the fires of Mount Doom because he hasn’t been on a date in *incoherent mumbling* and he doesn’t even know how to talk like a person who isn’t a jackass and Hannibal is way too good for him and his dog hair coated self (he hasn’t had a date in years and he has dust on his dick and he would have forgotten what sex was if it wasn’t for his Internet connection)
  • While Will is panicking, Hannibal is preening and giddy and happy because Will likes him and his school boy crush is mutual apparently (he can’t wait to tell Bedelia omg)
  • Will drives the hour back home running through all the ways this dinner will go horribly wrong and how Hannibal will most likely get a restraining order against him and at the very least drop Will as his not-patient (the thought makes him so emotional he has to pull over and breathe and god he hates himself and he might actually cry)
  • But he doesn’t, he makes it home and hugs his dogs and wears nothing but his shortest boxers while he looks through his closet in search of something respectable that’s on the level of Hannibal and his suits (he doesn’t like any of his clothes and he thinks about going shopping but that means people and Will can’t even handle dead people, live people are the worst, so he settles on a shirt that isn’t covered in dog hair and some pants that show off his ass in some sort of flattering angle. He sets the clothes aside and gets drunk before passing out on one of the dog beds)
  • And Hannibal is in his kitchen with his little apron on, grilling someone’s face because it’s just him and he doesn’t have to be subtle, and thinking about Will in his little short boxers and how he’s definitely going to be seeing those soon (Hannibal knows how to get the pants off of anyone and it’s been a long, long time since he’s actually wanted to do that and it’s either fuck Will or propose marriage and he knows Will isn’t exactly ready for their wedding just yet so he settles on buying warming lube and prepares himself for the upcoming experience of seeing Will beg for his well endowed self)

I can just imagine Hoshi no Utsuwa playing in the credits with random pictures showing NaruHina and others:

- on dates and picnics

- at Ichiraku’s with Teuchi and Ayame in the background

- a flustered Naruto and Hinata being teased by the gang

- taking walks around the village, in the forest

- on the swing near the academy

- double dates with SasuSaku

- good ol’ Team 7 interaction

- Naruto and Sasuke being competitive with Hinata and Sakura sweatdropping in the back

- in yukatas at a festival

- family dinner with the Hyuga’s

- Naruto being scared of Hiashi (holding the family sword with Hanabi laughing in the background)

- visiting a sleeping Neji

- NaruHina gardening/flower pressing

- in Naruto’s apartment *brow wiggle*

- the proposal, the wedding!

- cooking a meal

- Naruto with his ear against a pregnant Hinata’s belly

- Boruto being born (NaruHina crying)

- Naruto changing diapers

- the Uzumakis and the Uchihas together

- NaruHina snuggling on the couch

- NaruHina introducing Himawari to Boruto

- Naruto sleeping with the kids

- the whole family!

- Naruto becoming Hokage

- me crying in the background
Meet the Turkish couple who spent their wedding day feeding 4,000 Syrian refugees
The couple who tied the knot in the Turkish province of Kilis in the Syrian border and invited 4,000 Syrian refugees to celebrate with them

The bride, Mrs Polat, told i100 what a wonderful experience it was and how happy she was to share the meal with those in need.

“I was shocked when Fethullah first told me about the idea but afterwards I was won over by it. It was such a wonderful experience. I’m happy that we had the opportunity to share our wedding meal with the people who are in real need,” she said.

The groom, Mr Üzümcüoğlu, said it was a great feeling to make others happy. “Seeing the happiness in the eyes of the Syrian refugee children is just priceless. We started our journey to happiness with making others happy and that’s a great feeling,” he said.