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Wow. I have been doing some reading while I’m sitting here and I can’t believe some of the verbiage that is floating around! Fake accounts tagging Sam and Cait, saying horrible things about certain shippers and aligning themselves with the king of crap, WS. Every time this happens in this fandom it’s as bad, if not worse, than our political situation here in the states. Everyone scrapping and biting.
We been dealt another blow, that is for sure, but we shouldn’t be surprised. It’s so blatant, uncharacteristic, and crazy unnerving! I can tell you that I did have a few hours of regret, but it didn’t last long. Not for shipping and believing in Sam and Cait. Granted, I haven’t seen “the picture” (at the wedding and in a kilt?) or “the picture” (with the sign and a map), but I don’t care. I’m here floating around the galaxy in a starship called the HMS Royal Kilt and Shamrock. Let them try to effect me and my shipping way up here among the stars.
I don’t know what is going on, as none of us do. Maybe Sam is a friend of the groom, maybe he has some role in MPC. I don’t know and don’t care. Sam is a crappy actor when it comes to making me believe that he loves the girl from the south. And I know for a fact that he is NOT a crappy actor. So, I’m still sailing.
One more thing about my sailing and your’s. We may get some more shite slung our way, especially with the Oscar Wilde awards coming up, but NO ONE can tell us who, or how, or why we ship. NO ONE. Remember that dears.
And if you feel like you want to take a break, “beam on up”. There’s plenty of room on this old starship and you are more than welcome here among the stars!


Our wedding was a blend of traditional and pagan elements - we had a handfasting as well as a ring exchange, and each cord represented a different element. Our families also made a cord each. 

On the alter we had various spellbooks, the charms that came on the cords (inside of the tiny urns), our vows, a crystal with white formations on one side and black formations on the other, a bag of runes (which is on top of the bag of cords), candles, the glasses that we drank mead out of, and the ring-bearer’s pillow (which I made, along with my garter).

It was a beautiful, non-intimidating wedding, and I’m really happy I got to integrate some pagan elements into it as well.
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When John agrees to be best man for Harry’s wedding, he has no idea how much he’s getting into. For starters, the tall drink of water playing on stage with the band is going to be the death of him.

@august-emerald you have to check this one out!! It’s sooo good!

Are you serious?

“The IFH was a mess because of how serious it was and because they both looked absolutely miserable. If they had laughed it off instead of looking like they wanted to die I don’t think we’d be in this place today.”

Are they really this obtuse? The reason they did the IFH video in the first place was because of these very people who just keep saying they’re together. If they really were together there would be no need for the video. Granted, Cait was in a relationship with Tony so she was much more invested in setting the record straight. It was serious because of the very lengths these same ridiculous TINHATTERS went to to say they were together, when they’ve never been! It’s ludicrous!

So here’s the reminder of what was stated as FACTS by this one Tinhatter: 2 pregnancies, a Wedding Kilt, many build ups to wedding dates, many many spins on wifey and hubby that were stated in tongue and cheek tweets between Cait, Sam AND Tobias. New Years excuses, macaroon excuses, Costa Rica (confirmed Sam was not there), multiple comments about Mackenzie’s looks, being unemployed and her motivations. The manipulated photos, the pleading tweets, etc etc

And you think none of this would have happened if they didn’t make that video. SNAP OUT OF IT! Stop with the blaming snd excuses. You look like a dolt. I am embarrassed for you Jess. You’ve really sunk to a whole new low. Take responsibility for your own part in the train wreck. It’s the very least you can do!

(In honor of May the fourth be with you).

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i don’t know if it’s just because I’m scottish but ive always imagined angus as scottish because Angus MacDonald is like, the most scottish name, also we know Fantasy Scotland exists because of leeman kessler

anyway all this to say, imagine angus as killian and carey’s ring bearer all dressed up in scottish wedding garb, a wee kilt and sporran and everything