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“Aaron’s really emotional, he’s got so much love for Robert. I think this is just the happiest day of his life.”

“It was hard not to get a bit teary, actually. Aaron’s been through so much, and I’ve kinda brought him up, in a weird way!“

- why is Danny intending on making me cry like a blubbering baby.


Her face “lights up” when she talking about Alvaro Morata. Who would have thought that out of thousands of users of Instagram she finds the love of her life. At twenty - two years old, Alice Campello which is “influential” Italian celebrity, in September last year changed her life for love, she left Italy and settled in Spain, and now again for  love she said “yes” for a player of Real Madrid. She began preparing for the wedding in Intimissimi, in company which she is the ambassador. We talked with her during watching the new collection for the bride.

What means to you this brand?

I really like it, before I started to work for this brand, I bought all of their clothes! There was a shop near the house where I lived in Venice, my mom was there almost every day.

Now you will pay special attention to the wedding collection …

I’ve seen the entire collection, I began to try everything … and I love it! This is a new world that I didn’t know.

Do you already know how it will look like your wedding dress?

When I was a little girl, I walked around the house in a veil like a bride. My mother was surprised to see me in the veil, but now comes the time when really I’m getting married, but I’m calm and I’m not obsessed with the wedding dress. I tried one and I like it, is the opposite to what I always thought that I choose.

It will be a wedding dress of Italian or Spanish brand?

No, it’s not from an Italian brand. It will be a surprise.

And wedding? In Italy or here?

In Venice. Because I’m Venetian and Alvaro thinks it’s nice to do it there.


In June. There’s not much time left, but I’m calm.

You started twenty-two years old, did you ever imagine that you get married so early?

Actually, yes. It’s something I’ve always dreamed about, get married soon, be a mother soon …

Your love was at first sight in all aspects.

Yes, I saw him and fell in love immediately. When you find the right person, you don’t need ten years to realize. We are one, we complement each other in many things, he helps me in everything, I’m very happy, I think there is no one better for me.

And proposal, beautiful, with lots of magic … it’s impossible to say no!

It was incredible, I didn’t expect it at all. He told me that we were going to the theater and I was thinking : “How strange!”. I told him that I didn’t want to go and … at the end was an amazing surprise! It was the most beautiful day of my life. Because loving a person so much and seeing that this person loves you in the same way, and doing everything for you, as you do everything for him, is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you in life. You feel invincible, you may not have anything in the world, but being with that person is enough.

How long have you lived in Madrid?

I’ve been here since September, when Alvaro started to play here, I moved with him quickly. I don’t leave him alone for a minute.

Do you like living in Madrid?

I really like Madrid. I said to Alvaro : “Wherever you go, I will go with you”. It’s very similar here to Italy, people are very similar, I really like Spanish people. And the food … I don’t like to say this, but I don’t miss Italian food.

From Ed Sheeran's interview with MYfm, February 15, 2017.
  • Ed: To be honest, when I do get married, I don't think people will know that it's happening until it's happened. I don't wanna, I'm not--
  • Interviewer: Will it be a lowkey affair?
  • Ed: Definitely, yeah. Definitely. Probably just parents. I don't really, like, that whole kind of media circus around weddings is not really...
  • Interviewer: But that media circus is one thing that I think you've avoided really well, and it's obviously a personal choice.
  • Ed: Up until now, though. I think it's... it's getting quite bad now, yeah. Everything I say and do seems to be a news story, which I've never really had before.
  • Interviewer: Do you guard your words?
  • Ed: No. And that's the problem. Like, that's the problem 'cause lots of sort of negative stories are coming out just because I'm quite an open person.
  • Interviewer: [...] Sometimes the meaning of what you say can be dissected and taken and pieced and parsed to a small point, like politicians go through. And I would think that somebody in your world can get frustrated by that sometimes and not want to give as much of yourself.
  • Ed: Yeah, I find it really frustrating. And like it has got to a point where, probably the next album, I will do less interviews. Not radio, it's different when it's radio because you can hear the way I say stuff, but when it's a print interview... I said in a -- no, a guy said to me in an interview, "How do you feel if people copy you?" And I said, "I don't mind if people copy me." And then the headline in the paper was, "Ed Sheeran Says: People Copy Me." And I was like, that isn't, that isn't--
  • Interviewer: That's not what you said!
  • Ed: Yeah, but the thing is if it's on radio, it's different on radio because you can hear the way that I'm saying things. But in like, in print they can literally write whatever they want.
  • Interviewer: And you know what's so frustrating? Like if I sat here and asked you about an exgirlfriend or something, I'm asking you. But then people will be like, "Oh, Ed brought up his exgirlfriend." You know? That happens all the time in interviews.
  • Ed: Yeah. I find... yeah. It's a weird thing. And I can understand like when you see these huge American artists come out and none of them do interviews, you can kind of... it's because they've had years of this, I think.
  • Interviewer: Fake news!
  • Ed: Yeah, fake news. [laughs]
How Downton Abbey’s Producers Planned the Show’s Most Satisfying Wedding Yet

There was even more conversation, however, about what Hughes would wear for the wedding. While it was decided early on that she would end up borrowing something from Lady Mary or Cora, the actresses’ varying sizes, shapes, and heights meant that it wouldn’t have seemed realistic for Hughes to wear one of the upstairs women’s dresses.

“Whilst [Hughes actress] Phyllis [Logan] is very slim, she’s not anything like as tall as Michelle [Dockery] or Elizabeth [McGovern]. It was Anna [Mary Scott Robbins] our costume designer, who came up with the idea of her wearing a coat—since then it would be much easier for us to change the length of, so actually Julian [Fellowes] wrote that detail in after our conversation.” The coat that she ended up wearing, Trubridge told us, was “velvet with a vintage length of appliqué-d 20s lace with silk handmade flowers and pearl beading.”

If there was one scene more gratifying than the wedding, though, it may have been the moment in which Hughes stands up to her employers about what she wants on her wedding day—politely but firmly shutting down their own suggestions in favor of her wishes. It was one of the only times in the show’s history that we’ve seen a downstairs character rebuff an upstairs character (while in their domain, no less), and filming the scene was surprisingly just as uncomfortable for the actors as it was the characters.

“It was really interesting filming that, because we were at Highclere in the drawing room, and Molesley was there as the footman serving them, and [actor] Kevin [Doyle, who plays Molesley] was saying how uncomfortable he felt being in the room. He said, ‘It’s extraordinary how difficult it is for me to be here while Hughes is being put through her paces like this.’ He kept looking away and wanting to back out but, knowing he couldn’t and we were cheering her on. It was quite something.”

Apparently that particular discomfort was not singular to this scene, though.

“One of the things the cast used to say is that whenever they were taken out of their usual setting, like if Mrs. Patmore came upstairs to the library to see Robert or, on this occasion, Mrs. Hughes came up, it would make them feel odd because they weren’t in their normal working location. They said they felt slightly nervous and out of place.”

By the time the actors moved on to film the wedding and reception, though, their nerves had dissipated.

“We do have a great time doing those wedding scenes, because all the cast gets to be there, and they’re not always together of course,” explained Trubridge. “Between takes, they go off and there’s a very lovely area in the house where they just sit and they chat. It’s good fun.”

The final season of Downton Abbey airs on Masterpiece on PBS on Sundays through March 6.In one of the most joyous episodes of Downton Abbey’s six-season run, Carson and Hughes—the estate’s trusty mother and father figureheads—were wedded in a sweet ceremony that felt like as much of a treat for audience members as it did for the downstairs characters celebrated. Since the nuptials featured two of the drama’s most beloved personalities, and because the wedding could have very well been the series’ last, Downton Abbey producer Liz Trubridge told us last week by phone how the cast and crew took extra care to make the vows special.

“The director actually put in some extra beats in the episode about the preparation for the wedding,” Trubridge said of building anticipation for the vows. While episodes usually flit from ensemble character to character, producers were happy to linger extra long on Carson and Hughes on, and leading up to, their happy day. “We showed the gardener going and cutting some flowers and just little things like that that could really build up the moment and make it ours, because I think we along with everyone else wanted Carson and Mrs. Hughes to finally get together. We added little bits of visuals to help all that along.”

Producers, who take great pride in Downton Abbey’s historical accuracy, also researched servant-class weddings of the 1920s era.

“We were surprised at just how lavish [they] were,” said Trubridge. “It made us laugh because they were very lavish and very carb heavy. There was lots of pies, breads, potatoes, and jellies—obviously because they were cheaper. Of course we don’t actually see the characters eating them [in the episode], which I think the actors were very pleased about, because there were some sprays we had to apply to make the food look a certain way, and it was pretty heavy stuff to be eating all day. But it still looked marvelous, placed on those high display plates.”

Asked if they took any factual liberties with the storyline, Trubridge told us, “Not really. We had a lot of it scripted about the fact that Carson isn’t even aware he needs an usher and the footman.” Another fact-based wedding detail: “Button holes were actually slightly larger for the servants than they would have been for the upstairs people, and that was just a little note that I hadn’t realized at all, but that we discovered and used in the story. Upstairs people would tend to have much smaller buttonholes, and because of that would just have a smaller rose head in their lapel than the servants.”

interviewer: if you were allowed to take only one member with you for a vacation, who will you bring and where will you go?
namjoon: first of all i would bring suga hyung
namjoon: and i’d take him to hong kong
namjoon: *intense eyebrow wiggling*
yoongi: why is this my life

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do you think maybe the characters singing is a curse? because josh said they don't sing out of the blue that there is a reason for it and maybe it'll be broken by CS TLK at their wedding?

Good observation, those interviews definitely made it sound like there is a narrative construct behind the singing.  

It has to be a curse or a spell or something of that nature I would think. 

TLK sounds good to me!

been losing myself and letting things fall through my hands for the past couple of months. but I think I’m starting to pick myself up again. 

So when will Louis’ solo photoshoot happen? 

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hey when is the leanne interview coming out?

You mean the CS one that she was talking about transcribing yesterday? My guess is that she was just starting to prep the interview and she won’t release it until the week of 6x20 to promote the Musical Wedding episode. 

However, we can always cross our fingers that she talked about multiple eps and maybe it will be a two-parter, with the first part coming sooooooon.

(By the way, I’m crossing my fingers that the interview is actually on camera.  But in that case, we, at least, won’t *see* any of it before it’s time as I’m guessing Colin and Jen did the interview in wedding attire and that would be spoilery!) 

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How would Jumin react if he were to find out that MC is the daughter of a more wealthy and prominent woman in their class? (Preferably one where Jumin was supposed to marry MC when they were younger but had said no.)

Title: Heartless

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

have fun reading, everyone!! this is an AU request! thank you for this wonderful idea!

this prompt is entirely based on jumin’s route but instead, an AU of that route. he and mc, as requested, met on very odd circumstances.

Part 2

❝ Well you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go

Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missing home
Only know you love her when you let her go

Your family had long been believers of this phrase that says, In eleganza, c'è bellezza” or “In elegance, there is beauty.” so much that it was even engraved as your very own family crest. Your mother, who was forced to marry a man from another powerful house ‘for the good of the family name and business’ always told you when you were young that the true meaning of elegance is the courage to be able to follow your heart.

Your mother was just 18 when she married your father who was the son of a wealthy and prominent business family who excelled in the field of hotels and resorts. Fixed marriage was always present in business tycoons who would stop at nothing just to see their business prosper. Young as you are, you knew she wasn’t happy. Yes, your father loved her dearly, but you knew, deep inside, despite the smiles she has whenever you’re around, you knew she wasn’t happy. The fights and the cries themselves were apparent enough. Even your father, as much as he loved her, couldn’t make her happy.

That’s why the day she ran away from home to be with another man did not surprise you anymore. You knew.
And you couldn’t stop her. Her love for you as a part of her family didn’t stop her.
“Marry for love, not convenience.”

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1. Enough confidence to no longer feel the need to justify what she eats, who she dates or what she wears, not only to other people, but to herself.

2. The goal of a bank account with a few months’ living expenses in it, if she doesn’t have that already. Just in case.

3. Only the phone numbers, Facebook friends, weekend plans, and roommates she actually wants.

4. A best friend who is like a sister.

5. A space of her own.

6. A good idea of what she needs in a romantic relationship, not just what she wants, or what she thinks she needs, and the willingness to explore different people and other ideas to find what exactly that is.

7. A closet of what she considers to be her “staples,” and among these things, something to wear to an interview, funeral, wedding, impromptu Friday night drink at a casual bar and dream date if ever someone were to call out of the blue.

8. The tact and grace to ask for a raise, a promotion, a change in a relationship or a date with someone she’s into.

9. The faith that she deserves those things.

10. A favorite coffee order, go-to restaurant for when friends visit from out of town, hairstyle that takes less than five minutes in the morning, “thank you” cards in her desk drawer, the print copy of her favorite book, and bedding that she is proud to show off.

11. A hobby that has nothing to do with drinking, shopping or somebody else.

12. The recipes for a number of easy meals memorized.

13. The desire and discipline to actually cook for herself. (Just herself.)

14. A trip she tells awesome stories about and a trip she has awesome plans for.

15. A sense that she’s let go of resenting other women for what they do or don’t have over her.

16. Enough of a healthy relationship with her body that her contentment no longer hinges on comparison, or what her partner would think.

17. At least one date in her memory with the kind of partner who wouldn’t care about those things anyway.

18. Forgiveness if she’s dated men who haven’t quite matured as quickly as women tend to in their early 20s.

19. The knowledge of what she wants in bed and the confidence to ask for it without feeling uncomfortable.

20. A drill, a non-stick pan, a credit card line nobody else has access to, a bra that she was measured for at the store and working knowledge of how to change a tire, unclog a pipe, make an investment and find shoes on the extra 40% rack.

21. A relationship with her mother, even if it’s the decision that their relationship will be at least functioning, if not familial.

22. A passport, a sturdy piece of luggage, and the ability to pack the essentials at a moment’s notice should she be offered the chance to get away for a weekend, a week, or a whole new life.

23. The following emergency kit: Tylenol/Advil, eyedrops, a tampon, hand sanitizer, a fresh pair of underwear, a travel sized toothbrush, hydrocolloid bandages for blisters, $20 cash, a condom, and Plan B.

24. Forgiveness for who she was.

25. An idea of who she wants to be.

—  25 Things Every Woman Should Have By The Time She Turns 25 By Brianna Wiest