wedding hell


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOF THE LOV-E OF MY LIFE! I genuinely don’t know what I would do without you. You’re the social glue, the one who can always make me laugh when I need it, the one I can always count on and the one who is so painfully easy to make fun of. You are one of the only people I know who would come all the way from new york just so I didn’t have to go to a hell wedding alone, and so many of my favorite memories from the past two years have been with you between concerts and random trips to other cities. Thanks for everything. Thanks for being you. Happy birthday my dear. I lov-e you💝💜💘 @lov-eswift


Seungri in Girls Fighting - Let’s all agree that everyone should answer as she did whenever he asks that question.

I like to imagine the Viktuuri wedding with Yuuri being nervous as heck and then he sees Viktor for the first time and Viktor is ALREADY fricking bawling his eyes out with the biggest smile on his face and it’s not until that exact moment that Yuuri realizes that “his heart is pounding because he’s happy” and that’s when he starts crying too

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Hi still bitter Tony Stark fan here. Post CW, imagine that T'Challa and Tony are planning their wedding. Tony going back and forth the tower and the compound (cause T'Challa's sometimes there) getting wedding things done and whatnot....

[Continued] The old avengers simply assume that he’s there to discuss the Accords with BP. Anyways, only close friends and family are invited. The old avengers don’t find out until the day of the wedding when Bucky comes out of his room in a suit…            

[Last part] The wedding is invite only, no member of team cap was invited, except for Bucky. Sorry it’s long 😅             

Aren’t we all still bitter

I love this idea.

Tony and T’Challa kept it quiet with their relationship, due to several important reasons. Now, in the aftermath of CACW they still keep it quiet, but they are also a lot more together than before.

T’Challa regularly comes to the compound a lot often nowadays, still working together with Steve on some level, and also working on Bucky’s arm and his memories, with the help of BARF.

Tony is always there when T’Challa comes over and everyone just assumes they still have to hash things out for the Accords, when in fact they are planning their wedding, like the people in love they are.

They are not a lot of people they want at the wedding, but Bucky, suprisingly, is one of them.

Tony and T’Challa both work closely with Bucky and they have found him to be a genuinely nice person to be around. He is sarcastic, considerate, and funny and both Tony and T’Challa are glad that they overcome their hate and decided to get to know Bucky.

So Bucky knows they are together, and he kept is just as quiet as everyone else did, and now he is being invited to the wedding.

The team is so very suspicious of their close work, and they constantly make it known, because they don’t really trust Tony. Bucky never participates in that and while Steve is kinda suspicious about that, he also could never figure that they are all friends.

But then one day Bucky leaves his room in a very nice fitting tux and everyone is a bit speechless and also kinda panicked, because is there an official gathering we all have to go to?

Bucky just tells them to shut them up, he’s on his way to a wedding and he is genuinely looking forward to that so could everyone please shut the hell up and let him through.

The team pesters him of course but Tony and T’Challa made him promise not to say something before the ceremony happens, probably to keep bad luck at bay or something, and Bucky is going to keep his promise.

So he evades the questions, attends the ceremony and the party afterwards, and then comes back home to the team obviously still waiting for him.

They keep pestering him right until he tells them who got married and then it’s chaos all over. The Avengers can hardly believe what they hear, now way did T’Challa fall for Tony, and when Steve says something particularly pig-headed, Bucky punches him right in the face with the awesome new arm Tony and T’Challa made him.

No one in the compound ever mentions the wedding or Tony’s and T’Challa’s relationship again.

I’ve seen the before’s and after’s of their non-canon wedding… but gosh darn it I don’t think I’ve seen art showing this moment and so I had to. Yes I put her in a puffy dress cause I could and I wanted her to look like a cake.

[When Rhys brought Feyre to the Night Court after the wedding from hell]

Rhys: Something brought you here, Feyre. Call it what you will – fate, destiny …


I know I already did a similar one but I thought of this and started crying of laughter so I had to post it.


That time when C137 got the postcard from Miami Rick

Stan & Rick spent the day being salty old men together.

There was actually a wedding
  • Noctis: What the hell were you thinking?!
  • Prompto: Releasing birds at your wedding is romantic?
  • Noctis and Luna: THEY WERE CHOCOBOS!