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Sansa’s Psychological ‘Superpower’: Convincing herself shit isn’t quite as bad as it is

Throughout the main narrative and text of ASOIAF, we see Sansa Stark utilize defense mechanisms to survive being beat in front of the court (often enough that almost every member of the kingsguard had done it a few times), being touched by creepy old dudes often, and basically just suffering as a Prisoner of War.  We’re not here to chat about Sansa’s misgivings and mistakes (a young girl, age 11 in the start of AGOT), because there’s nothing to chat about with that - what I am here to chat about is Sansa’s “superpower”, and how it is basically the reason she’s alive.

(It’s not actually a superpower, she’s psychologically trying to ‘safeguard’ herself by pretending that s h i t  i s n ‘ t  b  a d, so just keep reading )

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Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 4]

[part 1]   [part 2]    [part 3]

Summary: [part 4] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomas have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggest an aliance by marriage.

16+ ONLY

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Jon Snow: The silent, unknown and unthought answer to Sansa’s hopes.

“I will be safe in Highgarden. Willas will keep me safe.”

“But he does not know you,” Dontos insisted, “and he will not love you. Jonquil, Jonquil, open your sweet eyes, these Tyrells care nothing for you. It’s your claim they mean to wed.”

“My claim?” She was lost for a moment.

“Sweetling,” he told her, “you are heir to Winterfell.” He grabbed her again, pleading that she must not do this thing, and Sansa wrenched free and left him swaying beneath the heart tree. She had not visited the godswood since.

But she had not forgotten his words, either. The heir to Winterfell, she would think as she lay abed at night. It’s your claim they mean to wed. Sansa had grown up with three brothers. She never thought to have a claim, but with Bran and Rickon dead… It doesn’t matter, there’s still Robb, he’s a man grown now, and soon he’ll wed and have a son. Anyway, Willas Tyrell will have Highgarden, what would he want with Winterfell?

A Storm of Swords - Sansa II

How would you like to marry your cousin, the Lord Robert?”

The thought made Sansa weary. All she knew of Robert Arryn was that he was a little boy, and sickly. It is not me she wants her son to marry, it is my claim. No one will ever marry me for love. But lying came easy to her now. “I … can scarcely wait to meet him, my lady. But he is still a child, is he not?”

—A Storm of Swords - Sansa VI

“How can I lose men I do not have? I had hoped to bestow Winterfell on a northman, you may recall. A son of Eddard Stark. He threw my offer in my face.” Stannis Baratheon with a grievance was like a mastiff with a bone; he gnawed it down to splinters.

“By right Winterfell should go to my sister Sansa.”

“Lady Lannister, you mean? Are you so eager to see the Imp perched on your father’s seat? I promise you, that will not happen whilst I live, Lord Snow.”

—A Dance with Dragons - Jon I

Jon said, “Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa.”

“I have heard all I need to hear of Lady Lannister and her claim.” The king set the cup aside. “You could bring the north to me. Your father’s bannermen would rally to the son of Eddard Stark. Even Lord Too-Fat-to-Sit-a-Horse. White Harbor would give me a ready source of supply and a secure base to which I could retreat at need. It is not too late to amend your folly, Snow. Take a knee and swear that bastard sword to me, and rise as Jon Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North.”

How many times will he make me say it? “My sword is sworn to the Night’s Watch.”

—A Dance with Dragons - Jon IV

Instead of Tyrion, Willas or even Robert, who pursue Sansa’s claim over her, there is a man that has been offered Winterfell and choose her over it:By right Winterfell should go to my sister Sansa.“ “Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa.” Among all the high lords interested in becoming the Lord of Winterfell by marrying Sansa Stark, the bastard Jon Snow refused to despoil his sister Sansa of her rights, even if her claim is the one thing he has wanted as much as he had ever wanted anything.

Don’t you find this very romantic? I mean, when Sansa thinks: “No one will ever marry me for love” (Because everyone only wants her claim to Winterfell), at the other part of the world is Jon Snow saying more than once: By right Winterfell should go to my sister Sansa.“ "Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa.” This for me is one of the most romantic passages of the books.

A play with fire II

Ramsay Bolton

Affection, wedding, smut, fluff

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Request: “ Hi! Can you do A continuation of the Ramsay Bolton fanfic and have it be the wedding night(with smut) and then the morning after? “

Word count: 1232

gif is not mine.

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Imagine you have a centaur boyfriend. The two of you are both ecstatic that you've found out you're pregnant, so ecstatic that he decides to pop the question! You spend the next few months preparing for the birth and the upcoming wedding and getting custom-made dresses (including your wedding dress) since you've grown far too big to fit the extra large sizes. By the time you walk down the aisle your enormously plump belly sticks out far in front of you, and you can feel your foal ready to come.

Black & White ;  jungkook (M)

bts jungkook x you ‘Helena’

genre: smut/ fluff 


  helenajungkook a dit :

Aniyo author nim if requests are still open I wanna request a jungkook’ smut’ when reader is so needy for her husband but he come home every night so sleepy so she get mad and decide to ignore him but things get better when he realise his fault and he makeup for her also if possible can you use my name helena instead of reader

here we go i hope you like it ^^

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you grinned bitterly when the old picture appeared finally , you were laying on your bed with your album in hands ,for sure the dinner that you made for your husband is cold now ,you blamed your self as you didn’t stop making dinner for him even he stopped taking it home since a month now 

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  Mother calls, she doesn’t seem to really care about the wedding. Mother has grown a bit…odd. Perhaps it has to do with one daughter falling in love with some everyday man and another being a vampire. That’s probably enough to drive a mother crazy I suppose. We’ve given her plenty of grandchildren though! Anyways, she’s more interested in my blog, wondering why I’m always blogging about dark and gothic things. 

ok but-

PTA Sans befriending mothers and fathers who are nice to him and learning about new hobbies  like knitting  from them

“We still on for those knitting/cooking/language learning classes next week Susan?  Y’now  if your still interested I can ask Toriel if its ok to have a group study sessions with the kids next Friday, lord knows we need all the help we can get for math homework,David! how was your Kids wedding? all grown up now huh? Hey Hillary I need your professional opinion involving a health issue with Frisk, apparently they arnt drinking enough water but are being stubborn about drinking any, any ways I can get them hydrated?”

Sans only getting offended and angry at the parents in the pta meetings that try to tell him and his friends how to raise there kids in a rude and unhelpful manner or try and force his kid(s) into uncomfortable situations 

Sans taking naps through most meetings but immediately being awake and alert when someone trys to push a dress code or make vaccinations optional, or other things along those lines (then falling right back to sleep once he has gotten his way)

Occasionally he jokingly attempts to get snail pie as a actual dessert option in the cafeteria, less jokingly trying to convince people ketchup is a legitimate lunch 

Some things England/Spain shippers (and the rest of the Hetalia fandom) get wrong

“Spain’s hegemony over the seas ended after the Armada’s defea-”

“The Anglo-spanish war (1585-1604) was a victory for Engl-”

“British Empire replaced Spanish Empire after 1588”

“Both Empires (Spanish and British) were even during X perio-”

“England and Spain have always been enemi-”

“England has always beaten the crap out of Spa-”

England/Spain is my OTP, and since I’ve read too many times things like the ones listed above I think some real historical stuff would be enlightening for everybody. So, shall we?

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Aerith and Tifa Featured in Bridal Celebration in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

Every June 1st, in Okinawa, Japan there’s a tradition to celebrate upcoming brides for the month of June. Believe it or not, this tradition is actually a hybrid from the Roman times.  Romans would have a festival in “honor” of June, a Goddess who is “married” to Jupiter as well as the Goddess of marriage and childbirth.  This caused many brides to marry in the month of June, thus coming to the tradition of celebrating brides and weddings. June has been the month of warmer weather, flowers in full bloom, and the start of summer activities, so why not get married in June? 

Flowers are a unison detail in this tradition. For Romans, they threw flower petal. Japan has a sacred tradition that the flowers at the wedding are given to the parents to show gratitude and to thank them for their support.

Years later, many countries/ cities started taking part in this tradition, and have their own adaptions, including the United States who is full on Bridal magazines in stores.  

It’s not the first time FF Airbrone Brigade has taken part in this tradition of celebrating. Rinoa was featured at one time with a groom that wasn’t Squall. 

Yuna was once featured but no details could be found online of her wedding to it’s unknown if the groom for her event was Tidus. 

However, Cloud was the groom for this event, and his card is the rarest out of the three, with Tifa being the second rarest, and Aerith coming in at third for her card. Cloud and Aerith start off the event, but it ends with a special event for Tifa. In the beginning of the event, Cloud is shown kneeling with petals around him, then the screen fades to Aerith showing she’s a excited. It’s important to note that during these events, none of them are shown together on screen at the same time. 

The event included Aerith tossing her bouquet into the sky. Her bouquet can be won and it has a special ability. 

 As you can see, Aerith is sporting a traditional, ball gown, ivory, lace, full neck wedding grown with lace sleeves. Her veil is a headband with flowers on it. They even tied in a ribbon for both the top and bottom of the ponytail.  Aerith shares a movie with Cloud, but it is unknown what is going on in that movie. 

Tifa is wearing a modern, knee length wedding dress with a silver waist band with silver flowers on it; tied with a ribbon. Her veil is a classic vintage veil with a white hair band to match the wedding theme. It has been noted by many players that Cloud and Tifa’s color scheme do match, but who Cloud belongs to was not stated by Airborne Brigade, so it’s safe to assume Cloud didn’t marry “either” woman. 

Tifa’s weapon is a cake and in her event she can win Cloud’s wedding knife. 

We hope you enjoy this tid bit of info, and enjoy two of Final Fantasy’s beloved Heroines wedding feature! Both ladies look stunning, and Cloud looks handsome in white.  If you’re bride getting in the month of June, let us know, and tell us what flavor your cake is going to be! 

*All images were found by Twitter and Google. 

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Jon x Sansa prompt #44 ? (Preferably this recent forehead kiss and tension that ensued :3)

44) things you said before you kissed me

“Do you want me to?”

His eyes search her face while his hand holds it. His fingertips are on her temple, his thumb at the corner of her lips. His gaze flicks from hers down to her mouth and back again. There’s a swirling storm in his dark irises, which darken still further when his pupils dilate with the earnest desire that tugs at his gut when her lips part and her breath plays upon his skin.

She smells of the sharp spiciness of his favorite mulled wine, and every inch of him aches as he wonders if she’ll taste of it, too.

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     Continued from here


The old and familiar endearment brought a smile to Catelyn’s face, a shadow of one despite her trials which so plagued her and kept her from sleep. She was not so little anymore, as she had already informed him on their reunion, she was a woman now, grown and wed, with little children of her own, but here, in privacy, far from other eyes, she might enjoy the name, to remember a simpler time when she would run about Riverrun with her siblings and Petyr, making mud pies and swimming in rivers, wet leaves in her hair as they giggled in their games. 

“Thoughts that would allow you rest it would seem,” Catelyn observed, deigning to take a silent seat beside him, “Mine own thoughts too oft keep my eyes open” There was a hint of a tease to her tone, but too much stress plagued her for it to be truly jestful. “I cannot keep my mind from the Lannister in his cell”

Pippa opted for a bespoke Giles Deacon dress in guipere lace with a high neck and capped sleeves - a nod to the shift to embracing timelessly classical styles rather than strapless ‘meringue’ style frocks.

Since Pippa’s big day, searches for high neck lace wedding dresses have already grown by 80 per cent.

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What do you think Roose and Ramsay were arguing about that scared Walda? The inheritance (like does Baby Bolton get the Dreadfort)? Although Roose seems disinterested in that. Also, who do you think the taking of Winterfell will be from the POV of and do you think there might be a small detail like the POV seeing a raven leave Winterfell just before Stannis takes it?

I think it was the inheritance, yes. There’s a discrepancy here between how Walda’s relatives think it’s going to work…

“ … Lord Eddard’s sons are dead, but his daughters live, and the younger girl is coming north to wed brave Ramsay Bolton.”

“Ramsay Snow,” Wylla Manderly threw back.

“Have it as you will. By any name, he shall soon be wed to Arya Stark. If you would keep faith with your promise, give him your allegiance, for he shall be your Lord of Winterfell.”

…and how Ramsay wants it to work.

“Arya of House Stark comes here to be wed. A woman grown and flowered, trueborn and noble, she comes to beg the blessings of the gods. Who comes to claim her?”

“Me,” said Ramsay. “Ramsay of House Bolton, Lord of the Hornwood, heir to the Dreadfort. I claim her. Who gives her?”

The Freys think that Ramsay will be ensconced at Winterfell with his Stark bride while Walda produces an heir to the Dreadfort; Roose probably gave them assurances in that regard once Ramsay turned out to be alive after all. But Ramsay wants the Dreadfort, not Winterfell, because he considers himself a Bolton and wants the world to reflect that. When it doesn’t, well…

“Ramsay.” There was a smile on his plump lips, but none in those pale pale eyes. “Snow, my wife called me before she ate her fingers, but I say Bolton.”

“His lordship slew him for his goats?”

“His lordship slew him for calling him Lord Snow.”

The boy king on the Iron Throne had made Lord Ramsay legitimate, giving him the right to use his lord father’s name. Calling him Snow reminded him of his bastardy and sent him into a black rage. Reek must remember that. 

IMO all of this was building up to the ultimate insult: Roose confirming that Walda’s carrying the heir to the Dreadfort. Roose believes that Ramsay will react by killing the kid, failing to grasp that Ramsay might not wait that long to lash out, but rather take out his rage and resentment at his dream denied on Roose and Walda themselves. Hence the fear on Walda’s face (which “spoke volumes,” so it wasn’t an incidental detail).

As to the second part of your question: a li’l while back, some folks in the fandom deciphered some bits and pieces of a shot of GRRM at his computer, coming away with the well-supported conclusion that Asha will be our POV on the Battle of Ice. So GRRM appears to be going back-and-forth with the Greyjoy siblings as POVs; as such, I think Theon will be our POV on the actual taking of Winterfell, which makes sense as he’s the one with the emotional investment in the place (and Ramsay’s downfall). So, I think it’ll be Theon I (Stannis in his tower)–>Asha I (Battle of Ice)–>Theon II (taking of Winterfell). And yes, I look forward to seeing how GRRM drops hints as to what’s happened in the castle since Theon and Jeyne flew, including the sending of the Pink Letter. (Big Walder might prove useful here.)