wedding flower arrangement

au where jimin is helping set up for namjoon and jin’s wedding reception, repositioning flower arrangements (the color scheme is light blue and grey), setting place cards, rehearsing his speech, laughing when taehyung casually bosses the venue staff around. and he’s feeling good because his best friends are getting married in forty-eight hours and for the first time since jin asked him to be his best man, he isn’t stressed over the wedding until a voice behind him says “you helped decide on the colors, didn’t you? you love that light blue”

and jimin turns to see his ex-boyfriend yoongi standing there. the same yoongi that broke up with him over a year ago, the one that told him “I can’t do this anymore, jimin,” and “I love you—but right now it’s not enough,” the same one that jimin thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with. and the breakup left him feeling helpless and left in the dark, unable to sleep in his bed because for the time in two years, he was sleeping alone. jimin blamed himself for the breakup mostly, looking at the ways he drove yoongi out, wondering how he could’ve made the love yoongi felt like it was enough, and now here yoongi is, wearing slacks and a white button down, hair dark black instead of blond from the last time jimin saw him, expression soft, and all jimin can feel is disbelief and anger, “what are you doing here?” and yoongi just looks at him and says “namjoon’s best man had to show up sometime”

angsty wedding moments ensue (they keep running into each other despite how big the beach venue is, past issues get brought up, jimin gets a little too drunk during jin’s bachelor party and ends up fighting back tears when yoongi helps him into his hotel room, things escalate the night of the reception and they find each other on the beach, jimin straddling yoongis lap in the sand and kissing him until he feels dizzy, yoongi murmuring into jimins mouth “I’ve thought about you every day,” and “I’m so sorry,” and “loving you is enough. it’s always been enough”)

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How about some proposal and wedding HC'S for UT and UF Asriel?

ADT!Asriel Proposal/Wedding Headcanons:

- He spends. So long. Figuring out how to propose. He gets advice from literally everyone he knows in a relationship on how to go about it. Which gives him very conflicting answers. Finally Sans just pulls him off the side & tells him to go with his gut, which is the best answer he could possibly get.

- It comes when you’re out at dinner. It’s a fancier place than you’re used to, & you wonder what the occasion is. Asriel usually prefers to stay in, so to get all dressed up & go out like this is…unusual for him, to say the least. Then he puts up a hand, & you realize the music stops. Everyone goes quiet. Very gently, he gets down on one knee, takes your hand in one of his, & with the other, pulls out the ring.

- The wedding is pretty grand, in a very subtle way. It’s a garden-party wedding, with lots of flower arrangements & bouquets decorating the area. He wears a stereotypical royal robe, & has a matching suit or dress made for you. His family is there, his friends are there, & you’re there. It’s the happiest day of his life.

ADF!Asriel Proposal/Wedding Headcanons:

- He’s just as nervous as his UT-counterpart, but a lot more stubborn in the idea that it has to be absolutely perfect, nothing less is acceptable. He watches hours of romantic dramas, scours through videos of proposals he finds online, & even looks up ideas on WikiHow. He does a lot of research, is what I’m saying.

- One night he suggests you stay in together for dinner, which is odd. He loves going out in public to flaunt you off to the crowds, as well as his wealth & power, it’s nothing new. But this definitely is. He tells you to go out for the day, because he’s got work to do & he doesn’t need you in the way, which stings like hell to hear. But then you get home, & things are dark & quiet. Except the kitchen. He’s made you dinner, all by himself. There are candles, & wine, & he’s standing there in a suit, holding the ringbox & looking ready to throw himself out the nearest window. Then in a shaking, determined voice, he asks you to marry him.

- It’s a formal wedding. Takes place in a Monster’s version of a church, with all the bells & whistles. No price is too high for him, to make sure that this is exactly how you both pictured it. You’re dressed up to the 11′s, & he looks like a regular Prince Charming. His family & friends, grumbling the entire time, attend on the promise of free food & drink. But they’re happy for you. & for him, it’s one of the few times in his life he ever really has been happy.

Unforgiven: Epilogue 2 《SLBP Saizo Kirigakure 》

Yuukie bit her lower lip, feeling anxious. So…this is what she had agreed to.

A marriage proposal.

And right now….she was confused. “Yukimura. What do I do here-?”

“I have no idea-” the younger Sanada heir mumbled.

She felt like smacking this overgrown child upside the head with a rolled up newspaper. Just how on earth does Saizo put up with this dense brick?


Saizo had asked her to fill out a form for family registration, and she was having trouble with it.

Unfortunately, he was at work.

On her desk were pictures and samples of wedding outfits; flower arrangements, and the works.

“Etto….Lady Yuki….” she mumbled, “….I’m confused-”


Three weeks later, Saizo and Yuukie exchanged their vows and became husband and wife.

Saizo was always patient, as he knew she’d had trouble expressing her emotions.

Yet here they were, smiling at each other.

And their eyes met once again: Saizo gazing into what he had once described as a vast expansion of sheer darkness; and Yuukie gazing into the recesses of his volanic liquid red eyes, which she felt like it was life itself.


About a year later, she stepped out of the doctor’s office.

Smiling. “Saizo-?”

He looked at his wife, concern etched all over his handsome face.

“Little lady….did you find out what is wrong?”

“My dear husband….nothing’s wrong. Because…” she smiled at him, taking his hand and placing it over her clothed stomach, “….we’re expecting a little one….”




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