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Requested by thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch:  Sherlock x reader. Jim kipnaps Sherlocks wife. He finds you weeks later. Weak from lack of food and water. Once at the hospital the doctor finds ‘Did You Miss Me?’ Cut into her back

(gif note mine but writing is)

Where is she?

“Where is she?” Sherlock shouts as he worryingly paces around 221B Baker Street. John stood nervously watching. On the table Sherlock’s laptop was open. He was currently having a group video chat with his brother Mycroft Holmes who works in the British government and Greg Lestrade, inspector at Scotland Yard.

“Where is (Y/N)?” Sherlock yells whilst picking up a book and throwing it across the room. The book had knocked some items off of the mantelpiece. Sherlock walked over to them and picks up a shiny rectangle. It was a photograph of Sherlock in a black suit hugging you in your white wedding dress. The happiest day in both of your lives. Gazing at it lovingly, Sherlock gently strokes the frame before putting it back ontop of the mantlepiece.

“We have our best people on it.” said Greg.
“The case is our top priority.” added Mycroft. Angrily Sherlock slams down his laptop lid, ending the chat. “Idiots” he mumbled as he walked back over to the photograph.
“They’re trying their best.” John says, trying to reassure him.
“I need her John… I. Need. Her.” Sherlock pleas as he starts to stroke your face in the picture.

You had been missing for a week now. It was so simple, you went to the shop but never returned home. There were no leads, your mobile was uncontactable, you had completely vanished. No contact from you or your captor. Sherlock had no idea who had abducted you and it was tearing him apart. You were his other half, a half that he didnt knew he needed before. He often described you as more powerful than any drug and more interesting than any case.
Permanently glued to his chair, he barely ate or slept. Only having the minimum amount, so he was always ready if he heard any news. John and Mrs Hudson took it in turns to watch over him.

John had walked into the room after making some toast. Sherlock was still in his chair, one of your dressing gowns draped over him. Placing a slice of toast next to Sherlock, John sat in his chair. Sherlock nuzzled the dressing gown whilst he was twisting his wedding ring around his finger. From what John could tell, Sherlock was in his mind palace.
Suddenly Sherlock’s mobile phone vibrated on the table, making him jump. The screen illuminated with the words ‘1 new message from unknown number’. “Finally” Sherlock mumbled as he grabbed the phone. He hesitated before opening the message, mentally preparing himself for what it might be.

Sherlock’s eyes widened in shock. It was a photograph showing your face and neck. Tears streaming down your face. Your watery eyes were framed by black rings of fatigue under them. You were clearly in distress. Bruises made from fingertips were on your neck, suggesting that a restraining hand had previously been there. A man’s lips were kissing your neck. Unfortunately the photograph only showed the very edge of them, making their owner difficult to discover. Under the photograph was a caption which read 'Thank you for the gift Sherlock. She is too delicious to resist!’

Tears filled Sherlock’s eyes as he stared at the image. “She looks different.” he whispered. John walked over to look at the message. Placing a comforting hand on his friend’s shoulder he said “It could just be the camera angle.”
Sherlock’s eyes interrogated the photograph. “No, that’s not it. Something is wrong with her face. It’s… It’s thinner.” he said trying to keep his voice steady and attempting to suppress his quickly growing anger.

For the next week Sherlock frantically ran around London, trying to figure out your location. He took his mobile to Lestrade in an attempt to track the number that sent the message. Sherlock knew that it would not work but he had to try anyway. Using the photograph he analysed the background but there was too little information to go on. He was running around in circles and he knew it. Despite his desperate efforts, you were unobtainable. Slowly, it was breaking him.

Sherlock laid on the sofa in 221B. John had tried his best to keep him positive but it had been weeks now. All Sherlock would say is “How can I be a consulting detective if I can’t even find my wife… I miss her so much.”
Sherlock’s mobile buzzed with another new message from an unknown number. He turned around and sat up on the sofa. His eyes filled with tears, he had been silently crying again.

The message was another photograph. It was of your hand being held by a man’s hand. He could spot your hand instantly especially because of your engagement and wedding rings. The man’s hand looked strangely familiar but Sherlock could not think of whose it was at that moment. A caption read 'I think we have really bonded’ this was then followed by a list of numbers.

John sat next to him on the sofa, looking over his shoulder at the message. Mrs Hudson also stared in from the kitchen as she made cups of tea for the three of them. “Coordinates” Sherlock said whilst looking at the numbers. Suddenly something happened that Sherlock did not expect. His phone rang. His mobile illuminated with 'unknown number calling’
With a trembling hand he answered it and put it on speaker phone. His eyes widened as he heard the sound of your voice.

“Hello my love. He knows that you have figured out the numbers.” your voice was shakey and weak. “Sherlock, he says that he is going to leave you a message… What is that? Why do you have that? No please, no!” you let out a blood curdiling scream. John could see Sherlock’s heart breaking. He was in agony.

Almost instantly Sherlock stood up. “We. Go. Now!” Sherlock growled as he put on his coat and taking a bag from the side. John hurriedly did the same as they both ran out the door and hailed a cab.

Following the coordinates, the taxi pulled up outside an abandoned office building. As they stepped in they could see long corridors filled with offices, all of them looking identical. John had the bag on his back and a gun in his hand. “Look at the walls. I should have known it would have been here.” Sherlock said.
“We couldn’t have gotten here any sooner.” John reassuringly replied.
In one of the offices at the other side of the corridor. Sherlock could see a figure slumped on the floor.

“Sher…lock” you said though your voice was no louder that a whisper. Slowly lifting your head, a smile spread across your face as you saw your husband. You would be crying with joy if you weren’t so dehydrated. Sherlock ran towards you and knelt down besides you. He gently hugged you and planted kisses all over your face before tenderly kissing your lips. It was as if you both couldn’t quite believe that you were finally reunited. Both of you were completely overwhelmed.
Looking at your dramatically thinner body, John rang for an ambulance.

Reaching into the bag and pulling out a bottle, Sherlock pours some water into your mouth. It was what you had been craving for weeks. You welcomed the feeling as a drop slipped out of your mouth, washing over your dry lips. John kept guard in case your captor was still around as Sherlock placed a cube of chocolate on your tongue. “I’ve missed you so much.” you whispered as Sherlock stroked your cheek.
“Are you talking about me or the chocolate?” Sherlock said which made you giggle. He savoured the sound of you laughter as a happy tear ran down his cheek.

Holding your hands he helped you as you shakily stood up. Your black form hugging dress now looked baggy as it hung off of your body. You started to walk but your legs buckled. You would have fallen on to the floor but Sherlock had caught you by placing a supportive hand on your back. This made you whimper in pain.
You shook your head. You felt like you didn’t want to be touched, especially there. Thoughts of you captor filled your mind and you shuddered in fear.

Without warning Sherlock scoops you up and starts to carry you. He was slightly alarmed by how much lighter you felt in his arms. You could start to hear sirens in the distance. Laying your head against Sherlock’s chest, you closed your eyes as you listened to the relaxing sound of his steady heartbeat.

You woke up in a white hospital bed. Sherlock was sat on a chair next to you holding your hand. His eyes staring at you. A smile crept onto his face as he watched your eyes open. He stood up and leaned over you, gently placing a kiss in your forehead before sitting back down again. You mouthed the words 'I love you’ which made his smile bigger.

You looked around the room. “John’s working on a few of the leads I have. Your captor seemed familiar but I just can’t quite put my finger on who it is yet.” Sherlock said with disappointment in his eyes.

“I see that I have come in at the right time.” said a doctor as he walked into the room. “(Y/N) as you know you are severely dehydrated and malnourished. I have given you some quick working syrups to help build your strength up. As long as you rest for the next few weeks, you will feel better in no time. You have also lost a lot of blood. I found something very strange when I examined you - ”
You cut him off as Sherlock looked at you with a confused expression.
“Please can I tell him… In private?” you ask with a look of shame on your face. The doctor nodded as he left the room.

“Sherlock…” your words trailed off as tears filled your eyes.
“What is it?” Sherlock asked lovingly as his hands cupped your face.
“You know how you said that my captor seemed familiar to you. Firstly, you know him. Sherlock it’s difficult. I hate him, you hate him. I can’t even say his name. The message he said that he was going to leave you… Well…” you say shakily.

Getting up and out of the bed, you stood in front of Sherlock. Turning around so you now faced the wall, you pulled your hospital gown up. Sherlock’s heart sank as his fists clenched in anger.

Carved deeply into your back were the words 'Did You Miss Me?’

“Moriarty” Sherlock growled through gritted teeth.

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Hello GlassPrism! Do you know any Christine (or Phantom) mishaps on or off stage?

Oh so many. Many of them onstage.

If you want flubs, check out my YouTube playlist of recorded flubs on video, this video of messed up lines and other funny slips, or the gifset I made for April Fool’s Day. You can also read up on flubs on the Lamentable Mess website (which got taken down but which you can still read through the Wayback Machine). Here is also a list I made of notable vocal cracks, missed lines, or flubs.

Random other flubs and mishaps I remember:

  • Davis Gaines as Raoul walking offstage during ‘All I Ask of You’ to go throw up because he was sick
  • Another Raoul, Gary Mauer, abandoning Lisa Vroman during ‘All I Ask of You’ due to food poisoning (she had to sing the song by herself)
  • During ‘Angel of Music’, Amy Jo Arrington apparently tripped going up the steps to her dressing room and smashed her face into the door so hard it swung open, banged against the dressing room wall, and came bouncing back to hit her again in the face
  • I think it was Brad Little who once got a bouquet with a bunch of peacock feathers in it, which his dresser tried to throw out because peacocks are bad luck according to theatre superstition; he didn’t believe it, but then that show one of the lights broke and set an actress’s wig on fire, and now I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want peacock feathers around him ever again
  • When Tabitha Webb was an understudy and doing her Hannibal princess track, she got banged on the head by the falling backdrop, was knocked unconscious, and had to be dragged offstage
  • As alternate Christine, she also apparently injured her arms somehow
  • Also, according to the link above, she got her wig ripped off her head
  • During her Las Vegas run, Sierra Boggess fell in the ‘Final Lair’ and chipped a tooth but kept on going
  • Many Raouls have slipped loose of their noose in the ‘Final Lair’, with varying ways of dealing with it (MAGNETIC PORTCULLIS), but one slipped out of it during the Phantom/Christine kiss, unnoticed by either of them until it was time for the Phantom (I think it might have been John Cudia?) to free him; the Phantom turned around with his candle, saw Raoul was already free, stood there for a moment, then whacked Raoul on the head with the candle before letting him take off with Christine
  • Sofia Escobar got put in the wrong wedding dress, which was far too long for her; she fell over it and twisted her thumb around; she ended up missing Peter Joback’s last show because of this
  • Mary Michael Patterson got banged on the head with the Phantom’s pole at the end of ‘Music of the Night’; she powered through ‘Stranger Than You Dreamt It’ and was replaced with Elizabeth Welch from Il Muto onwards
  • There are probably any number of actors who have had to quit the show halfway through due to illness (we have audio of Harriet Jones being replaced with Emmi Christensson because of this) or who kept on with the show regardless of illness (I think there’s a story of Anthony Warlow being so ill he was going backstage after each of his scenes to be sick, and that his standby was waiting in full costume just in case he had to take over)

And there are probably way, way more…

@tandembicycles replied to your post: Hey dear mutuals, dear friends whom I love so….

If you’re marrying Mic now, can I be a bridesmaid?

TANDEM……. PLEASE…… NO……. L-LISTEN. I’m not marrying him!! Why is that, you ask? The ultimate twist! Aizawa is in a wedding dress too. I AM NOT MARRYING ANYONE.
But all the teasing and bullying came to this….. 

@kawaiijohn can back me up on this. They also know how the comic goes.

The Bride, The Groom, and Subway - Chapter Two


In which Maya Hart’s twentieth birthday has seemed to gone a little overboard, and now Riley Matthews find herself in a wedding dress and at a Subway at four in the morning. Things go a little crazy when a cute boy walks in the same Subway shop as her, wearing a tuxedo.

Riarkle AU. Implied lucaya. Slight Zayadora in later chapters.

What kind of crazy guy waltzes into a Subway at 4:17 in the morning, wearing a tuxedo?!

(Then again, I’m the girl who waltzed into a Subway at 4:09 in the morning, wearing a dress.)

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Did this for Klaus, [ post is located here. ] So now I’m doing it for Katherine. As I said before, the show is derived from the books…Katherine is in the books and the show, but they are NOT the same in every way. Here is why.


  • Book!Kat; Her name is Katherine Von Swartzchild and she is german.

  • Show!Kat; Her name is Katerina Petrova and she is bulgarian.

  • Book!Kat; She was dying of a sickness, so her handmaiden Gurden found Klaus and he came to turn her into a vampire.

  • Show!Kat; She was to be used to break Klaus’s curse, she escaped and Katherine was turned with Rose’s blood via suicide.

  • Book!Kat; Bears a strong resembalence to Elena, her eyes strongly resembles a kittens eyes, Katherine’s hair is kind of a dark blonde? Her hair is very long as as noted by Elena, it trials behind her like a train/wedding dress. Her facial features are described as looking wrong and distorted, twisted by hunger and mocking. Her voice is light, sweet, melodic and silvery.

  • Show!Kat; Katherine is a doppelganger, [ her and Elena are a mirror image. ] Katherine has wavy/Curly hair. Katherine’s eyes are a shade darker than Elena’s.


  • Book!Kat; She is not able to cross running water– She can tunnel beneath it. [ this is the same for all vampires in the novels. ]

  • Show!Kat; Vervain can weaken or burn her.

  • Book!Kat; She cannot hurt or defeat a ghost [ veil matter. ]

  • Show!Kat; Magic can be used against her, as well as desiccation. Werewolf bite can kill her, and the whole vampire bloodline thing. The cure, heart extraction. Usage of the white oak ash dagger.


  • Book!Kat; sweet, docile, naive, childlike, fragile and emotionally vulnerable. [ before leaving with Klaus ]

  • Show!Kat; sweet, caring, naive and self-preservation. [ before vampire ]

  • Book!Kat; Selfish, spoiled, and a bit immature. 

  • Show!Kat; Selfish, classified as a bitch. Only looks after herself. Psychotic bitch [ though there are some signs she is shifting away from this. ]

  • Book!Kat; Slightly devious and insane, evil, crazy, barbaric, inhumane, malicious and hungry for revenge and power


  • Book!Kat; Klaus is her maker. Katherine traveled with Klaus, and it’s possible there was some type of relationship between them. After Katherine’s death, he wanted to avenge it and that was his purpose for going after Elena and all them.

  • Show!Kat; Klaus is NOT her maker, but she comes from his bloodline. It’s possible there was a relationship between them, but Klaus was just using her to break his curse. Klaus hunted her down for 500 years until he learned of Elena.

  • Book!Kat; Her father and the Salvatore’s father knew each other, her and Stefan begin a romantic relationship/courtship. Katherine loves both Salvatore’s and cannot choose between them; she wants the three of them to become ‘joyous companions forever.’

  • Show!Kat; She did love Stefan and Damon, but she loved Stefan more. He is deemed as her [ one true love. ] She also had a thing with Elijah.

  • Book!Kat; Elena Gilbert is actually Katherine’s sister. They’re more tolerant and understanding of each other after Katherine’s resurrection.

  • Show!Kat; Elena is Katherine’s Doppelganger and her descendant. They don’t like each other very much. 


  • Both come from Klaus’s bloodline.
  • Both loved the Salvatore’s.
  • Both had romantic [ sort of ] relations with an old one/original.
  • Both lied about their death/captivity.
  • Both are selfish, manipulative, jealous.
  • Both have to be invited in.
  • Sunlight and fire can kill them, and staked by wood, and decapitation.
  • Both turned Stefan and Damon.
  • Katherine and Katerina both have a gentle personality and love for their families, but their personality is changed by Klaus both directly and indirectly. 
  • Both loved Stefan more than Damon.

And there we have it.

EXO Reaction when their girlfriend ignores them

Here ya go anon! :) and you’re also very welcoooome :)


Suho: *Surprises you with a large gift* I’m sorry Jagi if I did something wrong. I couldn’t think of anything so here ya go and I hope you like it. (Plot twist: Inside the box is a wedding dress, a jewelry set and proposes to you. *gasps*)

Baekhyun: *Keeps on clinging on you*
You: *Throws plastic bottle to him*
Baekhyun: Aww. Okay okay! I’ll just maybe cuddle with you tomorrow.
Aww poor Baekiiee~

Chanyeol: *GIF* Please forgive me if I did something wrong, Jagi.

D.O: What do you want me to do so you can forgive me?
You: *Evil grin* Do aegyo.
*Hesitates for a while* Fine. If this will make you okay. This is how I love you. *GIF*

Kai: I’m gonna cry if you keep on ignoring me.

Sehun: What have I done? *Pouts and acts childish* (Aww… How lucky of you to see the other side of Sese keke~)


Xiumin: I still love you okay? Even if you hate me. I’ll just give you space.

Luhan: Jagi, Jagiyaa~ Look at me. I know you can’t resist me. (Who the heck can? Kyaaah~)

Kris: Oh snap. I screwed up, didn’t I?

Lay: I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Okay? Pleeease!

Chen: You want to play ignoring games? FINE!

Tao: *Sits in front of you* Jagi. Please forgive me if I did something wrong. You can pull my cheeks off right now if it will make you feel better.

Well, this is my own version of the theories that some people are giving. I do know that this could end not being the case, so, well, unlike most of you I have reasons to believe this have a certain percentage to be true. Once again, maybe it’s not the case, but that doesn’t dismiss my reasons, because they are enough to suspect.

I believe most of you have already surrendered. I don’t want to give you false hopes if turns to be false, so you are reading this by your own will. Anyway, if you are in total denial and have already accepted NH/SS is the end game, life sucks, you hate Sakura, Naruto, the fly right there, the sound of people laughing, then, don’t even bother to read this or try to reply at this, because I don’t want to hear you.

In any case, there I go.

For all we know, the OOC-ness began with Sakura asking Sasuke to go with her. Some of you may think that it bagan with her “ignoring Naruto” when she finds them, but I will half disagree. She healed both of them, it’s just that Sasuke needed to say sorry.

This is Sakura IN character. She loves him, she wanted to save him, but she’s still resentful about it. She first doesn’t want to hear him, he says sorry anyway and she breaks and say “You’d better damn well be”.

However, the nightmare begins when Sasuke decides to go and she ask to go with him. That’s not the Sakura we know. Even some of the SS fans that “loves” Sakura—and I say ‘”loves” because how you can ship her with someone that hurts her in that way? – noticed that. I mean, they defended to the end that Sakura is more mature now, that she’s not the fangirl of before, and, because that, their love/relationship would be good once Sasuke is redeemed. Guess what, she’s practically a single-mother in the last chapter. But we are speaking about 699 first, so, the thing here is that Sakura would never let the village when they need her the most along with Tsunade. Isn’t Sakura supposed to know what the priorities are? I mean, just take a look at Sakura’s confession. After they knew what Sasuke was doing, Naruto’s life in danger and her village itself, she made a decision. If she could do it or not has nothing to do with it, because she already knew what comes first. They know too, at least, about NS friendship. Some of them shipped Narusaku as BROTP. But that friendship is also ruined in those few panels. Because, right away Sasuke is in the village, Sakura is up to him. What is that? Did she just used Naruto to get Sasuke? That’s not the Sakura we all know. And contradicts the manga itself. Sakura haters may be happy because their prejudices came “true”, but for the people that understood Sakura’s character knows that she’s not THAT.

Naruto probably didn’t confess because he heard what Sakura said. And for people saying Sasuke was OOC, yes it can be, but we didn’t know a Sasuke without hate, despair and feelings of void inside him. Just because you don’t like a character or believe they are 100% jerks doesn’t mean they are. Take a look at how Madara was when with Hashirama created the leaf.

Well, then 700 came out. And everything was exactly where it wasn’t supposed to be if we follow the manga’s time line.

Here is when my theory begins:

Some of you may already read Ramen’s theory and other ones with the same feeling. Anyway, this is my variation.

Yes. Almost we all are up to the IT theory and the rest think that

-          Or the “real” chapter didn’t come out, hence what we read is trolling for all the piracy they are victim of. But I really doubt this, since isn’t it too much to leak even colour pages? Before of what we have read—I mean, the scans—we’ve seen pics of the book itself (the pages of the book*). Either way, didn’t Evil tell us spoilers that came to be true? She has contacts inside, doesn’t she? And, how do you think the ones who translate the chapter gets…the chapters?

-          Or that it’s over but Kishimoto feelt obligated for someone else. Since I know nothing about how these things work, I recommend you to read this:

“It’s a possibility and I thought of that too. However, I doubt it for two reasons.
1. Popular mangaka> editor> unpopular mangaka
Kishi is one of the most popular mangaka in weekly shounen jump. I doubt even the editors could force Kishi to destroy the world he was building. 

Do you know HUNTER X HUNTER’s Mangaka called Togashi? He didn’t update his manga for years because he was too addicted to his games. The editor couldn’t do sh*t about it. They can’t even fire him, because it’s better that he continues writing (no matter how long it takes), rather than to just end the series. And Togashi probably doesn’t have half the popularity Kishi has. 

If worse comes to worst, Kishi can just take a break or stop writing. Shueisha will prefer Kishi writing the story the way he wants instead of him not writing the story at all. 

2. This ending does not appease the story fans that has a considerably larger size than the pairing fans (and specifically NH/SS fans out of all pairing fans). 
A story fan would want to see how Naruto became the Hokage, how he ended the cycle of hatred, the aftermath of war, what happened to Orochimaru, the scroll Suigetsu had, INSTEAD of Naruto’s sh*tty parenting, popular characters turning into baby-making machines and sperm banks just for the sake of making NH/SS canon.

There is no merit for the editor or the Shueisha to force this on Kishi. ”

That’s why I think a variation of Infinite Tsukuyomi can explain almost everything. And I mean almost everything because 699 is practically not remediable—even I have some ideas about how fix that but it’s highly less possible than anything—but we still can get a better ending than this one.

Okay. We have now a variation of the IT. I don’t believe it’s actually the IT we know.

The reason I believe it’s…well, because for the same IT you will need a Sharingan and a Rinnegan (?) and, for we know, Sasuke is not involved with the bad guys this time. Also, because it seems more to be “another world” than only Hinata’s perspective. Why? Because then Bolt wouldn’t be problematic or Naruto so busy. They will have had the perfect life. And because it also involves other people’s lives/feelings as not satisfied. If it were just Hinata’s IT, then we probably would have seen all from Hinata’s perspective. As if we’re her, not things she’s not interested about or she doesn’t know.

Kishimoto created a different version of the IT for RTN, why can’t do the same for this movie? I mean, in the manga says that Naruto have never talk with Hinata, but in the movie there is a flashback, so who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Anyway, I could be wrong. There are things that can indicate that it is, indeed, Hinata’s IT dream. Her life along Naruto not being 100% perfect with Naruto, as should be if we are talking about IT, can be her conscience about Naruto not loving her, etc. Any way it can’t explain how other people’s feelings were showed too. Even people she doesn’t know about. I mean… the cat girl with Kiba? ¯\_(⊙︿⊙)_/¯

I believe is something more like RTN IT version but where they aren’t fully aware of it. Imagine the people just waking up in that world, singly confused, but with that world’s memories, so they aren’t really aware it’s an IT. An Infinite Tsukuyomi where all people’s desires combine and creates a “new world”. Have you seen Bruce Almighty? What happened to Bruce when he tried to solve everyone’s problems? A mess, chaos and more dissatisfaction. One’s desire can block something somewhere and it becomes a cycle that never ends.

One of the leaked designs of the other day contain Hinata with a dress.

She’s going to be kidnapped, right? And thanks to this translation

“Translation start (part 1)
The feelings that still haven’t reached. What is the conclusion?

The Konoha village where the winter festival is nearing. Naruto is in Ichiraku along with his friends he grew with. In the midst of all this, Hinata’s feelings that she poured in the scarf she made haven’t still reached Naruto. Hinata hates herself for only being able to look at him from afar. At that sudden moment, a mystery man appears. Although, Naruto was able to arrive in time for rescue, the mystery man left some words before he disappeared, "You guys are destined to be destroyed. Before that, Hinata, I will come to pick you up.” What does he mean by destined to be destroyed? Why is Hinata targeted? In that moment a huge meteor along with a strong light passed the sky.

(Part 2)
The moon’s sudden approach! Is this a natural disaster? to a warning to the shinobi?

The five Kage meetings were urgently held. In the seat were leaders of each country, Mizukage, Raikage, Tsuchikage, Gaara, and…..if this continues the moon will be destroyed. The wreckage will come to earth. This is exactly a countdown until human extinction. The shinobi were in chaos. Naruto goes on a research along with Sakura, Shikamaru, Sai, and Hinata, reaching an alien underground space with a huge curse mark. What they heard there was a “plan” and a name they couldn’t believe.

(Part 3) 
Weave hope into the next generation. Don’t give up on the future.

Otsutsuki Toneri. The man’s identity is a descent of Otsutsuki Kaguya, who fought a battle to death against Naruto and Sasuke. In that moment, Toneri appeared with his puppet players and drives Naruto and his company away. And finally, Hinata falls in the hands of the man. At the same time on earth, they were nearing their limit in their battle against the nearing meteor. What is this so-called “True Final Plan”? What is the sad fate between the Otsutsuki family and the Hyuga family? At the final day of earth each and every one’s unbending feelings will crash through time!“

I can say that Toneri is apparently interested in Hinata more than anything. And this dress indicates a twisted wedding or part of a ritual. Typical cliché, if you ask me. She will be probably controlled in some way.  And maybe…the rescue team fails? And this is how the variation of the IT begins. At the end, this will be solved, because people will realize they are not happy, they really want something else, etc.

Why do I suspect that? Because of some elements, such as Sasusaku’s daughter looking like Karin or Naruhina’s kids with a cherry blossom hair. I mean, how even???

At the end, this movie could be about Hinata finally moving on. Having the development she needs.

So, how can we fix then the final chapter? Releasing another one after the movie is out. Someone told me that, months ago, he read somewhere that for the ones who see the movie it will be a new chapter. Isn’t going to be an early release for the movie? For some “lucky” ones the tickets will be raffled? Either way the rumor about a new chapter after the early movie release may be false, but who knows? Maybe there will actually be one more chapter for all of us after the movie in December. For what I remember, Kishimoto’s assistant said that he drew along with Kishimoto and someone else (I believe?) 32 pages for the final chapter. But wasn’t it 21? I mean, for chapter 700. Either way, if I’m wrong in this last one it doesn’t affect anything I’ve said.

Now, you may be thinking why Kishimoto would do something like this?

Because it’s his big ending and he’s… a bit dramatic, don’t you think? He may have exaggerate in some things or drag the resolution of the romance sub-plot to the end. But you really think he’s stupid enough to poop in his own work which cost 15 years and time with his family? He has invested too much for just ruining everything.

The movie is being worked since almost…two years, isn’t it? What have we get in that time? From the interview about Sakura’s confession, Minato’s comment, CPR, SK and NS mirrored, more Hinata’s literally falling when she tried to be the person at Naruto’s side, more negative moments to add to Sasusaku’s relationship.

I mean, if we were “trolled” because the manga was up to be interpreted as a Narusaku ending, work of 15 years. Why can’t he troll NH/SS making them believe they are canon? How crazy is really that? Hinata’s feelings need a closure, after all and she’s a popular character, so… since he wasn’t able to do that in the manga, he decided to make a movie.

If it weren’t like that, he wouldn’t add to much positive moments for NS in the time he was making the movie. He would have foreshadowed NH and SS, but he didn’t. He could have make Hinata met Minato, but he didn’t. He could have make Hinata not fail to reach Naruto, but he didn’t. He could have make Sakura be with Sasuke instead of Karin, but he didn’t. He could have make Sasuke be more aware of Sakura’s life in danger, but he didn’t. Two years making the movie and drawing the manga and the end doesn’t match at all. That’s why I believe this is not the end.

The only thing I can’t really justify is 699. That chapter has Sakura blushing, with that destroys NS friendship, Sakura’s final development and kind of foreshadowed the possibility of him falling for her in a future…and she accepting him. Which is why he probably didn’t confess, which is why he went to Hinata (I’m not saying he doesn’t love her if this is the case, but that his feelings aren’t 100% positive for the relationship), which is why he doesn’t eat from Hinata’s bento and instead eats instant ramen and keeps himself busy* since he bottled up his feelings for Sakura.

(*This is an interpretation for the following reason right there.)

And so on, and so on.

I said early that I have an explanation for 699 but I also said that it was the less likely of all. And is that… for the sake of preparing people to 700, he drew that Sasusaku scene and Hinata alongside Naruto in Neji’s funeral. Either way, is too much, and what if after the movie he releases two chapters? One replacing 699, more like some scenes and 700, obviously. But as I said, I hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighly doubt this, so we are doomed about 699 anyway.

If it turns not to be like this, then, indeed, Kishi has ruined his own manga breaking the continuity. And I’ll be done forever and ever. A movie won’t fix all the hollows 699 and 700 has, the inconsistency, etc. That movie only is 110 min. long. Well, those are my thoughts. I hope it was well explained. Have a good day.

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okay [rubs hands and narrows eyes] let's get this straight (no pun intended). harry asks a girl in a wedding dress to marry him. someone then mumbles (liam? or niall?) about a plot twist, and harry laughs and says, "there's been a plot twist!" and then a few seconds later, says, "i almost wore MY wedding dress, that would've been awkward. but that's a different story!" niall and everyone else laughs loudly with harry. [grins conspiratorially] something you wanna tell us boys? louis?? ;D

Harry Tomlinson is real 😏