wedding dress madness

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  • *221B Baker Street*
  • Holmes: *sitting in his chair* Do we have an agreement?
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *blinking* Y-you want to marry me just to escape an arranged marriage?
  • Holmes: *clasps his hands* My mother is insistent I wed as soon as possible. I do not like decisions being made for me.
  • Molly: *understanding* I see. You need me to pose as your bride, thus fooling your family. It shan't be legally binding.
  • Holmes: *frowns* Why not?
  • Molly: *sighs* Because you do not need a wife.
  • Holmes: No.
  • Molly: *annoyed* A fake wedding, then?
  • Holmes: *irritated* A genuine marriage.
  • Molly: *confused* I don't understand.
  • Holmes: *rolls his eyes* I have no need of a wife. I want you.
  • Molly: *swallows* I-I won't be very satisfying, Mr. Holmes. Besides, I had always thought I'd marry love.
  • Holmes: ...
  • Molly: *awkward* Mutual love.
  • Holmes: *nods* Yes.
  • Molly: *eyes wide* Oh.
  • Holmes: *shrugs* Unless, you'd rather wed the banker.
  • Molly: *smiles* I don't think so.
  • Holmes: *excited* Excellent. I'll send a telegram to Mummy immediately *pauses; smirks* almost immeidately *snogs Molly*
  • Mummy Holmes: *reading* Ah, it's from William.
  • Daddy Holmes: *looks up from the paper* Oh?
  • Mummy Holmes: *chuckles, folds the telegram* Worked like a charm, dearest.
  • Daddy Holmes: *laughs* Always does.
GOT7: Jinyoung fluff/angst


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It’s been two months now, when you last time saw the Doctor. You had a fight. It was big enough to make you think. Think things like you should start to live your normal life. Get married, get a job and have some kids. Traveling all the time with the Doctor is just enough for you now. You have got enough. It was so wonderful, but also very dangerous. And all had those so often. It’s hard to forget all those fights you had with the Doctor. You just want to be safe least for a while so you left the Doctor behind. It was hard of course, because you love him. Sadly you never told him that.

Tomorrow is your wedding day. Doctor is probably coming. You can feel it. He is coming. You are excited, but also very nervious. 

On next day, on your wedding day you can see out the window, that Tardis being parked in your garden. It’s him, a mad man you have been waiting for. You are running though your house to the outside to your garden. Doctor comes out of the Tardis and sees you immediately next to him. He slowly comes to you with sad looking face.

“Hello.” -11th

“Doctor you came.” -You

“I heard you are getting married today with your loved one.” -11th

“Yes…I- I’m so sorry, sorry for everything!” -You

You are trying to hold your cry, but you can’t. Tears are ruining your makeup, but you don’t care about that at all. Doctor gives you a hug saying

“ Ow sweetheart, it’s okay. I’m so sorry too. Those fights we had..I’m sorry.“ -11th

“I came just to say, that I love you. So much.-11th

“Doctor I love you too!” -You

You just can’t stop crying. Doctor hugs you more tightly. You are saying “Please, stay. Raggedy man don’t go.” -You

He says softly “Shhh..(y/n), don’t worry I won’t.“ -11th  

“And by the way, you look very beautiful in your wedding dress.” -11th

“Aw thank you.” -You *smiling brightly with tears on cheeks*

I really loved to do this one! :3

For atomicpeacekryptonite !

The next chapter of OC is filled with wild goose chases and extraordinary twists and turns — through old familiar fancies and across new frontiers.

I’m getting married in six months’ time, and one of my favorite images that is part of my “wedding mood board” is that memorable shot of Angharad emerging from the tank of the War Rig. There’s just something so bridal and beautiful about her look in that moment with her white empire-waist dress and the veil billowing from her head, and I’m glad that a striking visual element of this film is helping me get inspired to create my dream wedding dress.