Hello to all! I got my brother a present today and he was so happy he went into a lot of trouble to make these pics possible.
This time he ran a mod on Link which turns Fierce Deity into a dress and heels (maybe they placed them over that outfit because it’s FIERCE?)

He’s the one who deals with all the tech; I just play and snap the pics.
This mod, however, was only injected into the game by him. The creation of this goes to a different set of people at Gamebanana:
Uploaded by EvilLord_23, Rigged by nemesis23, Model import by NCsoft, Textures by amiibolad.

I’m afraid we couldn’t take Sidon away from his Domain because the program cannot run the hacks (as spawning Sidon elsewhere) and the mod (Link’s dress) at the same time.

We hope this makes some people happy.
As for me, I like Link in heels. And I believe we’ll be returning to the regular drawing uploads after this. I needed a little break :)

Yang Xiao Long Wedding Dress

I had quite a few people asking to cosplay some of my wedding dress designs, and because some of the poses hid most of the design I decided to make this design sheet for any one hoping to cosplay Yang’s dress. @luxavem Hopefully this helps you, I’ll start working on a design sheet for Weiss’s dress next!

**Please feel free to cosplay any of my designs, just please share photos if you do! :)