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The Mc and the rfa members during their first night as a maried couple.

(since I’ve already done their first time sleeping together here: x , this will the the SFW version)


  • he’s still over the moon
  • also he probs ate lots at the reception so he’s kinda sleepy
  • when he gets home he cuddles with MC a lot
  • they sit down on the couch and cuddle while watching videos of the wedding
  • he doesn’t stop gushing about how nice MC looked all dressed up for the wedding


  • she’s extremely tired but happy
  • bc?? the wedding dress??? is not comfortable
  • like not at all
  • but she wanted to look pretty for MC so she went with it
  • changes into pajamas as soon as she gets home
  • cuddles with MC in bed while giggling and talking about how pretty the wedding was


  • after wedding?? you mean
  • he actually books an hotel bc he knows the fangirls are at his house. waiting
  • he takes MC to the hotel’s pool and they splash around until it gets very very late
  • he’s also a bit drunk so MC has to make sure he doesn’t go to deep in the pool because swimming while drunk is a big no no
  • all night he can’t sleep because he’s so happy? 


  • after the wedding he also had to rush to the car with MC in his arms to avoid the media
  • once in the car he’s cuddling MC and kissing them
  • the driver is very awkward because are they seriously doing this in the car with him there?
  • once home, MC collapses on the couch because the wedding was long and tiring (i mean have you seen a christian wedding those things last for freaking ever)
  • he brings out more wine because apparently he didn’t have enough in the reception??
  • talks about the future while hugging MC all night because he can’t wait!! he’s so excited to see how everything will unfold


  • every ten minutes he says something weird like
  • “mc poke my face to make sure I’m not dreaming”
  • “pinch my arm just so I know this is real”
  • “boop my nose. it’s just to know I’m not hallucinating”
  • he just can’t believe it?? he got married??
  • also since saeran is in the house he can’t really get too wild so he puts on a movie and the three of them sit down to watch
  • saeran goes to bed before the movie finishes though because MC and 707 are cuddling and 707 is whispering cheesy stuff into MC’s ear and Saeran can’t really digest that

where yeah, he promised that “of course i won’t cry, love. i’m a man.” but he’s standing there sniffling at the alter. where you make him laugh as he stands in front of everyone, and he hears titters of amusement behind his back while he clutches your hands and kisses you cheek gently. where his kisses taste of sweet champagne, and his tux gets progressively less-buttoned with every round of shots he orders for the boys. where he can’t stop twirling your fingers in his, and he presses the cool curve of his nose to the underside of your jaw, murmuring a simple, “mrs. styles” and where at the end of it all, he’s tipsy and giggling, spewing out random wedding facts such as “you really shouldn’t throw rice at weddings love, pigeons can’t digest it”

Starring Role

TITLE: Starring Role


AUTHOR: the-devil-herself


Imagine that, when you were only few days old, your mother promised you to the God of mischief, when you come of age. You live years, only having learned about Norse mythology in school. Your mother finds it too difficult to talk about and postpones it until it’s too late…


NOTES/WARNINGS: I’m so sorry for the long delay, but I was in Europe for a while! I am back now and ready to start writing again. Feedback please!

“I’m not going.”

I stared down my mother and sister as they held out a long green dress for me to wear for my dinner with Loki tonight. He had invited me this morning through a messenger, much to my mother’s delight. I, on the other hand, was anything but pleased.

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