Karine’s Wedding

Last week I got to make up beautiful Karine and her bridal party for a London wedding. She got in touch with me expressing that she would like something really ethereal and had lots of inspirational videos and imagery to show me! 

The Inspiration 

Karine  had a wealth of inspiration to pull from. She saved some images to her phone to show me as well as a couple of makeup tutorials. This was fantastic as it gave me a good idea of the kind of look she was after. She expressed that she wasn’t afraid of a slightly more fashion inspired look, but wanted her eye makeup to look “blown out” and very etherial with fresh looking skin.

Karine was inspired by several artist tutorials including Mary Greenwell’s “Makeup For Redheads” video (bottom left image.)

She also loved the tutorial  Charlotte Tilbury created of Kate Moss’s wedding makeup (top left/right.)

I felt that there were some similarities between these two looks but Karine also felt inspired by Chanticaille’s new Summer 2016 collection (bottom right). 

The Trial 

Karine came to my home studio for a trial about a month before her wedding and I created three different looks for inspired by the inspiration imagery she’d shown me.  She was keen to use her own makeup on the day which was absolutely fine as she had some fantastic brands in her own makeup kit (including Georgia Armani, Chanel and Chanticaille.)

The first look I created for her featured a soft smokey eye using Charlotte Tilbury’s Luxury Eye Palette which is full of cool toned browns. She specifically wanted to try “inner eye” contouring which can give a very beautiful and slightly more editorial feel to makeup. I mixed the two browns in the Luxury Palette to create a soft smokey finish and blended outwards followed by a brown kohl pencil to give definition around the lashes. 

For Karine’s skin I used a combination of products including Chanelle Vitalumier Foundation, Elizabeth Arden Blusher and Laura Mercier Concealor. The general effect was glowy and fresh with a medium coverage (please note at this stage mascara was yet to be applied) : 

After this Karine wanted to experiment with less matte textures on the eyes so we used Chantecaille’s new summer eyeshadows in Starfish and Mermaid instead of the Charlotte Tilbury Palette. As well as adding a little more sheen to the eyelid, I also changed the brown colour to a cooler tone which she preferred  :

For the third look I simply used just the Chanticaiile Stafish Eyeshadow with a brown pencil, brow highlighter and lots of mascara. This gave a completely different effect as the colour was slightly plum toned and really made her eye colour pop as well as giving a softer finish as the matte browns were a little smokier. 

In the end we tried about four different eye looks . Karine took photos of each look for reference and in the end decided she wanted something in between the first and last look. 

The Makeup

On the actual Wedding Day I used a combination of product to create the makeup that Karine was most pleased with. 

I prepped skin well with Dermalogica Gentle Skin Hydrating Booster, used Smashbox Primer to help the makeup stay put and created a flawless base using Chanel Le Blanc, Chanel Vitalumier Foundation, Laura Mercier Concealor, Georgio Armani Powder, Elizabeth Arden Blusher and Jane Iredales Pomme Mist Setting Spray. Karine also wanted extra freckles drawn in so I used Topshop’s Freckle Pencil which gave a very natural effect. 

For the eyes I used a long lasting primer, Charlotte Tilbury’s Luxury Eye Pallette, Chanticaille’s Starfish Shadow, a soft brown taupe pencil and Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Mascara. Her brows were highlighted with concealor and a beige eyeshadow to give extra pop. 

For lips Karine had a nude rose which I created using Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Lip Pencil and two Charlotte Tilbury lipstick mixed together (a nude and a rose tone). 

The Wedding Day

As soon as I get the final Wedding images I will certainly share the professional photos but for now here are just a few snaps of the bride herself and her bridal party. I also created the subtle smokey eyes and glowy skin on the rest of the bridal party using a variety of different products : 

The Brides Look

Mother Of The Bride’s Look

The Bridesmaid’s Looks

All in all it was a beautiful experience being part of Karine’s Wedding and I wish her and her husband Tom all the happiness for their future together! 

For wedding makeup bookings and enquires please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at  : tabbycastomakeupartist@gmail.com

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