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Your art is so amazing!!! I can't believe you have such amazing talent! I really love the way you draw Natsu o//w//o I was wondering who's your favourite ship (boyxboy and girlxboy wise) in Fairy Tail?

Thanks a lot >////< Belive it anon, I can’t believe it too. Yeeess I’m so happy Natsu is my fav boy. I love drawing him. 

As for the ships it’s Gratsu & Nalu <3

my life is 1000% better when I’m listening to carly rae jepsen

I was talking with my buddy @anita2524 about the new spoilers of Cophine and I came to mind a post about Westmoreland. I have a theory about him and Delphine being related somehow but now, after I saw those spoilers with Cophine wedding I thought…
What if was Cosima who is related to Westmoreland somehow?
Because the images of the wedding are odd. They are very victorian style and the only victorian in the show is Percival Westmoreland but…
There is a clone who like that same style.


Cosima have been living her entire life protected. By their sisters, by Delphine, even by Dyad. She’s the only one who knows about the cure of the clone disease besides Delphine. She lived in a victorian house that looked very expensive, IDK, those house are beautiful because their constructions seems like castles…
We know nothing about Cosima’s past or her family, and yes, I know that The Messenger told Delphine that to Wesmoreland didn’t like that Cosima is in the island, but
Why he saved her at first then?
Cosima and Westmoreland have a very close details in common, and I don’t think that those details be there just like a coincidence.

also i feel like they’re out getting fitted for their wedding suits and mac keeps like, wandering over to check out the dresses and dennis snaps at him to stay focused and mac mumbles something about like, “i don’t know i always thought it would be kind of fun to wear a dress” and dennis is like “…you’re not serious” and mac goes “well. when i was really little i’d try on my mom’s wedding dress whenever she went out and like. walk around in it and play with the skirt oh my god it had this crazy long train it was so cool. but no you’re right that’s stupid let’s go try on those suits” and dennis is like, “yeah jesus let’s go try on the suits come on we’re wasting time” but none of the suits are quite right and it’s just not happening so they cut their booking short after half an hour and decide to come back another time.

and then later that night they’re almost falling asleep and dennis is like, “mac. mac do you seriously want to wear a wedding dress with a crazy long train. is that seriously something you want.” and there’s a thirty second pause and mac finally, very quietly, goes, “…yeah dude” and the very next day they go out shopping for wedding dresses

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Okay most interesting customer I've had so far in my supermarket. There is this old woman who is always dressed up to the nines just people going to a royal wedding, coloured costumes matching crazy hats etc. She wears that. So she comes in flawless as always taking her cart doing her shopping. In rollerblades. Rollerblades perfectly matching the colour of her outfit and matching hat. And it looks incredibly elegant when she does it and I couldn't help but think she has surpassed us and humans

For some reason this reminds me of a couple of people from the town where I grew up. First, there was this reeeeeeally old guy that rode his bicycle EVERYWHERE. Mostly mart walls since that was one of the few chain stores we had. We’d even see him two towns over, which was a half hour drive. He was always dressed in the kind of bike wear that professional bicyclists wear to races and his bikes was top of the line fancy as shit. He had to be like 80 years old. Had a lot of respect for him because, damn, I couldn’t keep up with him even when I was young.

Then there was a lady that dressed like a nun and would be seen riding her bike or walking to mart walls nearly everyday. She was NOT a nun. It was clear that she was wearing a costume. She was a loner and a huge grump. I had her go through my line when I worked at mart walls temporarily. She glared at me the whole time and refused to speak to me.

I forgot about these two til I read this ask. Haven’t thought about them in years because I have been living out of state for 10 years now. Kind of wonder if the fake nun ever accepted she’s not a nun. -Abby