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S/O hinting to have sex for the first time reactions? For GOM, Kagami, Kasamatsu, Kiyoshi and Hanamiya? Sorry for so many guys haha

Kuroko would try to keep his face expressionless, but that tiny shade of red would give him away quickly, especially if his partners pays more attention to him. He’d also try to be chill about it, yet would stammer waaay more. He’d want to make sure that his partner really wants to do it and if they know what they’re getting themselves into as well.

Kise would laugh it off because “[Name]-cchi don’t do that or you’ll regret it” until his partner tells him that they want to do it. Then he’d become a real mess. Blushing, stammering, his hands flying everywhere because suddenly he’d be too embarrassed to touch them or just be too close.

Midorima would try to shake it off, with cheeks lightly red, until his partner gets direct with words. Then he’d get red, his ears along and would began stumbling on his own words and sentences.

Aomine would grin because while he has a hunch what his partner’s doing, he’d also be a bit embarrassed. He’d hold them close, his hands wandering over his body and ask if they’re completely sure they want this. While he may look collected and confident on the outside, he could panic on the inside, especially if it’s his first time.

Murasakibara is oblivious, so his partner would come better off with words than gestures. But then again, he may also act oblivious, while he’d know for certain what they’re hinting on. He wouldn’t make a move or anything unless they speak out what they want.

Akashi would try to keep it calm and pretend he doesn’t know what they mean, but would be inwardly panicking while trying even harder cause the longer he plays being calm, more direct his partner could get. The tips of his ears would give him quickly away, along with Akashi averting his eyes, suddenly shy to keep an eye contact.

Kagami would blink before his eyes would widen and push them away. His actions might make them feel a bit down or betrayed, but he’d quickly speak up, saying he’d rather do it on a special day in a romantic way. He’s such a hopeless romantic.

Kiyoshi may look and even act innocent, but his mind….ho boy I tell you. He could smile as his partner tries to give hints, but inside his head he could already think up of a way to make them scream his name. He wouldn’t mind taking relationship to another level, but as long as his partner knows what they’re getting into.

Kasamatsu would blush just by thinking about it so if his partner’s hands began traveling to areas that he almost never thinks of, his face would red like a tomato. He’d stammer over his own thoughts not just words. Out of everyone, he’s the most innocent and purest guys there ever is. But once he sets mind on something, he could become bolder.

Hanamiya would know just by the look in his partner’s eyes. It would almost seem like he knows what they even think about and what they dream. He’d smirk and pull them closer before whispering in their ear; “why don’t you use that pretty mouth of yours to say instead of hinting? You know how much I don’t like going around the bush when you can go straight to it.” Needless to say, he’d be the first one to make a move if they began hinting.

Percabeth's Wedding

You cannot convince me that Percy did not, PERSONALLY, ask Hestia to attend his wedding as a patron, instead of that b*tchy-hag known as Hera.

Like he approaches her at camp, everyone else watching behind him all confused, while he asks her verbally to attend his wedding, with a basket of gifts and an envelope invitation to his wedding to sit in the front row with the parents. And Hera isn’t even allowed on the wedding’s premises.

(Hades and Persephone are also invited, they bring Cerebrus)

Hazel is the flower girl and Nico is the ring bearer.

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I love your marriage proposal headcanons! Thank you so much for answering my request. Can you do them this time for Aomine, Kise, Murasakibara, Himuro and Mayuzumi?

Hi dear! Aw, I’m so happy you liked them! *-* I hope you’ll like these the same! Let me know!

Have a nice day!

Aomine Daiki, Kise Ryouta, Murasakibara Atsushi, Himuro Tatsuya, Mayuzumi Chihiro Wedding Proposal Headcanons

Aomine Daiki

-I imagine Aomine being totally lost about it. He really, really want to propose…but something stops him every time and he gets more and more irritated. Once it’s his cowardice, another time your annoying friends, than he doubts himself… He just can’t imagine answering yes. And he hates it. He hates feeling not at his best, feeling as he’s going to lose. So, he decides he’s going to ask it when he really his as his top.

-He waits for the last match of the international basketball tournament of the year. He had asked the coach to let you sit on the benches during the match so that it’s going to be easy for him to reach you. Everyone says it’s the best match Aomine has ever played: he’s the king of the court, a wild animal without leashes, unstoppable. The number one. Every time he scores he grins widely.
He crushes his adversaries, even if they we’re a powerful team. Because this time he can’t afford to lose. Not tonight. He has a bet with himself.

-When, finally, they are celebrating on the podium and the presenter had put around his neck the golden medal, he jumps down from his place and walks right to you, who are already enthusiastic about the victory and jumping around excitedly. All the eyes of the entire gym and the cameras are on you two, but Aomine sees only you. A smirk on his lips, face still flushed and eyes glimmering.

-He stops in front of you and takes off the medal to put it around your neck.
“This is probably going to be the best day of my life,” he grins as you watch him speechless. He then takes off the chain necklace you’ve bought him for his birthday.
But, hanging from it, there a shining silver ring with a sapphire.
“But only if you say yes, babe,” He kneels and stretches it to you, as you cover your mouth.
“A-Are you serious?” You mutter and tears roll down your cheeks.
“Hell yes,” he scoffs blushing, “And please answer, don’t make it even more embarrassing.”
You literally jump into his arms, without words to answer properly but “Yes. Yes! Yes!”

Kise Ryouta
-Kise devises different plans for week. He wants it to be special, but doesn’t want reporters or fangirls ruining the moment. So, what to do?
Simple, he kidnaps you.

-I mean, being a famous pilot brings some privileges no? He rent a small plane just for the two of you and one day, without warning you, instead of dropping you at your best friend’s house, he just puts you on it with two suitcases and a smirk on his face.

-He makes you sit beside him as he maneuvers, with a glass of champagne in your hand. You try to make him talk and ask for reasons, but he evades them and keeps his mouth sealed, chatting instead.

-He brings you in a natural paradise on top of the world, far from the cities and immersed in the starry skies. Looking around, on the peak of a mountain or a hill, you don’t know, you can see only stars and stars. Just the two of you for once. No public, no fangirls, no photographers and reporters. Just you and Kise.
He shows it to you with pride as soon as you step out, in awe. He had planned to ask it after a romantic dinner outside (picnic gourmet) and while whispering to each other but…he’s too enthusiastic. Excited.
Imagine him laughing openly as he spins with his arms open, shining blond hair against the night.
“SO!” he calls laughing at himself and at the world, “I swear I planned it properly, but if I wait a second more I could explode!” He takes your hands into his and drags you away from the plane and almost into the sky.
You’re without words, a giddy chuckle escapes your lips as his happiness is rubbing off on you.
“This is beautiful!” you whisper and he beams pointing up.
“Do you see the stars?”
You nod tilting your head and he smiles as a child.
“They’re my love for you!” he pronounces easily and heartfeltly, but your heart misses a beat. And, before you can recover from it, he kneels and offers you an open velvet box.
A silver ring with a topaz shines in it.
“Please, be my star forever.” His hands are trembling even if he’s faking to be calm and smooth but…his golden eyes are so fond, so warm as he watches you as the most precious of the treasures.
Crying, you throw yourself at him and hug your boyfriend tightly. He picks and spins you around, repeating against your ear, “I’m so happy, so happy…”

-You spend the next three days in a luxurious onsen near where you’ve landed.

Murasakibara Atsushi
-In a domestic, sweet and comfy way. It’s just that for you it’s like being already married, you already live like that so…Murasakibara realizes you’re not only when one of his friend tells him he’s going to marry.

-It’s a normal evening. You two are eating at the table what he has cooked and you are chatting happily about the day, as he nods, listening even if he seems not to. You think it’s going to be a normal night: you’ll wash the plates and he’ll dry them, putting them away since he’s taller. Maybe then some cuddles on the couch, laughing and munching sweets. In the end, sleeping curled in Murasakibara’s arms.
But then Murasakibara starts a new conversation out of nowhere and changes the rest of your lives in few seconds.

“We’re like married, aren’t we?” He’s stopped eating and his words sound casual, as he looks up from his plate and meets your gaze. You nearly choke on your food and cough, embarrassed by the sudden change of topic.
“I-I think so…” You stutter, not daring to lower your gaze but already feeling your cheeks getting redder.
“But we aren’t,” He adds calmly. A sting to your heart, but you manage to keep your smile.
“Then let’s make it official.” And suddenly Murasakibara is stretching to you a small, open box. In the middle you can see a golden ring with three amethyst.
“Marry me, SO.”
You blinked at him completely lost, fear and happiness swirling in your mind.
“It’s already like we’re married no? I just want to make this official,” he shrugs, “So that I’m sure you’re going to be with me forever.”
Maybe is seeing his red cheeks or the way his hand is slightly trembling, but everything clicks and you start crying. Stumbling you leave your seat and hug him tightly, as Murasakibara pulls you in his laps and buries his face in the crook of your neck.
“Yeah, let’s make it official. Our forever.”

Himuro  Tatsuya
-He’s the mysterious and cool guy who likes to tease, that’s how I see him in a relationship. So, a simple thing but meaningful for you. Unexpected.

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Nine To Five (Part 14)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

A/N: Guys, get the tissues, get the baths running because you will ache.

Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15

3 Years Later

It felt strange; to be staring at your own reflection and look absolutely nothing like yourself. That’s how you felt, when your hand trailed down the white lace that coated your skin, and you blinked with these large eyelashes that you really hoped weren’t off a horse, but you couldn’t deny that they made your eyes pop.

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GOM + Kuroko's reaction when their s/o slaps them on tha booty :)

I already made one request like this in the beginning, so if you don’t mind I’ll just go with gifs this time. Here’s the link -T-chan


please ignore the slap mark ><






What did Nathaniel do for Rebecca so far:

- sent a private plane to bring Rebeccas dad to her wedding
- left a basket filled with soothing bath salts and artisanal pears at her doorstep
- jogged across the town to Rebeccas house to “just happen to be here”
- hired a model as his date to show her off to Rebecca
- bought Rebecca fancy lingerie, dress and shoes and had it delivered by a guy in a tuxedo
- prepared a table with champagne on a roof
- had a helicopter fly them to the party
- organised a masquerade ball in one day 
- was ready to slander and destroy carriers of two innocent people
- planned to have and old man murdered

Just don’t call him crazy.

✭ bonus:
- fired and re-hired George twice
- had George plant rats in a restaurant so they could close it down
- binge eats candy and then cries on a treadmill
- doesn’t know you have to wash vegetables before you eat them

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hcs for how Akashi, Kuroko, Midorima, Takao, Kagami would propose marriage to girlfriend?

Hi dear! Here I am! I admit it wasn’t easy to think about them, but I’m satisfied with the results! I hope you enjoy!

Have a nice day!

Akashi, Kagami, Kuroko, Takao and Midorima Wedding Proposal Headcanons


Akashi Seijuurou

-In grand style. Damn, this boy doesn’t know how to restrain himself when it concerns you.

-He starts planning it five months before. He thinks at least six different plans, looks at more than a hundred rings and drives crazy all of your friends because it has to be perfect.

-I don’t know why, but I believe Akashi would love Paris so, he’s going to bring you there with the excuse of a “weekend to relax”. He has booked a table on the Tour Eiffel for a romantic dinner.

-At first he would have liked to do it in public because the world has to know you’re his, but in the end he freaks out at the last minute. For the first time in his life, he’s scared and has a million doubts. What if you don’t accept? What if you say no? What if…

-he waits for when you two return to the hotel, in a luxurious room with a double bed covered in red roses and with candles giving everything a soft atmosphere. You understands there’s something off but try to wait for him to speak, a bit anxious. He asks you to sit down and then plays a beautiful piece, which he has written for you, with his violin.

-As soon as he finishes, he slowly gets on his knees and pulls out the velvet red little box and proposes.

-He cries when you say yes and you have to repeat it two times because he can’t believe it.

-The ring is an elegant gold circle with a small, refined red ruby. It was his mother’s.

Kagami Taiga

-One day he’s walking back home (to you) when he passes in front of a jewelry and sees a silver ring with a small ruby. Something simple, pricy, but…he thinks of you. He suddenly thinks that it would look good on your finger. For the rest of your lives. And since he’s very impulsive, he buys it on the spot.

-And now he’s in your apartment, the pretty box hidden in his sport bag and he’s starting to feel nervous because realization is kicking in. What was he thinking? He has to…propose now, right? He looks at you, comfortably sprawled on the couch in his baggy t-shirt. You are waiting for him to have a shower and then eat together.

-During the dinner, he’s more clumsy than usual and blushes on his own; it’s funny but you’re a bit confused. He’s actually debating inside his head if it’s a good idea or not: he knows he should have planned it before and maybe he should wait a more proper occasion (Momoi is gonna kill him for sure) but now that he has thought about it…he wants you now. He wants to know if you’re going to be with him forever immediately. He needs too. He doesn’t understand why he had never thought about it before.

-It’s only after you’ve washed everything and you’re going to your room that he finally finds again his foolish courage. He grabs your wrist to stop you and make you face him. He blabbers something unintelligible, becoming redder and redder

-When you start giggling, without understanding, he clumsily falls on his knee and pulls out the box.

“P-please marry me.”

It’s out of nowhere. Totally absurd and unplanned. You’re unprepared and you would have never thought he was going to… but you feel tears in your eyes as you nod frantically. You jump in his arms and he laughs relieved, picking you up and spinning you giddily. He kisses your cheeks, your lips, your hair, your neck…he feels drunk and quickly carries you to the bedroom like a princess.

Kuroko Tetsuya

-He wants it to be in a comfortable, romantic atmosphere. Something private but sweet. And he wants it to be a surprise.

-One evening, you come home and when in you enter in the dining room, he has prepared the table for two, with candles and a bouquet of red roses in the middle. He appears behind you, making you jump. He takes your coat and leads you to your seat.

-He has cooked a simple but delightful dinner. He’s usually not very good, so he has asked Kagami to teach him and spent three weeks practicing. They are all your favorite dishes.

-You two eat calmly, chatting and giggling like usual. You feels a bit excited but don’t want to make assumptions. It’s comfortable, familiar. Kuroko can’t take his eyes from you and has a soft smile on his lips that makes it difficult for you to focus.

-Before the dessert, he calls your name, stands up and moves in front of you. He kneels and takes your hand.

“SO, I know that maybe it’s too early, but I can’t stop myself. Will you marry me?” and shows you a silver ring with a small diamond. His hands are trembling and his face is flushed. You throw your arms around his neck and, caught by surprise, he falls on the floor hugging you.

You repeat “yes, yes!” in his ear like a chant, like a promise, and he hides his face in the crook of your neck. You can feel his tears wetting your skin.

Takao Kazunari

-He’s excited and scared about it at the same time. He wants it to be special.

-He brings you to a park for a midnight picnic under the stars. He has brought candles, flowers and your favorite sandwiches. The two of you lie down on the blanket, curled against each other, and whisper jokes and talk about anything and everything at the same time.

-His heartbeat is faster than usual and he seems nervous and hyped, but you can’t quite understand why. At some point you start a tickling fight and it ends up with the two of you rolling in the grass and laughing like crazy.

-At some point, he manages to pin you down, still panting and giggling. He has his hands beside your head, his cheeks are red and his piercing eyes are glinting like the stars behind him. He takes a deep breath, resting his forehead against yours.

“Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could stay like this forever?” He asks you with the brightest smile he has ever shown and your heart stops.


“Marry me, SO-chan!” His voice is filled with fondness and desire. Maybe a bit of fear too.

Everything stops. Time, world, people. It’s just the two of you.

You cup his cheeks and kiss him, crying and laughing at the same time.

“Yeah, let’s stay like this forever!”

-He later gives you the ring. Silver and simple, but shining as he is.

-you end up sleeping outside, hugging under the clear sky.

Midorima Shintarou

-He’s completely lost about it. You two had already joked about getting married, but since you were still studying you hadn’t take it seriously. Now, he realizes that it’s the right time but doesn’t know how to do it. He. Is. Panicking. So he watches videos and tutorials, asks his friends and…in the end decides to go for the most simple, direct plan.

-I can imagine him buying the ring (silver with an emerald), planning a romantic dinner in a good place and then…then messing everything up because he’s a clumsy dork.

-You two are preparing to go out for that “surprise” dinner and he’s searching for the ring box of the ring. It’s pure bad luck, but when he finds it, he exults and the box slips out of his hands. It rolls down the floor in the exact moment you enter to ask him if he was ready. It’s instinct: you bend down and pick it up. Midorima screams internally but it’s too late.

-It’s slightly open so you see it. You freeze immediately, mouth open and wide eyes. It can’t be true.

“Oh my God.”

Midorima is paralyzed, blushing like crazy and feeling like dying.

You look at him, your brain finally catching up. When you see his face you realize that yes, it’s true. It’s true.

“YES!” you scream, suddenly rushing into his arms and knocking him down. You two fall on the bed and you squeezed the hell out of him, who stutters unintelligible things.

“L-let me at least ask you first,” he finally groans covering his face, deeply embarrassed.

“Ah, yes!” you thrill rolling off him and sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at him expectantly.

He stands up wobbling, takes the box and kneels trembling. He clears his throat.

“SO, would you marry me?” he asks stuttering and nearly fainting even if he already knows the answer, yet he manages to look into your eyes. He’s serious. Midorima wants to marry you for real. This stiff, clumsy, strange dork wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

You feel like melting and tears stream down your cheeks.

“Yes, a hundred times yes,” you whisper, nodding overwhelmed, and stretch your hand to him. He gently puts the ring on the right finger. Perfect size, obviously.

Midorima looks at it for a second, before kissing it sweetly.

“Sorry, it should have been diff-”

“It’s perfect,” you interrupt him opening your arm, “It’s perfect.”

And he hugs you, matching tears shining in his eyes.

-You then go to the restaurant and then for a walk under the fireworks planning and dreaming about your future.

-You are going to mock him forever for this night, but you wouldn’t change anything.

Akashi Seijuro X Reader


  Your hands trail lightly over the gossamer cloth that shines in the light. The silky dress slips between your fingers; so light, so delicate. Small, crystal beads litter the surface like granules of sugar. Intricate white lace spreads over the surface as captivating as a butterfly and as fine as a spider’s web. The embroidery snakes down the skirt to pool on the floor in a thin, floral based design as a veil of the same making sits on the small shelf suspended over the dress.

  Seeing such a magnificent piece of clothing creates clashing feelings of wanting and wavering. On one hand, your selfish side wants to wear the dress, and feel what it’s like to adorn such a work of art. On the other, you feel as if even touching it now is marring the surely long hours dedicated to sewing just a few inches of this treasure.

  Well, it’s okay to be a little selfish every once in a while.


  Being the two year girlfriend of Akashi Seijuro, it isn’t unusual for you to spend the night at his home after staying so late to just hang out. However, you usually reside in a separate guest bedroom at his father’s request. (Akashi has snuck into the room on some occasions, but that’s a secret.)

  Night had fallen not long ago, and you were expecting to travel the same path to your room until you were notified that it, along with some other various rooms, is being remodeled. Thus, a maid of the residence led you towards a completely unknown bedroom to yourself.

  ”Your clothing has been transferred to the closet, and you’ll find your bathroom supplies within the conjoining restroom.“ She had said. You thanked her as dismissal, and she soon abandoned the closed door to dabble in her nightly chores.

  Barely even a minute after the heavy door fell shut, you were heading towards the closet to collect your pajamas. A nice, warm bath occupied your mind, and so you were especially hasty to find the wear. Once the closet was bathed in the dim glow of your bedroom light, you caught sight of an imposter.

  At the farthest side of the closet, separated from your own clothing by a wide gap, was a hanger. It’s occupant was covered away from your sight by a white, zip-up bag of leather. Naturally, your curiosity grew to an astounding height, and you quickly pulled the zipper down; watching the shield fall to the ground to reveal the mystery inside.

  And that brings us to now.

  Carefully pulling the dress off of the hanger, you walk it over to the bed and gently lay it down on the mattress with its back facing up. Laced buttons run the length of the torso, and you undo each one delicately as if they would snap off if you tugged too hard. When the dress is ready to be worn, you discard of your own clothing.

  Goosebumps appear over your bare arms and legs, and it makes your skin hyper-aware of the soft garments gliding over them. With the dress hanging from your shoulders, you tiptoe to a full body mirror in the corner and use it to aid you in re-buttoning the back. When the last button slides home, you face forwards with breath held; as if mentally preparing yourself. You then turn around and stare at your reflection.

  Of course, the fit doesn’t perfectly match your bodice. The chest is slightly bigger, and the waist is a little snug. The skirt seems to be too close to the floor. And yet, it still seems to look amazing despite needing adjustments.

  You’re not sure how long you had been staring at yourself, but it must have been a while when a knock came to your door.

  ”_____, are you in the tub?“ Your dear boyfriend’s voice mumbles past the wood.

  ”No.” You respond, and you watch the entrance open through the mirror until Akashi steps inside. His gaze falls over you immediately, and it’s as if he’s frozen. Shuffling uncomfortably, you face the surprised teen.

  ”I…probably shouldn’t have worn this. It was in the closet, and it looked so gorgeous, I just had to try it on.“ You sheepishly admit.

  ”…it is a gorgeous creation, isn’t it?“ Akashi mumbles to himself as his heterochromatic stare skims over the dress.

  ”If it’s not too much of a hassle, uh, where did this come from?” You inquire. Akashi’s eyes meet your own (E/C) ones, and he blinks.

  ”It was my mother’s.“

  Your mouth seems to lose all of its moisture, and you let out a surprised cough before frantically speaking.

  ”I’m so sorry, Seijuro! I knew I shouldn’t have put it on-oh gosh, just leave for a second so I can take it off-”

  You stop when you notice that he isn’t even listening anymore. Instead, Akashi wanders over to the closet and gingerly lifts the veil off of its shelf.

  ”A wedding dress,“ Akashi mutters as he stands in front of you, “is not complete-”

  He raises the headdress and places it upon your head; partially blocking your vision with the cloth.

  ”-without the veil.“

  For a moment, there is silence. Then, the shuffling of movement is heard as you attempt to drape the veil over your head; giving you a clear view of Akashi. Your hands are stopped, though, by a pair of larger, familiar ones.

  ”No,” Akashi declares, “don’t move it.”

  His tone of voice, as strong as usual, seems to crack at the end. Your eyebrows knit together, and a defiant question is voiced.


  The word drifts through the air; twisting and turning in a rhythmless dance before alighting on Akashi’s ears. The lace might have been playing tricks on your eyes, but you swear you saw his lips twitch upwards to a degree.

  ”Because, _____,” he responds, “my orders are absolute. I am absolute. And to see an absolute man weep would be unacceptable. So as long as you don’t see it -as long as no one sees it- it is as if it never happened. I would normally have a better grasp on my emotions, and yet; seeing you, someone whom I love with all of my heart, adorning the same clothing that my beloved mother wore so long ago, I am not entirely sure how to react. It’s as if all of my control has disappeared.”

  Hearing those words from Akashi makes your own eyes glossy, and you instinctually wrap your arms around his shoulders; pulling him in for a long embrace as his chin rests by your ear. You ignore the feeling of tears hitting your shoulder and soaking the fabric.

  ”In a way, I suppose this is all well.“ He mumbles. “I’ve seen it. I’ve lived this experience. Now, I’ll be able to compose myself the next time.”

  ”Next time?“

  ”Of course. Now that I have witnessed the dress on you, I’d rather not see it gracing the body of anyone else.”

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Hayama and Kotarou cheering up their s/o by doing something really sweet (not a kiss or some cute whispers on their ear, I mean something really CUTE and maybe childish xD)

I think you meant Hanamiya? I apologize if it’s not >< and I hope it’s cute enough asdfghjkl -T-chan


You were sitting on Hanamiya’s bed with lower lip plumped out, sulking. Your boyfriend was currently in the kitchen, getting you drinks, which was rather unusual, but nice nonetheless. He was home alone, so you didn’t mind spending time at his place and neither did he. It was only moments like this where you both could be yourselves without anyone judging you from the side.

Hanamiya’s footsteps and silent murmuring brought you back from your endless sea of thoughts that seemed to distract you more than usually. You were tired from all those side glances, glares and weird looks you got because you were dating Hanamiya Makoto. And to top it all, you failed the exam you were studying whole month ahead. It was rather ridiculous, but it pulled your mood down nonetheless.

Turning your head to the doors, your eyes widened when you were met with a cup of ice cream and sweet cream on top. Confusion covered your face as you looked at your boyfriend, who rolled with his eyes.

“Oh stop pretending everything’s alright when I know you failed the exam you nagged me for.”

Your cheeks heated up in no time and averted your gaze, feeling embarrassed and ridiculous to be caught so quickly. “I-I-”


You quieted down.

There was silence. His sigh and footsteps sounded even louder when he approached you and sat down just beside you. He handed you one cup while holding his and began eating.

You bit your lower lip, unsure of what to do, less alone what to say. Glancing at Hanamiya, he seemed absorbed in his ice-cream that you failed to realize some already melted from the heat before you yelped at the coldness. You felt his eyes on you and started eating.

Hanamiya didn’t say a word the whole time, but you knew you could always rely on him. His silent, comfortable treatement and spoiling you on moments were his way of showing you love. And you knew everything will be just fine.


You felt bad since the night before, having a feeling that today will just be another bad day. You weren’t wrong.

You almost slept in if your mother didn’t woke you up in time. It was sunny in the morning, but when classes endes it was pouring and you forgot umbrella at home. While running from shelter to shelter with bag over your head to keep yourself somehow dry, a car splashed you over, which ended with you wet to the bones.

Letting out a sigh, you didn’t bother covering yourself anymore. You were wet and the only thing needed right now was something good, but you knew that would be only a miracle as you stood under roof waiting for sky to clear up just enough so you could rush home.

And a miracle it was. In a form of your boyfriend, Hayama, who was also wet from head to toes with a weird bundle under his uniform.

“Why didn’t you wait for me, [Name]?” He asked with voice that of a betrayed child and eyes of a beaten puppy.

“Sorry…” was all you managed. You weren’t exactly in the mood to talk with anyone, less alone your eccentric boyfriend, whose energy rocked to Pluto and beyond. From where he got it, you had no idea.

“I for-”

Before he could end the sentence, there was a bark. You blinked and looked around, but there was no dog around, less alone any puppy. Hayama was quiet.

Turning his way, you frowned when he stared under his shirt, hushing at something before he looked at you and laughed nervously. You narrowed your eyebrows before another bark was heard. It came right from Hayama, who only laughed louder until a small head of a pupy looked from under his shirt.

Your eyes widened and Hayama scratched the dog’s head, calling him a traitor for coming out. “Why…do you have a dog under?” You couldn’t help asking, a small smile creeping on your lips.

“You think I’d leave it out in this weather?” He looked at you with wide eyes of betrayal.

Rolling with yours, you leaned forward to you boyfriend and scratched the dog’s head, smiling softly. “You do realize taking care of a dog is a big responsibility, don’t you?” You looked at him.

“You sound like you don’t trust me. You wound me, [Name].” His expression turned into sad one, the dog whimpering. “Even Macho agrees.”

“Macho?” You repeated, completely stopping on your tracks.

“I couldn’t come up with any good names!” His cheeks turned red from embarrassment.

You held for your sides as you laughed out loud, completely forgetting you were wet and that it was still raining. “You’re really funny, Hayama.” Looking at the dog, you scratched his head once more. “Let’s decide on his name together.”

“What? Why? What is wrong with Macho?” He looked confused before he huffed. “I prefer Macho!”

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I can't access emojis right now but would u mind doing all of the emojis from the character head cannon ask meme for imayoshi please? Ty!

☾ - sleep headcanon :

Imayoshi only turns to napping if he’s really tired. Because he’s basically lost in fatigue, there’s a 99% chance that he forgot to take his glasses off. Anyone that happens to walk by should expect Imayoshi snoring away with his glasses placed in the most awkward position on his face. 

★ - sad headcanon :

Though he didn’t really expect to, Imayoshi shed quite a few tears after the 3rd years’ last match. The whole thing seemed pretty unsettling for him.

☆ - happy headcanon :

Imayoshi got to a point where he debated whether or not he should continue playing basketball in college. When he decided to go through with joining STRKY, he couldn’t help but to feel it was one of the best choices he’s made. 

☠ - angry/violent headcanon :


■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon :

He’s a surprisingly messy liver. Clothes are strewn around the room, books meant for studying (not necessarily used as much as they should) are tossed about, random objects are scattered in the most bizarre places- really though Imayoshi clean ur fucking room.

♡ - romantic headcanon :

Imayoshi practically loses it each time his s/o steals his glasses. He’s actually a bit hesitant to admit it, not wanting to give his partner the satisfaction, but he finds the action incredibly adorable of them.

♥ - family headcanon :

There’s nothing Imayoshi loves more than teasing his sister to pass time. While she finds it extremely bothersome, it’s just a strange way the two bond.

☮ - friendship headcanon :

He’s probably the best friend to go to for an out-of-nowhere hangout. Basically just text him that you wanna meet up and he’ll text you back right away asking where.

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon :

Imayoshi has a huge interest in psychology. He takes pleasure in learning about it, or straight up messing with people’s minds.

☯ - likes/dislikes headcanon :

The only reason why he dislikes spontaneous people is because they’re difficult to read. If there’s one thing Imayoshi truly loves is being able to wade through people like a book. Impulsive people lack “easy readings” in his eyes.

▼ - childhood headcanon :

One of his favorite childhood memories is the countless times his father took him on an overnight fishing trip. Imayoshi claims that there’s nothing better than being out in the open sea and being able to fish out all the possibilities. (wow very poetic) 

∇ -. old age/aging headcanon :


♒ - cooking/food headcanon :

Imayoshi is an utter mess when it comes to cooking. The only thing he can make without completely screwing it up is rice. Even then it might taste a little sketchy.

☼ - appearance headcanon :

This man has the loveliest dimples you’ll ever see in your life.

ൠ - random headcanon :

There isn’t a person alive who could successfully lie to Imayoshi. He’ll catch you even before you decide to lay one on him.