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-  a solangelo wedding planner AU -

In the Solace Wedding Planner agenda, on the fifth page into their summer schedule, there are carefully scrawled out notes reading this:
Bride and Groom -
Hazel Levesque & Frank Zhang
Best Man & Maid of Honor -
Percy Jackson & Piper McLean
Wedding Court -
Annabeth Chase & Jason Grace
Mellie & Gleeson Hedge
Reyna Ramírez-Arellano & Leo Valdez

Ring-bearer -
Chuck Hedge
Flower-boy -
Nico di Angelo
Will plans wedding and now, apparently, Nico stars in one.
Except…sometimes there’s a bit more confusion on that last part.
AKA the AU where Will plans weddings and thinks Hazel and Frank are going to have to cutest, gap-toothed ten year throwing flowers down the aisle, all while wondering why this ‘Neeks’ guy is always hanging around, and what business he has looking that good.

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  • Hannibal: *meets Will for the first time*
  • Hannibal: tell me Will, how do you feel about a cliff side wedding reception??
On Casual Commitments

Summary: Nearly ten years after graduating from Tōtsuki, Erina is 100% over hooking up with him at weddings (but she still does it anyway).
Parts two and three

Everyone who was anyone knew that Nakiri Alice, the new head of Nakiri International and owner-chef of haute cuisine restaurants like Vapor in Tokyo and Deconstruct Denmark, did not cater. Ever.

Every dish she created was an individual jewel of innovation, a gastronomical research project in miniature. Her work simply couldn’t be mass-produced. But after a series of unforeseeable events that included shameless begging, international politics, and first-row tickets to New York Fashion Week, Alice had catered a platinum wedding. Her food, of course, had been the highlight of the evening. But in her opinion, everything else about the festivities, though obscenely expensive, had been disappointing at best.

“You should have seen it, babe,” she said as her former aide drove them back to their Copenhagen penthouse. “The bridesmaids were all in this swamp green color, and their dresses weren’t even the same. And don’t even get me started on those floral arrangements. I could have planned one so much better, don’t you think?”


“At least say it with some more enthusiasm!”

At this Ryo sighed, mostly focused on the road ahead—much to his long time girlfriend’s irritation. “I’m sure you would have planned a better wedding because you excel at everything. Happy?”

“It’ll do,” she said. And normally that would have been enough to appease her, but later that evening as they reclined in bed, about to turn in for the night, she started up again.

“You know, Ryo,” she said, gazing up at him through bleary eyes. “The toasts at the reception were so boring. Our friends would make much better toasts.”

“What does it matter?”

“I don’t know.” Alice shrugged, closed her eyes, and tried to sleep. But in a few minutes she was up again, commenting on everything from the rings to the vows to quality of silk in the best man’s tie.

Needless to say, neither of them got much sleep that night.

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A/N: hi! in lieu of a new chapter, which is on hold because of The Great 1DFF Drought, i give you this… possibly canon extra that hasn’t been edited and is a giant piece of fluff but writing it made me feel warm and fuzzy over two excruciatingly busy weeks. anyway.. enjoy! please send me your thoughts :)  

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on twee

“In 1986, the British music magazine NME released the cassette-only compilation C86, a collection of songs by indie bands from across the UK. The bands represented on that tape — Primal Scream, the Pastels, the Soup Dragons, the Shop Assistants, the Wedding Present, the Mighty Lemon Drops — were all young and hungry, and taken together as a whole, they showed that something new was happening. These bands might have taken inspiration from the punk and post-punk explosions, and their thin, lo-fi sound was both an economic necessity and a holdover from that period. But they were interested in sadness and longing and sweet melodies and jangling guitars. They helped usher in a period of hazy, shimmery, heart-on-sleeve underground pop that came to be known as twee. That music helped kickstart underground scenes on both sides of the Atlantic, and pretty soon it became a genre and an aesthetic and then, eventually, a bit of an epithet. In time, it came to apply to bands like Belle And Sebastian who made lush, cinematic music that was connected to those C86 bands in spirit but not in sound.”

I do like this account of “twee.” From Stereogum’s review of Girl Ray’s Earl Grey (out 8/4). @bittertwee, what’s your take?

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What about a scenario where 2p!Romano's assistant sending him an email saying that they quit? I'll let you imagine the rest~

Flavío was just about finishing another beautiful wedding outfit for his assistant. Sure he hadn’t even proposed but that was besides the point. Just then his computer lit up. He looked over at it in annoyance for blocking out the music he was listening to. Flavío quickly checked his phone and once he did, he almost screamed. <i>That little bitch is trying to quit on me now</i> ?! He sat down at his computer and thought for a moment. Flavío whipped out his phone and called them. “Honey just…what do you think you’re doing?” He asked the other in a chilling tone. “Look Flaví I’m sorry but the things you do I-” S/O started to explain before they heard glass shatter on the other line. “Listen here bitch….unless you want me to release the nudes of your dirty pathetic poor fatass….you are going to fucking listen to me. Or else everyone will think that innocent little S/O is a dirty whore” he threatened. S/O gasped. “N-no please I can’t lose this job” they choked out. “Hm…we can make an arrangement. Tomorrow morning come early. I have a special photo shoot I want with you” he said thoughtfully. “And if you cooperate during the shoot I’ll give you a raise” he added. S/O sighed and he could her the rising doubt. “You don’t want anyone hunting you down without the money for bodyguards do you?” He questioned, hearing a small squeak of fear on the other side. “I’ll be there” S/O finally decided. “Perfecto. See you there baby~” he smiled and hung up. Whatever mess S/O has just gotten themselves into, they only knew one thing about it: There was no getting out of it.

As I get older, my friends tell me it’s not a big deal. They tell me they wish they had waited like me. I want to tell them how I haven’t ‘waited’ to have sex for some special reason.
I want to point out how, despite them claiming it’s ‘no big deal’, they’re always the ones bringing it up.

Magazines tell me to wait until I’m ready. Some more forward-thinking internet publications inform me that ‘virginity’ is an outdated concept designed by men to control female sexuality.
I know this, and I believe it.
But I’m not patiently looking for the perfect wedded partner to assist me on my first sexual escapade. I don’t keep my virginity under lock and key.
I wear the cloak of virginity like it’s glued to my shoulders. 

Reminders are in everything I see. I read the Bell Jar and feel comforted by Esther, who is older than me. She understands.
But then I remember that the book is set in the 1950s and that she does eventually have sex at the end.
I’m half way through the novel, and her loss is in sight.
Mine is still an indistinct shape in the nameless distance.

Am I past the age where it’s normal? Okay, I know I’m not that old. I know there are others.
But I can’t stop thinking about how my friends’ virginities are going out like lights in a large house in which I’m running through, lost and trying in vain to find a room where the light is still on.
The girl who hadn’t kissed anybody until the night she lost her virginity.
My next door neighbour who once swore she’d wait until marriage.
Even my best friend who I thought would stick it out with me until the end.
Her light flickers.

At a party, I kiss a boy with blond hair and lots of friends.
When I tell him I’m a virgin, he looks at me confusedly. Furrows his pretty brown eyes. He doesn’t say it, but I know he doesn’t want to get involved.
He stigmatizes me as the girl who wants to wait till she finds 'the one.’ He thinks how he doesn’t want to be it.
Hell, he might even think that if he went through with it, I’d latch onto him like some crazed, doe-eyed limpet.

I think about how this will play out with every partner I have.

And I think about how I will never lose this invisible burden.

you know what, yr fucking selfish.

6 words // pissed. 

can ask about ride from the airport // can’t respond about note to yr professor: trying to get published // maybe entry level journalist

i’ll write yr photographer’s story // if you’ll let me // wedding assist. 

you can’t see past what you need // what makes you happy                                                 to give a little to me // can’t always be like this.  

here comes another work week // sick of convincing you to trust me. 

something strange happened in the winter // i was never denying our existence… been trying to show that ever since. 

here comes another work week // leave being almost dumped hanging over me.

wondering if this is yr immaturity.

don’t fucking test me. 

happens after you’ve met up with Lucy // for a day, constantly in touch // at night you send me love. 

next day // nothing // he has a day off and barely gets a cough // yr blowing us off til the mood suits // well, not just up to you // relationship takes two. 

now, yr making a liquor store run // yr day isn’t done and you don’t give a flying shit that’s he’s upset // that we have things to figure out yet. 

fuck this. 
you want me // show it. 
you care // prove it. 

always afraid of losing you // road goes both ways too. 

asked night after night // day after day.                                                        

to talk with you // see yr face // learn the lay of yr MN room once you got home.

noooooo, you got time for other people
but yr boyfriend // fuck am i really to you?

take time from yr moves,                                                                                              help relationship survive temporary flu. 

minuscule asks of you,                                                                                                               he loves you // what else do you want him to do? 

xxx SirPup Kingston // 07.17.2017

Sometimes the End is the Best Place to Start

The first night being trapped in the wrong universe, Rose manages to make plans through her shock and broken heart. (For Doomsday month @doctorroseprompts and @legendslikestardust )

All Ages | Doomsday Reunion, Angst with a Happy Ending | Tenth Doctor/Rose

(I’ve had several parts of this story saved in my ‘unfinished’ folder on my laptop.  Thanks to the prompts from @doctorroseprompts, I was finally able to pull it all together. So, thank you to the people who posted the several prompts I used in this fic.)

{ AO3 }{ FFN }

She sat with her back pressed against that damned white wall, clutching the TARDIS key in her hand until her palms bled for five and a half hours as the shock and numbness slowly took her over.  She has a vague awareness of someone helping her to stand but there is a rushing sound in her ears and she is unable to make out any words that are being spoken.  She knows her mum is there and Mickey is there too, as is her not father, Pete. Rose knows that she should at least try and reassure her mum and the others that she’ll be alright but she can’t seem to remember how to speak, how to form words.

Breathe in, breathe out.  This becomes her official mantra.

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occupation ideas?

writers, teachers for high school, middle school and elementary, chef, restaurant owner, waitress, bartender, tattoo artist, baker, dancer, lawyer, doctors, firefighters, graphic designer, interior designer, farmer, veterinarian, police officer, bar owner, daycare owner, receptionist at town hall, hotel inn manager, event planner, florist, wedding planner, personal assistant, ceo, scientist, biochemist, horse trainer, actress, model, singer or bodyguard !!

{Nymphai of Hellenismos} The Hesperides

The Hesperides were the goddesses of the evening and golden light of sunset. The three nymphs were daughters of either Nyx (Night) or the heaven-bearing Titan Atlas. They were entrusted with the care of the tree of the golden apples which was first presented to the goddess Hera by Gaia (Earth) on her wedding day. They were assisted in their task by a hundred-headed guardian drakon named Ladon. The Hesperides were also the keepers of other treasures of the gods.

The three nymphs and their golden apples were apparently regarded as the source of the golden light of sunset, a phenomena celebrating the bridal of the heavenly gods Zeus and Hera.

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Sorry, I got the weddings mixup. What was Littlefinger's motive for the Purple Wedding? Doing it to assist the Tyrells or to get Sansa seems too weak a reason.

Ah, I gotcha. Well, there’s a number of things Littlefinger gains from the PW:

  1. Gives him an in with the Tyrells.
  2. Punishes Tyrion for tricking him, divides the Lannister faction against itself, and ensures that Tyrion won’t be there to provide assistance to the Lannister faction down the road.
  3. Ensures that Tyrion can’t accuse him of the murder of Jon Arryn or the attempted murder of Bran Stark or the framing of Tyrion Lannister. 
  4. Frees Sansa, which gives him potential claims to Winterfell and maybe Harrenhal and  Riverrun. 
  5. Ends Sansa’s marriage, which he wants for both political and personal reasons.
  6. Focuses Tywin’s attentions on the trial and not, for example, on the Vale.
  7. Delays the production of a Baratheon/Tyrell heir. 
  8. Punishes Cersei for denying him Sansa. 
  9. And most importantly…giving him a wonderful warm fuzzy feeling inside because he’s the smartest man in the world. 
Come to Me (2/2)

Part One
You adjusted the white material of your dress, pressing it down. Your hands then paused on the dress. Your maid of honor is standing beside you, making sure that your dress and hair is in perfect order. She notices when you pause, and she asks what’s wrong. Before you can even stop yourself, a giggle passes through your lips as you look to her.

“I’m getting married today.” The smile on your face is contagious. Your maid of honor is smiling right back at you, giggling too.

“Yes, you are. And in just a few minutes, so, please, take your bouquet.” She hands you the arrangement of flowers, shaking her head as you continue to giggle excitedly. Your ears perk up when you hear the maid of honor’s music cue to walk down the aisle. “I’ll see you soon.” She smiles at you, quickly pressing a kiss to your cheek before the doors open and she begins to walk down the aisle.

During your first time alone all day, you hum quietly to yourself, swaying in your dress as you wait for your music to begin. Nothing could wipe the smile that you have off of your face. You were finally getting married to the love of your life, Chris. All of the months spent planning finally paid off. Today was the actual day. You can’t help but giggle again at the realization.

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