wedding arashi!

Aiba’s schedule/tv appearance/etc starting in April

Mon: Drama “Kizoku Tantei” (FujiTV)
Tue: Gutto Sports (NHK)
Wed: -
Thu: VS Arashi (FujiTV)
Fri: Recomen Arashi Remix (radio)
Sat: Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen (NTV)
        Arashi ni Shiyagare (NTV)
Sun: Aiba Manabu (TV Asahi)
         Ichigen-san (TV Tokyo)

Wow, sugoi na~!
The only missing is Wednesday and from TBS station lol 😁😁


Sakuraiba went to DAIGO and Kitagawa Keiko’s wedding reception today!

Well, it’s not weird since Aiba-kun works with DAIGO-kun in Shimura Doubutsuen, while Keiko-chan was Sho-san’s “Ojou-sama”.

From HYDE’s Instagram. He went to the wedding reception too. Other celebs who attended:

Sakurai Sho & Aiba Masaki 

Takahashi Minami
Terry Ito
Harisenbon duo
Shinohara Tomoe
Yasu Megumi, etc..

cr: thanks to niea for sharing the story via Fb and hyde’s official instagram 


Is there anyone think like me The Sakumoto are like the lover are being O.A.?????? Like they are facing with the Questions Do you still fall in each other? Jun said they are good relation even it looks like they are not. They went to Johnny’s world together. Jun was so excited to be with Sho…. Maa Maa the Sakumoto!!!

During they stay side by side on Yakai I just think they are going to anonuce “Yes the world please learn he is the one for me”

Ai wo sakebe start to play


Do you really want to stand out soooooo much, Sho-kun?

Ai Wo Sakebe PV, Music Station performance 28.08.2015