Today, I was listening to war of hearts by Ruelle and my roommate came in and was like “oh, what a nice song, it seems so relaxing!” and I couldn’t help but bite back a smile because, seriously, relaxing? She noticed me and asked if she had said something funny? So I had to tell her because, she needed to know. I told her about this song that I have heard in an episode during a wedding when the groom left the bride at the altar to go and love someone else and then I showed her. I had to stop every now and then to explain the story to her, obviously, but since Magnus walked in we watched the entire wedding scene in utter silence. And when they finally kissed my roommate told me “you didnt tell me it was between two male charachters so I really couldnt understand what all the fuss was about but it’s so fucking beautiful!” and then I realized something: for me, it is quite ordinary to watch a show and really not care about anyone specific gender but to her it was still fresh and new to see a same sex couple have a storyline on its own beside the main plot story.
And it stuck with me because, guys, representation matters. And I know it’s something I hear quite often but still, just saying it’s clearly not enough.

For Catholics discerning marriage

For Catholics discerning marriage, a summary of the traditional stages/steps towards marriage

FRIENDSHIP PHASE - the couple are friends, getting to know each other

COURTSHIP PHASE - the couple become a bit more exclusive

ENGAGEMENT PHASE- when the man proposes to the woman, with an engagement ring

BETROTHAL PHASE- usually done with the priest blessing the couple, blessing the engagement ring & publicly declaring the couple betrothed in the church.  This also provides additional spiritual protection to the engaged couple during their engagement.  Traditionally, this is when the engagement can now be publicly worn.  I think this is a beautiful tradition that should be revived.  


See below for full details on what to do and what not to do in these stages

It’s hard to anticipate John Watson.

John is a world unto himself, really, a whole universe of contradictions to be unearthed, opposing forces and competing motivations: a doctor and a soldier, exasperation and fondness, a gun hidden under cardigans, careful attention to and yet almost total disregard for social expectation, for legalities and morals, when he finds they don’t suit him. He creates routines and forms habits, and likes to break them as much as follow them. He walks along the lines of order and looks out over chaos and grins, his eyes meeting Sherlock’s like he’s sharing every unknowable thing he knows, magnificent and vulnerable both, flawed and broken and raw and yet not shattered, not defeated.

He is extraordinary and gorgeous and full of complexities, half-wild humanity with bared teeth alongside soft palms and quiet whispers in the dark, and every time he surprises Sherlock, Sherlock falls impossibly more in love with him.

John is surprising Sherlock rather a lot, these days.

—  darcylindbergh, the first day of forever