Don’t waste your time simply regretting all your wrongs. Know that in the end that you’ll get what your heart wants. Try not to risk it all, don’t stumble, and don’t fall. Take the time to read the writings on the wall. Hold your head up high. Don’t be afraid to say goodbye. Stay true and just be you. Do everything there is to do. Live life to the fullest and don’t ever look back. There is a reason for the future and a reason for the past. Love till it hurts, laugh till you cry, and when your life flashes before the time you die, be happy for what you’ve done. Be happy for what you’ve overcome and most of all, be proud of what you have become.
—  Unknown

So my dad’s side of the family is known more for their partying ways, but after my cousin’s wedding, I’m realizing my mom’s side knows what’s up too.

I love when I go to a wedding and I can see all the personal touches. My cousin walked down the aisle to the Jurassic Park theme. It was funny to watch people’s faces as they tried to place the song.

My uncle said a few words after he walked her down the aisle and he started with, “She was never really our possession to give away…” BEST.

There were lots of photo booth shenanigans including a “twin” picture with my brother and the groom and his twin and an all-cousin picture. Love love love.

Related: the best man (groom’s twin) speech was so good, I’ve officially started campaigning to be my brother’s best man.

There was dancing, cigar smoking, singing, White Castle sliders served post-dinner, many a Old Fashioneds, and so many laughs.

I need all of my people to live closer (and stop moving away, for that matter).