Nine To Five (Part 14)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

A/N: Guys, get the tissues, get the baths running because you will ache.

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3 Years Later

It felt strange; to be staring at your own reflection and look absolutely nothing like yourself. That’s how you felt, when your hand trailed down the white lace that coated your skin, and you blinked with these large eyelashes that you really hoped weren’t off a horse, but you couldn’t deny that they made your eyes pop.

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S/O hinting to have sex for the first time reactions? For GOM, Kagami, Kasamatsu, Kiyoshi and Hanamiya? Sorry for so many guys haha

Kuroko would try to keep his face expressionless, but that tiny shade of red would give him away quickly, especially if his partners pays more attention to him. He’d also try to be chill about it, yet would stammer waaay more. He’d want to make sure that his partner really wants to do it and if they know what they’re getting themselves into as well.

Kise would laugh it off because “[Name]-cchi don’t do that or you’ll regret it” until his partner tells him that they want to do it. Then he’d become a real mess. Blushing, stammering, his hands flying everywhere because suddenly he’d be too embarrassed to touch them or just be too close.

Midorima would try to shake it off, with cheeks lightly red, until his partner gets direct with words. Then he’d get red, his ears along and would began stumbling on his own words and sentences.

Aomine would grin because while he has a hunch what his partner’s doing, he’d also be a bit embarrassed. He’d hold them close, his hands wandering over his body and ask if they’re completely sure they want this. While he may look collected and confident on the outside, he could panic on the inside, especially if it’s his first time.

Murasakibara is oblivious, so his partner would come better off with words than gestures. But then again, he may also act oblivious, while he’d know for certain what they’re hinting on. He wouldn’t make a move or anything unless they speak out what they want.

Akashi would try to keep it calm and pretend he doesn’t know what they mean, but would be inwardly panicking while trying even harder cause the longer he plays being calm, more direct his partner could get. The tips of his ears would give him quickly away, along with Akashi averting his eyes, suddenly shy to keep an eye contact.

Kagami would blink before his eyes would widen and push them away. His actions might make them feel a bit down or betrayed, but he’d quickly speak up, saying he’d rather do it on a special day in a romantic way. He’s such a hopeless romantic.

Kiyoshi may look and even act innocent, but his mind….ho boy I tell you. He could smile as his partner tries to give hints, but inside his head he could already think up of a way to make them scream his name. He wouldn’t mind taking relationship to another level, but as long as his partner knows what they’re getting into.

Kasamatsu would blush just by thinking about it so if his partner’s hands began traveling to areas that he almost never thinks of, his face would red like a tomato. He’d stammer over his own thoughts not just words. Out of everyone, he’s the most innocent and purest guys there ever is. But once he sets mind on something, he could become bolder.

Hanamiya would know just by the look in his partner’s eyes. It would almost seem like he knows what they even think about and what they dream. He’d smirk and pull them closer before whispering in their ear; “why don’t you use that pretty mouth of yours to say instead of hinting? You know how much I don’t like going around the bush when you can go straight to it.” Needless to say, he’d be the first one to make a move if they began hinting.

With this ring, I thee wed. I promise to enter a new year with you in January, hold your hands to warm them in February, kiss you under the willow tree in March, take you to Amsterdam in April, watch the sunset with you in May, go to the beach with you in June, prank everyone we know with you in July, watch all your favorite movies in August, dance with you in September, sing you your favorite songs in October, keep you warm in November, and I’ll still love you in December. All year ‘round, all day, and all our lives, I will love, cherish and take care of you. Til death do us part.
—  b.d. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #70

Imagine an AU, where Odin does not get to pick which of his sons get to be King. Pretend, whichever one of them wed’s first, gets first dibs. (Since they will already have a Queen, and be on their way to making an heir.)

Odin arranges for a Princess from (insert realm) to come to Asgard; her sole purpose is to meet Prince Thor; in hopes of being wed. Odin is still trying to give Thor the throne, unknown to both Loki and Thor, in the process. The girl likes Thor; she thinks he’s nice and they hit it off beautifully, until Loki comes home. The moment she sees Loki, she cannot help but be smitten with him, completely forgetting about Thor. Loki starts out trying to get her attention as a game. He thinks it would be funny to make the woman Thor was supposed to marry, fall for him instead. Loki plan backfires and he ends up falling in love with the girl, realizing she was actually very smart and nothing like the typical princess that he had met before. Odin finds out and he is less than pleased, even though technically, it shouldn’t matter. Odin tries everything in his power to separate them, including threatening to harm Loki if she doesn’t leave him and marry Thor instead. Frigga finds out about Odin’s threat and helps them escape to elope, knowing that once they are married, Odin can do nothing to change it and Loki will be King; as he rightfully should.

His heart beat faster and faster as Daisy’s white face came up to his own. He knew that when he kissed this girl, and forever wed his unutterable visions to her perishable breath, his mind would never romp again like the mind of God. So he waited, listening for a moment longer to the tuning fork that had been struck upon a star. Then he kissed her. At his lips’ touch she blossomed like a flower and the incarnation was complete.
—  The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald, 1925

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GOM + Kuroko's reaction when their s/o slaps them on tha booty :)

I already made one request like this in the beginning, so if you don’t mind I’ll just go with gifs this time. Here’s the link -T-chan


please ignore the slap mark ><






“Jungle Cruise” Marc Davis

This fantastic concept for the entrance to Jungle Cruise by Disney Legend Marc Davis wonderfully sets the stage for one of Disney’s most classic theme park attractions. Inspired by The African Queen and a True-Life Adventure documentary, Jungle Cruise takes guests down various rivers of the world via steamer boats, past wildlife, exotic flora, and, of course, the “Backside of Water.” Whether it’s the cringeworthy skippers with unlimited puns, or the atmosphere of intrigue and adventure, this opening-day attraction continues to delight guests to this day.

Art ©️Disney

“The Royal Courtyard” Herb Ryman, 1964

Theme parks are always about exploration. Not necessarily about the genre of exploration, but about the personal journey of a guest as they explore each area, attraction, and sight “within the berm.” The concept of “stairs to nowhere” have added layers of depth to these environments, creating locales that feel lushly lived-in and unfabricated. One of the best examples of this concept is Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, where guests have endless nooks and crannies to explore. This piece by master Herb Ryman shows a peaceful courtyard off of Royal Street. What goes on here? Who lives here? Where do the stairs go? The presentation and the questions it spurs pique interest and encourage you to continue exploring.

Art ©️Disney

“The Square” Herb Ryman, 1964

Many theme park fans consider Disneyland’s New Orleans Square one of the paramount examples of a perfect themed environment. The detail in every facade, shop and restaurant is incredible. As we’ve mentioned before, much of the land’s effectiveness is thanks to the stunning artwork produced by Herb Ryman. His  layered, atmospheric pieces, (such as this one) envision a lively area that encourages guests to explore and take their time in. This piece in particular was so effective and evocative that it was lent to the United States State Department in 1987 to be displayed in the U.S. Embassy in Paris, a first for the Disney company.

Art ©️Disney

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Hayama and Kotarou cheering up their s/o by doing something really sweet (not a kiss or some cute whispers on their ear, I mean something really CUTE and maybe childish xD)

I think you meant Hanamiya? I apologize if it’s not >< and I hope it’s cute enough asdfghjkl -T-chan


You were sitting on Hanamiya’s bed with lower lip plumped out, sulking. Your boyfriend was currently in the kitchen, getting you drinks, which was rather unusual, but nice nonetheless. He was home alone, so you didn’t mind spending time at his place and neither did he. It was only moments like this where you both could be yourselves without anyone judging you from the side.

Hanamiya’s footsteps and silent murmuring brought you back from your endless sea of thoughts that seemed to distract you more than usually. You were tired from all those side glances, glares and weird looks you got because you were dating Hanamiya Makoto. And to top it all, you failed the exam you were studying whole month ahead. It was rather ridiculous, but it pulled your mood down nonetheless.

Turning your head to the doors, your eyes widened when you were met with a cup of ice cream and sweet cream on top. Confusion covered your face as you looked at your boyfriend, who rolled with his eyes.

“Oh stop pretending everything’s alright when I know you failed the exam you nagged me for.”

Your cheeks heated up in no time and averted your gaze, feeling embarrassed and ridiculous to be caught so quickly. “I-I-”


You quieted down.

There was silence. His sigh and footsteps sounded even louder when he approached you and sat down just beside you. He handed you one cup while holding his and began eating.

You bit your lower lip, unsure of what to do, less alone what to say. Glancing at Hanamiya, he seemed absorbed in his ice-cream that you failed to realize some already melted from the heat before you yelped at the coldness. You felt his eyes on you and started eating.

Hanamiya didn’t say a word the whole time, but you knew you could always rely on him. His silent, comfortable treatement and spoiling you on moments were his way of showing you love. And you knew everything will be just fine.


You felt bad since the night before, having a feeling that today will just be another bad day. You weren’t wrong.

You almost slept in if your mother didn’t woke you up in time. It was sunny in the morning, but when classes endes it was pouring and you forgot umbrella at home. While running from shelter to shelter with bag over your head to keep yourself somehow dry, a car splashed you over, which ended with you wet to the bones.

Letting out a sigh, you didn’t bother covering yourself anymore. You were wet and the only thing needed right now was something good, but you knew that would be only a miracle as you stood under roof waiting for sky to clear up just enough so you could rush home.

And a miracle it was. In a form of your boyfriend, Hayama, who was also wet from head to toes with a weird bundle under his uniform.

“Why didn’t you wait for me, [Name]?” He asked with voice that of a betrayed child and eyes of a beaten puppy.

“Sorry…” was all you managed. You weren’t exactly in the mood to talk with anyone, less alone your eccentric boyfriend, whose energy rocked to Pluto and beyond. From where he got it, you had no idea.

“I for-”

Before he could end the sentence, there was a bark. You blinked and looked around, but there was no dog around, less alone any puppy. Hayama was quiet.

Turning his way, you frowned when he stared under his shirt, hushing at something before he looked at you and laughed nervously. You narrowed your eyebrows before another bark was heard. It came right from Hayama, who only laughed louder until a small head of a pupy looked from under his shirt.

Your eyes widened and Hayama scratched the dog’s head, calling him a traitor for coming out. “Why…do you have a dog under?” You couldn’t help asking, a small smile creeping on your lips.

“You think I’d leave it out in this weather?” He looked at you with wide eyes of betrayal.

Rolling with yours, you leaned forward to you boyfriend and scratched the dog’s head, smiling softly. “You do realize taking care of a dog is a big responsibility, don’t you?” You looked at him.

“You sound like you don’t trust me. You wound me, [Name].” His expression turned into sad one, the dog whimpering. “Even Macho agrees.”

“Macho?” You repeated, completely stopping on your tracks.

“I couldn’t come up with any good names!” His cheeks turned red from embarrassment.

You held for your sides as you laughed out loud, completely forgetting you were wet and that it was still raining. “You’re really funny, Hayama.” Looking at the dog, you scratched his head once more. “Let’s decide on his name together.”

“What? Why? What is wrong with Macho?” He looked confused before he huffed. “I prefer Macho!”