webster legacy


N: “You should definitely watch Moonlight Massacre, Bree! It is all me and my pen pal have been talking about for a while now! You were right about this pen pal idea, me and this ‘MGJournals’ fellow haven’t stopped talking!”

B: “I’m glad, Nomi! It is relieving to see you are taking baby steps to committing to other people.”

N: “Speaking of committing to other people, what is going on with this new assistant, is it any one I know?”

B: “I hope not. He is surprisingly a very hard-working and efficient employee.”

N: “Oh gosh, hard-working AND efficient? If he has an impressive stationary collection I bet you would marry the guy.”

B: “We did have a moment… but that is not the point. Nothing can happen, Red. Work protocol forbids any sort of office romance.”

N: Oh, princess, you really do need to learn to live a little. Now can we head back to yours quick? I need to borrow some clothes for tonight.”


N“All they need is a little bit of gentle persuasion. The right time and place will prompt them to tell each other how they feel! C’mon, Des, I can’t do this without my partner in crime!”

D: “The way you’re talking, it sounds like you already have a plan.”

N“Don’t I always?”

D: “It will probably get us in a load of trouble.”

N“It is for our completely clueless friends, don’t chicken out on me now!”

D: “Fine. I’m in.”

N“Good! So this is what is gonna happen…”

Okay, so a lot happened last time I was able to post about the Webster legacy so we have in order, Autumn, Jeremiah, and Spring. Spring is the Heir and Jeremiah is going to age up any day now, the girls already aged through being toddlers, they cried about everything, and so far that’s all, OH WAIT! they moved too!