webster legacy


N“All they need is a little bit of gentle persuasion. The right time and place will prompt them to tell each other how they feel! C’mon, Des, I can’t do this without my partner in crime!”

D: “The way you’re talking, it sounds like you already have a plan.”

N“Don’t I always?”

D: “It will probably get us in a load of trouble.”

N“It’s for our completely clueless friends, don’t chicken out on me now!”

D: “Fine. I’m in.”

N“Good! So this is what is gonna happen…”


N: “You should definitely watch Moonlight Massacre, Bree! It is all me and my pen pal have been talking about for a while now! You were right about this pen pal idea, me and this ‘MGJournals’ fellow haven’t stopped talking!”

B: “I’m glad, Nomi! It is relieving to see you are taking baby steps to committing to other people.”

N: “Speaking of committing to other people, what is going on with this new assistant, is it any one I know?”

B: “I hope not. He is surprisingly a very hard-working and efficient employee.”

N: “Oh gosh, hard-working AND efficient? If he has an impressive stationary collection I bet you would marry the guy.”

B: “We did have a moment… but that is not the point. Nothing can happen, Red. Work protocol forbids any sort of office romance.”

N: Oh, princess, you really do need to learn to live a little. Now can we head back to yours quick? I need to borrow some clothes for tonight.”