webster and stevens

And there they were,

National Park Service, the leader of the rebellion, and their terrifying renegade, Merriam-Webster. 

a list of things that happened in last night's episode

1) oh my gosh she’s getting adopted she’s finally getting adopted is this the real life. IS THIS JUST FANTASY. CAUGHT IN A LAAANDSLIDE

2) lol why are there so many parties this season. every other episode there’s a bash at the adams foster house. fuckin party animals.

3) #bralliesmistake OH YOU THINK? daphne’s with me on this, daphne agrees with me. thanks daphne.

4) I can’t explain to you the feelings lena’s dad’s character makes me feel. every time he has a line I feel like I’ve started watching a documentary about the sweetest most sincere old man alive


6) so nate’s like a totally different person now??? ok I guess?? i’ma start callin him nate 2.0 though

7) I am so not looking forward to getting my first mammogram. look at that big-ass boobclamp. what if my boobs get claustrophobic?

8) when mr. stevens said The Thing I swear to fuck I choked on my own fucking tongue and it only intensified from there on out

 9) intentional on the actor’s part or not, embarrassed mr. stevens shares a lot of the same mannerisms as embarrassed connor and I really really love it (OH MAN THAT MUSTA BEEN ONE AWKWARD CAR RIDE)

10) idk if that’s how chill getting the sex talk was for all of you but for me it involved a lot more yelling and repeating of the word NO and horrified staring into the distance

11) stef and lena’s fight: I am cold and dead inside. I feel nothing :))))))))))))))

12) k soooo she’s definitely getting adopted but brallie is endgame right? it is, right? I don’t care one way or another but it probably is, right. I think it is. idk I’m tired and confused I need some milk

13) I’m back from getting milk and I still think brallie is endgame (I actually did get milk)

14) mr. stevens needs to cut that shit out and show. some. love. for. his. fucking. son.

15) when stef’s phone rings after lena’s dad’s speech you can see jude off to the side get all shifty-eyed and laugh about something and I would bet actual money on the reason for that being connor whispering a really bad joke at him

16) stef and lena have The Best Hugs

17) CIERRA RAMIREZ KILLING IT???????AND I DIDN’T KNOW????!!!!!!SHE COULD SING!!!!!!!!?????????????

18) so glad that happy mariana is back :3

19) ….and then there’s judge bitchface over here :/

20) I know I’m a cynical and jaded person in general but even if I wasn’t I still think I’d be highly uncomfortable with how long that hugging montage went on for

21) I THINK JUDE IS FINALLY TALLER THAN CONNOR YOU GUYS you guys yOu GuYs  :O  oh my gosh you guys I think he really is

22) lolololololololololololololololol like don’t even ask if I’m okay like don’t even do it

23) I realize everyone in the known universe disagrees with me on this, but NEW JESUS IS CUTE *sunglasses emoji*

24) he’s also good at acting jesusy. and at looking jesusy. he’s pretty much the jesusiest actor they could’ve possibly hired who isn’t jake t austin

25) HAPPY ENDING? HAPPY ENDING! happy ending