Graham Wardle IG live- May 12/17

Highlights from Graham Wardle’s live on May 12, 2017

- Amber and Graham are going to shoot a scene in a truck (after the live)

- He is dressed in a nice shirt, as per Graham (he asked if we can guess where Ty and Amy are going)

- Amber was in the background getting her makeup done! (She’s the one holding China)

- Kerry James is coming back

- As per Amber in the background, favourite word is “wrapped” 

- Password to Graham’s webste is teslateslatesla (grahamwardleonline.com)

- Season comes out late September (but we knew that?)

- Ps. He was doing his hair or something when he was live. He was only live for about 5 minutes.

fleursdesmorts  asked:

Would you recommend watching 'Constantine?' It looks interesting so I wanted to know what you thought. :) Sorry if I'm bothering you!

I wouldn’t turn anyone away from watching Constantine. I welcome and encourage you to join the Hellblazer fandom. Constantine is an amazing t.v show that is full of action, supernatural occurrencescomedy and full of DC. Each episode keeps on getting better and better.

Watching NBC Constantine even encouraged me read the DC Hellblazer comics.

External image

If you liked seasons 1-5 of Supernatural you are definitely going love Constantine. Castiel’s outfit was even based on John Cosntantine. Eric Kripe is a big hellblazer fan as well.

External image

The cast is great and interacts a lot with their fans. An example would be that they tweet people’s fan art of the show. 

The fans are dedicated (x)

You can watch Constantine live on nbc at 10 pm or on the nbc webste or hulu:  http://www.hulu.com/constantine  or if you are an international viewer: https://hola.org/  and install. 

In conclusion what are you waiting for go watch it! 


aus dem Wohlklang
schöner Worte webst du
einen Schal und bunte Fransen
knüpfst du mit hinein
lustig flatterst du
mir um die Schultern
du hübscher Wolkenbausch
seidenweiches Streicheln
und ein Hauch von Kühle
über sonnenwarmer Haut
mein Mäntelchen im Wind

der feine Stoff
er taugt nicht viel
zum Schutz vor Jahreszeit
und Übergang ( ich weiß,
wer mag schon daran denken)
mit Spitzenband
aus zarter Stichelei
säume ich dich flink
damit du länger hälst
und unser Tänzchen
noch ein wenig dauert

der frühe Herbst
und erste Regentage
trennen dich schon wieder auf