Resource swap with WSW: Your living room for our July PHP class

We’ve been scrounging around here at the WSW offices (read: coffee shop) trying to find affordable space to host a PHP course in July

As we attempt to wrangle schedules and budgets, it occurred to us - our needs are really quite simple: a comfy place for some great women to gather and learn, a bit of wifi, a dash of projection and we’re good to go

As we looked over this list-of-needs it occurred to us (duh) that all we really need is a decent sized living room and a decent Internet connection. 

So, here’s what we’re throwing out there to the community:

If you let an awesome group of women come and cozy up with their laptops in your living room (or any space you might have), you’ll get to attend for free (it is your living room after all!) PLUS another one of our classes for free.

So, to recap, you…

  • Are really interested in taking our class “Web Applications: PHP & MySQL”
  • Have a living room that could accommodate around 10 guests with laptops.
  • Have trusty Internet (we can chat about whether your router is up to the challenge of so many connections at once or whether we’ll need to bring our own router).
  • Will meet lots of great people and feel warm and fuzzy for helping out this little community we’re building.

And we…

  • Will give you a free invitation to this course and one other course of your choosing.
  • Will provide snacks.
  • Will set-up, break-down (you’ll never know we were there; we can provide reference from our last host).
  • Will bring our own digital projector.
  • Will have immense gratitude.

The dates we’re aiming for are either Mon + Wed’s or Tue + Thur’s the week of July 18th and the week of July 25th. So 4 evening classes over the span of 2 weeks.

Think you might be a good match for this swap?

Drop us a line!