SOA integration " The detached island of information " Serve the global petrochemical industry high-efficently

IBM was announced a few days ago, among them a brand WebSphere assisted Kingdee to help the Changjiang River of Nanjing oil of Chinese long boat to transport the company (are abbreviate as the oil luck of Nanjing, same below) Succeed in implementing “ Enterprise’s information application and integrated system ” The project, thus realize “ ageing is managed, finely melt the homework ” Business demand,“ last petrochemical industry to realization of it ” Offer the informationization to support. This cooperation, it is IBM that establishes “ SOA innovative centre ” by cooperating with Kingdee Company too Later, helped the embodiment that Kingdee Company promotes the whole ability of SOA solution to reflect.

Transport the new round of information construction with SOA helping hand Nanjing oil

The Nanjing oil was transported and established in 1975, it was “ Chinese long boat ” The shipping enterprises that specialize in the petroleum under command and the products are transported, its oil ship, supertanker course spread all over the whole world, it is the second largest petroleum transport enterprise in China. Position “ serve the global petrochemical industry ” .

Nanjing oil transport, open way of information construction from 1985, 20 more than development of year make inside “ detached island of message ” Stand in great numbers, the information system that the competitive environment of market of the internationalization is transported to the Nanjing oil has proposed more high requirement, current situation and business demand of enterprise’s informationization develop mismatch. Enterprises need to improve the information-based intensity urgently, simplify and optimize the internal procedure by this, realize the information sharing, promote decision, response rate, thus reduce risk and cost, increase the gain on investments. In 2005, in order to implement the Chinese long boat" the lard was transported “ Development strategy, the company concentrates top leader, business segments and information department, start the new round of information construction, ” promotes industrialization with the informationization in order to respond to the country, use industrialization to bring along the informationization “ Call.

” ageing is being managed, finely melt the homework “ to lead to Informationization employ being integrated in road,transport Nanjing oil more plain sailingly, have encountered the typical difficult problems of much maritime industry: It is scattered to run the ship height, remote management is difficult; Every operation system, supervising system opposing connection are difficult, the integrated intensity is low, cause the severe ” detached island of information “ Phenomenon.

The Changjiang River of Nanjing oil of Chinese long boat is transported to Mr. Yu Jun, Vice President of company, and thought, it is two big problems to transport the new round of information system and build the most key one with Nanjing oil, one procedure optimize and integration question, another one is the question of elimination and information sharing of the detached island of the information. "SOA has become basic idea and basic chassis of a more advanced management aspect on the whole IT circle, our problem to be solved is exactly that SOA framework can bring too. ” Mr. Yu Jun shows.

JVMJ9GC019E - Setting WebSphere JVM Heap size without the web console

Update server.xml located in <was_profile_root>\config\cells\<computer_name>Node01Cell\nodes\<computer_name>Node01\servers\server1\server.xml

Locate jvmEntries and delete the attribute initailHeapSize

 <jvmEntries xmi:id=“JavaVirtualMachine_1183122130078” verboseModeClass=“false” verboseModeGarbageCollection=“false” verboseModeJNI=“false” initialHeapSize=“512” runHProf=“false” hprofArguments=“” debugMode=“false” debugArgs=“-agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=7777” genericJvmArguments=“” executableJarFileName=“” disableJIT=“false”>

Achieving SSO between Liferay and IBM solutions

Business Need:  To provide SSO between Liferay and several IBM products, including WebSphere Application Server (WAS), Lotus Domino, Lotus Sametime, and Lotus Quickr.  

Challenge: Liferay does not provide out-of-the-box support for LTPA


  • Implement SSO between WAS and Domino servers using LTPA
  • Implement SPNEGO on one existing WAS 7.x server 
  • On the Liferay server, add an iFrame portlet to home page with View permission for Guest
  • Set iFrame URL to WAS server and set size of iFrame to 1 (not visible to users)
  • Set default home page for all browser to the Liferay home page


  • LTPA browser session cookie created in browser without any action on the part of the user
  • SSO to all LTPA-based systems is achieved without any special configuration to Liferay
websphere 6.1 could not load wizard specified in /wizard.inf (104)

Para instalar Websphere en CentOs 5.1 (en lugar de abrir el instalador me mostraba el mensaje de error del título) tuve que instalar un paquete de compatibilidad.

yum install compat-libstdc++-33

La propiedad “is.debug” me dio algo más de información de al respecto:

java -Dis.debug=1 -jar setup.jar
Desabilitar la seguridad de WebSphere A ND (WebSphere Global Security OFF)

Cuando se configura la seguridad global de Websphere Application Server ND (6.x, 7.x) siempre se nos pasa algo que no se tuvo en cuenta y luego de reiniciar el Application Server, el log empieza a imprimir error de autentificacion, y finalmente nunca llega a iniciar el servidor.

Authentication failed when using LTPA.
Este caso me ocurrio cuando configuraba la autentificacion con repositorios federados usando un Tivoli Directory Server.

La solucion para volver iniciar el Websphere sin autentificacion y configurar correctamente, es la siguiente:

Usar la consola MS-DOS, o Terminal en entornos Linux:

  • Entrar  por MSDOS a la carpeta bin del perfil del WAS en mi caso: D:\IBM\WID7_WTE\runtimes\bi_v7\profiles\qwps\bin
  • Ejecutar el siguiente comando: wsadmin.bat -conntype NONE
  • Luego ejecutar el comando para desabilitar la seguridad:  wsadmin> securityoff
  • Luego ejecutar el comando para guardar la accion: wsadmin> $AdminConfig save

Listo con esto  puedes volver a iniciar tu  servidor

>startServer.bat server1
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