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I know that school can get hard at times and sometimes it may feel like you’re trapped. I hope these links can help at least one person out. I know that they’ve helped me. (:

Scientists Have Created an Open-access Fossil Database

They hope it’ll help teams around the world to create a more accurate timeline for the tree of life.

by Fiona MacDonald

When it comes to figuring out exactly how and when life evolved on Earth, it’s going to take a lot of great minds working together.

To help make that process easier, a team of 20 palaeontologists, molecular biologists and computer scientists, including researchers from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia, has just launched a huge online database of fossils from around the world - and they’re hoping it’ll help us piece together when and how groups of plants and animals first evolved.

Known as the Fossil Calibration Database, the free, online resource will be used to help date the branching points of the tree of life, and better map the origin of humans, plants and animals. It’s the world’s first open-access fossil database for molecular dating…

(read more: Science Direct)

graphics by Queensland University of Technology

Calming websites where you create stuff

"When I was bashed, I found out the best way to go on, to survive, is to make something: a painting, a napkin holder, it doesn’t matter. Just to prove to yourself, and to them, that they didn’t get you. You’re still here." - Justin Taylor (Queer as Folk)

I thought it’d be a good idea to find awesome websites where you create things in the simplest way possible. They may help you pass time, to calm down or just to distract yourself.  

anonymous asked:

i am feeling suicidal but i am unable to talk on the phone is there any other way i can talk to someone

There are indeed places online that you can get help and talk to someone one on one to get help when you cannot contact 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

If you are an LGBT youth in need of help there is also

— Nelly the Narwhal

unga vill alltså egentligen ha fast jobb och eget hem och är beredda att arbeta för det. tänka sig! kan det vara så att äldre generationer alltid tycker att yngre generationer är lata? (från P3s hemsida 141230)

Master-Tier Magic Card Searching

Here at CommanDollar we often get questions about which Commanders would work for a certain theme/archetype. We love the opportunity to help you out and make suggestions, but instead of waiting on us you can be proactive and find more than what we will be able to suggest to you off the tops of our heads.

Here is a basic explanation of how to properly use my personal favorite god-tier Magic-Card search engine:

Why over Gatherer?

The site is more streamlined, is less graphics-heavy, meaning it loads faster. The Advanced Search engine is more intuitive, making it easier to use than that of Gatherer. It’s updated just as regularly if not before Gatherer during spoiler season. It shows all errata and specific rulings on cards. 

It does Gatherer’s job better than Gatherer does in a no-nonsense manner.

Keep reading

These websites are actually so helpful, for me even, so I hope they’re a good use to you as well. This is going to be the last post of this year. Have a great New Years!! Requests are also welcome. - record movies on your desktop and send them straight to youtube. - capture screenshots of webpages on mobiles and desktops. - shorten long URL’s and convert URL’s into QR codes. - find the original URL that’s hiding behind a short URL.

qClock - find the local time of a city using Google Maps. - copy special characters that aren’t on your keyboard. - create flowcharts, netword diagrams, sitemaps, etc. - the best place to find icons of all sizes! - download templates, cliparts and images for your Office documents. - easiest way to set up email reminders. - scans any suspicious file or email attachments for viruses.  - get answers directly without having to search. - print webpages without all the clutter. - reformats news articles and blog content as a newspaper. - a search engine for RSS feeds. - a simple online timer for your daily needs. - if a site is down due to heavy traffic, try accessing it through coral CDN. - pick random numbers, flip coins + more. - lets you quickly edit pdf’s in the browser itself. - Preview pdf’s and presentations in the browser. - simultaneously upload videos to YouTube and other video sites. - online voice recognition in the browser itself. - share your email address online without worrying about spam. - get read receipts for your email. - visualize and compare the size to any product. - quickly determine the font name from an image. - a good collection on open source fonts. - find data hidden in your photographs. - broadcoast events live over the web, including your desktop screen. - helps you search domain across all TLD’s. - design from scratch or remodel your home in 3D. - share your screen with anyone over the web. - recognize text from scanned pdf’s. - Track flight status at airports worldwide. - for sharing really big files online. - let’s you download free Kindle books. - checks your writing for spelling and grammatical errors. - easily highlight the important parts of a webpage for sharing. - work on the same document with multiple people. - planning an event? find a date that works with all. - a less confusing view of time zones around the world. - the perfect tool for measuring your site performance online. - print music sheets, write your own music online (review). - chat with your buddies on Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, etc. from one place. - translate webpages, pdf’s and office documents. - create paintings and sketches with a wide variety of brushes. - discover new sites similar to what you like already. - quickly summarize long pieces of text with tag clouds.

Note: More websites and links will be posted. Watch for updates! 

Posted: 31 December 2014

Last Updated: 4 January 2015

Sugar Daddy Site Reviews

Okay, so you want a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby! You Google it and BAM! There are a million websites that link you to Sugar Daddy websites where you can create a profile and just jump into an arm of a Sugar Daddy or have a beautiful Sugar Baby fall into your lap. EASY as 1,2,3.

But, just like shoe shopping, we see a few pairs in the same color and we wonder what shoe fits us best? What can this shoe do for us? Does it go with our outfit? 

I’ve tired many Sugar Daddy websites, below I have listed them with my comments. No particular order.

1.) Seeking Arrangement:

-This is by far the greatest site. I’ve met the MOST men on here…but not even the number but the GREATEST men on here. It’s free for Sugar Babies too! They allow a lot of room to type out in your profile. I’ve met 2 of my long term SDs on that site, and a few others that have lasted a few months and still to this day, if I talk to them, they would help me out if I needed. The layout of the site is very easy on the eyes, and it loads up fantastic on a mobile device. Pictures upload very well.

2.) WhatsYourPrice

-Basically, it’s a biding for date website. You see a pretty lady? You tell her how much you will pay to take her out on a date. NOTE: just a fucking date, not a roll in the hay. I like this site. But, few things to watch out for….There is a section where you can select a type of relationship you are looking for. I think many men just go ahead and start clicking away, and one of those options is SD/SB. There are men who make great income…but not enough to be a Sugar Daddy. Men who make 60K a year are on there. It’s not that i would call them ‘salt’ daddies, but that is because they truly don’t know how sugar works. But, back to the fun stuff. I’ve gotten anywhere from 75 dollars for a coffee date to 250 dollars on a date. I seriously was super low on cash at a time in my life, went on 7 dates in a week, and made my rent money. Did I sleep with these men? No, it’s a first date. This site isn’t as marked as others, and I get a lot of people from out of state. 

3.) Sugar

-Stupid, really it is. They have some point system that if you get enough points you can use them for gift cards. A lot of inactive profiles. Do not waste your time.

4.) Sugar Daddie 4 Me

-Hands down the worst website. The interface SUCKS. The men on there SUCK. A bunch of salt on there. I took down my profile, made it inactive and everything and the amount of emails they send do me are crazy. Saying such n such viewed me. First off, how did they view me? I never had a prior message from said person and my profile is hidden off search. WTF?

5.) Established Men

-Met 2 salt daddies. Enough said. LOL

6.) Ashley Madison

-If you’re okay with nothing but married men…then, sure. I had a lot of fights with dumbasses on here about the sugar world. I’ve had a shit ton of randoms that think making 90K a year makes them a Sugar Daddy. The screening process will be tough, but you can get through it.

—-I’ve seen postings on CL about Sugar Daddies and such. I think it’s code for “please have sex with me for a cheap thrill”. Tinder is a laughingstock to begin with, so, I can only assume the “sugar” on there is laughable.

Any questions, comments,concerns?


150227 Coal Wreath for Jung YongHwa One Find Day 1st Concert at AX Hall, Seoul is happy to have been able to be part of this awesome Coal Wreath project organized by CNBYonghwa for today’s Jung Yonghwa 1st Solo Concert in Seoul. All the other fanclubs/websites (and CNBLUE.CL) collected 800 pcs of coal.

cr photos: CNBYonghwa

So I decided to make a Masterpost, hooray! It doesn’t really have a theme though.
None of these links are mine, I just come across them and write them down. If any of the links don’t work, feel free to tell me.

Daily Writing Tips
Exercises and Prompts
Query Letter Writing
Family Name Generator
All Different Kinds of Names
Words That Need to Make a Comeback
Links for Helping You Focus
Ideas for Character Flaws
Writing Magical Characters
Character Development Questions
How to Create a Plot Outline in 8 Steps

Clothes, Fashion and Makeup
Knowing Your Colours
Tips on How to Wear Your Clothes
How to Apply Eyeliner
Six Makeup Secrets
Retro Fashion History
Different Ways to Braid Hair
19 Styling Tips for Short Hair
Acne Chart

Mug Cakes
Herbal Teas to Make You Healthier
Recipe Generator From Items in Your Fridge
Dinner in 15 Minutes

Facts About Your Birthday
Mythological Creatures
Study At Hogwarts!
Spirited Away (My Favourite Movie)
Learn Languages (Duolingo)
Tumblr Transparents

Websites to find uploads!

Uploading art is fun! Here are some websites to get you started on it:
Remember to INCLUDE CAPTIONS of the artist’s name/website and a few relevant tags. Message me with any questions. Good luck!!