planandorganize’s Back to School Masterpost

As school is starting in a terrifyingly short amount of time, I thought I’d compile some of my favorite study resources to make the beginning of this academic year a bit easier.  Enjoy!


Caffeine: I’m listing this app as the first of my 4 essential apps because I actually use this every day.  Caffeine keeps your computer screen from dimming, and as someone with an unnecessarily long password, it’s a lifesaver.

f.lux: This app changes your screen as the sun sets and replaces the harsh blue light with red light.  It makes it so much easier to go to sleep after a long late-night study session, and you can adjust how red you’d like to make your screen.

SelfControl: If you find yourself scrolling endlessly down Tumblr/any other distracting website, meet SelfControl.  Just enter any websites you want to blacklist, a time that you want to blacklist them for, and welcome productivity.

30/30: For time management!  Just enter in a list of tasks and how long each task will take, and this app will keep you on schedule. (for iPhone)


Coffitivity: Coffitivity is a website with soothing café noises that effectively helps to be able to focus anywhere, anytime .  Coffee is optional.

Rainy Mood: True to its name, Rainy Mood is the perfect mood-setter for any situation, whether it be  a study session or a quick de-stresser.  Each day holds a different rainy sound, and the calming background is so nice to look at when you feel like you’re drowning in notes and assignments.

Rainy Cafe: …and if you want both of the above?  Then here’s Rainy Cafe, where you can listen to both cafe and rain noises and adjust how much of each you want to hear. And for all of the above plus even more, lends users total control over their background noises with noises ranging from “Rain on a Tent” to “RPG Battlefield”

Get Sh*t Done: Studying is pretty much heading into battle, so why not have an appropriate soundtrack?  This playlist is full of music from Lord of the Rings, Thor, Harry Potter, and more to help you get through even the toughest of study sessions.

Spotify’s Intense Studying Playlist: Full of classical music, this playlist is perfect for studying.  The best part?  It’s continuously updated, providing an ever-changing set of music.


the thoughts roomFor getting your thoughts out of your head, accompanied by calming music.  Also, I would recommend the quiet place by the quiet place project, but I’ve definitely used the thoughts room more.

Do Nothing for 2 MinutesExactly what it says, this website makes you just take 2 minutes and breathe.


ilysilys is a fantastic way to cure the dreaded writer’s block.  With only one letter at a time shown on the screen, ilys forces writers to write now and edit later.  HIGHLY recommend for anyone stuck with current pieces, or struggling to start new ones.

Hemingway EditorThis is your new best editing friend.  Seriously.  Hemingway Editor will edit your pieces for readability,  overcomplicated phrases, adverbs, and passive voice.  This is a lifesaver when it comes to essays and even fiction pieces.

Websites to utilize

These are some of my favourite websites because they are so helpful for many different reasons. - I have been using this website for about 5 years and it is magical. They have everything from science and math to art and humanities. They show you videos that aren’t ridiculously long and boring. Super helpful for everything. - Great site if you want to learn how to code in depth or just get a small grasp on it. You learn by doing which is super helpful. They offer several different languages and it walks you though it while you are writing the code. They have different levels and and small projects like creating a solar system. Great for learning how to code especially for computer science and web design. - I only use this website for last minute math assignments. You can enter your math problem and say what you need from it, like the maximum and it will give you the answer. This is great for those last minute assignments or for if you completely forget when its due and only have an hour, which is what happens to me.

Top 5 best online website to learn ethical hacking

Top 5 best online website to learn ethical hacking

Today there are lots of people who want to learn hacking. But as we know Hacking is illegal so it’s difficult to find a way to learn hacking. But there are some networks running online which gives tutorials on hacking. So today we’re here with a list of Top 5 best online website to learn ethical hacking.


Hack This Site

Hack This Site is one of the coolest, free programmer training siteswhere…

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Schäuble will offenbar Änderungen bei EU-Kommission

Nach Ansicht von Finanzminister Schäuble hat die EU-Kommission vor allem eine Aufgabe: Sie ist Hüterin der EU-Verträge. Nun missfällt Schäuble offenbar, dass sich Brüssel immer stärker politisch engagiert. Er fordert laut “FAZ”, Kompetenzen der Kommission zu beschränken. Von Ralph Sina. [mehr]

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What is Wordpress & Why You Should Use It For Your Business Website Explainer Video 1

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The Iconoclasts Still A Stunning Action Platformer

The Iconoclasts [official site] is coming, The Iconoclasts is coming! After a years-long development period, one-person creator Joakim “Konjak” Sandberg has partnered with studio Bifrost Entertainment to finish the action-platformer. Their work has already borne fruit in the form of a new trailer below – the first, I think, since 2012.

… [visit site to read more]

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Fragen und Antworten: Wann müssen Provider Seiten sperren?

Müssen Internet-Anbieter Seiten sperren, wenn sie erfahren, dass dort illegale Inhalte bereitgestellt werden? Darüber verhandelt heute der Bundesgerichtshof – und muss damit auch klären, wer wofür im Netz haftet. Fragen und Antworten von Kolja Schwartz. [mehr]

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