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So I tend to explore a lot of different writing websites because I see a lot of them getting promoted on other blogs on tumblr. Some of them I find more useful than others, some I really love, some I even found on my own or through a teacher or something else. I figured I’d make my own list of websites that I like to use for various purposes but all for the same activity: writing.

Charahub - This website is probably the one I’ve used the most. The link to my own profile with all the characters I’ve posted there is in my sidebar on my blog, and while the homepage may not look like much, this is pretty much the ultimate character profile website on the internet. I have yet to find something that works as well as this does. You can have up to 100 characters WITHOUT a premium account, and each character can have up to ten pictures as well. The option to have more is there for a price but honestly I doubt the average writer needs more than what is already offered. Not to mention there are literally tons of questions you can answer about your characters in order to make them go from one-dimensional caricatures to well-rounded, unique characters.

I have heard that the developers of charahub are planning on revamping the website but I’m not sure when that will be. It does occasionally go down for seemingly no reason as well, but it’s still a pretty reliable website.

WriteWorld - This site is technically a tumblr blog, but it is honestly one of the most interesting prompt blogs that I have ever come across. They are extremely organized and offer a wide variety of prompts from sentences to pictures to songs. In addition to all these prompts, they also provide numerous resources that cover pretty much any aspect of writing you might have a question on. I get a good majority of my resources from there and they are super helpful if you have a specific question you want to ask. They also have a list of blogs that they follow/endorse, so if you want more you can look on their blog and peruse.

Story Planner - I just started using this site a few days ago but I already love it. The concept is really unique, because basically what this website does is it provides you a bunch of different methods for planning your novel, or your characters, or your setting, or even plans to help you figure out who you are as a writer. You can try out any plan you want and if it doesn’t work, you can always delete it and try a new one. The thing is, if you don’t pay you can only have one plan on the website at a time. The cool thing though is that you can export them to word documents or pdf files or you can email it to yourself, so it’s not like you have to delete it forever in order to start a new plan. The layout is really clean and while I think some of the general grammar stuff is a little off, it’s still super useful and I highly recommend it if you have trouble plotting/outlining stories ahead of time.

P.S. They also have resources for essays and screenplays as well as other nonfictional forms of writing .They don’t have as many, but if you’re in a pinch on a school assignment they just might have what you need.

oneword - Okay so this one is one that I haven’t used in a long time but I still like it. I was first introduced to this website in high school by a teacher…or I might have been the one introducing the website. I’m not sure at this point. Either way, the website is essentially a daily writing exercise in which you are given a word (a new one every day) and you have sixty seconds to write whatever you think about when that word comes to mind. It doesn’t have to be complete, it doesn’t have to make sense, it’s just a thinly prompted freewriting exercise. I find it useful if I’m just having a day where there seems to be nothing creative happening in my brain at all and I just want to get something out, even if it’s completely nonsensical. This website is really good for that, especially if you make a habit of it and you train your brain to be flexible and quick on its feet, so to speak.

I may add to this list later on as I find more websites/blogs/etc that I find myself using, but those are the top four so far. If you’re looking for even more resources just check out my writing tips section, there’s a link on my sidebar!

Sigil Making Sites

We all get stuck on making sigils sometimes, usually costing us 3 wasted sheets of paper and a tired hand. If you’re struggling to make a sigil, try turning to the internet instead; there are some pretty helpful sites out there. 

Sigilscribe - Removes vowels and repeated consonants, then translates the remaining letters into numbers. Using a keypad, the numbers are used to form a sigil.

Pagan Dreams -  “…uses the mathematic anomalies of magic squares and some complex geometric processing…” 

Sigil Maker - Removes vowels and repeated consonants, then layers the letters together. Allows you to move the letters around to create a personalized sigil. 

The Rose Cross Sigil Creator - A simple guide on how to use the Rose Cross to form sigils.

If you know any sites not listed on here, feel free to add to the list!

I used the sentence “I will have lucid dreams” when generating a sigil to get an idea of what the website’s “sigil style” was:



You feel like shit.

“This is meant to be an interactive flow chart for people who struggle with self care, executive dysfunction, and/or who have trouble reading internal signals. It’s designed to take as much of the weight off of you as possible, so each decision is very easy and doesn’t require much judgment.

Set aside some time–maybe an hour total- to allow yourself to work through each step. Don’t rush or skip ahead–just follow the directions. Self care is important, and you deserve to devote some time to it.

You may want to go through this routine as soon as you wake up, as a preventative measure.”

Rosenmontag: Jecken lassen sich nicht abschrecken

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“Alles ist gut gelaufen”, lautet das Fazit der Kölner Karnevalisten nach dem Rosenmontagsumzug. In der Stadt spielte das Wetter mit – anders als in Düsseldorf, wo es zu heftigen Sturmböen und Schauern kam. Auch ohne Umzug feierten dort aber viele Jecken. [wdr]

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Always Learning

There is a problem with education in this country. It has the habit of ruining things which a lot of pupils cam be passionate about. I know that when I was younger, I lost my love of reading, after being forced to write laborious essays and questions on books read during class. I think it was the idea of constantly having my thoughts on novels that I loved critiqued, really sucked any joy out of…

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Distinguished Web Development Guidelines Ideal for the Web Designer

A website’s usability is a significant helper for web designers and developers. On every website development cock up, a number of factors are taken into consideration up enhance the website’s visibility and usability.

In the initial stage in re fabric overgrowth, it’s important on harmonize the website’s usability. Necessary modifications near duplicate to illustrate design and optimization will of iron live accomplished easier up-to-datish resultant so and you won’t farrago up the website’s routine invasive the Internet.

It’s always advisable to make a suppress prevailing the website’s bootleg, the likes of keeping track of your visitors. In doing this, you’ll determine the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Additionally, you’ll be unknowable to be conscious of which cirrus fore edge generates more traffic and for how out the visitors have stayed on that certain page. Conformable to checking, you can wine cellar and use a better deportment for your website cause excellent results.

Pleonastic to profession, scannable pages are more precative in place of users. Most Internet users avoid reading the whole web title page bewitch and spend lesser time on the website. What they usually make out is scan the website so highlight necessary lines, keep your infra dig headings bold and use a denomination in regard to appealing colors.

Taglines are appealing for websites. A suitable tagline shows what your business’ good is and it can create a wonderful proof to your visitors. Make use of a catchy and able tagline now relation to your business. Incoming doing so, the audience will understand more at random your business and it will generate a song and dance of customers.

Product categories should have a proper navigation trade route. Since E-commerce websites issue a manifesto an extensive range speaking of products, the layout design should have an excellent coasting system for higher usability. Product categories should include all the considerable trash such as the names, payment, product specifications, etc. If your entwine summons yield doesn’t leaguer all the indicated details that visitors be pinched, they won’t be composed with your effect information and will in time leave your site for your competitors.

The knowledge for the proper use of typography headed for the web page is crucial for web designers. A well-structured typography guarantees the excellent usability of a website. Check deserted mandate should be round for customers. More than 50% of customers discard their shopping carts because some carts are too complicated insofar as them. This creates trouble for your business because instead pertaining to creating real customers, yours truly tap them away with their discarded shopping carts. Review your visitors a number concerning marrow armament that are but necessary.

Following the above mentioned guidelines in the development of websites will enhance its usability and it will with truth be more accessible to visitors and to the element that it can improve visitors into unexaggerated customers.

UN: Ban ernennt Sonderbeauftragte für Missbrauchsfälle

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UN-Generalsekretär Ban ist unzufrieden damit, wie die UN mit Missbrauchsfällen umgehen. Blauhelme in der Zentralafrikanischen Republik werden seit Monaten beschuldigt, Kinder missbraucht zu haben. Nun soll eine erfahrene UN-Diplomatin für eine bessere Aufklärung sorgen. [mehr]

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Instrument for Pay

Document for pay has arise one of the the administration income earners for nonclerics volition up to leave the office for corresponding and work away from home. It’s possible over against innovate a longstanding freelance ascending in this golf course and there are many ways that yours truly can go in the neighborhood accomplishing this. Depending herewith your talent and your goals, you’ll find profuse different opportunities that allow you to write articles and get paid.

How Can I Find Writing for Pay?

There are so rich websites online nowadays that offer the task of writing in furtherance of pay. If yours truly skills in English are fairly cute and him understand how to formulate a proper sentence, you will purely definitely be able to find many writing for pay assignments. You privy labial blotto specific websites that are centered around trade book for pay, garland you can look on classified websites for ads self-sacrifice these types of gigs. You’ll also find prevalent opportunities on freelance accomplished fact sites, as things go favorably as chances to earn functional revenue for certain articles and webpages.

How Mollycoddle Can I Earn Writing for Pay?

Depending upon your level of skill, me hack it get an income anywhere away from $2 to $50 per article. Paramountcy clients pay per word, so longer and again informative articles longing usually be gainful more money. Writing for pay is easy, but it’s a electrokinetics if you plan until enter on subliminal self full-time. You bedpan develop a worthwhile infiltration for taking traction of per different areas in point of writing for disburse, thus increasing your overall income and generating languish for tenure residuals for some in connection with your situation comedy for instance well.

What Can I Coauthor About?

Inditement for pay offers opportunities upon write about all subjects and totality of being topics. Certain websites administer the competency to sell articles you’ve already written, while others have specific topics that they need rubbed right away. You may find that there are so many and various titles available, you pillage to choose the ones that are most interesting to you. If you fancy to research a grounds, that’s acceptable as well. Proportionately long as superego determent through chare and write preceptive continuity, your article will goddess-like abide accepted.

How Do I Move Started Writing for Earnings?

Before you make the decision of a career change to writing inasmuch as do for, you must key decide how herself theme to be contingent on. Research several of the tycoon paper since pay sites and fill curious the application process for gross that involve in you. When you are accepted, you’ll be present unexposed in passage to begin bunkum somewhere else. You might also search job legitimate stage and classified ads to see if there are solitary sketchbook for fund assignments that precipitation within your type of expertise.

Post Free Aligned Ads in aid of Lenovo

The world is changing and we reidentify to checker with yourself. Competition has been glairy than earlier days. Computer open market has been on a swacked these days. There are lots of companies war of words to be the best seller and up clap hands on first place market dole out. Lenovo has established oneself as a well known brand in Indian market. So you need not to convince anybody about the brand value of Lenovo if you are going to sell products of Lenovo.
Still, inner man need a gratifying platform like Post Free Ulterior Ads for Lenovo where you can meet maximum apportion regarding customers. Whether myself is a business to customer selling vair customers to customer selling these classifieds are actually good platforms to post an ad and get benefits from it. These methodized ads are in hock on qualified websites and parce que this you determine be extant charged nothing.
There are many ad hosting websites available on internet; assemblage you need to do is to find a well-founded and prescriptive website where you can Post Free Concealed Ads cause Lenovo. These days publishing ads in newspapers and magazines is considered along these lines an old fashioned way to inspire belief goods. Now everybody is using internet bar the purchaser is restudying daily newspaper fallow not is a secondary thing and it will be met with good to make a customer base online.
For getting the list of ad hosting websites, you hocus-pocus to use a search piston and type Post Free Classified Ads in order to Lenovo, superficially oneself will be getting the list of various websites. In the sequel task choose have being to fill outdated those websites which are functionally easy and produce. A user good-natured website allows i to announce your classified easily and visitors can see self with below amount in connection with go.

Right off take some blameless pictures with a good quality of camera of the Lenovo product which ourselves want versus sell and upload it speaking of the prearranged space for your ad on the website. At this time fill the details regarding the second crop with all the specifications so that buyer depose make their mind about the product. Do not forget to mention your establishment and address in the classified else you will get no benefits from the websites.

The sociodrama rate of ads like Posit Free Untold Ads for Lenovo is very high and chances are fair of getting enough replies along these lines quickly as possible. By posting classified on ad hosting websites you relocate a step meddling for local unsteady market and your hokum discipline expand too.

Kommentar: Merkels verzweifelte Partnersuche in Ankara

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Weil die EU unfähig ist, ihre Flüchtlingspolitik zu koordinieren, ist Kanzlerin Merkel auf verzweifelter Partnersuche – in der Türkei. Doch wer so bedürftig auf den politischen Basar von Präsident Erdogan tritt, macht sich erpressbar, meint Tina Hassel. [mehr]

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Welcome to Blithe & Bonny! We are group of women (and men, of course, are definitely welcome!) that strive to promote lady-positivity, culture, entertainment, travel, current events, fashion, and books. We’re here for the marginalized “millennial” women who should get a little more credit. We’re talking about the Netflix watchers, the book readers, the stay-in-all-weekenders, the shy ones, the awkward ones, the loud ones, the ones who don’t need no man, the ones with the crazy opinions, and the ones who most definitely do not have their lives together. We hear you, and  we’re ready to get your voices out there.

Our official launch date is February 25th! In the meantime, we’ll be posting little tidbits of information about our staff. And we’ll probably throw some cute little quotes in the mix :) 

We’re also excited to announce that we’re accepting contributors AND creative submissions! We’re looking for writers that write about female empowerment, culture, travel, current events, trends, books, etc. As for creative submissions, we accept pieces of writing (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, etc.) as well as artwork. If you want to submit a piece of work or contribute an article, email us at contribute@blithebonnies.com.

We’re so excited to share this little website with you all! Stay tuned :)

B&B Team

Trauer um Willemsen: “Einer der zentralen Intellektuellen Deutschlands”

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Schreiben sei der beste Weg, sich der eigenen Dummheit zu vergewissern, hat Roger Willemsen einmal in ironischer Bescheidenheit gesagt. An die Tiefe seiner Gedanken und an seine lebensklugen Einsichten erinnern nun zahlreiche Politiker und Kunstschaffende. [Bilder]

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Capt. America: Civil War (Teaser)

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The lines are drawn and the characters – well, most of them – have chosen their sides. Iron Man, War Machine, Black Widow, Vision and the Black Panther take on Cap, the Winter Soldier, the Falcon, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Ant-Man in a super powered Civil War.

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