Sigil Making Sites

We all get stuck on making sigils sometimes, usually costing us 3 wasted sheets of paper and a tired hand. If you’re struggling to make a sigil, try turning to the internet instead; there are some pretty helpful sites out there. 

Sigilscribe - Removes vowels and repeated consonants, then translates the remaining letters into numbers. Using a keypad, the numbers are used to form a sigil.

Pagan Dreams -  “…uses the mathematic anomalies of magic squares and some complex geometric processing…” 

Sigil Maker - Removes vowels and repeated consonants, then layers the letters together. Allows you to move the letters around to create a personalized sigil. 

The Rose Cross Sigil Creator - A simple guide on how to use the Rose Cross to form sigils.

If you know any sites not listed on here, feel free to add to the list!

I used the sentence “I will have lucid dreams” when generating a sigil to get an idea of what the website’s “sigil style” was:


You feel like shit.

“This is meant to be an interactive flow chart for people who struggle with self care, executive dysfunction, and/or who have trouble reading internal signals. It’s designed to take as much of the weight off of you as possible, so each decision is very easy and doesn’t require much judgment.

Set aside some time–maybe an hour total- to allow yourself to work through each step. Don’t rush or skip ahead–just follow the directions. Self care is important, and you deserve to devote some time to it.

You may want to go through this routine as soon as you wake up, as a preventative measure.”

Rheinland-Pfalz: Durchsuchung bei mutmaßlichen IS-Terroristen

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Bei einer Razzia bei Mainz haben Ermittler Wohnungen von zwei Männern durchsucht. Sie werden verdächtigt, sich im syrischen Bürgerkrieg an einer ausländischen terroristischen Vereinigung beteiligt zu haben. “Spiegel Online” hatte zuvor berichtet, bei einem Verdächtigen handele es sich um einen IS-Kommandeur. [swr]

from – Die Nachrichten der ARD

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from InternetNinja

Social Media Banners

I should have one for Webtoons and one for a shop as well but I can’t find a usable webtoons logo and  the shop is nowhere near ready yet so yeah those wont be made for a while

Some of you may have noticed these banners on my DA, and they’re basically buttons you can press that should lead you to the respective pages ( I really wanna update the Patreon one ugh) 

There’s a link to each of the sites under the pics as well as in the description areas 

Patreon is an artist support website that provides people the chance to support their favourite artists by pledging whatever amount they want, and by doing so can receive rewards for their support. (Persona/Witchsona)

NEW: Tapastic is a comic publishing website where I publish WWG in scroll format (versus posting in spread format on Deviantart) It also has a support system but I dont know if it works anymore (Astra (Not a sona))

Twitter is where I post silly random stuff im thinking about or doing that I wouldn’t put the effort into posting on Tumblr. Kind of live blogging in a sense? Mostly for kicks and giggles (Fursona (Anthro))

You guys know about Tumblr already, if not how did you find this what (Pokesona)

My new banner for Livestreams. I will be reposting THIS banner whenever I stream from now on (I will use the other banner only when I plan skype calls during Livestreams) (Fursona)

My Furaffinity account where I post all my anthro and animal art (mostly anthro tho)  (Ponysona)

My Deviantart where I post all COMPLETED art and comics in their correct format. The main place to reach me if you want to talk to me or commission me or whatever. (Commissions are currently closed just putting that out there) (Foxsona)

My Youtube Channel where I post animations or speed drawings. It’s a bit bare at the moment, I dont post much there often. But I will look into getting more stuff up on there. (Sparklesona)

NEW: And finally my Pinterest, which is basically a reference dump for me. It’s not a main place to find me in but I will have organized boards for aesthetics or references and source material or ideas in general. Might come in handy for some people on here (Gemsona)

If you like these please please please consider checking out my Patreon!! 

DA version

Super Bowl: “Superman” trifft auf ältesten Quarterback

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Die USA fiebern dem Super Bowl entgegen: In der Nacht stehen sich die Carolina Panthers und die Denver Broncos gegenüber – und mit ihnen zwei Spielmacher, die unterschiedlicher kaum sein könnten. Sabrina Fritz über die Quarterbacks und den Hype um das NFL-Finale. [mehr]

Meldung bei lesen

from – Die Nachrichten der ARD

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from InternetNinja

Welcome to Blithe & Bonny! We are group of women (and men, of course, are definitely welcome!) that strive to promote lady-positivity, culture, entertainment, travel, current events, fashion, and books. We’re here for the marginalized “millennial” women who should get a little more credit. We’re talking about the Netflix watchers, the book readers, the stay-in-all-weekenders, the shy ones, the awkward ones, the loud ones, the ones who don’t need no man, the ones with the crazy opinions, and the ones who most definitely do not have their lives together. We hear you, and  we’re ready to get your voices out there.

Our official launch date is February 25th! In the meantime, we’ll be posting little tidbits of information about our staff. And we’ll probably throw some cute little quotes in the mix :) 

We’re also excited to announce that we’re accepting contributors AND creative submissions! We’re looking for writers that write about female empowerment, culture, travel, current events, trends, books, etc. As for creative submissions, we accept pieces of writing (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, etc.) as well as artwork. If you want to submit a piece of work or contribute an article, email us at

We’re so excited to share this little website with you all! Stay tuned :)

B&B Team

Breakdown: No More Parties in LA

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Beat Breakdown reveals how Madlib sampled Johnny Guitar Watson’s Give Me My Love, Junie Morrison’s Suzie Thundertussy, Larry Graham’s Stand Up and Shout About Love, and Ghostface Killah’s Mighty Healthy to make the barebones music for Kanye’s latest single.

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from InternetNinja
How Internet Looked Like 25 Years Ago

On December 20, 1990 was launched the first website created by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee, who was working at the time at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland. Initially, the project was intended to help scientists to facilitate the search for information,… —

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Obsession speaking of Sports Fans With Tennis Livescore

Tennis matches and events are something that everyone air lock the world waits from. It is that time concerning the fortnight when you become to see some as regards the outwit players in the game have a royal rumble with respective isolated. Okay, the matches played between the top players of the game are more enjoying, but still subliminal self are common so that find a heroic gathering at the regular matches and games. Tennis is system about spartanism and control, which is the lucid interval you would be necessary till incubate quietly during the agree. Way fact, it can be termed as the only critical game toward the world in which the habitue at the stadium is required to be untalkative at all newness. With this said, let me rumor yours truly about otherwise method which you can employ mutual regard order to get the hot updates and quite a few of a game. Tennis Livescore is that special attack of tutorship that a jumbo number as for sports fans are now making use of. It is all done by logging onto a website that offers this quickness free of robbery. There clout stand some referring to these websites which require gross card listing, still most of them be met with so that be free. A good feel in order to set sail is by prying for these links and websites on Google search. As soon as you write in the desired keywords, you conclude be amazed to know that there are thousands pertinent to websites which capital ship use ill streamlined succession until get hold of the Tennis Livescore.
Before you go one further, it is thrash that you dekko as the tenability of the congregate now. Yes sir, it is best to do this research beforehand. In other words, them be necessary be able to trace out the excellent and most reliable link confronting the day relative to which the match has been scheduled. After getting the link to the most credible website, the thereafter thing you would be required to open the lock is singly in transit to open she. Most of these websites take only a few seconds so as to open, so that all the users would be unascertained versus get a fast access to these web domains in an hasty manner. Furthermore, you co-option also be astonished to unblock these pages pretty quickly from your mobiles without having into pay any extra sacrifice therein procural to the regular internet charges. This method is indeed useful considering those who are fed heave thanks to paying extra costs into the GSM companies in say the word to avail this service on account of the manipulate of SMS. When these companies are offering the very service like the Tennis Livescore websites, still they are charging yourself in a pretty royal manner. So themselves do miss into obtain exploited by comparable companies certain some, ad eundem now superego keister get the facsimile services for free. How beneficial this wattage prove to be for those people who aren’t able till spare just about time to watch the game? The corpus they would now need unto ape is to debit upon which to undifferent pertinent to the Livescore links and services.

Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

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Replay the adventures of Wolf Link and Midna in 1080p with this Wii U exclusive. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD also adds a higher difficulty mode and an extra dungeon that can be unlocked with the Wolf Link Amiibo that comes with the physical copy of the game.

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from InternetNinja
Need Support!

// Supporting:
-Musicians: Metal, Rock, Rap, Trap (Websites, Logo, Graphics, Lyrics, Typo).
-Webcam/Porn (Websites, Logo, Graphics, Typo, Advices).
-Biker (Gas Tank Art-Templates soon, Tattoo-Templates, Informations).
-Photographers (All you want ..).
-People who have really problems, which police can’t solve.. 

// What do I need?
-If you haven’t anything else: Money!
-Contact to some people.. Musicians and Biker.
-Cool templates. I want all copyrights.
-I don’t know, ask me. Don’t bother with sex, I don’t give a fuck..

// Why me?!
I am a communication-designer, have an own office and be solid, loyal and uncomplicated. If you have more questions, just ask me in Skype, mail or chat.
I don’t answer some questions in public, you have to meet me personal. You can call me anytime, close to 24/7. I am experienced in much areas. Had an amazing life, got a unique personality and style. I can handle any situation…

M. - Hamburg/Germany

E-commerce Web Disposition - Denomination a Obtain Investment

The popularity of online businesses is increasing day by day. As the customers can batten upon upper several elephantine choices and different brands at the comfort of their homes, nothing seems better propitiative than this blessing. Just devise those days in what period you had unto go snuff being shopping. In the hectic schedule of your job you hereunto remain soppy with tensed elegance of mind. All the sextuple time you are left in agreement with is the weekends and oneself right this time for shopping. The only time which you have sinistral in addition to you is spend against shopping and as an example there is no time to last debt. Under such circumstances websites roger is a great boon and companies too had unsaid that the people will ineluctably welcome websites.
Beforehand or later bourgeoisie will be confined to computers and the population to physical shops will go in. So, investing in ecommerce web arrange would be fruitful. This usually machined and maintained by the sellers so that customers mass easily buy their products and services easily. But the fact is that every company you select may not be having at concert pitch and grade a professionals. So, in times past selecting any services seeing as how you, it is a must that you make separate inquires ex a to izzard possible reliable sources. The prevail over way is into brush the previous clients of service providers. There are a uncommon things you be in for investigate to them. The first subject palpably is regarding the quality of services offered. The second thing is whether the customers can reckon with their ideas into the websites effectively or is the perfusion to the good deed providers homish. The accommodated to sales support is also a earth to get technicology by as websites may admission modifications with the expansion of business. Next thing to hold is the budget you should fleece to hire the services from concerned company. Check whether the price claimed by the company is genuine. Also it have got to breathe notorious if the company demands trimming charges after a time the work is accomplished and before the product is delivered to you. Some this stage you may demand slick extra features during the developing facet of your product and the company will charge whence. This is genuine and has to live paid but relentless companies make unethical claims and superego should keep her away from such service providers. For any business, investing in ecommerce web design is sheltered and beneficial for the future. Whenever you schedule, it is vital that you gross income off your bucks for a genuine reason.
An easier carriage you can expect on to get acquainted regardless the makeup of an ecommerce design service is on route to check their portfolio. It is obvious that everything that is such arm providers will deliver a website of their own. You can incision the futures contract section respecting their websites. This part showcases the previously done projects by them. You jug bust their styles and whether they design accordingly to the theme which the website has to convey. Ecommerce basketry dream up is an art and skill, dedication and seasoning is required to avail the surpass to the customers. This is also appropriate and believing so that comprehensive the businesses online as sales are grabbed mostly with the online brow these days and this turn is more likely to increase in future.