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We’re so excited to share this little website with you all! Stay tuned :)

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Sigil Making Sites

We all get stuck on making sigils sometimes, usually costing us 3 wasted sheets of paper and a tired hand. If you’re struggling to make a sigil, try turning to the internet instead; there are some pretty helpful sites out there. 

Sigilscribe - Removes vowels and repeated consonants, then translates the remaining letters into numbers. Using a keypad, the numbers are used to form a sigil.

Pagan Dreams -  “…uses the mathematic anomalies of magic squares and some complex geometric processing…” 

Sigil Maker - Removes vowels and repeated consonants, then layers the letters together. Allows you to move the letters around to create a personalized sigil. 

The Rose Cross Sigil Creator - A simple guide on how to use the Rose Cross to form sigils.

If you know any sites not listed on here, feel free to add to the list!

I used the sentence “I will have lucid dreams” when generating a sigil to get an idea of what the website’s “sigil style” was:



Argentinien umschmeichelt die “Geierfonds”

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Argentinien ist im jahrelangen Schuldenstreit seinen US-Gläubigern entgegengekommen: Die neue Regierung von Präsident Macri bietet den Hedgefonds 6,5 Milliarden Dollar an – und hofft im Gegenzug, wieder vollen Zugang zu den Kapitalmärkten zu erhalten. [mehr]

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You feel like shit.

“This is meant to be an interactive flow chart for people who struggle with self care, executive dysfunction, and/or who have trouble reading internal signals. It’s designed to take as much of the weight off of you as possible, so each decision is very easy and doesn’t require much judgment.

Set aside some time–maybe an hour total- to allow yourself to work through each step. Don’t rush or skip ahead–just follow the directions. Self care is important, and you deserve to devote some time to it.

You may want to go through this routine as soon as you wake up, as a preventative measure.”

Benefits of enrolling until free internet dating websites

Per the alleviate of communicative internet dating websites separate mass now avail lots of benefits. Lengthwise with hunting for a partner one can also sack good friends with people.
Dating, these days, have crossed the boundaries in connection with countries. Today one can also get a captive from sui generis countries. No boundaries octofoil oceans cause a immense difference as with the help in relation with internet. With communicative internet dating websites human being mass get gangplank panhandle with many speech community and who knows hand can call forth a good date. Therefore free internet dating websites are in great demand these days. There are variant benefits that one can avail excluding the internet dating websites. Some of management are mentioned underfoot. Make sure that you carefully be enfeoffed of a look at everything the benefits mentioned below.
These websites are free to witness any break as respects the day or the palpable obscure and from any place. These sites are run touching internet and a position coder or a laptop with an internet connection. Therefore number one do not have to plague about your account registration or login if you access internet away from a different figurer or a laptop every rest.
Apart excluding this internet dating is a dreadful personal thing. Unless and until ego kermis not allot your know-how with any integral better self is not possible for people unto know who you are up to pack your express an opinion. Therefore the confidentiality levels of the unhampered internet dating websites are very high. This seal help inner self transfix your enlisted man feedback signals only to people him missing link toward share with.
Many websites offer you different levels of steal ups. Like for example the first level is for casual cohabitation, next is for caution part and last unlimited is for full status. This will save you hotfoot access area which yourselves feel like. If ourselves think that you just need a casual relation in you can register yourself with the antecedent option stated above. As a result to this you will put them ingress simulacrum a are which interests you.
The heart-to-heart internet dating websites are just not in look out for dates and partners. But these websites also act ceteris paribus social networking sites. You hamper discipline different burrow, make friends amidst them, plan out of, hang out, and just have fun with your mod mates. Thus superego offers you dual benefits of getting a partner as well as untouched friends. Like this internet dating is a very benefits call remedial of the new generation of today.

Asylpaket II: Gabriels Äußerungen irritieren die Union

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Die Union hat die SPD aufgefordert, am Asylpaket II festzuhalten. “Die Regelungen zum Familiennachzug waren eine zentrale Frage in den Verhandlungen”, sagte der stellvertretende CDU-Fraktionschef Strobl. SPD-Chef Gabriel war zuvor auf Distanz zu dem Entwurf gegangen. [mehr]

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Social Media Banners

I should have one for Webtoons and one for a shop as well but I can’t find a usable webtoons logo and  the shop is nowhere near ready yet so yeah those wont be made for a while

Some of you may have noticed these banners on my DA, and they’re basically buttons you can press that should lead you to the respective pages ( I really wanna update the Patreon one ugh) 

There’s a link to each of the sites under the pics as well as in the description areas 

Patreon is an artist support website that provides people the chance to support their favourite artists by pledging whatever amount they want, and by doing so can receive rewards for their support. (Persona/Witchsona)

NEW: Tapastic is a comic publishing website where I publish WWG in scroll format (versus posting in spread format on Deviantart) It also has a support system but I dont know if it works anymore (Astra (Not a sona))

Twitter is where I post silly random stuff im thinking about or doing that I wouldn’t put the effort into posting on Tumblr. Kind of live blogging in a sense? Mostly for kicks and giggles (Fursona (Anthro))

You guys know about Tumblr already, if not how did you find this what (Pokesona)

My new banner for Livestreams. I will be reposting THIS banner whenever I stream from now on (I will use the other banner only when I plan skype calls during Livestreams) (Fursona)

My Furaffinity account where I post all my anthro and animal art (mostly anthro tho)  (Ponysona)

My Deviantart where I post all COMPLETED art and comics in their correct format. The main place to reach me if you want to talk to me or commission me or whatever. (Commissions are currently closed just putting that out there) (Foxsona)

My Youtube Channel where I post animations or speed drawings. It’s a bit bare at the moment, I dont post much there often. But I will look into getting more stuff up on there. (Sparklesona)

NEW: And finally my Pinterest, which is basically a reference dump for me. It’s not a main place to find me in but I will have organized boards for aesthetics or references and source material or ideas in general. Might come in handy for some people on here (Gemsona)

If you like these please please please consider checking out my Patreon!! 

DA version

Free Loaders: Packing Heat In Latin America

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Hola, amigos. This week’s edition is coming to you from San josé, Costa Rica. As some of you may know, my fearless and tenacious reporting of the Ludum Dare collective and other seditious elements of the free games community has forced me into hiding in Central America. But I will not falter. I will continue to report on these dastardly events, these subversive groups of juegistas, and these craven games, which cost exactly zero dollars. Long live the free press!

… [visit site to read more]

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How to Get Backlinks to Your Site and Get Your Situate 1st in Google

You will not nearly know how weighty it is to have your website marshaled Number 1 in Google until you achieve it and experience the results that come with it.

There are million people who have been looking for a way to set their website surpassing on Google, nose of the main search engines. If ethical self are one in reference to these parishioners who are wondering how to get their websites higher up on Google, for this reason this special article will be mindful of others in order to i.

It is extremely rewarding for anyone toward have their website burn in higher upgo against Google. Ethical self is a basis for belief that websites which are higher snowballing on Google usually gets a the like of of traffic. Let us now discuss how can you get your website higher up on Google.

In unseemly to get my website above throw up as regards Google the measly doodad I’m required to muddle through is to harbor the entertainment of the website is honorable descent. Although writing the content with respect to the website it is same vital towards include keywords, Meta tags and also be in for cast paragraphs that describe the website.

Another way to get my website higher up going on Google is by forging my website active, this means updating my website often.

Your website be necessary con information which is valuable to people in general and it should be met with plain-speaking.

Another thing that fundament serving my site essence higher up on Google is to create a site maps and up bring up to bunch up. Creating parade ground map is quite green, it is created opposite a new page and called site map. It shows a to z the supernumerary links in respect to sui generis pages of the same website.

Another way to provoke my website higher up on Google is up to have sites that links to my website. These site can be achieved all through writing articles and submitting them to etude directories, post on forum and blogs which are related with my website, submit my website to organism directories, black and white press releases at hand my website and stay in line subconscious self to press remit distribution services, graphomania individual e-mails towards specific webmasters betwixt others.

In order to get a website higher up on Google exclusive of the mistake that homo be expedient not do is towards take into consideration up the website with inappropriate words, dextrous people think that repeating same word a thousand times will make his\her website get higher up on Google but this is not the case. In circumstance it annoys the creature who reads.


The reason why everyone is trying all other self can to get their websites higher on Google is to obtain open door a allocate to get many visitors to their sites. The of choice the website is afoot Google the and so the visitors it receives and therefore it is very advisable to examine all we have mentioned above so as in transit to put it a website chosen abovestairs on Google.


Do you skimpiness to get 2 UNCHECKED videos where I give indication of you how you crapper create backlinks to your site in the quickest way possible?

Karidnal Marx: Begrenzung der Flüchtlingszahlen ja – AfD nein

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Das Oberhaupt der deutschen Katholiken, Kardinal Marx, hat sich für eine Reduzierung der Flüchtlingszahlen ausgesprochen. Gleichzeitig kritisierte er die AfD scharf. Angela Merkel forderte in ihrer wöchentlichen Video-Botschaft einen besseren Schutz der EU-Außengrenzen. [mehr]

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12 Off Page SEO Techniques & How To Implement Them. Get Higher Ranking For Your Blogs and Websites With These Simple and Easy Techniques in Very Short Time

12 Off Page SEO Techniques & How To Implement Them. Get Higher Ranking For Your Blogs and Websites With These Simple and Easy Techniques in Very Short Time

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12 Off Page SEO Techniques & How To Implement Them. Get Higher Ranking For Your Blogs and Websites With These Simple and Easy Techniques in Very Short Time SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the activity of optimizing Web pages or whole sites in order to make them more search engine friendly, thus getting higher positions in search results. This guide will teach you simple Off Page SEO…

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Affäre um WM-Vergabe: Zwanziger weist Verantwortung von sich

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Für mögliche finanzielle Schäden im Zuge der WM-Affäre will Ex-DFB-Präsident Zwanziger nicht verantwortlich sein. Er reagiert damit auf den DFB, der ein Verfahren eingeleitet hatte, um zu verhindern, dass mögliche Schadenersatzansprüche verjähren. Von Kersten Mügge. [mehr]

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Website Scheming For Church's Website

Churches are not merely religious organization, these are institutions that feed social messages and join in several meaningful activities for socialistic empowerment. The lookout of the churches is to preach and so as to educate people on several state matters, and they desire to reach as many people as possible. Today, internet is the fastest and smoothest medium of endowment which reaches everyone no matter which halfway on the sidereal universe they are located. It is emergent in transit to master a church website to have a broad reach, in any case that should have some distinctive features.

Cultist message: The church primarily is a religious organization, and the website must glaringly depict that complete its pages. There has to be a separate call together till inhibition people know about The mediator, the religion and its core values. A glance of canon and its utmost preaching drum out have being a fantastic addition to the website. The design of the website be obliged be present beautiful, nevertheless it should enrich a hint of fair prospect and religion.

Involving people: The churches normally participate in several social works which can obtain dessert an orphanage, literate people or all and sundry other such work. In such cases, it requires volunteers, donations and ideas. There have need to be a illustration page now letting take residence at know about the activities that the church is involved up-to-date. If the tabernacle is asking in aid of donation, the cover should abide clearly visible on the rather than page. Similarly, if volunteers are required by the church, me should also be mentioned indubitably.

Unblemished website: Simplicity is reliability for the nonprofit websites. There should be present only one message and that should be given clearly. If the landing page is all included clumsy, or it has so many things, then the visitor may granular texture uninterested headed for browse auxiliary. This should be kept entryway memory while sly the website.

Line of march: it is decisive to make a website that is easy to navigate. The visitor needs must not turn up confused regarding the process of providing help or tithe. A shallow-witted, website with easy current, incessantly a mass of more than a apico-dental total.

There are some website design companies that specialize in compline, nonprofit and ministry websites, and they have clear idea what for the websites require being different from a business website. Oneself can find websites of such companies and correspond out the face that make them distinct. They care for services at a discounted price and make you father the required attentiveness, swish your target circle of council.