peachysoon  asked:

how do you do your anatomy on your animals? or start it out at least. ive been trying to get the hang of anatomy for months but i feel like im not improving at all. i easily dismiss myself as a horrible artist and often think to give up altogether

first of all, please don’t be discouraged. darling, you’re still young, and there’s a whole wide world of improvement just waiting for you. i guarantee you that every artist you look up to took years and years to get themselves to that point. this is what my art looked like about your age. that was about 7 years ago. (jesus, im old.)

as for advice, use references, and keep practicing. there’s a few practice exercises that i like to use. for example, speed drawing. websites like pixelovely or artsyposes will give you a pose and a timer. just draw the basic shapes and silhouette of the pose, and fill up a page with it. 

i also like to do shape studies! looking at an animal, it can be a little overwhelming to take in. so break it down into simple shapes. pull up a bunch of stock images on google and break them down.

i recommend just getting a sketchbook and dedicating about 30 minutes every day to practice! but be sure to give yourself rest days too. you don’t wanna burn yourself out. 

hang in there, darling, you’re gonna do great! <3

anonymous asked:

Hi! I've bought your plan a while ago and recently started it. I feel a bit discouraged because i'm not seeing lots of results and i was wondering if the problem could be that i'm not very active during the day. I do your workout in the morning and follow the meal as close as i can but since i'm a student i mostly sit during the day, or stay inside. What do you think? Should i be more patient or more active? ❤️❤️❤️

“Recently started” BAAAAABE that is why 😁😬 Results don’t happen overnight!!!! It makes me sad that diet culture has perpetrated the myth that results happen instantaneously after your first workout and healthy meal. Not at all, this takes time. Of course following the right programs like the ones on my website speed up the progress, but it doesn’t happen all of a sudden.
It’s fine to be sedentary otherwise, I have the most sedentary lifestyle ever besides working out, since I work from home and don’t leave my house & I just sit all day on my computer.
Keep up with it, you are GUARANTEED to see results if you put in the work and eat healthy!! Unless you have an undiagnosed medical condition like thyroid which is holding you back, or you’re coming out of an ED so your metabolism is damaged and you naturally won’t lose weight when eating a normal amount of food since your body is in starvation mode and turns any food into a fat reserve in case you do that to your body again, but even in those situations, perseverance and keeping up with it, will ALWAYS win.
Remember, this is about creating a healthy LIFESTYLE, not a diet which you can back all the weight in the end ❤️
Also, take progress pictures once a month. A lot of the time we ARE making results but because of our low self confidence or insecurities and since weight loss is always gradual, we don’t notice it as easily. Progress pictures show us exactly the progress we’ve made when we compare it to before. :) for my One Month Makeover

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