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What is Invisible Design?

Design is not always an in-your-face art. It is subtle, usable and often undefinable. Quite simply, good design is often invisible.

And just to be clear – invisible design is not about adding layers or transparencies or hidden meanings to projects. It is about creating great user-oriented projects that work functionally and visually.

It’s something I heard over and over again when I was starting out as a young designer. If you have to “decorate” the canvas, you are over-designing it. The best design – the design that really makes a project work – is invisible.

But how to you achieve that invisible design? Especially when web design is a quite visual tool. (As a bonus, a few websites that exemplify the idea of invisible design are featured throughout this post.)

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當初絲毫沒有架設網站的經驗,一切從零開始摸索,使用Wordpress,學習CSS & HTML,架設網站的過程耗費很多心力,但也學習到非常多。

I haven’t build up a website when i got this job, I started from zero and used wordpress, learned CSS & HTML, it took a lot in the progress but I also got a lot when it’s done.