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For those of you who can not contact family in Puerto Rico right now/Para aquellos de ustedes que no pueden ponerse en contacto con la familia en Puerto Rico en este momento

Here are some suggestions for contacting them/Aquí hay algunas sugerencias para contactar con ellos.

202-778-0710 (Federal Affairs Administration- may not work due to downed telephone lines/ Administración de asuntos federales- puede no funcionar debido a las líneas telefónicas derribadas) (Disaster relief team/equipo de socorro en casos de desastre)

Red Cross “Safe and Well” website

“Safety Check Hurricane Maria” on Facebook

“Puerto Rico Maria Updates” on Facebook

Contacting local officials is also an option/Ponerse en contacto con los funcionarios locales es también una opción.

San Juan:
Jaime Gonzalez
Tel. 787-294-0277
Fax 787-294-1165

Vega Baja:
Victor Sánchez Rivera
Tel. 787-965-7770
Fax 787-855-2511

Juan C. Santos Santos
Tel. 787-878-3454
Fax 787-878-3637

Elvis Morales
Tel. 787-882-6871
Fax 787-882-6850

Alberto Trabal Alicea
Tel. 787-833-7272, 7372,9494, 9594
Fax 787-805-5530

Paul Fourquet
Tel. 787-844-8272
Fax 787-844-8280

Angel L. Pérez 787-614-5704
Tel. : 787-814-7680
Fax : 787-750-8098

Luis Guillermo Torres Negrón
Tel. 787-867-7000
Fax 787-867-1220

Carlos A. Reyes Rivera
Tel. 787-864-1600/1690
Fax 787-866-8619

George L. Pacheco
Tel. : 787-656-9643 - 9642
Fax : 787-961-9920

Orlando Díaz Flores
Tel. 787-852-4044
Fax 787-852-3476

Francisco Bruno Orellano
Tel. 787-863-3330
Fax 787-863-3337

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Biology Side of Tumblr Tackles Chapter 85

(( As some of you may know, I’m currently an Environmental Public Health major with a Biology minor. Genetics is my jam, so let me just dissect this most recent chapter and all the technological mumbo jumbo in it for a bit.

This long-ass post has been brought to you by trying to avoid writing a paper and studying for finals.

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autisticteen1  asked:

(Not a fall in love with, a genuine question) Is it fucking legal for my bus driver to drive the bus WHILE I'M BARELY A QUARTER OF THE WAY THROUGH THE AISLE?!? We were in the highway when I sat down

“According to the MN School Bus Driver Manual (not meant to be a legal document) located at the MN State Department of Public Safety website, students (people) are not allowed to stand while the bus is moving - or the bus is not allowed to move while they are standing. It’s mentioned at least three times. See link:

The only relevant thing I could find only specified Minnesota but I feel like that would apply to all states…I’m sorry about the unexpected thrill ride the driver took you on.


Bonsoir, mon amis. So, i know there’s pretty much nobody that actively really pays attention to my blog save maybe two or three irl friends on here. But. I feel like theres something important i need to say. It’s kind of already obvious, via my profile icon, but it’s still something i feel like i need to say (or type, in this case). I, am bisexual. Which means i feel attracted to both girls, and guys. I know it may be something that not everyone can “agree” with, but it is a part of who i am. It took forever for me to even realize i felt this attraction, and then almost a year to convince myself i was not some hell-bound sinner for it. It was struggle for the longest time, and even still is a struggle as long as i must stay in the closet outside of this website for my safety. This crucible of personal conflict has really made my sexuality an important part of my life. Which means that in the future, yes, i may be posting or reblogging posts that are about homosexuality and pride and things like that. I hope that this doesn’t change anyones opinions or feelings towards me, and i can be more free in the future to be who i am here on my blog.

Hey, Tumblr

Tumblr isn’t your “safe space” unless you have a password protected blog.

If you do, feel free to police your posts.

Otherwise, shut up and deal with it. It doesn’t matter what you post, I and everyone else here has the right to comment on it as we see fit.

I don’t care if you’re 12. I don’t care if you’re 15. I don’t care if you’re 78. If you think your age make questioning you invalid, then please get off this website, you aren’t mature enough for it. Your parents probably need to know what you’re doing here.

If you think a mental handicap, real or fake, makes questions into attacks, you need to get off this website and go into the real world. Mean people exist, and the sooner you’re used to them, the better.

If you are “triggered” by the slightest thing, then please get off this website. I value your safety and my freedom of speech. When the two conflict, you need to remove yourself from the situation instead of insisting I not say “rabbit”.

Important Note: If you are being an asshole to someone for the purpose of being and asshole, you need to get off this website. You are an asshole and I don’t want you in my community.

how to spot a racist fetishizing weaboo drinking game
  • take a shot everytime someone refers to yuzuru hanyu as “senpai”
  • take a shot everytime someone compares him to an anime character
  • take a shot everytime someone refers to him and his skating as “anime”
  • take a shot everytime someone makes up headcanon, fanfiction or fanart depicting him as an anime character
  • take a shot just take it, get drunk escape this fucked up website in the safety of your own drunken world

Runaways, we’re the long lost children
Running to the edge of the world
Everybody wants to throw us away
Broken boy meets broken girl

You said we tried it all before
And it only makes it worse
Oh but this time, maybe this time
Two wrongs make it right

We’ll safety pin the pieces of our broken hearts back together
Patching up all the holes until we both feel much better
Deleted things I really meant
So now I’ll say the things I never sent
We’ll safety pin the pieces of our broken hearts back together

Throwing rocks at your broken window
Only you can cure my sickness
Raise yourself and a middle finger
‘Cause they all think we’re twisted
Once I gotta a little taste though
I’m addicted to your fix
Oh yeah this time, maybe this time
Two wrongs make it right

We’ll safety pin the pieces of our broken hearts back together
Patching up all the holes until we both feel much better
Deleted things I really meant
So now I’ll say the things I never sent
We’ll safety pin the pieces of our broken hearts back together

No more waiting, we can save us from falling

This time, maybe this time
We’ll safety pin the pieces of our broken hearts back together
Patching up all the holes until we both feel much better
Deleted things I really meant
So now I’ll say the things I never sent
We’ll safety pin the pieces of our broken hearts back together

No more waiting, we can save us from falling

mccloudz-deactivated20151226  asked:

You made a comment on a gif about grease fires, telling people not to extinguish them with flour BECAUSE FLOUR IS FLAMMABLE and just one cup of flour on a grease fire CAN HAVE THE EXPLOSIVE POWER OF DYNAMITE. I just wanted to let you know, thats completely wrong. Im not sure where you got that information, but youre probably confusing people. and me, because im not sure if youre just trolling stupid people or if you actually believe FLOUR will explode.


I learned kitchen dos and donts from my grandmother, fire and safety websites, videos, and lectures from school, and understanding basic science. Flour is a starch, starch is flammable and can very easily go up in flames. And when you think of a flour cloud when you throw it or let it fall, what do you think will happen once fire catches to those floating particles? It would light up like fireworks and would rather spread a fire than suffocate it, and its called a dust explosion. That’s why explosions can happen at a flour mill because there are so many damn airborne FLAMMABLE particles that can be ignited. Baking soda on the other hand, releases CO2 when heated, CO2 can choke out a fire by displacing oxygen.

I take everyone’s safety seriously and i would never do something so childish or vicious as to troll people when it comes to something like this. What would I even gain from doing that? Perhaps youre right, maybe i exaggerated the explosive force, but im not going to pull a Mythbusters and find out because there are already PLENTY of videos on the internet proving how easily flour can catch fire and create a fireball.

i stand by my addition to that post because id rather inadvertently scare someone from doing that in a panic than have them get hurt because they didn’t know better.


PLEASE REBLOG! The police are opting not to issue an Amber Alert and we have to look for her ourselves. The girl missing is from the area I’m in - Her name is Hiawayi Robinson.

Update: 3:30pm: Prichard Police say a helicopter will be brought in to help search.

Update: 2:45pm: Prichard Police have started an “organized knock and talk” going door to door in the apartment complex. Chief Michael Rowland says residents are cooperating. He has contacted the U.S. Marshal’s and FBI to get additional resources on a federal level and to expand the search and investigation. KlaasKids Search and Rescue Foundation, Mobile County Sheriff’s K-9 unit and Mobile Police are also aiding Prichard Police in the search. Police have not ruled out that this may be domestic related.

Update 11:32am: Prichard Police just wrapped up a press conference about the disappearance of Hiawaya D’iland Robinson. The search is being focused in the 1 mile area around St. Stephen’s Woods Apartments. The child was going to see her dad last night. Investigators are saying they consider this to be a domestic situation. They do not believe she is in danger at this point.

A mother is desperate to find her little girl who has been missing since Tuesday evening.

9-year old Hiawayi Robinson was last seen around 4:30pm at the St. Stephens Woods Apartment complex.

Her mother, Yosha Populus, says Hiawayi was going over to her cousin’s apartment in the same complex. Hiawayi’s dad had called and told her he was headed there.

But according to Populus, the cousin says Hiawayi never made it there.

Populus says Hiawayi knows to always be home by dark. When the little girl never showed up, they called Prichard Police and started searching.

“I went in every breezeway and was screaming her name, calling for her, knocking on doors and nobody has seen her,” said Populus.

Melanie Baldwin, the Public Information Officer for Prichard, confirms this is a missing person’s case. Baldwin says investigators do not believe Hiawayi was abducted or is in danger. Populus says police interviewed her, Hiawayi’s father and Hiawayi’s grandmother.

Populus just wants her daughter home safe.

“They will not put an Amber Alert out for my daughter, They say you need a little bit more time. I don’t feel like I have time. I need things to go in action right now. I want her back, I want her unharmed.”

According to the Alabama Department of Public Safety website, there is a criteria that must be met before an Amber Alert can be issued. That list includes that the child has been abducted, is at serious risk of harm or death and there is enough descriptive information of the child, abductor and/or a vehicle to help locate the child.

“I want my baby home, please help me get my baby home, ” said Populus.

If you think you’ve seen Hiawayi Robinson, call police.

when i was a kid my special interest was warning labels and caution signs. i taught myself to read and i’m sure the first word i learned was ‘danger’. 

you’d think i’d grow out of that but instead it grew with me. warning signs still catch my eye (airports are a lot of fun) but it extended to self-help books, safety websites, you name it. i had a phase where i read extensively about dog bite prevention and i don’t even like dogs. i also remember the summer i read nothing but books upon books about abusive relationships, and how to prevent them or spot them on sight. 

shout out @ autistics with special interests that grow with ya. its like an imaginary friend that gets older the way you do.