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Grandpappy, d'ya think the YouTube livestream works for US people? :( it's a shame if not and also it's terrible. Eurovision is for everyone!

no, i think it’s blocked in the US

either use a proxy or try the NRK stream

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why do you reblog such ugly edits from others???

Ooooh boy….

1. First of all don’t be comin’ up in here sending me that negativity shit. I don’t know who this is, but ya’ll are old enough to be knowing better.

2. Just cause you say “such ugly edits” doesn’t mean others think that way. I reblog what I like, that will never change. Not everyone is going to like the same things; it’s a matter of perspective, but don’t be a dick.

3. Though I’m not in anyway a big blog I like to be in the business of helping others out. If I can help someone out by reblogging their hard work and getting it out there in anyway I’m happy. There are a lot of people that deserve recognition in this hobby.

All in all you should just walk and maybe think twice about being an asshole next time. Have a nice day.

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BTS as Cypher lyrics

Jin: I have nothing to be jealous of, tell them to look at me.

Suga: My swag explodes, wherever I go, I’ll go forward.

Jimin: Wiggle wiggling, jingle jingling.

J-Hope: Rolling around, beagle beagling.

Taehyung: Like you all know, my voice turns people on.

Jungkook: I’m a baby shaman, that’s me.

Rapmon: Oh shit.

@bokato replied to your post “so how would you feel if borusara was canon instead of borumitsu”

ya boi ppl are having shipping wars already and I’m like its been 4 eps chill bruh

[glances at my long and evergrowing blacklist, mute list and block lists]  they are??

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Hello! We would be REALLY grateful if you give us permission to post your artworks (from both blogs) on vk. com/fontcest (community, there we collect all of good arts for people, who can't use tumblr or read in English) otherwise we will delete things, that we already posted, and will use links to original posts instead. It is really important for us, thank you! (send me a message, if you can, thanks a lot!)

Fully being skeptical here but why don’t you ask for permission at first before posting other people’s art on other website? You know that reposting without permission at the first place is already a wrong thing, right?

So no, I don’t see it is anyway respectful toward artists, please take those reposted contents down from the other website.

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[TAO] Hello~ This is your lovely Tao

hello! this is tao. it’s been along time. i miss you so much.



[FAN] exo-ya

i will always support you

[TAO] Hello~ This is your lovely Tao

thanks! to tell you the truth i know that too


[FAN] Kids, you’re not hurt anywhere right?ㅠㅠ Take care of your health

These it got cold and hot suddenly so you might catch a coldㅠㅠ

I already caught one but….You guys be careful of the cold!!ㅠㅠ

[TAO] Hello~ This is your lovely Tao

Everybody be careful of the cold too

Health is the best



[FAN] Tao-ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 I came after polishing my chinese!!!

Tao is mine (pinyin: Tao wo de)!!!♥ㅁTao i love you (pinyin: wo ai ni) !!! Do you love me (pinyin: ni ai wo ma??)

[TAO] Hello~ This is your lovely Tao

It would be a lie if I said I don’t~

I love you^^


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coming back from the dead to my blog and seeing THIS:

!!!!!!!! I’M LIKE???? SO SHOCKED???

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

apparently, in the ~3 days i was off of tumbles, a lot of my old Julius Caesar comics and silly doodles got some attention??? and i have no idea how??

Thank you to those who left me kind messages in the tags!: @sureuncertainty @tragicdanishlesbians @countmalvolio @galway-bae @ardenrosegarden @atomicdangos , AND>> @sonnetsandshakes <<especially? like thanks for being so sweet and saying so many nice things♥♥♥♥ These aren’t all the notes but thank you to whoever else reblogged or left any thoughts in the tags! 

GUYS! it makes me so happy to see this kind of encouragement for my work! i really want to go back to drawing all the JC gang very soon, i’m sad i keep having to use my time for school stuff :(! 

Hey, but as long as you guys are still interested, I’ll keep making Julius Caesar fanart ;^) it’ll just take a lil while!


@zabbers said: 

haha I’m actually thinking it’d be a HUGE challenge to write something BBC-friendly for Twissy…I’m not sure it’s even possible for me.

In my defence, the BBC started it with all those bondage references. And, you know, the sex dungeon. I can’t help it. I’m just drawing inspiration from the source material. 

Digital art thief gets humiliated.

Back in high school, I used to make digital art as a hobby. I had a small amount of early success with it, with a few social media followers (Livejournal, if that gives an indication of time frame - about 15 years ago), and a handful of commissions from record labels for album covers, etc. I had a website that I had made myself, which was a huge struggle since I didn’t know HTML at the time, but it worked and I was proud of it.

At some point, I was browsing my website’s traffic stats, and noticed some traffic originating from a website in India. Turned out it was an art thief, some dipshit in India who had created his own art website, looking to be hired for commissions. He had not only used my digital illustrations on his website, claiming them as his own, but he actually didn’t bother to host them on his own website, instead he embedded them on his website, but their URL path was still linking to my hosting.

So I updated the images on my own website to have a different address, and then replaced the images he had stolen on my own web hosting with new images - plain white backgrounds with bold black text saying something along the lines of “(Fake Artist’s Name) is attempting to claim ownership of artwork that he has no affiliation or involvement with. Please do not support this art thief. He does not possess the legal right to sell this image, or any image displayed on this website.” Hit refresh on his website, and boom, half of his images claiming to be his art now show this message.

It must have stood there for at least a few days, because it took about a week, but he eventually emailed me and claimed he was going to report me for hacking his website. When I pointed out that he had been linking to images hosted on my website, he never replied back.

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hi jieun, ive been following you for years and i remember you once gave really good advice to somebody back in 2015 or something. anyway i was feeling kind of down and i suddenly remember how wisely you answered that person and so i ended up reading through advice you've given to people in so many different situations and i just wanna say that you really do know how to comfort people but remain solid with your point. i admire that so much. thanks for your presence on this website ^^

I am convinced that the reason why tumblr has removed the ability to reply to posts is because it does not want us to have our own communities within the larger whole. Your dashboard is not a social network; it is not a place for bonds to form and friendships to develop. Those things can still happen but that is incidental to the main goal of the site: to produce content. 

That post you made four years ago of a picture of a collapsed wine display in your local grocery aisle–the one that still gets hundreds of thousands of notes now and then, drowning out every other note you get in response to your dog dying or your engagement announcement, the one that continues to haunt you without the help of a third party extension that tumblr won’t officially endorse or condone, the one your friends and oldest followers know never to reblog again because you’ve begged them to not make it worse–that’s the sort of content tumblr wants to see. Tumblr doesn’t want you to say “my grades are failing, I’m worried I’m going to lose my scholarship to UMass and I’m terrified to face my parents.” Tumblr wants you to say “mom: how’s school? me: (insert jpg of a turtle covered in spaghetti).”

Tumblr does not want you to make posts meant to be heard at or below the volume of your followers list. Your personal posts are just crowding the memes. 

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hi lis! i remember reading somewhere on your blog that there was an uncensored version of 'the picture of dorian gray' - do you have a link to where i can get it? (i'm halfway through reading the original version and i love it so much!! it's really cool seeing all the parallels between it and hamlet, which i also love <3) thanks!

sure thing love! here:

i bought the actual physical copy, but i think you can easily read it online, as far as i know the version on the site i linked you is complete :)