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you know how in dunkirk they are surrounded, they have enemies all around, attacks coming left, right, down, up, center, north, south, west, east, in, and out? THAT’S EVERY HARRIE RIGHT NOW. ATTACKS FROM EVERYWHERE WITHOUT ANY SPACE TO BREATHE IN BETWEEN

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Dream Post by jncos -- Kickstarter

$23,579 pledged of $20,000 goal

About this project

I would like to make a post on this website with a photo of my cat. To do this I will require $20,000. Here is a rough draft of what the post will look like:

The $20,000 is to cover the costs of making this post.

anonymous asked:

Could you give some details of what you like so much about Scrivener?

I would be more than happy to! I’ll also give you the one major downside I’ve found with it so far.

First, the upsides: Scrivener is FANTASTIC for organization. For those who aren’t familiar, your Scrivener file is actually a whole group of sub files, called scrivenings. These can include “binders” (folders), and these can nest; I’m not sure how deep (I only just started using it!).

A typical Scrivener file for a work-in-progress might look something like this:

You see that list on the left? Those are all sub-files and binders. You can organize your file into chapters, or articles, or whatever you want. There are also pre-made templates for character creation, setting sketches, etc. You can clip photos, art, websites, references, basically anything into the Reference section for later use.

That means that each individual scene can be its own document, its own independent world. And you can click between them with ONE CLICK. And you can go back and forth with keyboard shortcuts, or pull them up side-by-side. So you can have your plot, and your notes, and everything, visible. On the right of that screen you can see a synopsis and notes for the scene (I think I C+Pd between the 2).

This is so majorly powerful for creating stories and really breaking things up and isolating the individual scene you’re working on. Even just having your outline a single click away is really helpful.

I think the biggest benefit of this is psychological. WRITE A NOVEL is a big scary thing. But “write this one scene of dialogue” is really really easy, and then you can click into the next scene, work a bit, click back, and it’s all organized and all right where you need it. WRITE A NOVEL feels impossible. “Write that one scene in the coffee shop” is totally doable, especially if you have an idea where it’s coming from and where it’s going.

This is the power of Scrivener.

But with great power comes…. kind of a majorly flawed text editor.

That is: Scrivener is crap for formatting. It’s not built for it. It’s light, it’s fast, it’s designed for writing, not formatting. I get it.

But I should still be able to work with styles, or at least click on a block of text, apply a style, and have it all look the freaking same. I should not copy+paste text in from Word and have it show up in a different font than my typical font, then be worried that I’m applying custom formatting by changing the font back to Courier New (which is what it defaults to, and what I’ve been writing in).

Oh, and one other thing… copying and pasting OUT of Scrivener and into Word loses any text formatting you’ve applied. So my italics, bolds, etc. just go right down the drain. (I haven’t checked with different text styles, like Paragraph vs Heading, actually, I’ll let you know.) To get that to move over, you have to “export” the document into Word, which is scary and I haven’t tried yet.

But I’ve already got two book projects underway in Scrivener, one personal, one for the ScriptMedic series. So that’s stupendously exciting!! I’m very very happy about that fact.

In short, it’s more than worth the $20 I paid for it, even if just for the fact that it breaks up humongous (I can never spell that word!) tasks into easy little bite-sized pieces. I wrote 6,000 words of novel the other night and didn’t even realize it, because it was just a few scenes. But those scenes add up!!

So that’s what I think of Scrivener! What about you guys? Who likes it? Who hates it? What are its benefits? What are its limitations? Am I a complete fool for missing out on a critical feature?

Drop a comment or a reblog and let me know!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


Oikawa Tooru’s seiyuu, Namikawa Daisuke, had his 3rd Live Tour [Hurricane] on the same day as Yoshino Hiroyuki (Iwaizumi Hajime’s VA) First Live Tour ‘Charge’. Namikawa had his concert just before Yoshino’s, and both of them came to each other’s as a surprise guest and part of their unit “Uncle Bomb”.

I love how they weren’t close before, but slowly they spend more time together (and because of Uncle Bomb too!!) and become much comfortable with each other \^_^ /

And Yochin definitely spoiled Namikawa-san rotten XD!

@trash-candies My top three Namikawa Daisuke and Yoshino Hiroyuki moment, the third place *lol* The one I told you was the second best. And my favorite story about them couldn’t be shared until I figure out how to translate them nicely (and without making me crying *again*) or screaming like the audience “YOSHINO-SAN MARRY MEEEE!!!” ^^/

YGO cosplayers!

Some cosplayers have came asking me if they can video shoot as the ygo characters for the reanimate shots. 

Yes, you can! If you’re interested in doing that, send an email to and you must include the following:

1) your name, email and website link

2) photos of your cosplay 

3) your video shooting examples

*I can’t tell if you can pull it off unless I see some photos and video shooting as proofs.

Keep in mind that we’re currently at the 2nd half of the episode, characters such as Miho and Honda in their work uniforms can be pretty tricky to most people. But shots of Yugi, Yami Yugi, Anzu and Jounouchi in their school uniforms are still available!

- Phui Jing Ling

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