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Murder on the Orient Express is coming to a theater near you in November 2017

You know you’ve read great fanfiction when the next time you see canon you forget that it never actually happened


Top 20 Films as voted by my followers

8. Alien (1979) dir. Ridley Scott

Final report of the commercial starship Nostromo, third officer reporting. The other members of the crew - Kane, Lambert, Parker, Brett, Ash, and Captain Dallas - are dead. Cargo and ship destroyed. I should reach the frontier in about six weeks. With a little luck, the network will pick me up. This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.


Colin Morgan and Hunger Magazine

None of us could have predicted the frenzy that ensued the first time we photographed Colin Morgan. Shot by Rankin looking suave in a Hackett suit at a country estate for issue six, Colin crashed our website when the accompanying film went live, and within a few hours Tumblr was awash with hundreds of GIFs of the Irish actor in a range of OMG-inciting poses. “That was a great day, I remember that I was doing a theatre job in the evening so after I did the shoot in the day it felt like a weird, surreal dream by the time I got onstage that night.”

when the webby dust settles I hope david duchovny will consider wearing all of his jackets as capes 

Kitsune Kon Digimon Panel Summary

(Picture by Brian Beacock. From left to right- Brian Beacock, Paul St. Peter, Beau Billingslea, Steve Blum, Colleen O’Shaughnessy, Derek Stephen Prince, me)

Hosted Kitsune Kon’s big Digimon panel this morning! Steve Blum’s website filmed parts of it, video of some of it should appear somewhere. Until then, these are the highlights:

  • The whole cast was very appreciative of the way the show talked about real issues like death, bullying, etc. It was heavy stuff for a TV anime, especially at the time.
  • This is the first time and Brian and Steve were on a panel together! “Guilmon” was pestering “Takato” the whole time.
  • Colleen first heard about tri. at a con, the call came much later. The only tri. movie she’s seen is the Confession preview at AX two weeks ago!
  • Beau was surprised to get the call, since Ogremon only grunts a couple times. Paul really likes doing Leomon and appreciated it. Both are uncredited in the DVD curiously.
  • Characters with unified voices like Imperialdramon and Gallantmon were recorded separately. Derek (ExVeemon) had trouble matching Paul (Stingmon)’s pace and tone. 
  • Derek originally only auditioned for Veemon, wanted to try Ken later. One of the real highlights of the panel was Derek talking about about the personal emotion he put into voicing Ken during Wormon’s death.
  • Steve really relates to JP, and Takato was Brian’s first big role- Steve recorded Guilmon’s lines after Brian and thought he was working with an experienced actor!
  • Steve wants to ride around on Riley and Tally’s Hypnos chair.
  • Colleen wished she could have voiced more of the Digimon themselves. One reason she didn’t was Joshua Seth played so many Digimon at first that they scaled back and didn’t have the kids voicing as many of the other characters.
  • The actors are very possessive of their characters, particularly their voices. Paul and Derek were disappointed not to voice Leomon and Beelzemon in Fusion. Brian missed out on voicing Takato in certain places.
    • Paul will not let anyone else do Wormmon. Worm baby is his.
  • They like coming back for additional seasons, although it’s a little unnerving since the cast always changes. At least there’s always a Leomon! Plus all of Paul’s characters seem to die, so he’s used to it.
  • Brian was disappointed Hunters was never dubbed and he didn’t get to voice Takato for it. I showed the clip for them! Derek and Colleen were happy Jeremy and Angie got their Fusion Loaders.
  • Paul/Derek and Brian/Steve managed to do live versions of Imperialdramon and Gallantmon evolution sequences.
  • Nobody is apologizing for the puns in the script. Everyone loves the puns in the script.
  • Showed the second Appmon opening for everybody. Everyone thought it was interesting, particularly incorporating modern concepts, smartphones and AI. Brian wants to be in it really bad!
  • Towards the end, Brian said something about wishing there was more closure for Tamers and I mentioned how there are audio dramas that covered some of this. This led to Colleen reading Sora’s “I’m not interested in younger men” line from Adventure Mini Drama 2.
  • Also screened the dub trailer for Determination and the Japanese trailer for Symbiosis.

Voices overheard-
Derek: Impmon, Digitamamon, Veemon, Imperialdramon
Colleen: Sora
Steve: Guilmon, Flamedramon, Poromon, Kenta, Yamaki, Gallantmon
Beau: Ogremon, Parrotmon
Paul: Leomon, Cherubimon
Brian: Takato, Bokomon, (Data Squad) Agumon


So I became gray for the first time….. No but actually a really good fun day with @doodlana and @autoabsconder at London film and comic con! Horns, gloves, makeup and wig are courtesy of Ana 😘 but I had such a good time, got lovely art and felt awesome as Calliope! Thank you guys! Even if we were practically the only homestucks there 😅

From the TIFF website: “Spanish screenwriter Sergio G. Sánchez, known for films like J.A. Bayona’s The Orphanage and The Impossible, crafts a suspenseful tale about familial bonds in his breathtaking feature debut, Marrowbone. Exploring themes of loss, grief, and love, Sánchez (with Bayona as executive producer) melds horror with family drama in this psychological thriller about four siblings in hiding. Escaping an abusive father and a troubled past in Britain, Rose (Nicola Harrison) and her four children travel to an inherited home in rural America…Within the walls of the old, rickety homestead, Sánchez creates a singular, gripping universe…Complemented by powerful performances by the ensemble cast, Marrowbone shows us that dreams of escaping one’s past can often lead to more frightening nightmares.”

25 Apps Every College Student Should Have

 Submitted by Campus Ambassador, Shanna Farley  ///   University of Northern Colorado

A new year has begun! Along with it new challenges and rewards are sure to come - this is especially true when you are trying to navigate through your college years. Luckily the college students of today live in a world where apps exist. Apps can do so much more than flip a bunch of angry birds across the screen or crush all the candies. They can help you reach your personal life goals and at times can be complete lifesavers. From a real student in the trenches, this is a list of apps that every college student should have programmed into their phones. The best part is, they are absolutely free!

Educational Aids

StudyBlue: This is an app that allows you to create virtual flashcards on any subject and allows you to borrow flash cards from other students. This app is great because you can just open it up at any time and flip through the virtual deck you have created for yourself.

Evernote: Create notes, to-do lists, set reminders, take photos, and record audio. This app is there to keep you on the track to success and makes sure you never forget.

Easy Bib: Doing your work cited is often tedious and at times confusing, with Easy Bib all that is now a thing of the past. Type in any book, website, film and Easy Bib will give you the right citation. You can even scan the barcode of your book to generate the correct citation.

Algeo Graphing Calculator: Never have to worry about being without your graphing calculator. This app can do just about anything you would ever need from a graphing calculator and from what I’ve seen it’s one of the best on the market.

Google Drive: Use this app to store all those important documents you’ll be accumulating.

External image

(You’ll be sure to be the top of the class with the Algeo Graphing Calculator)

Daily Life Aids

Venmo: Send payments to your friends, roommate or whoever. You can now pay someone back at any time and any place without any of the hassle. Co-Ed Supply sent Venmo promo cards a few months ago!

Viber: Contact those you miss from across the globe without all those pesky fees.

Everest: Use this app to keep track of any personal life goals you have. It can be anything from traveling across Europe to losing those few extra pounds. This app helps you break down the steps to reach that goal and lets you seek out advice when you need it.

Cam Scanner: Allows you to use your camera phone as a scanner. This is very helpful for copying notes from a missed class.

Lyft: Need a ride to the party or the concert of the year, but have no transportation of your own? With this app you can contact one of Lyft’s drivers to pick you up and get you there safely.  The fees are very competitive and sadly the app is mainly designed for popular U.S. cities.

Assistant:  Just because you’re not in the big leagues quite yet, doesn’t mean you can’t have your own personal assistant.  The rest of your apps will be envious of this one because there is so much it can do. It can post memos, keep track of your schedule, post on your social networks, give you suggestions based on your likes, and it can even follow specific commands directly related to your phone. It’s an app completely personalized to you and it even comes in different languages.

Your School’s Personal App: This is a big one many students forget. Keep in the loop with important dates or special events with you school’s app or apps.

External image

(Your personal assistant knows what is needed to get you through your day)

Money Saving Aids

Ibotta: A great app for when you are going shopping. Get paid for buying the items right on your grocery list. This app allows you to earn back a portion of an item you have already paid and they are always expending, so now you can even earn money back for going to new movies.

Retailmenot: Finds any online discounts for any store at a click of a button. It can even generate coupons for in store purchases as well.

Wrapp: Send free gift cards or offers to your friends and receive them as well. You can also send purchased gift cards as well. Some great offers include $6 for H&M, $5 for David’s Cookies and many more. Always  great gifts to give when you are a little low cash.

Plink: Get rewarded for places you already make purchases to like Regal Cinemas, Burger King, Panda Express, Dunkin Donut, and more. All you have to do is connect your account to a card and rack up points for purchases. You can redeem your points to get gift cards from Amazon, Walmart and more.

Gas Buddy:  A penny saved is a penny earned and that is certainly the case with this app. You can track down which gas stations in your area have the cheapest prices for gas.

Fancy Hands, Task Rabbit, Agent Anything and Ask Sunday: Earn some extra cash by running errands or being someone’s personal assistant. These apps are filled with individuals posting certain tasks to do for a price. These tasks can range from setting up a restaurant reservation to picking up a much wanted item. All these apps seem to be localized, so you’ll have to check which ones are for your area.

External image

(Get paid for grocery shopping with Ibotta)

Leisure Aids

Mixology: Impress everyone at any get together with your bar tending skills and you’ll sure to be the life of any party. This app is like a bar tending school in your pocket. (Must be 17 or older to download)

Spotify: In the war of free streaming music apps, I’m on the side of Spotify. I love that it allows you to shuffle playlists you’ve made yourself or playlists others have made and you can even listen to the radio. They also rarely play those pesky advertisements.

Project Gutenberg: Gain access to a large range of literature for free. This app can be useful for educational pursuits or leisure reading.

Flixter: Watch movies from your own collection or free films provided by Flixter. You can build a descent virtual library to no or very little cost.

Evenster: This app allows you to track events in your area, so you can be sure there is always something to do.  

Duolingo: A game that is getting popular by the minute. Learn a new language or challenge your language skills with this great app. Languages included: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English.

External image

(Brush up on your language skills with the Duolingo app)


Zombies, Run!: Okay, this one isn’t a freebie, but with all the money you have saved from other apps it will be well worth your while. It’s an interactive running that allows you to play a game and listen to music at the same time. The concept is that you have to run to survive the zombie apocalypse and g complete little missions along the way. This app will be sure to keep you motivated on your resolution for a new you.

(All apps can be found on Google Play or the Apple app Store)

In a lot of the more official* discussions of Ragnarok and it’s place in the grand scheme of the MCU, I see people pretty much taking for granted that Loki’s cooperation with Thor in the film is just a long game for getting his hands on the Tesseract and returning it to Thanos and/or that he intends to betray Thor at the first possible opportunity, and I think this is probably the most ridiculous read on the situation. These people must have flunked freshman high school English with their inability to notice the most obvious, EXPLICIT places where the text contradicts this idea.

First and foremost, there’s the fact that Loki has been ruling Asgard in peace for years. Granted, he hasn’t done a great job with diplomacy with other nations, but Asgard itself is doing well, as are her people. If Loki’s only goal was to retrieve the Tesseract he could have done that before the end of The Dark World even, and been long, long gone. 

I think we have to take into consideration the fact that Loki is fucking *terrified* of Thanos. He’s a decent fighter and an excellent sorcerer, but we see what happens when he comes up against someone who outstripes him physically, from the way he reacts to Hulk in Ragnarok. He’s so afraid of Hulk that he wants to escape the planet where he’s been happily climbing the social ladder for weeks, even considering that the Hulk is ostensibly under the Grandmaster’s control, even though Hulk is focussed on Thor. Now imagine how he must feel about Thanos, someone who is both physically more powerful than him, as well as possessing more magical power. We see a bit of the effect it has on Loki in the Avengers. How frightened he is of failing, to the point where it ultimately doesn’t matter what the Avengers do to him, because he knows Thanos will kill him if he fails.

So Loki’s not going to want to give up his relative safety and comfort by returning willingly to Thanos. But perhaps after he’s revealed and Hela returns, he sees no other option? Only that doesn’t hold, either. Supposing he decided, after escaping Sakaar, that he would get the Tesseract and return to Thanos, there’s no reason for him to join the fight when he gets there. Far easier to use the fact everyone is distracted to sneak in and grab the Tesseract and leave. Same as when he goes in at Thor’s suggestion for the headpiece. He repeatedly mentions that it’s a crazy plan, and when flying off tells himself “this is madness,” as if he expects to die, but he still follows through, instead of just taking the Tesseract and running.

But I think most telling is Loki’s decision to return to Thor in the end. In the Avengers, when Thor shows up and whisks Loki off, we’re seeing Loki at rock bottom. Worse than the loss he felt after discovering Odin’s lie, he’s ended up under Thanos’ thumb, and I think part of him wants Thor to bring him home, but he honestly doesn’t think of it as a possibility. Thanos will tear through anyone and everything between them to tear Loki apart if he doesn’t succeed at his task. He’s so lost in that scene.

In Ragnarok, though, Thor has just proved himself able to outsmart Hela, who again physical and magically overpowers both of them. Loki was so certain of her victory that he wanted to convince Thor to just give Asgard up as lost and move on. So when he comes back at the end, Loki is taking a risk, putting his faith in Thor, by bringing the Tesseract with him. Maybe, just maybe, Thor can keep him safe. Maybe Thanos’ victory isn’t inevitable, as he assumed Hela’s victory was. That’s implicit in their conversation mid-credits, when Loki is expressing his concern over how he’ll be received by the people of Earth. There’s a question there, asking Thor if he’ll protect Loki, and Thor gives his calm reassurance.

And then there’s Thanos’** ship, and I think it’s clear from Loki’s expression (much like when he saw Hulk in the arena) that he’s terrified again. That’s not the face of someone who planned to meet up with Thanos and turn over the Tesseract, that’s for fucking sure. We see Loki handing the Tesseract over to someone***, and it’s almost definitely going to be Thanos, but the idea that he’s doing it willingly or out of spite towards Thor seems highly unlikely. To save his own ass, maybe, or we can hope as a ploy or desperate bid to save Thor and the Asgardians.

But maybe, just maybe…maybe Loki doesn’t give it to Thanos. Maybe he trusts Thor enough to keep him safe, now.

*Various reviews of Ragnarok from film websites, as well as several vlogger responses to the mid-credit scene combined with the Infinity War teaser.
**Word of God from Kevin Feige that it is Thanos’ ship in the mid-credit scene.
***In the Infinity War Teaser Trailer, though we already know that some of those scenes were fakeouts to avoid spoilers of Ragnarok (like Thor having both eyes), so its difficult to know yet how much of it will remain intact when the film arrives.

[left] Amazon warriors from female directed film Wonder Woman

[right] Amazon warriors from male directed film Justice League

A fan named Atte Timonen first tweeted a photo comparing the Amazon costumes from Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman and Zach Snyder’s Justice League, adding that the ones at left were created by a female costume designer, Lindy Hemming, while the ones at right were designed by Michael Wilkinson. He summed up his opinion of the changes with the observation: “Some steps backwards, methinks.” Melissa Silverstein, founder and publisher of Women and Hollywood, added that the changes in costume design provide “a fantastic example of the difference between the male and female gaze.”

Emma Jones of the film website Electra, also weighed in, noting that “in both films, the Amazons are displaying a fair amount of flesh… [but] Wonder Woman’s target audience was firstly young girls, Justice League’s is young men and teenage boys.” While at least one of the Justice League actresses has defended what critics have called the "armor bikini” as being more comfortable, there’s nothing to indicate the costume changes were made to improve function. Silverstein, who said that the costumes remind her of Princess Leia’s famous gold bikini, argues that “women can be powerful without being sexualized.” Jones adds that the strong response to such costume changes goes beyond the Amazons to broader concerns about how women are treated in film as a whole. “The issue here is really the anger that many women within the industry feel at having been sexualized for so long within film-making. It’s a tipping point, where many women are calling out what they see as unfair, sexist behavior wherever they think they see it… I think we’re going to see a lot more ‘calling out’… perhaps until women feel the balance of power may have shifted.”

Everytime I see a homophobic comment I level up. Thanks to these assholes I am becoming more and more aggressively queer!

Badihi | بديهي

This video was shot during the war by Yemeni filmmakers between 2016 and 2017.

They came together from different parts of the country to film the struggle of Yemenis trying to survive in spite of all the destruction and loss of life.

Yemen is more than war. Yemen holds the promise for a better future. Yemen is its people, its handicrafts, its houses, its laughing children, its dances, its songs, its workers, its plants and its fish.

Support Yemeni filmmakers by watching and sharing! [source] [website]