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Jikook drabble

30 minute writing challenge 

Pairing: Jikook

Handling drunken Jungkook is no easy task but Jimin can’t leave me him out on the street, either. 

If Jimin wasn’t so good with faces he probably wouldn’t have recognized the pitiful sight sitting on the bus stop to be the Jeon Jungkook, golden maknae who was good at everything and who was, unfortunately, also the most beautiful boy Jimin had ever known. 

Okay, so maybe having had a major crush on his friend’s little brother for the past year helped the recognition process a little. What can he say, he probably could pick out Jungkook out of a crowd of thousands. 

That’s just how crushes are. 

Jungkook wasn’t looking too hot this time, though. His eyes were puffy and red but Jimin wasn’t sure if it was due to smoking weed or crying or both. Jungkook was also nursing a huge bottle of Jack Daniels that was already half-empty. 

Jimin crouched to meet his eyes, all thoughts of catching his bus forgotten. “Jungkook?” he called out but to no avail. Jungkook wouldn’t even raise his gaze from the asphalt. 

Jimin tried again, this time louder and shook Jungkook’s shoulder. “Jungkookie?” 

“What”, came the hoarse reply. It tugged at Jimin’s heartstrings. Jungkook was obviously hurting and Jimin couldn’t leave him like this, freezing at a bus stop. 

“Are you okay?” he asked worriedly. 

Jungkook scoffed, the sound booming in Jimin’s ears. “Who cares”, he muttered. 

“I care.” 

“You shouldn’t.” 

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You think “I should get out of the city more”.  You think “Where is he?  What is he doing?”  You think “I am so high.”  You think, “Nature is really big.”  Make a list of your three favorite parts of his body.  You think “I should go swimming– No!  I shouldn’t.”  You think “Maybe I’ll just…." 

Santa and Son - Chris Pine and Noelle... Or something

okay, so last year, @boxfullofcats​ came up with the idea of Hautboy Island, an island in the Puget Sound populated by an AU version of all the mens. She started writing a Renner fic set there, and the two of us had great fun discussing all the weirdness that would happen on this island. It was around Christmas, and I made a comment about how Chris Pine needed to run the Christmas tree lot on the island because of his name. Well, nonny prompted me with “peppermint mocha, bitter cold yet sunshiny day, warm woolen mittens: go!” and it kicked free that idea, so here, have some Chris Pine selling Christmas trees on Hautboy Island. Not betaed. Not anything, really.

For all that Christmas was supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas lights were horrible. They looked nice once they were up and it was dark outside and you were in your car driving around looking at them with a girl pressed up to your side, or twinkling on the tree while you stretched out in front of the fireplace with a girl pressed up to your side, warmth flowing from the fire and the girl and the booze in the cocoa.

But since he didn’t have a girl and the lights in question were in a tangled mess at his feet, these particular ones were horrible.

“Excuse me, are you the owner of this Christmas tree lot?”

Chris looked up from the knot of lights. His interrogator was an unfamiliar woman, wearing what seemed to be the uniform of women these days once the temperature dropped below seventy degrees – an oversized sweater, tight jeans, and knee high leather boots with fancy socks sticking out the top. She even had the de rigueur coffee cup, though at least it wasn’t Starbucks. They’d managed to keep that coffee shop off the island so far.

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I am :

• an official stan of Himchan

• a very (I have every pic under the sun) Yongguk stan

• a yes (but no what are you thinking) Daehyun stan

• a secret Youngjae (I would give him my two lungs if he asked) stan

• a very confused (wth boy why u do this to me but you’re so cute) Jongup stan

• a very overly protective (like a withered old grandma) Junhong stan


web series + wlw [2/3]

[merry maidens, haunted or hoax, the march family letters, twelfth grade (or whatever), wave jacked, the uncanny upshurs, the adventures of serena berg, classic alice]

made possible by @lgbtpluswebseries​‘ list of lgbt+ web series characters [x]

[full lgbtq+ representation gif series]

Anyway, if you think of yourself as a plant witch, wouldn’t you want to keep your plants alive?… Thoroughly investigate the cause of death of anything in your care, seek out other opinions and resources if stumped, instead of being like, “WELP, I did everything I could, guess people are just a-hurling curses again”. Like???

not the heroes anyone needs - kiiouex - Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater
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Relationships: Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish, Henry Cheng/Richard Gansey III/Blue Sargent
Characters: Ronan Lynch, Adam Parrish, Noah Czerny, Richard Gansey III, Blue Sargent, Henry Cheng
Additional Tags: Light BNHA AU, Established Relationship, Infinite Hell Cycle, Very Very Stupid

“Can you… can you control the bees?” Adam asks.
“Oh, no,” Henry says. “I just make them.”
Adam looks at Ronan, with an expression that says what. Ronan looks at Adam with an expression that says he is the actual worst and also we are going to fight a swarm of bees.

[For Pynch Week 2017, Day 2]


web series + wlw [3/3]

[the roedell project, the grey tarmac road, twelfth grade (or whatever), rome & juliet, the glad game, any other vlog, high’rd help, merry maidens, school spirit]

made possible by @lgbtpluswebseries​‘ list of lgbt+ web series characters [x]

[full lgbtq+ representation gif series]

my schedule is so fucked. I went to work last night at 10:30 on 3 hours of sleep, worked till 8am, and have been doinkin out and eating delicious edible food treats since then and it’s now 3pm I’m on my porch with my gf listening to neighbors arguing over football but I kinda like how things are right now not gonna lie