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Punkrock Carmila I

I just got back from a Punkrock Festival here in Austria and kind of like the idea of a guitar-playing Punkrock Carmilla – because: fuck the society, right? If I knew that this music would inspire me to draw again… I took some references from the Sum 41 singer for this.

I’ve been away from tumblr for a looong time, wow! But the last months were crazy – I finished university, travelled through Germany and been to two music festivals. I got a job in my hometome, have to move back to my dad and so on. But I will probably hang around again for a while :)


Billy to the rescue!

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So I’m rewatching the second set of Trial of the Takes (basically trying to get Kashaw’s voice back in my head for fic purposes), and at one point, Tiberius gets confused about who the Raven Queen is and asks if he can have an audience with her.

That’s a funny aneurysm moment if I’ve ever seen one.

I know I basically made a pact not to blog about certain webseries anymore but my favorite character is basically confirmed to have anxiety (word of God but I’ll take it) and i want to write an essay about this character with anxiety so much I could go on for days about why I relate to him and all the scenes that make so much more sense when you interpret him with anxiety

Sry for being a pill earlier! Been a strange week, & I never even told you about my other grandmother passing away yesterday!

But srsly- if you wanna feel for me, or express support/ concern: spend some time with my work. I’ve been creating original stories for over a decade, and I’m currently living off nothing but money made from art. No side editing job, no freelance copywriting. This is it. This is all I want. It’s a struggle, and I am relying so much on my best friends and family to help me when times get tough, but it’s literally what I live for.

So please, go watch my webseries in full, “like” it or tweet about it.


If you have money to spare, go buy one of my books (Self-Obsessed, Not My Bag etc… All avl on Amazon and Barnes and comic shops and online). Or order a dick zine for the raunchy friend in your life!


Showing my career some love will be so much more impactful to this part of the journey than a card, or flowers, or well-wishing. I’m Gna come out of surgery stronger– with teeth (!), and the teeth will get sharper knowing my friends are standing by the weird shit I do.

Whoa, that was supposed to be like a sentence …….


Thank-you Carmilla

This feeds in from my original post

So here it is -the official post for a video project dedicated to our favourite cast and crew of Carmilla. These guys have put in so much effort to giving us something amazing, something that started off small and became huge. Season 3 is approaching and I know it’s very sad for everyone but I want to do something good, something to share the love we all feel. 

I am making a thank you video, with lots of little videos that people can send in. Videos no more than a minute/a minute and a half long. Tell us your favourite thing about Carmilla, how Carmilla has affected your life, why you love the cast, why you’re thankful, anything you want about Carmilla and it’s cast/crew 

What I need:

-Videos from fellow Creampuffs talking about what Carmilla means to them

-Thank you messages to the cast/crew

-Any fanart people want to send in

-Messages of love and support etc

-Personal stories

-Signs, posters and/or pictures of anything Carmilla related or in any way a thank you or appreciation for the fandom, the cast, the crew, Carmilla itself.

*If people just want to take selfies wearing Carmilla merch that’s good too! :-)

-For people to spread the word and try to get as many people involved as they can

If you do not feel comfortable speaking in front of the camera then you can write a message and hold it up or take a picture of the message and send it to me. If you make a video and then want me to blur out your face then I will do so. No-one will be pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do for this project. It is something fun and something that I feel like I need to do so if you want to contribute then please do, if not then that is perfectly fine and it is your choice!

You can send me your videos, fanart, messages etc from now onwards. The closing date will be the 12th of September. (This is because I am on my summer vacation from university and I will need the footage to edit with during my time off!)

Please send all things to my email address (below) or submit it to my tumblr, or message me on here sending me your pictures and such.

My email address: katieericamarsh@hotmail.com 

I have already spoken to some of you and I’m really excited to see people feeling so positive about my idea!



Thank you to anyone who has already sent me things, I appreciate it all! Please remember that I may have a lot of people’s things to edit so try and make things as concise as possible. Messages can’t be too long and the same with videos. So just try and make them relatively short :) Also if people could send in things as soon as possible that way I have more time to sort through everything and organise it so I can edit efficiently!

Hope that’s okay, if there are any more questions then let me know and try to submit mainly or email me your stuff!

Thanks again!


These dorks. I’ve been waiting for this video all morning.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I recently rewatched all of Carmilla and I was wondering if you had any other web series suggestions? I know I've seen mentions of Couple ish, All 4 One, and Inhuman Condition recently but were there any others? Thank you for the help


Here are the ones I’ve watched:

I definitely intend to watch more web series because they really are great and it’s especially wonderful to see so many young queer creators creating

Here are some of the ones I plan to check out:

I recommend you also go follow @webseriesdaily for a whole lot of suggestions.