Mobile Suit Gundam: Twilight AXIS | PV | June 2017

zoejasminewhittle  asked:

Have you seen The Cate Morland Chronicles yet? It's a webseries adaptation of Northanger Abbey that I don't think has gotten enough attention, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

I have heard of it, but I can’t recall if I’ve seen any of it. I’ve stopped and started several webseries adaptations over the last few years so it might have been among them. Given that I can’t recall if I did, I haven’t got any particular thoughts on it, myself, but those who I’ve heard from about it seem to like it.

Followers, your thoughts?

Right. So. A whole webseries (or two-part made-for-TV-movie, it’s both) that I wrote is now not being made. The house that commissioned it has decided that they don’t want to produce things after all, and is going to stick with just distribution.

Which, okay… cool, we parted on good terms, I’m not mad or anything. Whatevs, that’s the biz. 

Point is - I now have a 220 page script of cute-girls-making-comics-while-kissing-and-also-being-awesome-intersectional-feminists.

And it has no home.

Anyone know any comics creators out there who might be interested in this sort of thing? Who might want to make a comic book/graphic novel ala “Fun Home”/webcomic with an already completed script with a defined ending? We could, I dunno, do Patreon or something? Sell the collected/completed novel on Amazon/RedBubble/Createspace?