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Blackout is in the Finals for Hashtag of the Year!

Hello all,

The Blackout has been nominated for a Black Weblog Award! These awards are celebrations for black excellence through social media. It’s really awesome to be nominated our very first year and we’d love your support!

You can vote for all the categories here! The Hashtag of the Year category is toward the bottom of the page and November 17th is when the finals are over, so it’s win or go home time! There is only one vote per device. It would be amazing if we could finish our first year as Hashtag of the Year.

read and signal boost please.

anonymous asked:

I love you and I support everything on your blog 100% but i think the #BlackLivesMatter is so much more powerful. Care to explain why I should vote for the blackout tag?

#BlackLivesMatter IS more powerful. It’s huge and rightly so, it even won Hashtag of the Year last year so The Blackout is truly an underdog. We hope that people would vote for us because we are new (and our hashtag actually started this calendar year and not last year like #BLM) and just starting out and that a victory like this (and the resulting Social Media conference) could actually help us become legitimate instead of struggling to gain ground like we are.

We want to be taken seriously outside of social media and selfies, we want the chance to become as great and as grounded as Black Lives Matter. We are unique because we have used SELFIES to open up discussions on identity politics, black representation in all its forms, black art and artistry, blackness throughout African Diaspora, and to help our people find confidence, support, and friendship. So yes, Black Lives Matter is wonderfully powerful but so are we in our own way. 

With that being said, if you’d like to, vote For #BlackoutDay in the Black Weblog Awards for Hashtag of the Year. Vote here. Voting ends today (11/17)

Edit: I misremembered information and #BLM did not win because this is a different, brand new category. My sincerest apologies.

anonymous asked:

You think you're such a big deal because you won awards? Okay, what other accomplishments you done other than these fake ass awards?

The Black Weblog awards are a real thing. They were created by a committee that also oversees “Blogging While Black” conferences.

But I’ll play this game…

  • I’m a reference for “White Tears”. People who explained how memes originated use one of my asks as a reference. 
  • I’m one of the co-creators of #BlackoutDay. The first BlackoutDay, I took it upon myself to create ONE logo… then several logos… then a masterpost. Now, #BlackoutDay is a hashtag that is trending every. single. time. we. post. up. I’m actively involved and help in decision making.
  • Because of the third point, this blog was mentioned in major news websites, with ABC being the biggest one. So, imagine a reporter having to type out THAT blog name and showing it on ABC. *gasp* 

I also help out people every once in a while.

Oh… and when someone asked about “Black Twitter”… it was revealed that I have the FIRST documented post about it. So, while the news media want to say “so and so created Black Twitter”… I had my hands in that as I’m one of the early adopters with documented proof.

So… I’ve been around. 

No biggie really. 

Just wait for the squeal.