webisode 5

Webisode 5: homework essay
  • Marinette: okay I just have to do my essay about someone who inspires me
  • Tikki: you said that Gabriel is your favorite designer please don't write an essay on him
  • Tikki: he's the worst
  • Marinette: no fuck Gabe
  • Tikki: you can't write about me Mari
  • Marinette: yeah you're supposed to be secret that's a shame
  • Tikki: you could write about the blonde fanservice
  • Marinette: he's so sweet and smart and charming and handsome…
  • Tikki: Miss Bustier will not be impressed if you write about Adrien she will already have to deal with Lila and Chloe's essay's on him
  • Sabine: hey so we just finished three wedding cakes
  • Marinette: three wedding cakes?
  • Sabine: we weren't sure what Adrien's favorite flavor was so we made three different ones so you two would have the perfect wedding cake
  • Marinette: what the fuck how did you make three wedding cakes TODAY
  • Tom: with the power of LOVE
  • Sabine: bye we're going to the movies again
  • Marinette: fuck it I'll just write about my parents

anonymous asked:

So, I was just thinking about all the scenes we didn't get in the movies and had forgotten about the watching the QQ scene. That, along with a better cave acne, cheese buns time, and the rooftop scene really would have put rest to any playing up of a love triangle. I guess I see now why they weren't included. Too bad because it's the combo of all those scenes - along with the beach and resuscitation scenes, that show everlark's first growing together.

I agree! 

Catching Fire is overwhelmingly an Everlark book that sets up Katniss’s feelings in Mockingjay. There are so many things that are missing from the movie that, like you said, would sway everyone to ship Everlark. You put it well when you said it was their “growing together” period.

You know I love Everlark and would want everyone to be on that ship. But I understand movie making and why they do what they do with the “love interests.” Do I want people to ship Everblow? Of course not. Like my husband helped me to see, there are always going to be those who don’t ship with me–however illogical it is. :)

My hope is that they portray the relationships well. By that I mean, adding the nuances that are in the book that pertain to that Everblow kiss in D2. Also, portraying Blowhard’s character that’s supposed to be the opposite of Peeta’s in the end. I also want them to show Katniss’s love for and dependence on Peeta in MJ, which I think they will with the Pearl.

I wish they would’ve just filmed those scenes we miss and made us pay an exorbitant amount for them or posted them online as a series

Everlark Webisodes: Growing Together:

  • Webisode 1: The Real Cave Scene
  • Webisode 2: Peeta Tucks Me In
  • Webisode 3: Ogling Peeta’s Eyelashes While I Eat Cheese Buns
  • Webisode 4: Training Roof Spooning
  • Webisode 5: The Roof Date & the Energy Field

It’d be a hit series. :)

Thanks for this Ask.

zearth800  asked:

Hi, I can't find where the new 2D webisodes are listed. Are they put separately from the other episodes?

Our spreadsheet is currently down and we have made a blog post about it here and have recently supplied an update about the situation here.

However, we have subbed the new webisodes and you can find the subtitles for them on the posts :) Here is the list so far:


The Fosters: Girls United - Webisode 5 - United We Stand

Ask meme: Monster High - Skulltimate edition

0. How old are you and what is your gender? (For statistic purposes)
1. How long have you liked Monster High?
2. How did you find out about Monster High?
3. What made you like Monster High?
4. Who was your very first favorite girl character? Why?
5. Who was your very first favorite boy character? Why?
6. Who is your current favorite girl? Why?
7. Who is your current favorite boy? Why?
8. First girl MH doll?
9. First boy MH doll?
10. What are all your OTPs?
11. How about all your BroTPs?
12. All your NOTPs?
13. Least favorite girl? Why?
14. Least favorite boy? Why?
15. What is your top 5 favorite webisodes?
16. What about your top 3 favorite CGI movies?
17. What character do you have the most dolls of?
18. Pick 5 characters you feel should have more dolls.
19. Now pick 5 characters you feel should get more screentime.
20. In your opinion, which character has too many dolls? (Other than Frankie, her being the main character)
21. In your opinion, which character gets too much screentime? (Other than Frankie)
22. Which 5 characters do you feel need better representation?
23. Any headcanons on characters?
24. What boy, and girl, are you the most like? Why?
25. What do you wish to see happen to Monster High in the future as a whole?
26. On a scale of 10, how would you rate Monster High to the people who aren’t into it?

vipblackjackoorer  asked:

Hi. I was wondering, what happened to your Google Sheet for the episodes? I just found out about the "Tales From Paris" and was hoping to find the webisodes there, but the Google Sheet is no longer there. Will you be creating another way for fans to see the show??


We have all of the French dub, English sub ‘Tales from Paris’ webisodes on our blog, which you can watch here:

As for the spreadsheet, we have recently posted an update about it which you can find here.

Hope this helps!

chuiskkat  asked:

salut! are the Tales from Paris webisodes in a different order for the different languages? on the miraculous wiki it lists Répétition as the first episode in French, but as the third in English. And is there anywhere to watch the french version besides TFOU?


The new webisodes have a different order for French and English, currently we don’t know the production order as the webisodes have different product codes for each language. As it is a webisode series, they are just one-offs and don’t really have a viewing order as such :)

Currently, the French versions are only available on Tfou’s website and we have uploaded the fully subbed versions to our blog:

Watch on evidently-evil.tumblr.com

English for Webisode 5: Marinette and Alya 

Dear Diary,

Something amazing happened today! I absolutely have to tell you about it! I was in the the park below my home with Alya and there… Oh la laa… I ran into Adrien!

With the sunlight reflecting off his hair, he was so handsome that I felt I might faint…. I was incapable of saying even a simple: hello. Fortunately, Alya was there to support me.

Alya and I are friends through life and death. It really is nice to have a bestfriend like her. She is always there for me. The two of us are really tight. We talk about everything, joke all the time and do lots of things together.

For example, we love going to the cinema and talking about movies afterward. It’s always interesting because Alya often notices things that I didn’t see. And that also happens in everyday life… (Marinette:) “Later!” 

She is really observant, you know? And she’s interested in everything: she is very curious, sometimes a bit too much… But it’s thanks to this that she’ll be a fantastic journalist in the future.

That’s what she wants to do later in life: journalism. And so she’s actually created a blog dedicated to Ladybug called the Ladyblog. She’s a huge fan and even has a special alarm on her phone so she can be at the scene right away and film it all for her blog:

(Alya:) “Filming live directly to you, friends of the Ladyblog! And here is Ladybug, in the middle of all the action! If this is a dream, don’t wake me up!”

And when she’s not busy reporting, she spends her time concentrating on finding as much information as possible about Ladybug. She would love an interview of her, and maybe maybe she’ll have it one day… Who knows? A little push from Destiny and, boom, a miracle might occur. 

I’ll keep you updated–


Nico Vega - Webisode #5 It’s Time…

You know what webisodes I want?
  • “The T-Dog Chronicles”: 5 webisodes that show us how T-Dog got to the quarry.
  • “Almost Everything Strange Washes Up in Miami”: 3 part story of the Morales family’s attempt to reach Florida.
  • “Satan’s Chihuahuas”: 2 chapter set about the last day of the Vatos
  • “There is no hell. There is only France.”: 7 French-language vignettes about the scientists working to cure Wildfire (no subtitles)
  • “22″: Flashback series following the sexual misadventures of a young Shane Walsh
  • “The L in My Luck Has Been Replaced with an F”: Remember all those satellites orbiting earth? Yeah. They start to fall.
  • “Water Cooler”: Milton and Philip work in the same office before the fall. Mayhem ensues during the holiday “Secret Santa” gift exchange.
  • “Loaded Toy Guns”: Documenting the crime that got them each jailed: Tomas, Big Tiny, Andrew, Oscar, and Axel.
  • “Because She Asked”: Bob and Rena are the last 2 standing. And Rena won’t be standing for long.
  • “Whose Worth’s Unknown”: Otis and Patricia’s love story
  • “Dead Shovel”: Who was Dr. Caleb Subramanian’s first Wildfire patient?

I could keep going…


The Ghostfacers Meet Castiel (Season 5 unaired webisode)