Family! My dear friend, poet, singer, actress, Christian and proliferator of everything that is #love, @baldheadqueen aka Nina Brewton will be my special guest on #theFNJConWEAA tonight. Tune in to @weaa_fm for great music and a touch of poetry. We will also be talking about her new project #ModelingBeyondBeauty for young girls from 7 to 17. #weBeTheLight #powerfulsisters #communityBuilders #theVoiceOfTheCommunity #weaa889fm #theDJPhaze #neosoulMix

by @baldheadqueen “Words truly CANNOT express how grateful I am for the love and support I received during the launch of #ModelingBeyondBeauty!!! On Saturday, we started with prayer and an icebreaker as we prepared to serve 12 young ladies between 14yo-7yo!
Icebreaker: We stood in a circle and gave the sister to our left three compliments! Next, we went to our right sharing three things we love about ourselves!

Then @_khalilah_ led our little misses in a yoga practice! #Namaste @beinsideout continued our wellness talk with some self-love and image motivators, leaving our sisters with a hand-held mirror for them to utilize while repeating their #affirmations!

Educator, Tiffany Durr led our young ladies in a goal setting/vision creating exercise that we DID NOT want to end!
Then @whoissugar and @naturallycreole discussed #beauty, #hair and #makeup, which we ALL enjoyed playing in, thanks to #MaryKay consultant Natasha Press!
@theprissytomboy captured it ALL with her photog skills AND did ALL of the graphics for me! 🙏🏾😍😍😍😍😍🙏🏾 I am ELATED to have launched this vision and look forward to watching it mature and evolve as we do!

Thank you for EVERYTHING, sisters!!!!! #WeBeTheLight #LightBegetsLight #BeInspired #YogaWithKK #WhoIsSugar #GirlsROCK #Peace #Love #Light” via @PhotoRepost_app

PRAYER WORKS: @baldheadqueen
This is the caliber of talent that I’m blessed to share the stage with tonight. @soldevelopment @orvillethepoet @lakestovall @solspoken @marknoxx @groupieslovedeiy

To know that I’m in the presence of men and women who understand the importance of and the POWER in prayer… #Faith2Fight #FightingCancerWithPoetry #WeBeTheLight #LightBegetsLight #PeaceKing #instarepost20 (at www.FightingCancerWithPoetry.org)

#Random: I’ve always been so awestruck by the beauty of the skin of those with #vitiligo. It’s like, their skin was painted in a custom fashion that the rest of us didn’t get. 😍😍😍😍

Shoutout to @winnieharlow and the young and beautiful @redefinedmybeauty for sharing their beauty and strength with the world!

#BEInspiredAsIAMInspired #BeInspired #WeBeTheLight #BlackOut #BEAM

Every participant in #ModelingBeyondBeauty receives a framed copy of our #affirmation which is a variation of the same one I started reciting daily with my nieces YEARS ago! Graphic design by @theprissytomboy for @8twenty3!

I Am Beautiful
I Am Smart
I Am Important
I Am Healed
I Am Wonderfully Made
I Am at Peace
I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me
I Am Strong
I Am Awesome
I Am an A+ Student
I Am Success
I Am Life
I Am Light

#WeBeTheLight #LightBegetsLight #BeInspired #Youth #Peace #Love #Light

YOU ARE *insert adjective here* enough!

There is an audience for everyone so, know that if God gave you a vision, it is with great purpose!

PLAN and PREPARE accordingly and allow God to do the rest! Amen? Amen. #BEAM #BEInspiredAsIAMInspired #WeBeTheLight

#Repost @mrcheffito via @theartistcierralynn

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite people on this entire EARF!!! I am blessed to have some of the most amazingly, ambitiously motivated go-getters in the world as my friends and @whoissugar is one of the best! I LOVE everything that we are becoming as God has ordained for NOW. Who would of thought we’d be US, like THIS when we first met over 10 years ago!? I love you, sis! #BEAM #BEInspiredAsIAMInspired #WeBeTheLight #MyFriendsRock #GlamNightOut #PhotosBy #DPGordonPhotography www.dpgordon-photography.com

I LOVE hosting events. I am always grateful to have the opportunity to add to someone’s vision by serving as their host!

But what I love most about hosting is the opportunities that it provides me to inspire those who are in attendance in any way I can, even if it’s a simple #oneliner!

Our #WordsMatter! Be ever mindful of what you’re saying. The world is listening!

#WeBeTheLight #LightBegetsLight #BeInspired #HamptonRoadsINHMD #NaturalsWhoInspire

If the pen stopped working, why put it back in the pen holder where it will just take up space? Just throw it away.


If anything in your life isn’t working, can’t be fixed, refilled or renovated, why keep it?

Once something (or someone) has served it’s purpose in your life,#LetItGo and make room for the new!

#BEAM #BEInspiredAsIAMInspired #WeBeTheLight #PruningAndPurging

One of the greatest blessings of my life is knowing that there are people who simply appreciate my mere presence and who I *am*. Knowing that there are people who are not concerned about what I can do for them but who appreciate the very light that is within me really leaves me speechless and overwhelms my heart with such joy.

So grateful to @elle_lynne for coordinating with the parents here at @richmondprep to show appreciation for my life. 🙏🏾

SN: I’ve never met so many people who have such a difficult time pronouncing a combination of seven letters. 😂 I’ve literally been called every variation of Mrs. “Brew-Ton” that one can imagine…

#ItTakesAVillage #WeBeTheLight #LightBegetsLight #BeInspired #RichKids #RichmondPrep #RVA #TheFan (at Richmond Prep)

Yesterday, @jon_goode posed the question to the ladies, what would you do if your man started out with abs of steel and “let himself go”, gaining weight after being in the relationship for a while.

My response: Considering I’ve gone from this (8) to this (12) to this (16…ish) over the duration of my marriage, I couldn’t say a whole lot at all…‘cept maybe “buy bigger clothes…?”

The fact of the matter is, every BODY evolves differently. Could I stand to lose (quite) a few inches? Of course. Could Mr. Brewton? Sure. But as with everything else that comes with marriage, we’re committed to one another, come what may…even some extra inches and pounds.

Now, depression and greater issues that can lead to weight gain should be dealt with accordingly but please, PLEASE don’t allow anyone to shame you into losing weight or maintaining a standard of beauty that, ultimately, is fleeting.

Embrace you and your spouse and everything that you are and always strive to be your BEST - physically, mentally and spiritually.

#WeBeTheLight #LightBegetsLight #MarriedGram #MarriageWorks #TBT

7/30 #NaPoMo


I’ve seen rainbows
Tasted them in bite sized candies
Heard of their pots of gold
Left to wonder
If a pot of gold was ever really enough
When we aren’t meant to live on bread alone
But by every word

But when every Word is yet a promise,
Received by faith
Is the promise of the rainbow itself enough?
Is it enough when it’s still raining on our heads?
When the darkness of the clouds stand strong as the iron shields of soldiers at war with the Light
Every sunbeam, piercing swords clashing between raindrops

Our tears the backdrop that creates this promise
We win
This rainbow
Keith beauty that we only gaze upon
In wonder, from afar

The promise says
We shall live and not die
But what of our faith?
Will it survive the war?
Is the sun enough when our son was lost in the battle?

Is the rainbow enough?
There are no pots of gold
Just promises
As colorful ribbons that we never touch
In the promise of a son that we’ll never touch
In the warmth of a sun that always overcomes the darkness

Yes, the rainbow must be enough, baby
Our rainbow is enough, baby
His promises are real, as is our rainbow, baby.

And so is our Rainbow…Baby

#Faith2Fight #RainbowBaby #Faith #Christ #WeBeTheLight #LightBegetsLight