Dear MH fandom, please please PLEASE stop talking about the 'blackface' thing. the whole point of monster high is acceptance and how your gender, sexual orrientation and COLOR shouldn't be why we are judged. isnt it pretty safe to assume that someone dressed like weberella or catty is doing it because they like the fucking character?! i have to imagine raciest people wouldn't like something that is against raciests. sooooo please let this be done. i come to this tag to AVOID hate and look at pretty dolls.


At the end of it all, I basically bought an entire case of each Power Ghouls wave. I snagged them all for myself at full price because I’m THE BEST at waiting for dolls. Then around Christmas, they all went on sale for like $8. So my beautiful fiance trinketsandtangles ended up with an entire set. My baby sisters have a set or so between them. Then phaedract got a Cat Tastrophe because she is so Julie Newmar Catwoman.

Let’s also take a moment to talk about Wydowna’s diary. It’s all about how she’s waiting to get into Monster High because they have a long wait list, probably because Frankie WILL. NOT. STOP. bringing home strays and being all, “OH YEAH YOU CAN TOTALLY COME BE AT OUR FREE LOVE EQUAL REPRESENTATION HIGH SCHOOL,” and Bloodgood honors it for some reason since these kids fly in from like China and Farmville to go to school in Salem, Oregon or Cat From Sabrina, Organ or where the school is. Maybe Bloodgood keeps letting Frankie skip school to go on these magical, world-crossing adventures because she hopes she’ll get eaten along the way AND HEY, WYDOWNA, YOU’VE BEEN ACCEPTED, GHOUL.


I’m crying and sobbing.

My mom tricked me. Instead of getting the rereleases; she got me Webarella.

My hands were shaking as soon as I popped open the box, thinking I’d find a clawdeen, but seeing that black and red box I literally collapsed and cried It took several attemps to even get this photos as I was shaking so badly.

Give me some time to compose myself again and I’ll post photos of her I promise, I’m just .. so overjoyed right now.

Ordering Weberella online. ^ Am I seriously the only one who hasn’t ordered or recieved a Weberella? I see all these people on tumblr posting how they got Weberella, or their parents got them Weberella, or their boyfriends got them Weberella. And then I’m just sitting here like WHAT THE HECK MAN!!! ( sigh ) I’ve been focusing more about getting a re-released basic Frankie and Gigi then anything. I was going to ask/beg my dad to get her for me for Christmas, but now I’m not so sure. End of rant.